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Crazy Road Trip From Hell

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Summary: Xander has seen something he shouldn’t; Aya is a Seer running around with the Winchesters. One vision later and we’re on the road trip from hell. Slash Dean/Aya Sam/Xander

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Sam Winchester
Anime > Weiss Kreuz
Television > House, M.D. > Xander-Centered
EvaMcGregorFR2113,322041,1929 Oct 099 Oct 09No

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Crazy Road Trip from Hell

Authors: Eva McGregor & CaliaDragon

Summary: Xander has seen something he shouldn’t; Aya is a Seer running around with the Winchesters. One vision later and we’re on the road trip from hell.

Fandoms: BTVS/WK/SPN/House (Charmed- featured)

Pairings: Dean/Aya, Sam/Xander

Disclaimer: We do not own any of these characters, otherwise they would be doing naught things to each other.


Aya woke with a gasp.

For a long moment he lay in bed listening to the breathing of the body next to him, trying to figure out where and who he was. He turned his head, looking at the man sleeping beside him, his muscular chest slowly rising and falling with each breath. It was almost erotic, slightly disturbing to be attracted to a shirtless body. Aya turned to lay on his side, his fingers reaching out to brush at the man’s chest, then up his neck to his face, gently brushing brunette hair away from his forehead.

“You know in some countries that can be seen as an invitation for sex.” Dean said, not opening his eyes.

“With you, everything is an invitation for sex.” Sam said from his bed. “No sex while I’m here.”

Aya snorted and rolled his eyes before sitting up and grabbing a shirt off the floor. “What’s the matter Sammy, wanna join in?” he asked, standing up wearing nothing but the shirt, and sauntered to the bathroom. “Man, you have issues.”

Sam threw a pillow at him. “I do not want to have sex with you.” he argued, then added quickly. “Or Dean.”

“Perv.” Aya said with a smile and shut the bathroom door. For a moment he leaned against the door, still trying to catch his bearings. He hated visions, they always left him disoriented for several minutes and if he couldn’t pretend nothing happened, he could get himself and the others killed.

Closing his eyes Aya mentally went though his check list of memory. He and Sam had met at Stanford, Sam let him live in the spare room after his parents died. He was in the apartment when his first vision hit and he managed to get Jesse and himself out of the apartment before the man with the yellow eyes appeared to kill her. Jesse decided she couldn’t deal with Sam’s life so Sam had no reason to stay when Dean wanted him to go with him, Aya catching up a few weeks later after a vision led him to them.

Sex with Dean. A lot.

Freeing Meg and sending the frightened girl home to her worried family only days before.

Aya scrubbed a hand over his face then turned on the shower. He stripped and stood under the hot spray for a long moment before quickly washing so Dean and Sam wouldn’t complain that there was no hot water left. He hated the motels in the middle of nowhere towns. They never had enough hot water.

“Vision?” Dean asked when Aya reentered the main room. Sam was gone, probably to get supplies and breakfast to allow Aya and Dean some time alone.

“Yeah.” Aya said, running a hand over his hair. “I’m not sure of what. A glimpse of a sign, like the welcome sign to a city, but I don’t remember the name. I just have this feeling we need to find it.”

“Can’t really find something we don’t know the name of.” Dean said with a shrug of his shoulder. He reached out, snagging Aya’s hand and dragged the smaller redhead down onto his lap. He kissed Aya’s milky skin softly. “Don’t worry about it right now.”

Aya smiled slightly then kissed Dean hard. “Make me think of something else?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

“Absolutely.” Dean said with a wicked grin and laid his lover on the bed.


Sam knew better than to go back to the hotel until Dean and Aya came looking for him. He sighed as he sat at the booth in the dinner with his computer, but brightened when he found an email for DarkChick, a friend he had made online.

She was a female hunter who stayed in one area. From the sound of the place, it was a bad spot and most hunters never went there. Sam had met her by accident when he was researching a way to kill a demon he had only heard of, but had never seen before.

They had become email buddies over time and the man she lived with, who she called Bookboy, was always willing to share information. Because of this they had received more information on YED than they had ever found before. What they learned about him scared the hell out of him, Dean, Aya, and John.

In the end they had averted an apocalypse with her and Bookboy's help. She never said much about the others they worked with, but Sam always got the impression that she only really liked one of the other hunters.

Opening the email Sam saw the information they needed to bind the latest demon that they had run into and now all he needed to do was wait for Aya and Dean to finish so that they could set out to kill the demon. Sam sent back an email of thanks and logged off his email account, transferring over to his school account so he could work on his homework.


“Hey Faith, your email pinged.” Xander called from where he was sitting. He had been using Faith's laptop; the one Wesley bought her, so that he could look a few things up while Willow used hers.

“Thanks Xan.” Faith said, putting the book she had been reading to the side and going to where Xander was sitting. He gave her the laptop and stood, stretching.

“I'm getting a drink, you want one?” he asked her softly.

Faith looked up at him and nodded. “Thanks, I could use some caffeine.”

Xander nodded and left the library, getting root beer for himself and Faith's favorite for her. As he was making his way back into the library he saw Giles coming out a side room, looking strange. When Giles saw him, his demeanor returned to normal and Xander shrugged it off.

He walked back into the library and gave Faith her soda, before sitting down and pulling one of the books over to him. Willow looked up and held back a sad sigh at how tired and drawn Xander looked. Buffy was right, Xander needed to change to a life that wasn't so stressful; he needed to have a normal life where he could find someone to love and build a home with.

Willow would miss Xander and it would be as though losing a part of herself, but if Xander died because of this life, it would drive Willow insane. She, like Buffy, depended on Xander far too much to lose him.

What Willow and Buffy refused to see was that Xander would never have a normal life. Even if he had never learned of monsters and demons, he would not have been able to live the wholesome dream they had for him. Xander's life had been darkness since early childhood, there was nothing that could change that.

Willow looked over at Cordelia and surprisingly wanted the same thing for the cheerleader. She wanted Cordy to escape the hellmouth and have the future she was destined to have. Willow shivered in fear suddenly as she looked around the room. Somehow she knew something bad was coming and she knew there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Xander looked at her and the pair held a silent conversation, looking over to where a bored Buffy was juggling daggers. They then looked back at each other and over to Faith who was on the laptop. They shared another look, both promising the other that they would protect their slayers.

Xander pushed over his open soda and moved around to sit beside Willow while she showed him what she found. Oz looked at them through narrowed eyes and smiled as something between his girlfriend and her best friend seemed to repair itself.


“News from DarkChick?” Aya asked, resting his head on Sam’s shoulder as he looked at what the younger Winchester was doing on his laptop.

“Yeah.” Sam said, reaching up to scratch Aya’s head like he was a cat. “She says her roommate knows the spell to get rid of this demon. She sent it over along with a list of supplies.”

“Good.” Dean said, sitting down at the booth and dragged Aya down to sit next to him. He smiled at the waitress and ordered for all them in such detail the woman gave Aya a curious look.

“Lots of whip cream.” Aya told the waitress in answer to her silent question.

“Ever hear of S&M?” Sam asked. “That was the look you got.”

“Huh?” Dean asked, digging though his pockets for Aya’s sugar.

“The waitress used to have a husband who was dominating, even to the point of ordering her food and picking out her clothes.” Aya explained, smiling when Dean handed him a pack of sugar.

“Oh.” Dean said, pouring cream into Aya’s coffee since the redhead liked his with a lot of cream and a pack of sugar. “What does that have to do with us?”

“Dude, you are so dense.” Sam said, shaking his head.

“But he’s my dense dude.” Aya said, kissing Dean on the cheek.

“Whatever.” Dean said, shaking his head. “So when can we do this ritual and get out of here?”

“Full moon.” Sam said with a nod as he typed. “So next week.”

Aya nodded and smiled at the waitress as she set down their plates. “Thank you.” he said, taking the syrup as Dean handed it over, then put his bacon on Dean’s plate.

“You two really are an old married couple.” Sam said, shaking his head and drank the last of his coffee. “I’m going to take this time to get a shower in. We still have a lot of work to do.”

“What do you mean we?” Aya asked with a snort. “Don’t you mean me? Since I’m the one that’s going to cast the spell?”

“It’s going to take the three of us this time.” Sam said, getting up and picked up his lap top. Then he paused. “You want it?” he offered the computer to the red head.

“Sure.” Aya said, smiling at the brunette. “Thanks.”

Sam smiled back and walked out of the diner.

“Anything else dear?” the waitress asked, sticking close now that Sam was gone, leaving Aya alone with Dean.

Aya reached out and grabbed the woman’s hand. Smiling softly he looked into her eyes and said softly. “Everything will work out for you. You will be happy again.”

Tears filled the woman’s eyes and she smiled back before silently walking away.

Aya smiled at Dean. “The cook really likes her, and will make her very happy.”

Dean kissed Aya on the cheek.


Aya woke with a gasp.

For a very long time he sat up in the dark staring at the motel blankets, trying to make sense of his vision. It was like before, glimpses of things, distorted voices, but this time he was sure there was a very imperative reason he needed to find this city.

Someone was going to die. He could still hear the bits of an argument; see the fight, the gun.

Closing his eyes Aya pressed his hands against on his ears, trying to block out the sound of screaming, not realizing the voice was his own. Two strong arms wrapped around him, rocking his gently as he cried. After a while Aya calmed down enough to allow Sam to press a glass of water in his hands along with the bottle of sleeping pills they kept for when the redhead had a particularly bad night. It didn’t happen often, but Aya had a feeling it was going to get more frequent.

“Wanna talk about it?” Dean asked when Aya had taken the pills and laid down again, waiting for them to take effect.

“He’s going to know something he shouldn’t.” Aya said softly. “They are going to kill him, and that can’t happen. If he dies, the world will end.”

Dean shared a look with his brother. “Any idea where this person is?”

Aya shook his head. “The place from my other vision, but something is keeping me from seeing it clearly.”

“Ok.” Dean said, smoothing back Aya’s hair. “Go to sleep, I’m here, Sam’s here. When we take care of this demon we’ll start searching for this guy ok?”

Aya nodded and closed his eyes.

Once Dean and Sam were sure Aya was asleep, Sam went outside to call Bobby, giving his the heads up to listen for any rumors that someone special was in danger.


“Chase.” Leo called the young white lighter.

The doctor turned guardian angel looked up from his bored contemplation of the clouds and smiled slightly at the Elder. “Elder Leo.”

“Glad I found you.” Leo said smiling back at the blond. “Council is assigning you someone special. He’s not a witch, but he is just as important to the future of the human race as the Charmed Ones are.”

Chase stood quickly, trying not to show his excitement at being assigned a human. He had only died a few months ago, but it seemed like a lifetime since that fated car crash. “When do I leave?”

“Not right away. You need a different briefing and a few things need to happen first.” Leo said, amused by his pupil’s obvious excitement.

Chase nodded eagerly. “Let’s get started then.”


Castiel closed his eyes contently as a wave of love and understanding washed over him. Images filled his mind: a pretty redhead and a rugged brunette. They were hunters, those with the Divine ability to see beyond the world most humans saw. These two were favored; they were two of the few that changed things instead of following meekly behind others. The young Seer was powerful, but vulnerable to the horrors of the world around him. Oracle blood was rare and any demon would want one in its possession. And the hunter was a wild card; he could change his own future just by doing the unexpected.

‘Protect.’ A voice resounded through his very being.

“Yes father.” Cas said softly.


Xander and Willow sat together the next afternoon trying to figure out what it was they could sense was wrong. The night before they had had a feeling of urgency and dread and they were worried. Neither Willow nor Xander thought to share the feeling with any of their group. Wes and Giles, because they could sense that it included them somehow. Giles had been acting oddly the last week, he was very unGilesish. With Wes it was because they were worried for him. Buffy and Faith already had enough on their plate with the near constant battle that the last few months had been. The Mayor had not taken kindly to Faith spiting in his face and telling him to go to hell. The fact that they had helped the man's assistant escape Sunnydale had made things even harder.

In the middle of all of that Xander was still recovering from the damage his deranged mother had inflicted on him. He had only been out of the hospital and back in school for a month. Finding out that his mother wasn't his mother and that Faith was actually his twin sister had shaken everyone up. Though it had made Xander's life better, because Wes had immediately applied for guardianship of Xander. He already had guardianship of Faith.

Faith and Cordy had become good friends and it had also eased the relationship between the Scoobies and the Dark Slayer. Willow automatically accepted Faith as she was a part of Xander. Buffy and Faith had an easier relationship and they worked well together. Wes was Faith's watcher and Giles remained Buffy's despite what the Council wanted. Joyce and Dawn adopted Faith as another member of the extended family.

Faith and Angel got along, while Xander still teased the vampire ruthlessly, and Oz was Oz. No one was ever sure what he was thinking, but he seemed accepting.

So while Xander and Willow trusted and respected those they fought alongside, there was something about this that made them stay quiet. Willow had thought of using a spell to glean the meaning of their unease, but something told her this was a bad idea, so she didn’t try.

“What do we do?” Willow asked Xander. He frowned and looked out at the park, his eyes going to the cemetery across the street from them. A shiver ran up his spine. The sense of unease and knowing that something was coming washed over him.

“I don't think there is anything we can do. I think we can only be there for the fallout.” Xander said softly. He looked at Willow, his eyes tormented, seeing in Willow's eyes the reflection of his fatalistic belief that nothing would stop the events that were in motion.

Willow leaned forward, letting Xander hold her close. She felt a clinch in her heart as something told her to hold onto Xander as often as she could. Whatever was coming would take him from her and the thought made her want to weep.


Time moved differently on the upper realms. What seemed like weeks of lessons and information given to Chase took no time at all on Earth. Chase met Castiel, who was to be his companion and teacher as they worked to protect the four men that were their charges.

Their first assignment was to go to John Winchester and get him to go back to his sons and Aya. Castiel had already taken a human host as Angels could not be seen by humans. Now they were meeting up with John at the Roadhouse. The Elders deemed that it be known that the Winchesters were on a very important assignment and to aide anyone trying to hurt them and the mates of the two Winchester sons could lead to the Apocalypse.

Neither Cas or Chase knew exactly why killing Xander Harris would bring the apocalypse, only that it would do so. They also knew that both the Dark and the Light wanted him dead. Aya was just as important as Xander. The fighters in Sunnydale could not be mentioned by name, not yet anyway, but they too had people going to help them.

When Robert Chase and Castiel arrived at the Roadhouse they made sure that their heavenly glow was apparent. They needed the hunters to know that they were in the presence of a member of the heavenly host and the White Lighters.

John, Bobby Dawson, and Ellen stared in shocked silence even as other hunters stood. None of them doubted who and what stood in front of them. “John Winchester, I am Castiel, an Arch Angel, and this is Robert Chase, he is a White Lighter. We have been assigned from on High to protect your sons and the men that have been destined to be their mates.” Castiel's words brought a hushed silence from the crowd of hunters.

“Our first assignment has been to come tell you that you must return to your sons and travel with them. If you remain separated all that you have fought to keep from happening will fall into place. Dean and Sam will both fall to darkness as their mates are killed by those who we are protecting them from.” Chase added. John and Bobby shared a look and John sighed. Sometimes his sons were so complicated.


A/N: Eva: ok so this is chapter one. Calia and I came up with this idea while chatting and decided to do with it. I will be posting the chapters for TTH and FF.Net (when I get around to it), Calia will post for the sites she has accounts on that I don’t like WWOMB.

Updates will probably be slowish but at this point I don’t see why they shouldn’t be regular.

Thanks to Vanessa for acting as our beta.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Crazy Road Trip From Hell" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Oct 09.

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