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Enemies Known

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Summary: WDraco Willow goes to Hogwarts, Draco has a crush on the new DADA teacher...HARRY BASHING!

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyLuciferFrostFR1572,1550135,57620 Oct 0320 Oct 03No

Chapter 7

Chapter 7-

"Hey guys. I'm Willow Rosenburg, but you can just call me Willow. Professor makes me feel old." Willow said to the class of 7th years, a little nervous, this being her first class.

This wasn't helped by the fact Severus (Yes, she called him Severus. It annoyed the heck outta him.) was observing her today.

"Since this is my first day and all, and I'm new here, I thought we could have a kind of get-to-know-you day. You guys can ask me questions about me or the subject. So...go ahead."

Willow was proud. She didn't stutter at all.

Almost every student raised their hand.

*Figures. From what I heard the Gryffindors and Slytherins were the nosiest houses.*

She saw one boy and called on him.

"Mr. Zabini?"

"How old are you?"

Willow chuckled. "That's hardly something to ask a lady, but I'll answer anyways. I'm 20."

He raised his eyebrows in disbelief. "20?! But that's only one year older than me!" he exclaimed.

She quirked a brow. "Thanks for the info." Willow saw Draco and called on him.

"Where's your wand?" he asked.

"I don't need a wand to do magic."

Several of the students gasped.

"How do you do magic then?" Hermione asked.

"Mind control." Another student raised their hand. "Yes?"

"Where do you come from?"

"Sunnydale, California. AKA The Hellmouth. Lived there all my life."

Several more gasps were heard.

*Gods, you think people would be used to wonky stuff by now.*

"What are some of the really big magics you have done?"

That was Hermione.

"Ummm, let's see...I resouled Angelus, he is a vampire, closed the hellmouth, almost ended the world, made all potential slayers, actual slayers..."


And that was Ron.

"You almost ended the world?!"

*Hoped they wouldn't pick up on that.*

"Yeah, my girlfriend, (...everyone's eyes widened, but Willow didn't see...)Tara, died. She was shot. I had already tampered with dark magics, so when I got that angry, I became super- scary black-veiny Willow, tried to end the world. My friend, Xander, stopped me."

Willow got lost in her thoughts, then shook herself out of it.

"Oh, sorry. Next question? You."

"You're gay." This was more of a question than an observation.

"Not that it has anything to do with anything, but yeah. I don't think its about what you are, but who you are. Do you understand?" Willow smiled.

"But why-"

"Sorry, but we're out of time for today. See you next week, no homework for now!"


A/N: Whadda ya think?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Enemies Known" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Oct 03.

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