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Knight no more

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Knight Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The sequel to Knight away where the crew of the Enterprise travels more than they thought.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Shesharile 5

Crunsh, a Lieutenant in the special swoop law unit, had seen much, but this was not normal. “Master Xander, what do you make out off this?” he asked his friend, THE Jedi Master of the Shesharile system.

The Jedi looked pensive as he noted the signs. Three humans with their necks ripped open, but no sign of blood left in their bodies.

“Something that should not exist,” he said with hunted eyes as he looked at Crunsh. “Did any of the droids or security cameras get a recording?” he asked.
Crunsh nodded. “Looked mighty strange,” he walked up to the smaller guy and said: “Listen Rednax we’re friends, right?” The Jedi nodded as the Lieutenant used the fake name he once used to infiltrate them. “The guys here were dealers, Death Sticks, the works, and even body organs. If they could earn money, they did it,” he looked pensive. “We’ve been hunting them for months now, then this. Whoever did this, did us a favor, but this is not an act done by a onetime criminal. Whoever killed them enjoyed it and the next time his target might be an innocent. So tell me who or what did it.”
Xander nodded. “Is that all of the gang?” he asked.

Crunsh frowned, “No. Two bodies are missing. We found evidence of their bodies, some blood and body tissues that indicate that they were also killed. Why? ”

Xander sighed. “I hope I’m wrong. This is of the record, until I got evidence of what it is. DO not put it on any official record, got me Crunch?” He saw that the big ex- biker agreed. “It’s a parasite, a vampire parasite. It takes over a body when it’s on the brink of death. The infection is almost direct.

Consciousness, compassion, love and care, it’s all gone. What is left is a monster, a monster that can create more of his breed. I hope I’m wrong. I really do hope it’s just another sick mass murderer,” he said, sensing a disturbance, a deep dark feeling of wrong. The dark side of the Force had been strong in this room only days before.

Crunch frowned. “I see.”


Later in the record room of the law officers

The tech talked constantly, carrying a cup of cav and a bag of sweet bread with him. “The holo-recording is like a bad jump,” he said.
(Bad-Jump = mistake in Hyperspace travel. Bad things happen. Bad Jump = something really bad, strange or scary has happened.)

Xander nodded. “Just like my honeymoon, then,” he said with a smirk.

Crunsh laughed. He had heard from both Jaina and Xander about their honeymoon from hell. “Yea, I remember that story.”

The tech perked up curiously. “What? What happened?”

Xander shook his head. “Nothing much, my wife and me were just attacked by some enemies. Spend most of the time fighting or running for our lives.”

The tech nodded. “Bad jump. Right, watch this,” he said.

The record was a bad holo, made by a R4 unit guarding his master’s repulsor car. Outside the car they could see dead guy no 1 and dead guy no 2 carrying a blanket with something human sized rolled into it. As the two criminals dropped the bag, he could see part of a human head; the rest was hidden by the blanket.

“It’s not smoking,” he said to himself. It could survive in sunlight.

The second recording was from one of the criminals’ own cameras.

The dead guy was standing up. Now you could see the face. It was vampirish, but twisted, like the master of Sunnydale. The vampire himself seemed shocked about something. He was watching something on the wall and was touching his own face before he smashed his fist in the wall in a fit of rage.
Now Xander knew what it was the vampire had been looking at, as a fragment of the mirror landed before the vampire. “Stop the record. Can you zoom in on the fragment of the mirror?”

The tech nodded. Xander frowned. It had a reflection. The potential slayer mutated. Buffy and Willow had almost died. Tony said it felt like something had been removed from their bodies and souls when they came to this universe. The Slayer spirit and the ability to use magic were gone, but some power was keeping them alive, letting the Force slowly replace what had been removed.

A mystical power leaked out of the girl Dawn, Buffy’s sister, which kept the other two alive and perhaps kept this vampire alive as well, until it could adapt to the dark side. Buffy’s sister had also been surprised, but Buffy had explained it. Dawn held the power of the Key, a dimensional key.
It felt almost like the vortex he himself could control.

It explained how they were alive. The source of the reason why they came here was a wish. Apparently a vengeance demon took the chance to save the world by removing the Key from the grasp of a hell goddess. Dawn’s body to had adapted and changed to fit in this universe. He wasn’t sure she even had the key inside of her any more or if it too had been changed or even destroyed.

A vampire, a mutated Dark-force vampire, he shrugged. “Right, normal record thanks.”

Crunsh frowned. Xander had seen something in that close up, but what?

The criminals heard the sound of the breaking mirror and the vampire attacked them. Some blood splashed by. The sound of fighting was heard and then there was silence, a moment later the sound of somebody screaming in Basic and another voice in English. Xander translated. “He’s asking Victim no 3. Where am I? Tell me or I kill you.”

Then the sound of a dying criminal.

The vampire was back, cleaning himself in the bathroom.

He walked out again. “No wait, move back.” The tech pulled the recording back.

Crunsh gaped at what he saw. “Spawn of the Sith” he said in awe. The vampire was moving back and forth, almost invisible. You could see the room on the other side of the body, like a living shadow.

Xander sighed. A sound of a door opening and Criminal no 4 came into sight. Then again the sound of a battle, outside of the camera’s eye, then a sudden move and the camera fell down on the floor, aimed at the right direction. He could see what was happening in the room again.

Criminal no 4 was on the floor, drained off blood, and the vampire was feeding him his blood.

“I can give you a close up,” the tech said.

Xander nodded. “Do that.” he said.

Once again the vampire was bending over and feeding blood to the dying criminal no 4. Blood was pouring out when suddenly something big left the vampire’s body and landed on the floor. A blood red worm, it dried up and turned to dust in less than a minute. The vampire moved away from the body, watching. Then he walked out. He returned half an hour later carrying a teenage girl.

The sound of the girl screaming and begging for mercy and also the sounds of an ongoing rape were heard.


Eight hours later

Criminal no 4 sat up screaming.

The vampire gave him the girl and then he fed the dying teenager blood from the criminal, showing him how to turn others. An argument started between them. With one of them not understanding English and the other Basic, vampire no 2, formally known as criminal no 4, activated a translator droid.
Xander frowned. “They had a translator droid in the bathroom?” The tech shrugged.

“The recording stops about here.” The tech said. “A short moment later the two must have gone away. From the fact that the Translator is missing, they must have taken that and the girl’s body with them.”

Xander looked at the recordings. “I need a copy. That Crunsh, is a vampire, and it just created two more vampires.” He looked at the big strong ex swooper. “No compassion, no sense of right and wrong. They hunt in packs and like you said. Spawn of Sith.”

There was silence.

“Bad jump,” the tech guy said again.

He was right.


They had found the girl four days later.

She had sneaked away to murder her old school friends just because she wanted to be a cool criminal. Crunsh had helped him keep the capture a secret. What they found was interesting and could perhaps be considered torture.

1. The vampire girl was alive. Her heart beat was 1/6 of a normal human and she needed air to breathe, but less than a normal human.
2. The face was twisted into a permanent vampire face.
3. The body had strange worms inside of it. They were around 4 cm long. It seemed they carried the vampire’s sickness over to the infected.
4. She was strong, perhaps 3 times stronger and faster than a normal girl.

They had seen the vampire turn into a shadow. It could cloak itself, and both mortal eyes and sensors had a hard time spotting them. They were not invisible, just difficult to see, and it showed the power of mind manipulation. The teenager seemed less smart than she had been before, more willful and aggressive, less in control of her emotions. Anger, lust, hunger, hate and envy ruled her and worst, it hated any Jedi because they used the lightside of the Force. It felt it inside of them and hated them for it.

The new breed could be weaker in physical things than normal vamps, but they had powers that could affect the mind. Mirrors and holy symbols did not work. Sunlight or normal light hurt their eyes. They were extremely light sensitive. They could eat normal food, but they also needed blood or they would become weaker, while draining the blood and absorbing the life energy from another living being often seemed to enhance their strength and speed.
The light sensitive eyes explained the sunglasses she had had on in a half dark room.

They could be hurt by using Force Light. It burned away the worms inside of their bodies and that was what had killed her. The body slowly turned to slime in front of their eyes and so began the great vampire hunt on Shesharile 5.

Later, the vampires showed they were hard to kill and could survive twice as much damage as a human could. Unless you got a direct killing shot, they healed in minutes or hours, depending on how damaged they were.

A month later Buffy was moving again and, with the help of Rona and Chloe, fifteen vampires had been killed. The infection here was over, but Crunsh found out one was on a ship going to the core worlds.

End flashback.
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