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Knight no more

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Knight Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The sequel to Knight away where the crew of the Enterprise travels more than they thought.

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Chapter 63

Note: A big thank you again to Inachis and Hawklan for making this chapter readable…

Chapter 63

(Hapes Fountain City)

Fountain City was under siege by its own army and navy. Civilians were afraid as road blocks stopped anyone from moving about unless they were searched. Not much was known, the Hapes News said they were searching for a dangerous infectious sickness and that they had the situation under control. It didn’t look that way to those unable to move away from the town.

The Army gathered them together in hastily created camps that reminded Ronan of the pictures she had seen of the concentration camps during WW2. But unlike the camps in WW2 the civilians were given food and doctors made sure they were in good physical health and not in any danger. Still the Navy and Army marched outside, making sure nobody entered and nobody left.

In the city military special ops searched each building block by city block.

Rona, Dawn, Arden, Anakin and Danni were on special duty. They moved each in a high risk area, followed by normal soldiers. Lexa and Dawn were together as they were actually quite good at fighting together.

“This sucks,” Rona said as she waded in knee deep mucky water through a draining ditch. Following her was a pack of soldiers. Special Forces marines the navy had lent to the Army. They were trained to attack any planet or starship first and take out the target. These were guys who would spit a rancor in the eye then turn it in to their bitch if it attacked.

“Yeah, if I’m correct you said the EH was hiding in here?” the sergeant said, where EH stood for Enemy of Hapes.

Rona shock her head. “No, I said they like to hide in areas like this. That feeling… I got one, no two, wait… Incoming fifteen EH in our direction. Get ready,” she said with eyes wide. “They’re coming from the front and the side walls.”

“And that is exactly why we are here. I agree, this sucks,” Danni said.

Behind her the sensor operator scowled, the damn blood parasites were invisible. No wait, almost invisible, the sensors got ghost images and now and then a solid vampire. He could detect them using the portable sensor system’s motion detection mode. His portable sensor felt vibrations in the floor. “They are coming.”

And like rats the vampires jumped out from holes to small for a normal person to crawl inside. Some were moving in their cloaked shape, like transparent wraiths. They were hard for the living beings’ eye to see or detect and almost invisible for droids and sensor systems. But the vampires still made sound and had weight. It was good that most vampires couldn’t hold up the cloak and fight at the same time. And even when they were not cloaking themselves they were still almost impossible to locate using the force. A Jedi could sense if one was within his range, but not where the vampire was exactly.

Danni was first to act, she send a force push right in to the storming group of vampires, breaking their formation. The elite warriors behind her were more than happy to abuse the situation and a rain of blasters bolts came down on the fallen and the running vampires.

The elite soldiers had destroyed half the vampires. They were burning slime on the floor before they even had reached close combat.

The small hovering ball shaped droid, popular called gunbuddy, as its duty was to carry extra ammunition and medical supplies, was bouncing back and forth between the soldiers, even striking out with its only weapon, a small yet powerful stun blaster.

Far too many times the droid lost its target as one of the vampires cloaked. Then a vampire captured it, ripping its metal armor open, and starting to pull out its computer brain. Gunbuddy screamed out with a squealing sound as it desperately tried to see the monster that was destroying it. In the last second, sensing no military, navy or Jedi was standing too close, it activated the final payback bomb built inside it.

Four vampires were suddenly burned to slime and the water filled corridors trembled as Gunbuddy said its last goodbye.

Danni stood her ground, defending the soldiers as well as keeping an eye out on Rona. Soon, as the stampede like attack came too close, she could no longer see what Rona was doing.

A roaring sound in front of Rona made her pale. “A Wookiee vampire? You got to be kidding me,” she complained. Behind the haircovered creature was another wave of vampires that ignored her and rushed towards the soldiers and Danni.

The Marines were good and fought smart, but the vampires where faster, stronger and almost as blood thirsty in combat.

The monster vampire Wookiee attacked, ignoring her blaster pistol attack completely, despite the deep, bleeding wounds it had caused.

She had just found a master vampire. A city like this could easy hold up to fifteen masters and this looked bad.

With a ‘snap hiss’ her lightsaber was activated. The two charged each other, dodged, attacked and slashed at each other. The beast ripped out huge chucks of rocks and threw them at her. A normal Wookiee was around 10 times as strong as a human, but slower. They use a “martial art” that involved the ripping off of a body part and beating the enemy to death with it. A vampire is normally around 3 times stronger than the mother species and far more durable in surviving wounds.

She was facing a monster and her only saving grace was that it was slower than a normal vampire. It had an uncanny ability to shrug of blaster wounds, like it was only losing fur. Not even her lightsaber seemed to brace it. A cut that would slice a normal vampire or even a fully armed stormtrooper in half caused only skin deep cuts in the monster in front of her. Blaster fire that would melt a Mandaloorian’s armor only seemed to amuse it.

The two circled each other and around them the Marines and Danni fought for their lives against far too many vampires.

The monster vampire Wookiee attacked, moving as fast as it could which was easily five times faster than a human.

Rona had entered battle mode, boosting her strength and speed from 4 times that of a girl her size to that of 8 times. She dodged, attacked and slashed but it didn’t work that well. The vampire had deep cuts in its skin and even some of its bones where severed, but it still didn’t seem to slow the beast down.

To protect itself it had moved among the marines, using one of them as a living shield.

Rona put the blade away and switched to martial arts and a vibro dagger.

Let`s see you handle me. Her eyes challenged the monster and with Wookiee martial arts knowledge, trained in Slayer-fu, Nogrie martial arts and Coruscant police defense skills as well as hundreds of different martial arts Rona had seen, trained in and adapted to her own abilities. Even dancing and stripping skills where included in the abilities she had mastered.

The monster attacked and she dodged, grabbed its shoulder and pushed it out of balance. As it fell she quickly slashed up, severing the weakest link that held the human shield captive, which was the human arm.

The human shield fell down with its arm cut of cleanly. A nearby field medic jumped down to give first aid.

Danni followed, keeping the medic alive while slashing up the vampires attacking them. Looking at the battle Rona was fighting she so wanted to join, but the young force guardian was winning and the soldiers needed her help.

She left the medic as he was safe for now and dived in, using Form Two as she stabbed, dodged, stabbed and slashed her way inside the pack of hungry vampires. With a wave of her hand she send packs of vampires flying away from the soldiers they had overwhelmed.

Rona kept pushing the attacks. Her slashes and stabs didn’t penetrate deeply, they were more like she was giving the monster paper cuts. She danced around, not letting the monster stand up. She kept tripping it, even jumping on it to stop it from standing up again. She dodged as it ripped out chunks larger than her upper body from the floor and threw them at her.

Spinning around she pulled out her lightsaber. The monster parried her cut with its arm. It was a deep cut, almost through its absurdly massive bone. Somehow its skin and its muscle were too strong or energy reflective for her to push the energy blade in.

The Wookiee monster was in a raving rage as it jumped up, not even seeing clear. It just attacked her.

She dodged its waving claws and stood her ground, pointing the tip of the blade at the heart of the beast as it charged her. She held true and the blade was pushed in the body of the monster, but it kept pushing, trying to reach her behind the blade. Its own strength and rage kept it pushing until she could see the glowing blade pointing out off the back of the monster. She had no time for celebrations as two strong arms grabbed her shoulder and started to tear her apart.

Groaning her armor started to crack and Rona knew her own arms wouldn’t hold against that. Even dead the monster refused to fall.

Acting quickly before she lost her own arm she pulled up her trusted blaster pistol and fired it repeatedly inside the wounded arm of the monster. The strength of the pull started to diminish. She had severed enough muscle on one arm for it to lose its ability to hold her, but being hung by one arm wasn’t too good as the vampire threw her in to the wall.

She crashed back first in the rock hard wall and only her armor saved her life. Pain filled her head as she struggled to sit up. In front of her, roaring in rage, was the vampire Wookiee with her lightsaber still stuck inside its heart.

It was lifting a rock roughly in her size with one arm and was going to throw it at her. She tried to move, but didn’t have the energy. Just as it was about to throw the stone, the light left its eyes and the monster fell down dead. A second lightsaber was stabbed through its head.

An irritated Danni stood behind it. “Don’t hurt Rona,” she simply said, leaving the now dead monster behind her as the Zeltron Jedi dived in to the struggle behind her.

Soon body parts were flying. Only now did the lightsaber start to burn the body of the Wookiee vampire. With the monster dead the backbone of courage left the other vampires. It was an expensive victory as half her squads of forty elite soldiers were now dead or too wounded to fight.

Danni frowned. Where did all the vampires come from? Had they been spawning or come in to the city and why? Then it came to her…the royal palace. That’s why the vampires were building an army. That would mean a master vampire, a real powerful one. She looked at the slime of the Wookiee. If that was the master, then all hell would break lose as no one was controlling the vampires any longer. And if that was just a minor master vampire, the fight hadn’t even started yet.

“Call for reinforcements and by the Sith get us some bigger weapons. The hostiles are more dangerous than imagined,” the sergeant yelled.

The field medic rushed over to Rona. “How are you?” he asked.

“Did the soldier survive? The one I cut the arm off,” Rona asked worried.

The medic nodded. “Yes he did. He asked me to say thank you and also to ask you that next time you feel the need to help him, just cut of his head. It hurts less,” he said with a smile.

Rona giggled. “I will remember that.” She then froze. Somewhere under her she felt something like a river of vampires moving west. “Oh fuck, call reinforcements.”

“We have to get to Dawn and her group. They’re in that direction,” Danni mumbled.

The sensor expert clumsily held up his sensor, using his only working arm. The motion it detected was too much and the portable sensor lost count. It showed only fifty vampires were moving on the visual. Yet the portable would only loose count if there were more than nine hundred vampires moving.
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