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Knight no more

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Knight Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The sequel to Knight away where the crew of the Enterprise travels more than they thought.

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Chapter 65

Note: Tx to Inachis and Hawkla for cleaning this up.

Chapter 65

The sarge pulled up a bottle of ravan and emptied it. “Well Sith spit and out of luck. This isn’t good,” he stated. “30 soldiers and 2 wild cats named Dawn and Lexa against a river of blood suckers.”

Lexa and team Anakin and Arden were coming, but they would have to stop this army, this river, from moving on and spreading out into the city again.

His team moved around in a protective position and the vampires, like dogs, tried to surround them before the attack. Naturally there was a crink in that plan. First Dawn and Lexa attacked and second the troopers were more than ready for the kill.

Improving her speed with ‘kinetic move’ and using ‘kinetic strike’ to crush any vampire too close, Lexa activated her Type-Five implant. Power raged through her body as she was super charged. Beside her the hiss of a lightsaber was heard as the two girls attacked in close combat.

Lexa’s staff weapon fired again and again. Between the ranged attacks she swung it around, creating a circle of crushed vampires.

Behind them the troopers were firing as fast as they could while watching the girls’ backs.

Still it wasn’t enough as the vampires were pushing the attack.

Two pairs of strong arms grabbed Dawn from behind and she was pulled into a pile of vampires. Fangs bit her armor and claws started to remove it bit by bit. Nothing worked so close and she couldn’t focus on any of her force powers. All she felt was the paralyzing feeling of death close and personal.

Then there was a crunching sound and she was covered with the slimy blood of a dead vampire as Lexa stood almost four meters away. A shimmering hand and arm made of energy stretched out from her real arm, complete with sharp claws spinning around like a chain saw and created from pure kinetic energy. The kinetic construct flickered in the air and then vanished.

Dawn quickly rolled up to her feet and she could see that Lexa stood a bit unsteady for a moment but then straightened up again.

Lexa was surprise that it worked. She had learned the extend body trick using her kinetic energy field as an extension of her own arms and legs. She could form ghost body limbs or reach out further away from her body using an arm made purely from a kinetic energy field. But creating a chain-claw hand? She hadn’t been sure she could succeed.

She had managed to combine the ghost arm trick with the kinetic strike and change her ghost arm and hand. She gave it claws and made it five meters long. And then instead of making the hand in to a mirror image of her real arm she made it in to a chain-claw hand.

Grinning silly under the helmet Lexa kept pushing. Using the staff weapon was so less draining that forming ghost weapons or ghost body parts out of her kinetic shield.

Dawn joined her. “That was so cool,” she said, impressed.

Around them the river kept coming and only the hissing sound of a jet pack made them relax. Rona had landed and beside her Danni activated her own lightsaber. The two attacked the river of vampires.

With focused attacks moving at high speed, the four females, with the protective fire from the soldiers, cut an island of calm in the middle of a storming river of rampaging vampires.

Her team, only half the strength it used to be, joined her. More navy troops and army soldiers were on their way but still a minute away.

They just had to hold for a while, not that hard they hoped. More vampires crawled out from the sewage tunnels. Perhaps a little harder after all.

“Anybody in charge?” she called out in her comlink to HQ. “We have an unholdable position. There a thousand, no more than thousand vampires. Less than half have weapons, but they just keep coming. I need aerial support. Order team Anakin and Riley to stand by.”

“I second that. Use fire, burn the whole street, the whole thing,” Danni added.

The sound of star fighters in the air was soon heard.

“Alright, let`s move it. We have bombs incoming,” Rona yelled.

“What?” Dawn and Lexa yelled.

“Move it,” Danni said.

“Activate the shelter now,” the officer on place said. Around him the trooper carrying the portable bomb shelter rushed to get the construction unfolded before the bombs fell.

Inside one of fifteen small portable bomb shelters they missed seeing a small starfighter dropping a bomb.

But the huge wall of fire destroying the sewage system and the second one turning most of the street into a burning hell they didn’t miss, even if they were unable to see it. Their bomb shelter shock at the force of the explosion which heated up the air and sucked it all away to feed its own raging hunger. Dawn, Lexa and Rona were nervous, outside vampires and any soldier too slow was burning alive. Both girls cried side by side, it was just too awful. Danni could only hug them as she too cried. She was a lover and a healer, not a fighter.

Costing as much as a new space transporter, the portable bomb shelter was worth a small fortune and able to hold only twenty soldiers at the time, but all the survivors inside the small shelters priced them even if they where one time use only and damn heavy to carry around. Outside the explosion and the fire raging made the street itself burn and the air was gone as the super advanced fuel bomb had made the air hot enough to melt lead.

Rona’s eyes were closed, trying not to see the nightmare she had created. Instead she focused on sensing the vampires. Less than ninety left. They wouldn’t live. “Control, call team Anakin and Arden, ninety vamps are moving in their direction, below ground. Don’t let them get away.”

Danni interrupted. “Get us a captive. We need information,” she said, her voice hard and ruthless.

Inside the shelter it was warm and uncomfortable. Its tiny cooling system was holding it at a survivable temperature, nothing more, and on the outside the fire raged in more than one way.

Running through the sewage system the surviving vampires where shocked. The humans had bombed their own city and destroyed almost a block of the town.

Then they felt it. A lightside user was in front of them. No, two users of the lightside. Pulling up whatever weapons they had, blasters or sharp sticks, they moved forward.

Arden and Anakin were waiting for them.

As they entered the room bars of wood suddenly grew out of the watery floor of the sewers, blocking their escape.

The two Jedi didn’t look like they were out for fun. Both had armor on, one black with a black cloak and the other forged from living wood.

While Anakin attacked from one side, Arden lifted his arm and his armor fired away big thorn spikes. More than one vampire fell down dusted. It would take time to reload the armor, time he didn’t have, but it was worth it.

On the side Anakin jumped, dodged and was using force push to slam away vampires.

Arden didn’t have that luxury. Without the ability to use Telekinetic he was unable to use real force jump. He could enhance his own body, increasing its speed and jump ability, but force jump involved telekinetic. So he attacked low. Tentacles of water plants rose from the dirty muddy water, grabbing any vampire standing by them just as he attacked with his blade. He sliced, stabbed or captured using the plants themselves.

Then as the two started to feel slightly tired the backup arrived in the form of an elite team of hunters.

It wasn’t a fight anymore, it was a slaughter.

Survivors were not many and all of them were captured for questioning.


(Back with the Enterprise)

Seeing groups of dark-side devoted Sith-troopers lurking around didn’t make her day. Sneaking inside just became more difficult. Sure they wouldn’t be able to see her. But if they were trained in the force they would sense she was nearby, just not where.

Jaina frowned and let go of her Force cloak. There was more than one way to skin a cat. Using an old trick Mara Jade had taught them she drew shadows around her and like a living shadow she moved, almost one with the background. Combining that with affect mind to make the weak minded look the other way she entered the ship.

In a way she was envious of Danni right now. She was most likely enjoying herself in the palace after some nice exercise hunting vampires. After all it wasn’t like they were surrounded by a town full of vampires. She reached a landing and military staging area filled with soldiers looking like storm troopers and dark-side devotees in dark black cloaks with the big Sith symbols painted on.

Some of those devotees or adepts were even carrying lightsabers. Jaina wondered for a moment if these were people that had been empowered by the darkside of the force, if they just did it to look good for their master or if they were force users, but right now it didn’t matter really.

There it was… the power generator. Sneaking inside she quickly put the thermal detonator inside then started to sneak outside. She was surprised over how little guards there were. The gate itself was made like it was build to stop a cloaked Jedi from walking inside.

Then it struck her… it was build to stop vampires from sneaking inside. The automatic stealth ability a vampire had worked almost the same way force cloak did.

The dark lady Bitch didn’t trust her loyal vampires, interesting.

One thing she did know was a symbol and the last time she had seen that symbol she was five years old and Palpatine was trying to kidnap and possess her baby brother Anakin. It was the symbol of a Dark side adept. They were a band of barely force sensitive and non force sensitive fanatics that followed the Emperor around like lost puppies with rabies. It was from those Palpatine created his dark side elite.

Xander did say and she knew from her own memory that Palpatine was skilled in the art of empowering others with the force. Not just the power, but also with some skill to use it.

Luke’s description of them made them sound like dangerous one trick battledogs with limited skills and not that well trained in the use of said skill. Still, they were dangerous and tricky.

Knowing that she started to sneak outside when a voice interrupted her.

“Query: Could you assist with liberating me?” the voice was strange yet civilized and she turned and found a droid locked down by droid zappers attacked to its head. One wrong move and the zapper would fry its brain silly for hours. The Zapper seemed to be half active, constantly disrupting the droid’s ability to move and think.

“Who are you?” Jaina, asked looking at the droid, which looked really ancient.

“Statement: Enemy of your enemy. Designation: HK-47. Trade: You liberate me I create destruction and destroy as many of our enemies here as I can,” the droid’s eyes seemed to gleam as it looked at her.

‘Hk-47? Didn’t Xander tell her about that droid?’ Jaina thought and then her eyes widened. “I know you. You’re a legend. Killer of Sith, killer of Jedi. Mostly a killer of Jedi.”

“Irritated Statement: In the end they where only meatbags in the way of me or my master,” HK-47 replied.

Jaina slowly started to smile. “You aren’t just a droid, are you?” she asked, carefully looking over the zappers. “They’re rigged with an alarm. Hell will come calling the moment I pull these.”

The droid watched her and said, “Query: Can you disarm the alarm?”

“Hmm… I think so. Not sure yet,” Jaina said, this was such a dumb idea.

The droid HK-47 looked at the Jedi. After its rebuilding and re-activation almost 20 years ago it had wandered the galaxy as a bounty hunter. Its new life after the rebuild had been different from the first time it was activated by its master Darth Revan almost 4960 years and 10 months ago. Because of the zapper he was unsure of the hours and days. That was irritating being as unprecise as a meatbag.

Lying, buried in an old ship computer where he had saved his memory and blue prints, he had never expected to be rebuilt again. But a group of meatbags did it. He had in anger done something amusing and tried to create lesser copies of himself. HK-77’s just to bring bloodbath to the galaxy.

His life had truly been a real bit of bad karma plotting against his every right to humor himself with harmless murders of meatbags. How unfair and how utterly ironic that he had to suffer like that.

“I think I have some microplastics in my pocket. Are you familiar with that?” Jaina asked.

“Answer: I’m unfamiliar with the term,” HK-47 said.

Jaina thought so. ”It’s a micro explosive. It’s used to destroy energy cables and power lines without a sound and without hurting important equipment,” she said, tapping its head.

“Statement: How utterly boring, a soundless explosion?” HK-47 said.

Jaina giggled. “You sound like my husband.”

“Statement: Terror nausea strikes me. The meatbag is multiplying. How utterly disgusting,” HK-47 said.

“Hey we’re waiting, all of us, until we feel ready for children,” Jaina said, sitting down beside him while fixing the explosives. “You know, it’s not easy being a Jedi and a wife. Not with a husband that constantly ends up taking us to alternate realities. Still I love him. He has some rare abilities to summon force ghosts and sometimes talk to old dead people. I know he mentioned you or a droid with you name. HK-47, built by Revan, a dark lord of the Sith, that ended up helping the good guys a Millennium ago.”

“Statement: Master Revan was a Jedi, then general and the Republic failed and betrayed her. She became the dark lady of Sith, until I failed her as well and the meatbag of apprentice tried to kill her. The Jedi captured her and her memory was wiped and they set her and me against the new Dark Lord of Sith,” he said, his voice sounding tired.

“Thought so, you had a hard existence. You are an impressive person. I hope you aren’t insulted if I call you a person?” Jaina said. There she had one micro charge carefully put around the zappers. “I have to warn you. Outside there are a beings called vampires. They have the ability to turn invisible, completely invisible, for all things that are not living. Your sensors will not detect them and they are really difficult to see for those that are alive.”

“Statement: I have seen the bloodthirsty meatbags. The pathetic lady of the Sith is using them as weapons. Their ability to cloak is humiliating to me. Query: Are you and your meatbag friends here to create destruction or to perform an assassination?” He wasn’t impressed with Lumiya. His own master had almost destroyed the Mandalorians, the Sith and then the Republic all by herself, using her intelligence.

“My husband is a true believer in pre-emptive defense. Lumiya, the pathetic lady of the Sith, attacked him once before and he almost managed to defeat her. With one foot removed from an accident before the attack Xander still managed to hold his own in a duel. Now he has two feet again and is eager for the rematch,” Jaina explained.

“Statement: He sounds impressive and effective. As usual I expect to be disappointed once I meet your meatbag in person. Sadness is overwhelming. Disappointment is my painful lot here in existence,” HK-47 said.

“There, now those two are rigged for explosion. You get exactly four minutes to escape the ship then my bomb destroys the ship,” she slowly stood up and removed her helmet. Then turned back and gave the surprised droid a kiss on his forehead. “I leave you a weapon,” she said hiding her Thunderer beside the droid and then put the helmet back on again.

“Query: Why kiss me?” HK-47 asked, confused.

“An old Alderaan tradition. You give a friend or somebody you consider a friend a kiss on the forehead for protection if they are in a dangerous situation,” Jaina said and smiled as she vanished.

HK-47 was surprised. The young meatbag had treated it with more dignity than anybody he had met had done since Master Revan died. He could only say one thing about that young human female. “Statement: Intriguing.” The droid relaxed and tried to follow the countdown. It didn’t work that well. The zappers disrupted his droid brain’s ability to measure time or count properly. That was intolerable.
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