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Blood calls to Blood

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Summary: Patty and her sisters were destined to be the Charmed Ones not her daughters but then her sisters were taken away.

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Chapter One

Blood calls to Blood
Author: David A. Knapton.


Archived: If you want but it is polite to let the author know you are doing so.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Just using them for my own twisted amusement. The characters belong to the owners of BtVS, Gilmore Girls and Charmed including Whedon, Sherman-Palladino and Spelling respectively.

Spoiler: All of Buffy up to and including Chosen. Up to season 4 of Gilmore Girls, which has been moved to match with the other shows and also with two major changes, one that will be revealed within the story, the other that Sookie never married Jackson? And season 6 of Charmed, which has also been moved. But without Leo going off the deep end after killing Gideon. At the start of this story he is on probation with the other Elders while they decide his fate.

Rating: Going with PG for now.

Pairing: Series pairings at start with the above change but may change later.

Summery: Patty and her sisters were destined to be the Charmed Ones not her daughters but then her sisters were taken away.

Notes: In this story, Dawn has always been Buffy’s younger sister. The Key thing still happened but for different reasons. (It will be explained within the story). There are a few minor changes such as Leo and the other Elders knowing about the Avatars - Who are not the coming threat they were in season seven of Charmed.

Warning: Major character’s death in this fiction.

‘’ = Thought. [Flashback] = Ah duh Flashback.

Feedback: If you wish.

Please note I am English, so is my spelling. Live with it.

Extra Notes: With or without a beta, I hope to post one part a week - Yeah that will last! - Some of the parts are very short (Part three is maybe a quarter page while others will be maybe ten plus pages).


Part one


Dawn absently knocked on the door of Giles’ study before opening it and heading across the room, a large tome open in her hands that had peeked her interests as she went through the Council's surviving tomes. She and Buffy had travelled to England with the Watcher when it had been discovered that much of the archive had survived the First’s attack and he needed help securing it as well as have someone to help catalogue what was left.

Faith and Robin had taken most of the surviving slayers to Cleveland. Whose Hellmouth had become very active at almost the exact time Sunnydale’s had been closed while those few surviving British slayers returned home with Giles, Buffy and Dawn.

Xander had headed to Africa to search out the slayers, Willow could sense there. Taking Andrew with him to every ones surprise, but he had started feeling close to the boy, in a non sexual way, that had been with Anya at the end. While Willow herself had headed to South America with Kennedy to do the same - but they seemed to spend most of their time on the beaches!

“Giles. Have you ever heard of the Charmed Ones?” Dawn asked walking over to the man that had so quickly taken the place left by her so called father.

“Hmmm? I seem to remember reading some prophesy some years ago, about three good witches that would one day rise to become the most powerful witches for good of all time,” replied Giles looking up from the account book that had been salvaged from within the wreckage of the Council building.

“Oh that’s good then. ‘Cause according to what I just translated here,” said Dawn indicating the book she carried. “They are going to reveal the chosen ones to their families.”

“What?” cried Giles getting up quickly and coming around his desk.

“Huh!” frowned Dawn as she lay the heavy book on his desk. “Is that bad?”

“It could be catastrophic, Dawn,” answered Giles looking over the text in front of him. “Admittedly some of the slayers families will need to know - or may find out about the supernatural. But can you imagine what will happen if it became generally known or worse governments such as North Korea, or terrorist factions like Humas learn of them?”

“I guess that would be bad,” conceded Dawn. “But if they’re supposed to be good why would they do something that could be so bad for our side?”

“I don’t know!” mused Giles as he took the book and rounded his desk again to sit down absently as he began translating it himself.

“Do you think we should warn the others?” asked Dawn sitting down opposite the Watcher.

“Let’s wait until I’ve checked this first, Dawn,” replied Giles. “I’m pleased with your progress with languages. But...”

“You have more experience. I know that’s why I came straight here.”

“Quite,” smiled Giles.

He had been at the translation for about twenty minutes, making some notes and was so engrossed in the work that had Dawn not been sat at the window, looking out for her sister’s return, and shouted a warning, he would have been oblivious to the sudden appearance of two demons materialising in the room. Giles jumped up, grabbing the paper opener and placing himself between Dawn and the demons/men that immediately looked at the teenager.

“Out of the way old man,” sneered one as crossbows materialised in their hands.

“BUFFY,” screamed Dawn as she saw her sister and the other slayers pull up in the van they were using to transfer the Council’s books and records from the secure location the British Government had been holding them.

Dawn made a dive for the relative safety of the large desk of Giles just as the demons fired at her. She whimpered as she heard the sound of a bolt coming into contact with flesh and saw Giles drop to the floor at the side of the desk.
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