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Dr. Fred Burkle

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Summary: What if Fred had never gotten pulled into a portal? What if she'd finished her degrees and been tapped by the Stargate Program?

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Stargate > Fred/Illyria-CenteredDamiaFR1363,15333011,10613 Oct 0922 Oct 09No

Chapter 6

Fred smiled happily as she read all of the emails from home she hadn't managed to get to over the last week. Her mother sent her a daily update with a quick "Hi there sweetheart," from her dad tacked on at the end of every one. There wasn't anything wrong with her reading the emails, except when they were on her datapad and she was walking down a hall on her own. Her lab assistants knew to pull her sideways or let others know that she wasn't paying attention. When she was on her own she tended to bump into things, like a rather well muscled chest.

"Oh my," Her brown eyes blinked in surprise as she glanced up at the man that had caught her so she wouldn't fall on her butt.

"Are you alright?" He asked, his voice rumbling as he set her back a step and reached down for her datapad, passing it over.

"Yeah, sorry. I wasn't paying attention and got caught up in letters from mom." Fred gave him a big bright smile. She never said letters from home because Atlantis was her home. It had been since the day she'd set foot in the city.

I am Ronon Dex," He offered her a hand and she took it immediately.

"Fred Burkle, it's nice to finally meet you," She told him honestly.

"Likewise," Ronon nodded as she stepped to the side. "Where were you headed?" Those that knew the Satedan Warrior would see that he was intrigued by the woman.

"Cafeteria, I'm starving and Jenny's threatening to lock me out of my labs if I forget to eat again," She told him ruefully as she started walking again, her datapad going into a pocket of the lab coat she was still wearing.

"It sounds like Dr. Keller," Ronon grinned as he walked with her, he hadn't eaten yet either.

"Dr. Burkle, Ronon," Rodney McKay eyed the two when he met them at the door.

"Dr. McKay, would you care to join us for lunch?" Fred asked with another of her bright open smiles. Rodney glanced at the warrior and then back to one of his brightest staff members.

"Sure," He agreed. Between her and Jen he was being damn hear civil. You couldn't snap at them without feeling like you'd stepped on a fluffy little kitten. Why were they so nice all the time he would never figure out. The two men followed the tiny Texan as she filled her tray quite happily, grabbing a handful of napkins before heading to a table to grab a seat.

"Planning to store it in a hollow leg?" McKay asked dryly as he set his own tray down.

"I'm just hungry is all," Fred chirped brightly, taking a large bite from a tray that was as full as Ronon's.

"Dr. Keller wants her to eat," Ronon shrugged when Rodney glared his way.

"She eats like this at every meal," The caustic Canadian informed him. Ronon merely looked at the petite woman and shrugged. Obviously she needed the food or else she'd be as large as a puddle jumper.

"Mama used to tell her friends I was as bad as having a tennage boy in the house when it came to food," Fred told them between bites.

"I beleive it," Rodney replied. Ronon raised an eyebrow but Fred just laughed. She'd never really found the man to be intimidating. Yes, he was extremely intelligent and had a tendency to lose his temper and insult people. He wasn't great with people and Fred understood that because she wasn't good with people either. He was snarky and loud because it was a self defense mechanism he had perfected. It was worse when his blood sugar got low.

"A healthy appetite is good," Ronon responded after a moment, making a large dent in his own meal.

"Hey Dr. B," A couple younger scientists waved, eyeballing Rodney nervously as they passed the table. Fred herself was rather young but she was brilliant and on of the top minds on Atlantis, so she wasn't actually part of the group. She wasn't really part of any group though everyone who knew her seemed to like her. The rest of the meal flew by with people waving and saying hello. Fred always waved back though she never stopped eating.

"It was nice having lunch with you guys. We should do it again," She offered them another bright smile as she finished cleaning all the food from her plate. She snatched a couple pieces of fruit and slipped them into her pockets as she left. Rodney watched her with a sulky sort of look on his face.

"What's the matter?" The Satedan finally asked, knowing he was going to regret it.

"It would be easier if they just started a fan club. Everyone likes her. It's like she can do no wrong, except she does do wrong. Constantly." The words came out in an irritated rush and Ronon simply raised an eyebrow. "I know," Rodney sighed and shook his head.

"She seemed nice enough," Ronon said apathetically, leaning back in his chair.

"I know! That's what's so irritating. She is nice," Rodney picked up his tray and put it with the rest, Ronon simply watching him go with amusement.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Dr. Fred Burkle" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Oct 09.

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