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Ten Moments Buffy and Faith Never Shared

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This story is No. 1 in the series "How Many Now?". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Some ficlets, some femslash, some fun for all!

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DramaFaithsVoiceFR15106,386043,89314 Oct 0925 Oct 09Yes

Love You To

So I decided to do one of those things where you put your iTunes on shuffle and write ficlets for the first x songs, and here's what came out. Couple of them were tough to make work, but I think I've done it. I also tried to keep them all under one page, not counting lyrics, which is tough for me, but I did that too. Yay me! Note: This is slash. That means there will be girls kissing, and mention of more. If this bothers you for some reason, stop now.

Buffy, Faith, and all their friends belong to Joss, I'm just having some fun. All songs are property of their named artists, and are quoted merely as an aide to the story.

1- Love You To- The Beatles

Each day just goes so fast,
I turn around, it's past,
You don't get time to hang a sign on me.

Love me while you can,
Before I'm a dead old man.
A life-time is so short,
A new one can't be bought,
But what you've got means such a lot to me.

Make love all day long,
Make love singing songs.
Make love all day long,
Make love singing songs.

There's people standing round,
Who'll screw you in the ground,
They'll fill you in with their sins,
You'll see.

I'll make love to you,
If you want me to.

Buffy bit her lip. Faith was talking about her conquests again, describing the couple she'd left the Bronze with last night, tossing around sex talk like sports scores. Buffy was a little in awe of Faith- she was so confident, so assured so much of the time, sure enough of her skill as a Slayer to play with the vamps a little. But there was a side to her Buffy was sure no one else had seen, the scared teenager who had broken down crying for her Watcher a couple of hours after dusting Kakistos, the lonely young woman so forlorn and lost after Mrs. Post's betrayal.

Buffy was finding it harder and harder to keep quiet when Faith talked about this sex stuff. She had thought her feelings were just a crush, something that would fade as they got to know each other, but every day, Buffy found herself closer to loving the other Slayer. She found herself wanting to rescue Faith from these meaningless encounters, these anonymous hookups that were surely wearing down Faith's self-esteem and sense of self-worth. She wanted to confess her love- yes, ok, by this point, it was love, no use denying it anymore- and show Faith how amazing and incredible she was.

They had already gone through two packs of vamps this patrol, and not only was Buffy getting more horny than she would ever admit around her friends, but she could smell how horny Faith was too. There was no way she could keep this inside even one more night, not when, as Slayers, any night might be their last one alive. Buffy took a deep breath, then, in one move, pushed Faith back against a tree and pressed herself against her. Before Faith could form the question on her lips, they were occupied with Buffy's lips, and oh, god, she was a good kisser. Buffy got lost in it, barely noticing her hands going up to tangle in Faith's hair, only slightly more aware of Faith's hands on her butt, except that they made the kiss that much better.

Neither Slayer had clear memories of returning to Buffy's house, or getting to her room, or the removal of clothing, but once they made it onto the bed, every moment was seared into both their minds. They shared breath, sweat, and love, and afterwards, Faith thanked Buffy, in a teary voice, for the first actual love she'd ever been shown. They fell asleep tangled together, that night and for many nights after.
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