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Summary: What happens when Xander goes as a certain blonde hair blue skined mutant for halloween.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredFatherAndSonGrimmFR1312,0441115,06714 Oct 0914 Oct 09Yes

Xander woke up as usual throwing the alarm clock against the wall. Lucky for him his parents had passed out from drinking just a bit ago. After ten minutes, give or take a couple he sat up, stretched and rolled out of bed. He stubbed his toe, cussed, grabbed some school clothes and headed for the bathroom. After a ten minute shower and brushing his teeth, he changed and headed for the kitchen.

Navigating through the trash and accumulated junk, he thought to himself, ‘gee, mom cleaned up’. Knocking over the beer and whiskey bottles he opened the fridge to find…nothing…again. ‘Crap maybe I can make it to Buffy’s house…,’ looking up at the clock, he sighed and hurried out the door before the roaches could escape and infect the Hell-mouth.

On his way walking to Willow’s house he thought about a couple of weeks ago when he wore his costume for Halloween. He’d like to have said it was pretty cool but it wasn’t. Unconsciously he scratched his back, but couldn’t quite reach the spot. Looking down he saw some traces of blood from last nights patrol. God he was sick of it! If only he could have kept them, at least he could have done…Damn, why do I itch like I do?

Finding a mailbox on the corner he stopped leaned his back against it and made like a bear with a tree. Xander finally sighed in pleasure and continued upon his way, leaving deep grooves in the corner of the mailbox.

Turning down Will’s street he reminisced about what a thrill it was to fly! The wind, the night sky, the stars, unfortunately he wasn’t any better than normal. Picking up that vamp to drop him would have been cool except that the damn thing hung on dragging him down. He almost got bit. Still it was cool.

He heard a yell and saw Willow and Buffy waving him down. Crossing the street he hustled to catch up with them. Up ahead he saw both of them laughing and pointing at him. He paused…looking at him self, turned around, zipped up and hurried after them.

Buffy shaking her head snickering said, “Xand you are one of a kind.”

Blushing Xander just shook his head as he walked. The girls laughed and put their arms around his back.

“Ouch…ahh Xander what the hell?” Willow moaned.

Concerned Xander asked, “What?”

“I think I cut my self on your shirt…!?”

“Well it is a new shirt; fresh from Goodwill…maybe I left a pin in it…yeah that’s it.”

“Didn’t feel like a pin.”

“Awww…com’on Wil’s you’ll be fine,” explained the Buffster.

“Yeah I guess,” as the three continued to walk down the street disappearing from view.

“So, what are you guys having for lunch?”


Later That Same Week

“I’m telling you Giles something is way creepy. Did you see the how he looked at me? Are you listinin’ to me? Hey Mr. Tweedy!” Buffy waved her hand in his face.

“Oh terribly sorry Buffy, what did…Okay what is Xander doing back there, I say?”

“He told us that his back broke out in some sort of hives and tha…that he went to the doctor and they told him it was nothing…”(continues for quite a long time)”…so he’s back there trying to itch the itch he’s got until the itch stops itchin’…okay?’

Buffy, Cordy and Giles just stared at Willow with a glazed look in their eyes until Cordy snapped out, “figures Dorkwad probably caught some lice or other infestation from those cheap feathers he wore on Halloween.”

“Cordelia, it wasn’t his fault that those feathers were ripped from his body by the vamp I killed.”

“Seems to me that Dork boy could have done…”

“Stop callin’ him that! He doesn’t call you…,” Cordy just glanced at her, “…well not to your face anyway. Hey theres Oz!”

Giles smiled quietly to himself. It seemed that Willow was harboring some feelings for a certain young man. He then turned his head back to Buffy and asked, “I’m sorry but do continue if you would?”

A blank stare was returned to him until a dawning realization hit her face. “Oh yeah…anyway this Larry dude…” seeing Giles give her a perplexed stare “…a student, he kept freakin’ me out the way him and his buddies were just…what?”

Sighing, Giles said, “I thought this was important Buffy. Like it had something to do with last nights patrol.”

“It’s important to me, isn’t it Will?”

“I’m all for hearin’ it. Right Oz?”

“All ears.”

“Oh for Pete’s sake, Larry stares at all the girls like that and come to think about it, some of the guys too…?” Cordy said with a confused look on her face.

There was a loud thump in the book stacks, so Giles rushed in to see what Xander was doing. All four individuals looked back towards the stacks where they heard an enraged Giles yell, “Mr. Harris what are you doin’ back here? Destroying my books? Get over there with the rest of them where I can see you.”

“But…but…G-m…Giles…I…didn’t do anything…honest.”

“Xander just go home, nothing is happening anyway…leave please. I’ll fix the books and bookcase later.” Feeling a little bad for yelling at the teenager, he motioned them all out.

The two girls just shook their heads and said softly, “Xander.”

“But I didn’t do anything…honest.”


“Say Xan like the doo,” Buffy and Willow snickered.


“The blond streak dummy. How’d yah do it?”

“What are you talkin’ about?”

“The blond streak or patch…how did you do it?”

“I didn’t do anything to my hair Buff. I took a nap and woke up just before we had to leave for patrol.”

Willow glared at him along with Buffy, “Right Xander Harris! If you’re not going to tell us, then just leave us alone okay.”

They both turned and left, leaving him alone under the streetlamp in front of the entrance to the cemetery.

“Guys…guys…honest I don’t have a cl…”

“Crap alone again, just my luck…,” Xander exclaimed as he stuck his hands in his pockets and shuffled his feet along, “…didn’t do nothin’ to my hair…just scratchin’ my back…hey! The itchin’ stopped, that’s weird. Maybe it was a good thing that I didn’t go to the doctor’s anyway…As if my parents would take me…yeah right. Hey a dollar!”

Bending over he picked up the dollar only to see two sets of legs and hearing a hiss. “Aww crap!” he said as he shook his head and readied himself for battle. At the same time he heard a ripping noise, a loud ‘shink’ as metal scraping on metal and then a ‘whoosh’. Standing up quickly he said, “Okay guys you’ve had it now. The Slayer is right behind…”

He turned around just as the two vamped out vampires gave him a perplexed look and turned dusty. Staring for awhile he gave a very good impression of a fish and screamed for the Buffster. “Buffy…Buffy…BUFFY…BUFFY!”

Two sets of legs running could be heard as Buffy and Willow appeared, “Xander…Xander are you all right?”

He just slowly turned his head towards them and said, “Two…two vamp…vampires…”

“Two vamps attacked you?” Buffy asked trying to calm him down.

He shook his head and continued, “Saw dollar on ground…”showed them the dollar, ”…picked it up, saw two sets of feet…prepared to fight or run…turned…they had funny look on their faces and then went with the dustin’.”

The two girls just looked at each other, grabbed him by the arms and escorted him home shaking their heads.

Late That Night

Alexander L. Harris didn’t sleep that well. Rolling around in his bed. About an hour ago, sleeping on his stomach, his head and arms laying lifelessly over the bed. On his back the dead skin fell off and two metallic objects unfolded. If not for his deep sleep he would have heard a slow metal on metal sound. Both objects unfolded five…ten… fifteen…a full twenty feet. They stretched out touching both sides of his room easily. They were covered with metallic feathers each unique. They moved in and out, contracting and expanding, each feather making a metallic sound all their own. Several times Xander almost woke, but seemed still to be in a deep sleep. As if done with their exercising they exploded out quickly, far too fast for the eye too follow.

“Whu…what was that?” looking at the darkened room and rubbing his eyes he slowly turned not noticing the wings folding quietly on his back, and fell back asleep. What he also didn’t notice was the twenty metallic feathers that had pierced the wall on the other side of the darkened room.

The alarm clock exploded in his ears as he slowly reached to turn it off. When his hand found it, the clock was neatly cut in two as if by a real, real sharp knife.

“I must really be tired…wow…tell mom get new clock…” Rising from his bed he didn’t notice that his sheets were totally shredded. Starting up the shower he dropped his shorts and stood quietly under the hot water. From behind him his wings had slowly unfolded, so he looked like the old corny cartoon, Birdddmannn. Finally semi-consciousness took over as he fumbled for the towel. It seemed closer than he remembered it as he removed it from his wing.

Stepping out of the shower, his balance seemed extraordinary. Stepped on the bath scale...hey, hey, hey lost fifteen pounds. The girls would see a new manly Xander –shaped friend. He brushed his teeth spitting into the sink, used some Listerine, deodorant. Rubbed a clean spot on the mirror leaned close, checking his face for any blemishes, semi-brushed back his still wet blond hair, saw movement behind him, turned, nothing. Went to get dressed slipped on his slacks as he gave a big yawn, glanced in the mirror, smiled at his image, the jeans, the toned abs and hot manly body, the blond hair and bio-metallic wings, slipped his shoes on over his white socks, grabbed his shirt and headed out the door.

The scream could be heard by the Vamps in the catacombs.

Frantically rubbing his hands together, Xander paced the living room floor as he kept on glancing back at the twenty foot wingspan, He kept on grabbing one to make sure that it was all to real. Okay…okay, mom and dad dead to the world. Can’t walk like this, someone will see me. Can’t stop at Willow’s, she’ll be sure to spot them. ‘Oh hey Xander you have wings, let’s go to school’. Oh yeah that would work. Buffy? Demon, kill!! Don’t think so! Joyce? Ummm…Joyce lives with Buffy. Giles? That’s it, Giles!

Quietly opening the door, Xander glanced one way and then the other. Doing it again he slowly moved out of the house wearing sneakers, jeans, a big old trench coat and a ball cap. He scurried to the front tree and looked around. He then quickly ran down the sidewalk only for the wings to emerge from the back of his coat with a large ripping sound and by pure instinct Alexander Lavelle Harris took to the air.

Old Mrs. Holbrooke leaned over pulling weeds from her garden as she suddenly heard at high pitched whistling noise. Looking up just about into the sun, she shaded her eyes as something man-size flew over with large wings calling out, “Hi Mrs. Holbrooke.”

It then sped away.

They found poor Mrs. Holbrooke in a dead faint crushing her prize winning tulips.

He was in the air before he knew it, but after Halloween when he dressed as the Angel, his body still seemed to remember how to fly. He was stunned to realize how easy it was to fly. His feathered wings were fast as he remembered, but these…

Disclaimer: Buffy and co are owened by Fox, Angel and the X-Men by Marvel

The End

You have reached the end of "Wings". This story is complete.

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