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The Frog Prince

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Summary: There was more to Gibbs’ fifth redheaded wife than met the eye. A lot more.

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CoA Winner

Once Upon a Time

Disclaimer: I don’t own NCIS or Buffy. That’s Don Bellasario and Joss Whedon.
WARNING!: Character Death! Eventually.

Once Upon a Time

Gibbs finished hauling the luggage into the bedroom, conscious of the fact that within the hour, his team would be taking bets on how quickly this marriage would end in divorce and Fornell would be by to see if he’d lost his damn mind. Gibbs was pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to tell him he hadn’t.

She was a beautiful woman, fun loving and sweet. She also held enough power to topple the world if she was in the mood. And now, she was the newest Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

He ran a hand over his face and wondered how he’d let Jenny talk him into this. He’d done a lot of things for the good of his country and for the safety of the American people but marriage had never been one of them. He was pretty sure he’d rather have taken the fall for someone else than taken his vows again.

He picked up the picture frame that she’d already set by the bedside. She made him feel nearly ancient despite the fact that she’d seen and done some pretty horrible things herself.

“If you don’t like it there, I can move it,” she said hesitantly from the doorway.

Gibbs studied the picture for a moment more before setting it carefully back on the bedside table. “They’re your family. That’s where they belong.”

He looked up in time to see the bright, relieved smile. “Good,” she said, nodding. They just stared at each other over the bed for a second, then she jabbed a finger back towards the front door. “I’ll just go get the last bag.”

“No,” Gibbs said, exasperated, hurrying towards her. “You’re in protective custody. You stay inside. I’ll go get the bag.”

She raised her eyebrow at him but stilled. “I’m still not exactly sure why this whole protection deal had to come with a marriage license.”

Gibbs ran his hand over his gray hair. “Think of it as the world’s most bizarre witness protection detail. So stay here.”

He squeezed her arm as he passed because, dammit, he was married to her. If they were going to pull this off, whatever it was, they were going to have to get comfortable touching one another. Especially since the ruse had extended to the bedroom and he’d be sleeping beside her every night.

He subtly glanced back just before he left to make sure she wasn’t following and saw her contemplating the picture he’d left on the nightstand as she ran a soothing hand over her stomach. It was a familiar motion, if it had been over twenty years since someone he was close to had done it, and he had to swallow around the knot in his throat. He blinked his eyes to erase the image of Shannon when she’d been pregnant with Kelly that had overlaid his new wife for just a moment.

There was more than one reason he’d agreed to take on such an odd, long term assignment. Willow Gibbs nee Rosenberg, founding member of the WWSC, was both pregnant and being hunted by the likes of which she had never faced. Gibbs was determined to see her kept safe, not because her well-connected organization had asked, but because she reminded him of the first Ms. Gibbs whom he’d failed.

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