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The Council Job

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Summary: The Senior Partners had a sick sense of humor. Eliot Spencer might be the best hitter for hire but his brother was the Destroyer.

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Showing up out of the blue was what Connor did. Showing up in Boston after Eliot had reconnected with his old crew wasn’t surprising. Not to Eliot, anyway. He was used to Connor knowing where he was at, classification be damned. At least, Connor hoped he was.

Connor had never actually disliked Aimee. She just, she couldn’t understand what it was like to be broken, then remade. And their father, well, he’d been very good at breaking things.

He was pretty sure Parker understood. And Hardison, at least, was pretty decent at rolling with the weird. So that was why, when Eliot drifted to a stop beside him, hands deep in his pockets, Connor bumped shoulders with his big brother.

“So, you know, thanks. For Dawn. And Kit,” Connor said, looking into blue eyes as familiar as his own.

“Yeah, well. Parker,” Eliot said with a shrug. “And Sophie.”

Connor rolled his eyes because, hey, if he hadn’t come to Eliot, Parker and Sophie and, hell, Kit wouldn’t have been pulled into it.

“Kit’s nice,” Eliot ventured, glancing at him out of the corner of his eye.

Connor snorted. “And Parker is totally sane.” He gave his brother a droll look. “Kit’s not interested in me.”

“She came when you called,” Eliot countered. “That means something.”

Connor swallowed, then said kind of low, “Carlos came, too.”

“I noticed that,” Eliot said neutrally.

They lapsed into silence, which was honestly how they were most comfortable.

But there was one last thing Connor had to say. Well, two last things but whatever. “I approve, you know. Of Leverage, Inc. And of Parker and Hardison, too.”

“I’m not-,” Eliot instantly started.

“Don’t,” Connor said, cutting him off even as his eyes never left the riverfront. “I saw how you were. Him, too. You made a weird little family of five and that’s cool.”

“You’re my brother,” Eliot said, bumping his shoulder.

And since they both knew, since they’d known since Connor was fifteen and he’d been hit by that van that he really wasn’t, the words would’ve just been words if Eliot had been anyone but who he was. Because Eliot said what he meant and meant what he said.

Connor smiled, bumping back, before starting to walk away backwards. “Oh, and do me a favor. Tell Parker the girls would really like her to come back sometime. They like learning to pick locks and they promise to show her how to do a high wire thing.”

And then he laughed and let the crowd swallow him up, Eliot’s slightly terrified look going into his ‘good’ memory bank.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Council Job". This story is complete.

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