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The Forgotten One

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Summary: A scoobie lost, returns. Only problem is he does not remember anything of his previous life. All he remembers is war.

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Chapter Two

A/N: Well here is the second installment of The Forgotten One where we learn what has become of Xander. I edited the first chapter a bit because I was split between two ideas for Xander, so you may want to go back and see if you can spot the changes. The changes are minor and only at the end where I describe the Imperial. Hope you enjoy :)

Chapter Two

Sunnydale High

Giles was walking through the halls with Jenny Calendar as she talked about their date coming up. He could not help but think of the last two weeks. After Willow shouted she had gone catatonic, her only actions to mumble Xander. He took her home then returned to the shop to ensure that nothing happened to the armored behemoth that rested on the floor.

Once sunrise came he had set off to get Buffy’s help in moving the giant. Buffy’s only comment on the figure was about his weaponry and why she did not have anything like them. They ended up having to wait until nightfall to obtain the help of Angel. They spent the day discussing Halloween, to see if anything else had happened. No lasting effects seemed to have occurred due to the spell, except Buffy said she understood French now. The wait ended up being worthless. The second Angel got in the same room as the man he hissed and informed them it felt like his skin was on fire. This new knowledge only seemed to increase Giles’ belief that the figure was a part of some religious cult. Without Angel it took several hours to move him to Giles’ spare bedroom and get him situated on the bed.

During the move, more was discovered about the giant. On the back of the armor was a, what seemed to be, large backpack. The backpack went from the neck all the way down to the waist, and was as wide as the chest plate. At the top, on each side, behind the shoulders two spherical objects were situated. Under the hammer they found a large leather pouch that was connected to the belt. The pack contained a number of hand sized objects. Three round objects caught his attention; they looked like large hand grenades. Nothing else really stood out.

Removing the armor proved to be impossible; the whole thing seemed to be an individual piece. The weapons, on the other hand, were removed easily enough, once they had figured out how to disconnect the hoses leading to the massive hammer. Once it was free Buffy snatched it up and proclaimed that she wanted one. All Giles could do was roll his eyes. He ended up storing anything that could not be taken off in the weapons cage at the school.

Since then he had been trying to cross reference the writings that were found from the book around the ‘knights’ neck. He was right about the language seeming familiar. It was an extremely bastardized version of Latin. He had to use several other sourcebooks just to identify a single word. He had concentrated on the simpler words, or what seemed simpler. After all this time he had only been able to translate some of the simpler words. One such word reoccurred often throughout the book and it translated to ‘God-Emperor’. His guess at the religious motivations behind the person were confirmed when he translated that word.

Willow had recovered a few days later and adamantly said that the figure was Xander Harris. Buffy and he had tried to dissuade her against the notion by informing her of the figures old age and general build. He was much too old and tall, although with the armor on it was not possible to get an accurate measure of his height. Willow professed to ‘know everything about Xander and how his eyes could never change’. After a few days they had just given up. Now every day after school Willow could be found sitting next to the bed that held the knight.

Buffy, on the other hand, just proclaimed that ‘the guy had some serious firepower’ and that ‘since he was not using the hammer’ she might as well. Knowing he would never win the argument he just let her take the hammer out on her patrols. The first night she used it and reported back to him she informed him of the hammers superb use, going so far as to say, “Giles, vamps just crumble when they get hit by it! It’s amazing!” He thought she was exaggerating but, nevertheless, it was an amazing weapon. Since then she and the hammer had been inseparable.

Now, though, he was beginning to worry. The man had not regained consciousness in almost two weeks. He thought that the armor must have something to do with keeping him alive, but he still gave the man water and checked him everyday. Willow had not stopped her vigil next to the warrior and was only seen after school briefly. She was more pale and only talked to Buffy. He hoped the man would awaken so that Willow would no longer have this false hope. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud shout.

“Giles! Are you listening to me?” Jenny Calendar asked him, indignantly.

“What, oh, sorry was just thinking of our visitor.”

“It’s okay, Rupert. As I was saying tomorrow night, 7:30 sound good?”

“Yes,” he replied, as Buffy approached them.

As Jenny left, he and Buffy began their trek towards the library. Buffy broke up anymore thoughts on the figure with a morose, “Hey.”

Giles ignored the tone and began his normal line of questions, “Hello, did you hunt last night?”

“I did a couple sweeps.”

“Any encounters?”

“Nothing vampirey,” she replied, in a more angry voice.

“I have been doing some research on the vampire you encountered during Halloween, Spike. Though his profile is unappetizing, I haven’t got a bead on why he is here.”

“You’ll figure it out,” Buffy assured him, though her tone showed she did not care.

“Are you all right?” Giles enquired, worried about the mood swings.

“I’m fine,” she replied, with no feeling.

“How about you take the night off? Spend some time with Willow or Angel. I am worried about her.”

“I think Angel is busy, but Willow and I haven’t hung out since knight man dropped in on us. Anything new with him?” she replied, finally perking up a bit.

“The only main point is that he seems to be extremely religious, and it would lead me to believe that whatever cult he is apart of is too.”

“Ah, well, good luck!” she said, as she went to find Willow.

Their first round of classes over, Buffy and Willow went towards a spot inside with two couches, while continuing the discussion of who Angel could have run into. Willow flopped down while Buffy continued to stand. Willow did look bad, she realized. Her eyes had bags under them, features sunken, and pale. She had not been eating or sleeping much these two weeks. She decided that they both needed some cheering up.

“Hey, Will, guess what!”

“Hmm, oh, I don’t know what?” Willows voice was scratchy from not being in use.

“No patrols tonight! So it’s going to be me, you, and The Bronze tonight!”

“No, thanks, I’ve got things to do.”

“Ugh, Willow! You have to stop this. That is not Xander, now you and I are going to go out and enjoy tonight!”

“I'd suggest a box of Oreos dunked in apple juice, but maybe you’re over that phase,” a voice said from behind Buffy. Buffy turned and saw a young man with short brown hair and a hoop in one ear.

“Ford?” Buffy exclaimed, wrapping her friend in a hug.

“How ya been, Buffy?”

“Oh, my god! What are you doing here?” she asked, as she stopped the hug, but continued to hold his hand.


“Huh?” was her dumbfounded reply.

“I’m finishing my senior year up here. Dad, got transferred.”

“This is great!” Buffy announced, as her conversation with Willow was forgotten.

“I didn’t think you’d remember me.”

“Remember you? Duh! We only went to school together for seven years. You were my giant fifth grade crush.”

“Um, you two know each other?” Willow interrupted, feeling completely left out.

“Oh, sorry, Will. This is Billy Fordham, Ford, this is, Willow,” Buffy introduced the two, as she and Ford move to sit across from Willow.

“High,” Willow said, softly.

“Ford, and I went to Hermery together in L.A., and now he’s here. For real?” Buffy told Willow.

“Yup,” was Fords easy reply.

“This is great! Well except the whole moving away from everyone you know thing, but besides that it’s great! Oh, I know you should come to The Bronze. Willow and I were going to go there tonight to cheer ourselves up,” she asked Ford now ensuring Willow would have to go.

“As long as I’m not interrupting, I don’t want to impose” Ford said, glancing at Willow.

“Nope, no imposing, it will be great,” Buffy got out, before Willow could come up with an excuse.

“Okay, well I’ve got to find the admissions office so I will see you two later,” Ford stated, as he rose from the couch. Buffy looked between Ford and Willow trying to decide what to do. She decided to stay with Willow to get her in the mood more for the evening.

Giles Spare Bedroom

The giant warrior was still in his empty bedroom. Nothing moved as the air itself seemed to be heavy with sorrow as the being slumbered. Even immobile the form was inspiring to those who looked upon the amazing armor. Gold motifs and parchment made it an awe inspiring sight. Unnoticed to anyone a single finger twitched in the emptiness, and the air grew lighter.

The Bronze

Willow and Ford had been playing pool for about twenty minutes waiting for Buffy. Willow actually had fun, and forgot about the man she knew was Xander. Ford was funny and had a lot of stories about Buffy that she did not know. As Ford was lining up a shot Buffy came up to the table next to her.

“Ford! You made it,” Buffy said, happily.

“Wasn’t hard to find,” he replied, as he hit the queue ball.

“Buffy, Ford, here was just telling me about a certain beauty contest in the ninth grade, and its swimsuit competition,” Willow stated, with a glint in her eyes and a smile on her face.

“Ford! Stop that. The more people you tell the more I have to kill,” Buffy replied, indignantly. Although, she was happy seeing Willow having a good time.

“You can’t touch me, Summers, I know all your secrets,” Ford countered. Willow smiled at that statement thinking of everything over the past two years.

“I’m gunna go get a drink. Ford, no talking!” Buffy exclaimed. The threat was lost by her smile.

Waiting for her drink, Buffy could not help but smile more as she saw Willow laugh out. This was the best that Willow had looked in days. The bags were still there but she was happy and that was a definite improvement. Her hand settled around the drink and she turned to see Angel in front of her.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hey, I was hoping you’d show,” he answered, softly.

“You drink? I mean non-blood thing?” she asked, looking at the cup in his hands

“There is a lot about me you don’t know.”

“I believe that,” Buffy replied, more to herself than Angel.

Willow was laughing at another story from Ford as he racked up for another game. She glanced over at Buffy and saw Angel. She noticed Ford looking in the same direction.

“That’s, Angel, Buffy’s boyfriend,” she said to his unasked question.

“He’s not in school right? He seems older.”

“Yes, he isn’t in school and he is older.”

The conversation with Angel was making Buffy upset again; her previous good mood had evaporated. She decided to test him.

“So what did you do last night,” she asked.

“Nothing,” he replied, quickly.

Her eyebrow rose at that so she continued, “Nothing. As in not existing?”

“No, I stayed in and read,” he answered.

“Oh, I see,” she uttered.

She turned and went towards Willow and Ford, hoping to get her good mood back. Her night seemed to be ruined because Angel followed. Once she reached the table the tension left her a little and she smiled at Willow and Ford.

“Hey, Angel,” came from Willow, Buffy turned around. Sure enough her night was going to suck.

“Angel, this is, Ford, we went to school together,” Buffy informed Angel. Ford approached Angel with his hand outstretched.

“Whoa! Cold hands,” Ford said, jokingly after they shook.

“So you’re here visiting, Buffy?” Angel inquired.

“Oh, no. I’m here for the stay. Just moved down.”

“Angel, do you want to play?” Willow asked, hoping to calm down the tension that was in the air.

Before he could reply, Buffy interrupted with, “You know what, it’s getting too crowded in here. I’m hot want to go for a walk with me, Ford?”

“Sure, sounds great,” Ford responded.

“Okay, then, I’ll see you guys tomorrow,” she let Willow and Angel know.

As she left Willow felt depressed about Buffy leaving her there all alone and decided to leave. As she neared the door she heard Angel call out, “Willow, wait, I’ll walk you home.” All she could do was send him a small smile and nod. She thought of going and visiting Xander but decided against it. The walk was carried out in silence, until they reached Willows door.

“Willow, I need to talk to you about something can I come up to your room?” requested Angel.

“Um, well, I’m not supposed to have boys in my room,” Willow replied, nervously.

“It’s important, please.”

“Oh, alright, go up to my balcony,” with that Willow went inside and up to her room. Angel was already on the balcony waiting. Willow opened the door to let him in, but he paused at the threshold.

“You have to invite me in,” he informed the genius.

“Oh, of course, I invite you to come in.”

“Thanks,” he told her. Her room was immaculate, everything seemed to have a place and everything was clean.

“No problem. Now what is it you need?” she requested.

“I need you to track someone down, using the net,”

“Oh, great, I am totally net girl,” she informed Angel, moving towards her desk and starting up her laptop.

“I need everything you can find, records, affiliates, whatever you can.”

“Good, what’s the name?”

“Billy Fordham,” Angel stated, as he moved over to Willow who paused at the name.

“Angel, if I say something you don’t want to hear, promise you won’t bite me?”

“You think I’m jealous,” he prompted, as she turned back towards the computer.

“Well you do get that way.”

“I know it’s just, she’s…anyways I know people and there is something more to him.”

“Okay, but if there isn’t anything weird…hey, that’s weird,” she exclaimed, starring more intently at the screen.

“What?” he asked, moving closer to look over her shoulder.

“There is no record of him in the school, and normally they would transfer that. He’s not even registered.”

“And he said he was in school with you?”

“Let me just see if I can…” started Willow, only to be interrupted by the phone. Walking over she picks it up and her eyes go wide.

“Hey, Buffy, can you hold on a sec?”

“Is she okay?” Angel’s concerned voice asked, as she put the phone next to the receiver.

“Yes, but this will take a while. Come back tomorrow at sunset and I will have more for you okay?”

“Yea, and, Willow, keep this from Buffy for now.”

“What! But I’m going to be talking to her, and tomorrow what do I do?”

“Just don’t bring it up,” with that he left the room and jumped down from the balcony.

Willow sighed and went back to the phone thinking ‘easy for him to say’.

Sunnydale High

The hallways were filled with teenagers talking before the start of classes. Buffy felt great as she looked at the friend next to her. Ford knowing her secret made things so much easier and their night had been fun, well, except for that one vampire that she had to stake. Other than that her mood was greatly improved from yesterday. She spotted Willow going towards a water fountain and called out to her happily.

“Willow! What’s up?” the shout made Willow turn around fast, and her eyes widened at seeing Buffy, but her mood slipped at seeing Ford.

“Nothing,” she replied, starting to fidget and look around.

“Well, we are cafeteria bound, wanna join?”

“I’m gunna work. Yea, in the computer lab, I have a project, and it needs finishing,” Willow shot out in rapid succession, starting to feel sweat on her brow.

“Okay, Will, fess up,” Buffy demanded. Willow’s fidgeting increased and she started to back away slowly.

“Nothing,” she hated that her voice went up in pitch as she answered.

“Wills, remember we said no more coffee. You know it what it does to you.”

“Yes! It makes me jumpy. I…have to go…away. Bye!” With that Willow spun around and ran off. Buffy just shook her head and laughed.

“Nice girl,” Ford commented, smiling.

“Yup, not two of those in the world,” she added. Suddenly Giles appeared in front of her looking flustered.

“Buffy! Yes, Ms. Calendar, and I are going... somewhere tonight, and she's given me the number of her beeper thingy in case you need me for study help... suddenly,” Giles informed her while he handed her a small notepad with a number on it.

Smiling at his stammering Buffy said, “It’s okay, Giles, he knows.”

“He knows?” he responded, highly confused.

“Yes, that I’m The Slayer.”

“I know,” Ford stated.

“Oh. Very good, yes. Excuse us, Ford,” he said as he took Buffy off to the side.

“You aren’t telling people your secret identity to get the attention of cute boys, Buffy, are you?” Giles asked, of Buffy.

“No, he already knew.”

“I see. Well just remember if you…” his speech was cut off by Buffy.

“Go! Have some fun. I’ll try not to get into a crisis,” Buffy pronounced to her Watcher.

Giles Spare Bedroom

The prone figure seemed to glow in the dark room. Golden engravings were giving off a warm light, dark paint shining, almost like it was getting ready for something. The air around the being began to shimmer, as if in anticipation. A faint humming could be heard coming from under the colossal form. Eyes were moving under closed lids, and fingers twitched more frequently. The beginnings of consciousness went unnoticed to everyone.

Sunnydale Streets

The alley was deserted and decrepit. Garbage and other unmentionables lined the sides, while broken pallets and other things were strewn about. The lighting was horrible only two out of the multiple bulbs overhead emitted anything. What light they did emit was faint, and only made the shadows stretch around and suck in everything. This alley had two people walking down it. Willow moved closer to Angel as the lights flickered and the shadows twisted. She was not enjoying the alley. Their target was at the end of it, though.

“Okay, so the only information I could find was this address…The Sunset club. Still, nothing incriminating,” Willow said, as she glanced at her note.

“No paper trail, no records, that is incriminating,” Angel countered.

A sudden noise caused Willow to jump and move closer to Angel. The lighting changed and the shadows with them, making them alter and entwine. She swore that for a split second a face appeared. It was gone too fast and she put it to her imagination going crazy.

They arrived at the club and realized it was, almost literally, a hole in the wall. No sign, no address to be seen. It was just a solid metal door with trash around it. Angel approached the door and rapped two times. A slot opened up and two eyes appeared.

“We’re friends with, Ford,” Angel prompted.

It was the right set of words because he opened the door and let them inside. The passageway seemed to slope downwards and was concrete and cold. It turned a couple times then ended in another of the large steel doors. Beyond, there was a metal balcony and stairs that lead down to a pit. The pit was lit by low blue lights with occasional candle shaped lights; the overall feel of the place was gloom. There were about twenty people below and all looked to be dressed in an eerily familiar way. As they reached the bottom of the steps and began wondering around the theme became more apparent.

“Angel, is it just me or do these people all seem to be dressed like, well,” Willow asked, to break the silence.

“Vampires,” further talk was interrupted by a pretty blond in, what looked like, a satin dress walking up to them.

“Hey, you guys must be new,” she commented, noticing their clothes.

“Oh, no, we come here all the time,” Willow responded, trying to make a cover.
“Don’t worry. It’s good that you are open to it. We welcome anyone who is interested in the Lonely Ones.”

“You mean vampires,” Angel inserted, himself into the conversation.

“They who walk the night are not interested in harming anyone. They are above us. Exalted!” the blond exclaimed. She had a slight fanatical gleam in her eyes.

“You are a fool”

“Well, there is no reason to get confrontational about it. Other viewpoints may be valid you know,” she said, then turned and walked off.

“Nice meeting you!” Willow called out, meekly. She turned back to Angel and poked him in the chest while she spoke, “Great, now no one is going to talk to us!”

“I’ve seen enough. I've seen this type before. I mean, they're children making up bedtime stories of friendly vampires to comfort themselves in the dark. All that that will end up with is blood flowing from these poor fools,” Angel ranted to Willow. Neither noticed the air become energized at the mention of flowing blood.

As they walked back up the stairs to the exit Willow took one more look around and sighed. Something was definitely up with Ford; he was a polar opposite to these people. She just hoped that whatever it was Buffy would be okay.


“I'm offering you a trade. You make me a vampire and I give you, The Slayer,” Ford presented, to the now smiling Spike.

“Blood and skulls and souls, he calls for more, oh how the stars are twisting and turning,” Drusilla chanted, being ignored by all.

Sunnydale High

‘It isn’t fair,’ Buffy thought to herself as she looked for Willow. That was a sore spot in itself. Willow had been spending more time with Angel in the past few days than her. Yet, it was her own fault, practically attaching herself to the one good thing she saw in her, otherwise, dark life, Ford. Ford, who just so happened to have some weird reverence for vampire, or so Angel told her. Angel, her love, who also happened to drive a woman crazy then turn her into a vampire, it still sickened her; what he was capable of doing. And now Ford wants to ‘surprise’ her. That whole conversation had just made her stomach drop. So, all she wanted was some girl time with Willow, once she cleared the air. She finally found her sitting on some steps inside.

“Buffy!” Willow called out excitedly. Buffy shook her head and smiled, that girl was full of energy.

“Hey, Will.”

“Did, Angel, uh, you know…”

“Yea, he gave me the rundown.”

“Look I’m sorry we kept things from you. Angel, was just so concerned and we wanted to make sure our accusations were founded,” Willow rambled.

“Willow, it’s okay. I understand. I think I should be apologizing for forgetting about you,” Buffy said, earnestly.

She sat down beside Willow and pulled her into a one armed hug. All they had to worry about were Ford’s plans, but for now they just wanted to be teenage girls.

Gile’s Spare Bedroom

He could feel his consciousness at the edge of his grasp. He did not know how long it had been but he had been floating in a see a darkness that was his mind. Slowly, ever so slowly, it had begun to lighten. He was better than this! He could order the destruction of planet. He faced things that sent normal men into gibbering wrecks. He was a servant of the Emperor for over 500 years! He would overcome this. His will was iron! He said a prayer to The Emperor, and then pushed his will. Reality came crashing back to him, but he did not betray it, he kept his body still. Focusing, he spread his gift out to the surrounding room checking for anything hostile. He was met with the oily feel of Chaos. The air seemed thick with it. Doubling his mental protections he opened his eyes to behold a room lit by moonlight.

It was a primitive room, in what seemed a primitive building. One window, two doors, and a desk were all that adorned the room. He checked his interface with his armour to ensure no serious damage had befallen him. Everything was fine, so, with a groan and whining of servos and neuro-fiber bundles he lifted his form from the prone position. Immediately the surface he was on started to groan against his massive weight, not wanting to warn anyone of his awakening, he scrambled off the piece of furniture. His massive form moved with grace that should not have been possible.

Finally standing he did a visual inspection of himself. His armour was still on, and seemed to be in working order. His weapons were missing, his sack was empty, and someone had removed the Grimoire from his neck. His eyes narrowed in anger, his hammer was gifted upon him for acts of devotion that most could not fathom! Only the highest members of The Emperors servants could even wield one! And the Grimoire was a priceless Heirloom. When he found who robbed him of His Holiest of weapons, they would pray to The Emperor for forgiveness. He calmed himself, knowing the anger would not help now and set his mind to focusing his will again. After so many years of use, his psychic imprint had been imbued into his hammer. He focused on that feeling and a beacon lit up in the darkness of Chaos that was this place. His objective identified, he set off into the night, with only his will and fists as weapons. Emperor damn those who try to cross him.

Sunnydale Streets

This place reeked of Chaos. Its taint surrounded the town, seeped into everything. After spreading his will he noticed the people seemed ignorant to its corruption. Each, however, did have a small amount of taint. He supposed it was from living in a place that oozed Chaos. They could be saved but only through repentance and prayer. He pushed the thoughts from his mind and continued on towards his goal. He stayed to the shadows, which were abundant, and non direct routes so as to keep unnoticed. What confused him was that with so much Chaos in the very air, there was little manifestation. No meshing of reality and the warp, no lakes of blood, no disease ridden air, it was all very confusing. Again pushing such thoughts from his mind he ran through a wall that was in his way, the mortar crumbling beneath his massive weight, as he went towards his goal.

The warrior found himself in a large grave site. Tombs, many of them, littered the area. He set off at a fast pace through the area, saying a small prayer for those that Chaos had taken. Upon nearing the far wall that would put him one step closer to his goal a scream, both psychic and real, punctured through the silence. He paused and weighed his options. Deciding to investigate he started towards the scream, he would find out what the situation was, and then deal with it if warranted.

He arrived at a scene that immediately sent him into a rage. A young woman was surrounded by four others. They were taunting and kicking her. Pushing his will he looked at the four and what he saw made his decision for him. Daemonic possession, the four would have to be cleansed. He may be one person, but he was an army in his own right. His mission in life was for humanity, Chaos was to be cleansed.

Rushing into movement, he ran at the group, his steps silent but powerful. He said a prayer to The Emperor, to make his strikes true and hard. He jumped at the last second and landed with a mighty crash in front of a daemon in possession of a dark hared male. He focused his will, and more strength came to his limbs. Words started flowing from his mouth, a cry that he had performed hundreds of times, “Repent! ” his fist struck out hard and slammed into the stupefied daemons face. His customized knuckles seared and punctured the daemons flesh, even as his jaw broke and he crumpled to the ground. Spinning around his foot flashed out in a wide arc and caught a blond haired daemon in the chest sending him flying through the air. “For tomorrow you die,” flowed from his mouth, even as his kick brought him around to face the only daemon woman. Not pausing for a second he hit her with a savage uppercut, its motion fueled by his inertia and will, and her head went flying, the body dissolved into warp excrement. “A moment of Laxity spawns a life time of heresy;” he continued. Noticing that the daemons on the ground began to scream from the Holy Scriptures on his armour, he smiled harshly and spun to face the last daemon. It was frozen in place, its trousers stained with fluid. He walked towards it slowly while grasping at his link with the Immaterium. His hands erupted into azure flames as his approach stopped. He could feel the fear and it made him smile, daemons should fear him. He threw the azure manifestation of warp energy at the daemons on the ground as he finished the cry, “Never forgive never forget,” the fireballs hit the daemons, aimed by his will, and their bodies exploded into blue flames, until they crumbled to nothingness. The last daemon had fallen to its knees and was shaking, screaming in a strange language. Not hesitating, he reached out and grabbed the possessed being. With a tug the head came loose and everything dissolved within his hands. Looking around he saw that the area was clear, the only presence the woman’s and his. He prayed that the souls found their way to The Emperor. The young woman was uninjured, so he decided to not make a scene. He fled and returned to his original objective: getting his hammer back.


Giles was continuing his research and translation of the text on and within the large book. The more he translated the more worry wormed its way into his chest. This seemed to be a book that described battles. Battles for what is what he had been trying to determine. Some of the descriptions he deciphered made him shiver imagining immense pain and suffering. He glanced up from his work as he thought he heard something. Nothing further came, so he looked back down and flipped through his books. He stopped suddenly and looked back and forth between the reference book and the ‘book of tales’ as he was calling it. ‘Grimoire of Heroism’, that was its name! Before he could even realize what that meant, a resounding CRASH echoed through the room. He stood up and looked over to where the library doors used to be. Standing in the doorway, over the remains of the doors, was the enigmatic blue knight from Halloween. Small whirring noises could be heard coming from the armor, and his cape fluttered with wind that was not present. Looking closely, he realized that looking down on the man did him no justice. He was easily, if not more, than seven feet tall and three broad. Electricity seemed to dance around the hood that shrouded his face. His armor seemed to give of a light that was not possible. It was amazing.

Any other thoughts stopped when the figure walked towards him. His armor whirring and whining with each gigantic step, but the man walked with a grace that did not befit the bulky armor. He covered the distance in three swift strides and stood in front of Giles. His anger was palpable, and Giles could feel that same sickness from his first appearance grow. He leaned over and placed his massive hands on the table, it groaned under the weight. There eyes met and Giles felt like his soul was being searched. He gulped involuntarily at the weight that seemed to form in his mind, and then an instant later it was gone. The man stood back up, emotionless brown eyes staring at him and said, “I am Semual Einnhorne, Adeptus Astartes and Librarian of the Dark Angels Chapter, embodiment and chosen of the God-Emperors divine will. You tarnish His holiest weapons with your unclean soul! Repent, hand over my effects and pray to The Emperor that he will save you!” The spoken language, he believed, was the same as what he had been translating. The man then stepped back, as if waiting. Giles was busy trying to figure out what he said; he knew that The Emperor and something about Angels, possibly a name too. So, he missed the small gesture of the giant man. Before any other thoughts could form, unconsciousness claimed him.

Sunnydale High

Buffy, Angel, and Willow had finished helping the vampire wannabes get home and oriented. They decided to check in with Giles to inform him of the night’s event. As they walked the stairs to enter the library proper a resounding CRASH came from the area of the school where the library was situated. They looked at each other for a split second before running to the library. Buffy and Angel pulled ahead, thanks to their supernatural endowments. Rounding the corner, they came to a halt at what used to be the library doors. They were on the ground in pieces. They approached cautiously, not knowing what was beyond. As they entered the library they stopped in shock. The library was a mess. Giles was on the floor unconscious, books strewn around him. The weapon cabinet’s cage door had been ripped off, along with most of the cage, and was lying on the floor. The cabinet doors themselves looked like they had been peeled back as easily as one would peal an orange. Weapons were scatted about but next to the cabinet was their target. They could not make out anything, except it had a green cloak.

Buffy, ignoring the way Angel was hissing slightly, ran forward to engage the thing that had hurt her watcher. When she was in range she jumped to send a flying kick at the kneeling figures back. Only, she found herself upside down caught in a giant hand. She was looking into the shadowed gaze of emotionless brown eyes. She felt her insides turn to ice as she realized it was the thing from Halloween, and at how easily it had put her at its mercy. As she watched, electricity seemed to start arching around its hood, her fear doubled as she realized that its hammer was back at its side, along with all its other belonging. Angel started forward, and hope erupted in her chest, only to be crushed as the thing looked at her boyfriend, and he went flying across the room. Angel smashed into a wall then fell to the ground, not moving. She closed her eyes hoping her death would be quick when Willow finally caught up with them.

“Xander!” was the half startled, half whimpered cry that came from her best friend.

She opened her eyes to see the man staring at Willow, no emotions playing across his face. Suddenly she was dropped on the ground and the figure ran at the wall, and then jumped through it into the night.

“Xander?” Willow whimpered as she crumpled to the ground.

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