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The Forgotten One

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Summary: A scoobie lost, returns. Only problem is he does not remember anything of his previous life. All he remembers is war.

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Chapter Three

A/N:Woo, three chapters in three days! Here is the next insallment. More interaction with the scoobs in this chap! I am looking for a beta and people to bounce ideas off of, so if you are interested just let me know!

Chapter Three

Semual regarded his temporary home. Concrete walls, high ceilings, and lots of dust summed up where he had set up an acting headquarters. His current residence was not an ideal place for meditation or worship, but he made it work. Since his initial contact with, what he learned to be named, ‘The Scooby’s’ a couple weeks ago he had come up with a set of objectives. His main objectives were to recon the area and determine the level of corruption that Chaos had inflicted upon the region, and to determine more about where he was situated.

The two objectives were equally important to Semual. Determining the corruption that had befallen the town would allow him to devise a plan of cleansing. While learning where he was would, hopefully, allow him to contact his chapter and get rescued. The first objective was carried out easily enough. All he did was watch the town through the shadows and side alleys. He learned that the corruption of Chaos in the air stopped at the town border, but minor daemons seemed to own the place. They walked the night with no fear, well, those that did not run into him on his missions. It was obviously a foothold that some warp-spawn had created. The second objective was where he was having more trouble; he had no books to reference the history of the town, or the planet. He had garnered much from the scholar who had his weapons, but with no reference of where in the galaxy he was Earth meant little to him.

Giles, the man who had had his weapons, was interesting. His soul had been touched by Chaos and, yet, he had not fallen. His strength of mind must be something to overcome the sway of Chaos and begin a life of redemption. It was eerily similar to his chapter’s secret quest. Fellow Astartes had been touched and unable to come back to The Light of The Emperor, The Fallen being the main ones. He was also impressed with the knowledge that was in his head, endless information on daemons and sorcery. Giles reminded him of the few Inquisitors he had met. He thought that his best chance of learning where he was would be to try a second encounter, with less intimidation this time. He was glad that, through Giles, he had been able to pick up the basics of their language in the past two weeks.

What worried The Librarian were two of this ‘Watchers’ charges. One was a human possessed daemon; the other had a sliver of Chaos woven into her, like some bastardized attempt at creating an Astartes. He was not a Chaplain, he did not have the relics to do banishment or cleansing rituals to try and save them. He decided that the best course of action would be to keep his distance; otherwise they might end up dead. They were doing The Emperors work by fighting daemons, he reasoned with himself. The last charge, Willow, made him slightly uneasy. She had a conviction, as strong as any Chaplain, that he was her missing long time friend. Her psychic scream had almost made him wince with its strength at their last encounter. It brought up memories he had long buried since his selection into the Dark Angels. He pushed thoughts of the past to the side and decided that after his morning battle practice he would return to the Librarium where he had found the scholar.


The journey took longer than he expected. The local populace were out in large numbers this day. He had had to travel through grave sites, numerous ones, to reach his destination. The site of so many dead, most likely from Chaos, got his fury rising. They had died for The Emperor, and not fallen to Chaos. He would find a way to avenge all of them.

He pushed out with his will as he approached the building that held the Librarium. He found five humans inside the Librarium, one running towards it, and also a daemon. Feelings of anger and uncertainty were flowing from them. As he started to stand he paused, and focused his resolve. There, a warp rift! It was huge and old. But it was unlike any warp rift he had the displeasure of seeing. It was not a giant hole in the fabric of reality like it should be, it was a pinprick but the power was still there. No wonder he had missed it! The daemon that started this was clever, such a subtle way to leak the Immaterium into the material plane. This town had to be of vital importance to whatever did this. He nodded to himself and set off at a fast pace towards the Librarium. These people were but a few warriors against the un-endless hordes of Chaos. He would fight these daemons, The Emperor and his Chapter would demand no less of him.


The gang were standing around the library waiting for Giles to arrive. The only sounds were being emitted by the walking corpse that was locked in the weapons cage. Its features would be better found in a nightmare. Green bloated skin that was oozing with unknown fluids, yellow eyes that rolled in their sockets. His movements were jerky, and when he did boils would pop and seep more ooze.

“I’m not gunna get closer to check his pulse, but I think it’s safe to say he’s dead,” Willow said to the group, as she walked away from the cage and the putrid air that seemed to come from the body.

“He’s dead. Sorry, Phillip. Really, I am,” Ethan Rayne added, not sounding sorry at all.

He sat in a chair, while an irate slayer looked at him with a glare that could freeze hell. Before Buffy could harm him a disheveled Giles stumbled through door. He looked around, until his eyes landed on Phillip.

“Is everyone alright,” he asked, slowing approaching Phillip.

“Super! I kicked a guy!” Cordelia responded, with a wide smile.

“We’re fine,” Jenny assured.

As he reached Phillip his horrors over the last two days were confirmed and he could only utter, “It can’t be.”

“Yes, it can. Hello, Ripper,” Ethan interrupted, jovially.

“I told you to leave town, Ethan,” Giles stated in a quiet voice, advancing on Ethan.

“You did, I didn’t. The shop lease is up at the end of the month.”

“Why’d he call, Giles, Ripper?” Cordelia asked, to no one.

Giles reached Ethan and grabbed him, roughly, by the hair at the back of his neck. He hauled Ethan up to eye level and spoke in a deadly voice, “You put these people in danger. People I care about.”

Further conversation was interrupted by the doors opening with a loud BANG. Every face turned to look at what had entered the library, and every face changed into a stare of awe, except that of Phillip who began to scream and hiss.

The Librarium

Semual thought it was funny, the looks on these humans faces. Terminator Armour usually had that effect on those who had never seen it on the field. His was even more impressive due to the countless hours that Artificers had spent on it ensuring that it would bring hope and courage to his allies, or fear and cowardice to his enemies. His humor was disrupted when the small blond charged him, again. He admired her valiance, even in the presence of overwhelming odds. He did not move a muscle; he would prove that her beliefs in overcoming him were absurd. At about one meter, she launched herself into a flying kick aimed at his torso. It connected with a dull THUD, the power behind it was impressive, but nothing compared to an enraged greenskin, he did not even have to take a step back to steady himself. She, on the other hand, collapsed to the ground.

He held up his hands in the universal sign of surrender as he noticed the other people start into action. He did not want those who did The Emperors work harmed by his hand. He decided it was time to test his knowledge of this planets language.

“Semual Einnhorne I am. Adeptus Astartes, Librarian Chief, to the Dark Angels Chapter. Harm I mean you no,” he told them with his hands still raised. They paused and looked at him; he could feel the confusion rolling off them. The one he had come to talk to, Giles, regained his composure first.

“Yes, right, um, Semual was it? You can put your hands down, no one will attack you,” Giles stuttered out. Semual raised his eyebrow at the last statement but complied nonetheless.

“Seeking information I have come,” he responded, as he stepped over the fallen blond to better inspect his surroundings.

“Information? Information concerning what?” Giles asked, having trouble deciphering the grammar.

“The planet on that I am. Also how goes with Chaos your battle,” he said, cursing his poor understanding of the language. The Librarium had been repaired since his fist visit.

“I’m sorry, Chaos? As in the type of magic?”

Semual shook his head at their poor understanding of what Chaos truly was but answered, “Sorcery a minor part of Chaos is. Speak of Chaos as whole I do. Limitless oceans of emotional and spiritual energy it is, the force of change all beings that corrupt!”

“I see,” was all Giles could get out at the enormity of what had just been told to him.

If he understood correctly, which he felt he did, then this Chaos was evil in all its forms. If one aspect of it could cause the destruction that Halloween had, what could all of it do? He looked up to ask more question to the figure but saw him starring at the form of Phillip. He shivered, if that stare were directed at him he would be running in the opposite direction as fast as humanly possible. The best he could do in describing it was righteous fury. Semual then started chanting in his native language.

Semual’s inspection of the room ended when he saw the warp-spawn locked in the cage. His face twisted into fury and he began a prayer to The Emperor, “With the light of The Emperor by our side, Brothers, we shall not falter,” Semual said, as he reached for his Thunder hammer. “With His might we shall crush them,” he continued, his voice rising in the silent Librarium, as he stalked towards his prey. The daemon screamed and thrashed against the cage, fear of its life present on its deformed face. “With these blessings we praise Him,” he grabbed at the Immaterium with his iron discipline and formed it over his Thunder hammer, azure flames danced to life covering his ancient weapon. “And with his fire WE SHALL PURGE THEM!” he ended. The daemon made one last effort to escape and the door crashed open. Semual smiled, good, he wanted a bit of a fight.

The daemon ran for the door, but Semual moved, his Terminator Armour following his every command like it always had. He inserted himself in the daemons path and swung his hammer. The daemon ducked and rolled to the side, the swing meant for his head going high. Semual grinned, all his other foes in this village had been dispatched easily; he finally got a chance to test his skills a bit. Spinning around he kept himself in front of the only exit the daemon could get at easily. It charged, its speed and strength enhanced by the foul powers of the warp. He ducked a slash that the thing aimed at his head and tried to swipe its feet out. It jumped over them and sent a punch to his chest. He was unable to move his Terminator Armour fast enough, one of its drawbacks, and the punch hit. He was forced back a step, but the ancient armour and wards did their jobs. He saw the thing smile and his anger returned. He would show this warp spawn what The Emperors finest could do. Focusing his will he strengthened his muscles and jumped forward covering the gap in the blink of an eye. He struck out with his left fist and struck the daemon squarely in the chest. Flesh sizzled and ruptured from the hit and the daemon stumbled back. It screeched in anger and pain and redoubled its efforts to escape. It charged again, he waited until the last second then sidestepped. It went past and he spun as he brought his Thunder hammer to bear. His opponent was wide open and his strike true. When the Thunder hammer impacted upon the daemons back the power field energized and with a thunderous CRACK exploded upon the daemon. The power field and warp energy utterly destroyed the daemon, turning it into nothing more than goop on the floor. Not taking any chances Semual called upon more warp fire and purged the liquid until all that was left was a smoldering ruin of tile.

The others watched the scene unfold before them with amazement. No words could describe the power that was in the room. The demi-god, for this being could be no man, had lit his hammer with blue fire. Then he fought a demon that would put most to shame. The light around the figure seemed to grow brighter as the fight continued and the pace only increased. Buffy would have had a hard time fighting Eyghon as he was. The armor he wore seemed to sing with the battle, and designs flared up as the demon finally landed a hit. All that happened to Semual was he had to take a step back! That punch would have put a hole through Buffy. And then a loud CRACK sounded from his hammer and the demon was gone, nothing more than a puddle on the floor, and then the figure called more blue fire to clear the puddle that was its remains.

Once Semual had finished purging the remains, and said a prayer to The Emperor for the mans soul, he turned back to the group of people. Their faces held looks of wonder and he laughed to himself. That, or fear, were often what Astartes received from those who had never seen them in action before. He started towards the group, and that seemed to get their synapses going again.

“Wow!” was said by everyone at the table, except the one in the chair. He let a laugh escape; these people thought that was amazing? They should see the closing of a warp-rift.

“The unclean, purged must be,” he stated. The one in the chair squirmed more; Semual narrowed his eyes in suspicion. He sent his will out, focused on the man. What he found brought a snarl to his lips. This man was a worshipper of Chaos! His mind told him all Semual needed, he reveled in the destruction wrought by Chaos. Marching forward, his steps thundered in the quiet Librarium and electricity filled his hood. He reached his target, grabbed him by the neck, and hauled him into the air. All Ethan was able to get out was a startled, “Hey!” He ignored the cries and shouts from those assembled and continued his deed to The Emperor.

Suffer not the work of the heretic! The light of The Emperor shall judge your soul! If found wanting you shall meet Him upon The Golden Throne, and He will decide your fate! Never forgive, never forget!” Semual shouted, as he placed his knuckles upon Ethan’s chest. Flesh began to sizzle from the Holy Symbols engraved upon his knuckles. Upon confirmation, Semual squeezed and a slight CRACK could be heard. The life left Ethan Rayne’s eyes and his body slumped. Semual dropped the body to the ground and said one more prayer to The Emperor. As he looked back up he saw fear and horror in the eyes of everyone. He did not care; those that forsake The Emperor deserved what punishment they received.

“Better The Emperor to die for, as a heretic and blasphemy against His will than to live,” Semual declared, looking each of them in the eye. They all shivered at the look.

“I’m going to be in therapy till I’m thirty,” Cordelia said, aloud. Willow nodded to show her agreement. She sat down at the table heavily and put her head in her hands.

“Um, ah, yes. Yes, right, so how is it that we may be of service?” Giles asked, as he removed his glasses and began to polish them. Eyghon and Ethan were gone, just like that; he rubbed his arm where he still had a mark. He hoped Semual never judged him.

“Books of this world I require,” Semual stated. He ignored Giles thoughts, actions spoke louder and Giles’ action were clear, to purge the darkness. It was a worthy goal.

“Might, I enquire as to why?”

Semual felt he was starting to get a grasp on the language after hearing it. He thanked The Emperor for gifting Astartes with enhanced intellect.

“I need to know where I am.”

“Oh, well, you are on Earth, in Sunnydale California to be specific,” Giles supplied, wondering how the being could not know where he was.

“What Segmentum, Sector, and Subsector?”

“Um, I have no clue what you mean by that.”

“What part of the galaxy are you located in?” Semual asked. Worry had begun to worm its way into his heart, if this planet of humanity had not been discovered it must be beyond the Astronomican, and thus rescue was unlikely.

“Galaxy? Well, I am not quite sure. We can check for you, does that sound agreeable?” Giles asked, totally bewildered by the questions.

“Yes, I will wait here while you gather the information.”

“Yes, right, Willow, why don’t you check the computer, which will probably be the fastest.”

“Huh, oh, right. Computer, look for our position in the galaxy sure,” Willow responded. She ran to the desk that the computer sat at and got to work. She could not help but send fearful glances at the figure occasionally. How could Xander kill a man so easily? She thought to herself.

“I am sorry for harming the blond one, Buffy, I believe her name is, but she did attack first,” Semual began, trying to lower the feelings of fear coming from everyone.

“Harming, Buffy? Oh, Buffy!” Giles shouted, as he ran to the blond woman on the floor. She had hit her head against the tiles and was unconscious.

“Um, excuse me, Mr. Einnhorne, but how did you get here?” Jenny asked, finally overcoming her fear of what she had just witnessed.

“Semual, please. My Battle-Brothers and I were tasked with abolishing a Chaos cult on Cadia during the latest Black Crusade. We struck hard and fast, The Emperors might on our side, but they had accomplished opening a warp-rift. I was in the process of closing it when a counter attack hit. The focus it takes to close a rift is immense, so, I trusted my fellow Brothers for security. An explosion hit as the rift was about to close and I went unconscious. I awoke in Mr. Giles bedroom.”

“Oh, I see,” Jenny returned, not understanding any of what he said.

“Mwuah, what was the number of that bus,” Buffy mumbled, as she finally regained consciousness.

“Buffy, do you ever think before you act!” Giles admonished.

“Hey, of course I do!” she shouted, indignantly.

“It would seem otherwise as that is the second time I have had you at my mercy,” was the cold reply from Semual, as he turned to look at the blond. Working with one tainted by Chaos would be difficult, he thought to himself. Buffy looked up and quivered at the gaze that was directed at her. Her embarrassment and anger got the better of her and she spoke without thinking.

“If you weren’t in that armor I could take you, I’m, The Slayer; it’s my job to get rid of the things that go bump in the night!”

“Child, I have served The God-Emperor of Mankind for over five centuries. I am a champion of hundreds of battles, on even more worlds. I have been given the honour of wearing Terminator Armour and wield an ancient Thunder hammer gifted only to those of utmost skill and courage. Do you think, even for a second, that you, an adolescent, could triumph over one of His chosen servants? And your inference of my connection with Chaos is disgusting, I have seen things that would make you claw out your own eyes! I smote the daemon that you had locked in the cage and judged that man to be a heretic then sent him to The Golden Throne! His will guides me and I would die for The Emperor to ensure that His will be carried out!” Semual told her as his massive form approached her lightning dancing around his hood. He spit on something for emphasis. Buffy glanced to a still form on the ground and felt bile rise in her throat at the sight of Ethan, on the ground, with his neck bent at an angle that was not natural and the slight hissing from where the giant had spit on him, like acid.

“Enough!” shouted Giles, he continued with, “I apologize for my charge Semual, she is young and impulsive. And you, Buffy, what did I just say about thinking before you do something.”

“Accepted, just ensure that she learn her place,” Semual said, as he turned and strode back towards the table. Giles looked at his charge and felt she had been sufficiently chastised.

“Please, try and hold in your temper Buffy. He could be a valuable ally and alleviate some work that you would need to do,” Giles tried to comfort her. He helped her up and headed towards the table.

“Got it!” Willow exclaimed. Semual rounded the table and stood behind her with three gigantic steps.

It was a picture of the galaxy with a line and label; the line pointed towards Segmentum Solar and said Earth. His breathe caught and blood raced, it could not be.

“What other names does this planet have!” Semual demanded.

“Um, the Blue Planet and Terra,” Willow responded, nervously. She was surprised by the gasp that came from the armored colossal.

“It…cannot be,” was Semual’s mumbled reply.

“Is something wrong, Semual?” Giles asked, with concern in his voice.

“What millennium is it!” he shouted.

“Um, we are in the second millennium,” Giles answered, highly confused.

“Holy Terra,” Semual murmured, with reverence.
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