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The Forgotten One

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Summary: A scoobie lost, returns. Only problem is he does not remember anything of his previous life. All he remembers is war.

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Chapter Four

A/N: Sorry for the long wait, I had some some college stuff to deal with and this chapter just did not flow well for me. I, also, now have a beta so feedback takes a bit of time to get back to me. The next chapter should be out by next weekend. Other than that I hope you enjoy the chapter!

Chapter Four

Semual had not been so lost since his recruitment to the Dark Angels from Arconar. Only faith in The Emperor kept him going. Ancient, Holy Terra. The thought that he was here, when The Emperor walked, brought feelings of awe and fear. There was no Fallen here. His Chapter’s and his mission of redemption was not possible in this time. He had never felt so adrift. For the first time, since his ascension to full Astartes, he did not know what to do. He had always had Grand Master Ezekiel and other officers of the Inner Circle to point him towards an objective, a goal. Now, though, he was alone.

After the revelation of where, and when, he was he had excused himself and fled to his headquarters. Once there he had begun to meditate, hoping to prove that what he was told was false. He sat in silence and let his will push beyond the shroud of Chaos. His awareness went beyond the town, searching, hoping, that he could prove the Watcher and his charges heretics. He floated for hours, maybe days, until he saw The Light. It was so bright that, if his mind were in his body, it would have brought tears to his eyes. The Emperor walked.

Since then he had spent his time in meditation, prayer, or battle practice. He hoped that an answer would come to him about what he was to do. The answer came to him during meditation in the form of a memory. It was part of a speech Master Belial gave to those that had advanced to The Deathwing, “Those that stand before me, I charge you now, go forth and vanquish the foe.” He thanked The Walking Emperor for directing him onto a path. He would fight the daemons and Chaos entrenched in this town, for now.

With a goal in mind, he set off for The Librarium. He only wore his robe, hoping to draw less attention.

The Librarium

Semual arrived to an empty room. His trip had been fast; his cloak hid his massive frame and allowed him a more direct route. People still turned to look at his giant seven and a half foot frame, but he paid them no mind. He stayed in the back bookshelves to await the arrival of Giles. When Giles finally turned up he was not alone. His charge, the blond one, was with him. He kept his distance not wishing to speak with the blond.

Their conversation did grab his interest, though. It seemed that the blond had hunted last night and let a daemon escape with a, possibly, valuable object. She did not even try to track down the warp scum! She had no discipline! Only The Walking Emperor may know what the daemon could do with a powerful relic. He prayed that her inaction would not doom this town.

Semual only got angrier as he listened more. This warrior thought The Walking Emperor’s gifts to be a curse. Many would have killed for such an honour in the 41st millennium, to be chosen by The Emperors will to better carry out ones duty was the highest of honours. Further thoughts were stopped as Giles asked to be shown the mausoleum from which the relic had been stolen. He decided to follow and see this tomb that had grabbed the interest of some Chaos spawn.


Since the incident in The Sunset Club Spike felt…different. When the blood started flowing he had felt energized like never before. When that bitch slayer stopped his feast he had felt…empty. Ever since then when he fed he felt as if he got a little stronger, it was intoxicating. Now, they had a way to change his love back to her former glory. One of his lackeys had recovered the key they would need to translate Du Lac’s writing. It was an ornate golden cross.

“It hums of change. I can hear it,” Drusilla sang from her bed, her hand outstretched over the cross.

“Once you’re well again, we’ll have a coronation down Main Street and invite everyone and drink for seven days and seven nights,” Spike responded. He shivered at the idea of blood flowing for seven days, the idea called out to him, it spoke to him on a level he had never felt before. All he had to do was keep that slayer occupied. He stood up straight with a sudden thought.

“Yes, they will take care of this once and for all. The big guns,” he mumbled to himself, as he paced in front of the bed.


“The Order of Taraka, love,” Spike declared. Drusilla smiled and began to deal three Tarot cards.

“Three will be coming to my party,” she said, in a trance. The three cards held a Cyclops, maggot, and a panther.


Semual followed Giles and the blond on their journey to the gravesite. He hunched over to hide his height, but it was not needed. They did not check for pursuers once. Their lack of spatial awareness was disgusting. Giles was having a hard time keeping up with his charge; she was, most likely, still upset and taking it out on Giles.

He waited at the entrance as they entered to ensure his observations continued to go unseen. He thanked The Emperor for his gene-enhanced hearing. The conversation was a continuation from before, more complaining about her ‘job’. His respect for Giles went up a small amount for his trying to impress upon her that it was not a job, but a sacred duty. Further conversation was cut off as they entered a mausoleum. He entered the grave site and advanced upon the tomb they had entered. It was run down, overgrown with vegetation, and in clear disrepair. His ears picked up the conversation once he was outside the door. It seemed that whatever was stolen was a relic of a Chaos sorcerer, this did not bode well. His thoughts of what to do were interrupted by the steps of Giles and his charge coming towards him.

“So, everything is cool then,” Buffy commented, with a relieved tone. Semual ground his teeth together at the laxity she took in her job and decided to show himself.

“No, it is not ‘cool’! Daemons have a Chaos sorcerer’s spell book! Nothing good can come from this! Use your head and fulfill your duty that was bestowed upon you!” Semual exclaimed. Both Giles and the blond jumped at his sudden appearance; the blond at least prepared herself for a fight, until she saw who it was. Giles nodded along to what he said, while Buffy seemed to get angry again.

“Hey! I didn’t ask for this gig! All I want is to be able to be a teenager. Date Angel, shop, and talk about clothes. But no! I don’t get to do that, I have to sneak out every night and keep the night at bay while lying to people I care about! And what are you doing here?” Buffy shouted, glaring at Semual with her arms crossed. He looked back with a level stare.

“What I am doing here is of no concern to you. What is your concern is realizing that, whether you wanted it or not, you have been chosen to carry out The Emperors will. Dying for something is better than living for nothing!” Semual countered, his face shrouded in shadows, body hidden behind green robes. His posture screamed cold confidence.

“Um, yes, Semual is right that no good can come from the vampires having possession of Du Lac’s spell book. So, lets continue this conversation at the school,” Giles stated, as be started to walk towards the exit. His personal feelings aligned more with Semual, but he knew if he voiced them Buffy would just alienate him more.

“You go ahead of me, Giles. I must cleanse this tomb. No agent of Chaos deserves this recognition, and his other relics must be destroyed,” Semual stated, as he turned and advanced into the tomb. Giles stopped and turned back to Semual. He was interested to see how he would do that without his armor or weapons. He went back to the doorway and saw Semual just beyond the entrance.

His arms were covered in the same blue fire that covered his hammer when he fought Eyghon. Giles thought, at first, that the fire was attributed to the armor, now he believed it to be magic. This was no magic that he had ever seen, though. He was not chanting and had no channeling materials, yet the air thrummed with power. He would have to ask the secretive ‘Librarian’, that title always humored him, more about his abilities. Further contemplation was stopped as the fire on Semual’s arms shot out and engulfed the room in a wave of blue energy. The flames ceased its destruction after thirty seconds, and all that remained in the room was blackened marble. Semual turned and strode from the room with a layer of frost on him.

“Come, we must make a plan of attack so that Chaos’s plan cannot come to fruition,” Semual stated, striding past a speechless Giles.


Willow and Buffy were sitting at the table in the Library. Buffy had just finished informing Willow of what had happened during Giles and hers excursion to the graveyard. When Buffy mentioned Semual Willow perked up, but only deflated when she retold his opinion of her. ‘How could Xander become so cruel,’ Willow thought to herself. She brought her mind back to the situation at hand.

“So, Giles, and Xan…, Semual, believe that the vampire who stole the book is connected to the one you slew last night?” Willow asked, to ensure she understood what was going on.

“Yes, I’m sure. This article describes an invention of his, ‘The Du Lac Cross’, which is said to be used to understand certain mystical texts,” Giles prompted, as he descended the stairs from the bookshelves.

“So, the vampires went through all this hassle for a decoder ring? And where is the gigantic pain in my butt?” Buffy inserted.

“Essentially, yes. As for, Semual, he was not agreeable to the idea of research, he felt time would be better spent hunting for those that stole the objects. I believe his exact words were, ‘a moment of laxity spawns a lifetime of heresy.’”

“So, research party? Goody!” Willow exclaimed, excitedly. She started gathering books around to research.

“Well, good for him. And I will leave you two to the research, it’s not really my area,” Buffy stated, as she rose and started towards the exit; wanting to meet with Angel for their date.

“Buffy, this is urgent,” Giles admonished, looking up from his book. Buffy stopped and looked to Willow for help.

“Giles, Buffy, should go and gather her strength,” Willow added, for Buffy’s sake.

“I suppose that is wise, we may be facing battles soon,” Giles reconsidered.

“Cool, I’ll see you guys bright and early tomorrow!” with that Buffy exited the library.

Abandoned Warehouse

Semual had returned to his headquarters after learning that Giles felt researching what was in the book was most important. ‘Fools’ he thought to himself. Determining what was in the book would not tell them who had it or where it was. Only direct action and interrogation would lead them to who possessed it. So, he was now finishing his prayer to the machine spirit of his armour in preparation for his mission this night. Find who had the book.


This was the third gravesite that Semual had been to, and he was no closer to his objective. He had used his psychic powers to help his search, and still he had not found a daemon to interrogate. He believed that the blanket of Immaterium that covered this settlement clouded his ability. He redoubled his efforts and focused his mind and will, and sent out his senses further. Finally, he got a hit. At the north end of the gravesite there was a pack of daemons, he could not get the exact number, but he was sure of their location. He set off at a fast pace towards their position.

When he reached the area they were in he slowed his steps and directed his will closer to where he was situated. There, there were seven daemons. He looked down at his storm bolter and considered his options. He did not have the supplies to waste rounds from his holy bolter. He grinned to himself, looks like they would act as his evening battle practice!

Semual readied his Thunder hammer and his mind. He focused his mind and reached into the Immaterium for the energy, a breeze began to blow and the temperature dropped. He took hold of it with his iron discipline and molded it how he required, time slowed around him. He acted fast knowing he would not be able to hold his grasp on the Immaterium for long without serious consequences.

He ran for the frozen group of daemons, grass dying in his wake. Once he was amongst them he dropped his grasp at the Immaterium and sent his hammer out at the daemon before him. A CRACK sounded and the daemons head disappeared, followed by his body. The other six awoke from their stupor by the sound of his hammer. It did not matter they were as good as dead. He spun to the right, ignoring their paltry attempts to puncture his armour and laughed as they screamed. He swung his hammer a second time and it went through the chest of a male, energizing on the torso of a female. The power field thundered and blew her into the air, even as she started to disintegrate.

He felt something jump onto his back and his wards flared to life. The daemon screamed and let go, smoke rising from his body. He turned and spared it a glance then crushed its skull with his foot. He felt the last three daemons fear increase more and knew he had to finish this before they fled. He looked up at two that were still close together and smiled cruelly. “Redemption through hammer and fire!” he screamed as he unleashed a wave of azure fire on them. Their screams were short as their bodies were consumed by the Immaterium. He turned around in time to see the only remaining daemon begin to flee. He laughed into the night as he threw it into a tombstone with his will.

He approached the crumbled form and pulled it to its feet. It began screaming and thrashing in his grasp, wards coming to life again. He readied his mind for what this daemons psyche might contain. He then hurled his spirit into the daemons with all of the subtlety of a Titan. He tore through its mind in search of his goal. Its mind was like any other Chaos infested being he had the displeasure of entering. Filled with thoughts of blood, slaughter, and corruption. Lies and truths called out to him, tempting him. A normal man would have gone insane from the shear evilness of it, but he was no normal man Master Ezekiel, himself, had taught him. He ignored the temptations and continued his search.

He was, finally, rewarded, but only with a name. Semual stopped his assault on the daemons mind and smiled again, the daemon was gibbering and bleeding from its eyes and ears. He pulled at the Immaterium once more and ignited it with blue flames from his mouth and watched it turn to ash. With the name Semual set off for the Librarium to get as much information about this Spike as he could, then he would show it the wrath of a Dark Angel.


Semual’s footsteps thundered in the still hallway, he made no attempt to hide his approach, already knowing that the only people in the building were those he knew. He slowed his pace as he neared the door, fear had begun to emanate off all those in the Librarium. He paused at the doorway to ascertain what the problem was. Assassins had been sent to eliminate The Slayer and they wanted to hide her! The cowards! A small amount of respect went towards the blond, she did not want to hide. The respect left as fast as it came when she mentioned the daemon she worked with and the feelings of love she projected to it. He also lost some respect for Giles when he agreed with the warp spawn, that hiding was the right thing to do. Having heard enough he shoved the doors open and glared at all of them. All of them took a step back from his gaze.

“For a warrior the only crime is cowardice, Giles. These assassins are obviously a distraction, to keep you busy while this, Spike, can continue to plot against The Emperor and humanity,” Semual stated.

“Spike? How do you know that he is the one planning these events?” Giles asked, from his place at the table.

“I have aided, and partaken in many interrogations of those touched by Chaos. That is all you need to know,” Semual responded, as he approached the table.

”I see. That does answer some questions and makes our job easier, but I don’t think you understand what The Order of Taraka is capable of doing. Their only goal is to collect a bounty, they don’t stop. Some are human, some are demons, but each works in his own way, you never know when they will strike,” Giles responded, stupidly.

“Giles, I have been a warrior for over 500 years! It was my duty to protect my Battle-Brothers from daemonic attack. If you think assassins are bad you have never tried to protect ten minds, and your own, from something as evil and slippery as the warp. If you think that some pitiful assassins could best me, The Emperor’s shield given form, you are mistaken! By my hammer, they shall know The Emperor!” He shouted out, as blue flames seemed to replace his eyes. Everyone shrank back from his hellish gaze.

“My apologies, Semual. I forget that you are a breed apart from us. I meant no disrespect. What would your plan of action be?” Giles apologized. He slumped down into his chair.

“If they are after your charge, then we use that. I will shadow her when I can, when they strike I will take care of them. All you have to do is find me the daemons hideout,” Semual responded easily, as he crossed his arms.

“You want to use, Buffy, as bait! Absolutely not!” Giles screamed out, standing from his chair and advancing towards Semual. Semual ignored Giles’ advance and continued to stand, with his arms crossed, confidence flowing off him.

“Giles, it’ okay. I’ll do it. It’s the best way to get the assassins to show themselves. Besides, look at big blue over there, do you really think anything short of a meteor could nock him over,” Buffy inserted. Semual admired her bravery, for a human.

“If I am not mistaken, your teaching will begin in a matter of hours. I will not be able to shadow you at school, child. Be vigilant and trust in the gifts The Walking Emperor has bestowed upon you. I will be waiting for you here after your instruction,” Semual said to Buffy.

“Yea, yea, I can handle school.”

As Buffy left the Librarium Willow stood and approached Semual. He spread out his will slightly and felt nervousness, curiosity, and hope from the redhead. There was potential for her to become a psyker, she had already started small experiments. He would have to watch her, and ensure she did not become corrupted.

“Um, Semual, can I ask you something?” Willow asked. She was fidgeting, and glancing around.

“You may,” Semual responded, turning to look at her.

“Well, um, you see, I just wanted to know more about your, Chapter, was it?”

“All that you need to know is we serve The Emperor, and our Primarch with absolute loyalty,” Semual replied, as he looked at her with a face clear of any emotion. Willow felt a slight feeling of anger that did not belong to her, but ignored it.

“Oh, well, um, what about yourself, your past?” she asked glancing at the imposing figure. She hoped she could find some clue of Xander in him.

“I am a Dark Angel and Chief Librarian, nothing else is of consequence,” Semual replied, glaring at the red head, daring her to ask more of his Chapters history. No outsiders and only the Inner Circle were ever allowed knowledge of his Chapter’s history. He would not betray the trust that was bestowed upon him by the Grand Masters. The Unforgiven would share their shame with no one.

“Eep,” Willow squealed, retreating from the imposing figure. She felt feelings of anger and shame as she sat down at the table, but paid them no mind. There had to be a way to get Semual to open up. She would make sure of it.

Summer’s Home

Semual had set up a position and small patrol route around the Slayer’s home. There had been no sign of any activity inside or around the house. He kept his psychic sense around the house scanning anything that approached. It had been a few hours since he had shadowed the Slayer home, and there had been no activity. The bait was currently on the top floor and seemed to be asleep.

As he returned to his position at the front of the house he saw something suspicious. A man had exited the house across from his protection detail, he seemed fairly nondescript the only thing that stood out was a case that he carried. What was suspicious was the direct route he made to the baits house. Once he crossed onto the walkway Semual sent out his power and was met with total corruption. The assassin was making its move.

Semual waited until the daemon had reached the point of no return then he went into motion. He sent out his psychic sense to ensure his actions would go unnoticed, and when he saw that there were no humans in the surrounding area he rushed from his hidden position. He kept his movements slow, so as to not catch the daemons attention.

He reached the daemon as it knocked on the door. Semual grabbed its arm, to throw it away, but was surprised when the arm came free and turned into rotting maggots. A servant of Nurgle! It was confirmed when the daemon turned to face him, a crazed smile on its face that only Nurglites wore. Semual narrowed his eyes in anger as he saw the maggot’s reform into the daemons arm. He said a prayer to The Walking Emperor and brought his Thunder hammer up. As he was about to strike the plaguebearer took a deep breath, Semual jumped to the side as he realized what the daemon was going to do. The plaguebearer let out its breath and rotting maggots spewed forth from its mouth where Semual had just been. They landed on the wooden deck and it began to rot and mold.

Semual ran forward as the daemon turned to face him, a smile still on its face. He swung his hammer over his head, intending to utterly crush the daemon. The daemon saw the strike and dissolved into its corrupt form. His strike punched a hole through the deck, its CRACK echoing down the street. He ripped his hammer free and twisted to face his adversary. It was whole again and sent a hit at his chest, he braced himself for the blow but was startled when the blow barely shook him. His wards flared to life ensuring his armour would not be corrupted. The daemon pulled back its hand in pain and he used the opening.

He rushed forward and let fly with his Thunder hammer. It struck the daemon on its arm and sent it flying into the yard with another booming CRACK. He crashed through the railing in pursuit of the daemon. He reached it as it was getting back up, its arm melted off. He sent a punch at its chest, even as the arm began to grow back. The daemon ducked underneath the blow, and jumped over his follow up swing with his hammer. He cursed the daemons fell agility.

Semual brought forward all his hate at the warp spawn and rushed it shouting, “Never forget, Never forgive!” The daemons eyes widened slightly at seeing his half ton form move towards him so fast. He let soar with his hammer, but the daemon was too slow. As it dove to the side his hammer struck its hip. The hammer BOOMed throughout the empty street and sent the daemon plowing into the ground, even as the energy field ate half its body.

Semual walked towards the servant of Nurgle and saw it was not defeated. He called forth The Emperors wrath and sent a storm of warp lighting at the daemon. It struck the daemon and it writhed on the ground as the lightning burned. The lightning did not destroy it, though, so he advanced on it as he seized at the Immaterium with his mind. Azure flame shot from his mouth and eyes onto the daemon as he towered over it. After a minute he stopped and surveyed the area. The deck would need repairs, and the ground was dead where the daemon had stood. The bait was standing in the doorway to her domicile with a look of fear on her face. He ignored it and sent thanks The Walking Emperor.

“Come, we must inform, Giles, of what has transpired,” he commanded, as he set off towards the Librarium.


Darkness had fallen some time ago. They had made it to the Librarium in good time and Semual had informed Giles of the destruction of the second assassin. The blond had been silent throughout his report, only adding that someone had to repair her deck. She said this while glaring at Semual. The redhead had continued her search of what the daemons were planning throughout the debriefing. Semual had decided that it would be easier to stay here for the night, than to escort the blond back to her residence.

He stayed out of their way as he thought of his latest fight. It seemed that the Ruinous Powers had not perfected their foot soldiers at this time. It gave him a slight advantage, for the time. He still had much to discuss with Giles, but it had to wait until the current Chaos plot was prevented. He was pulled from his thoughts by a cry from Giles at the table.

“I…think I’ve found it. It’s a ritual. Now, I haven’t been able to decipher the exact details, but I believe its purpose is to restore a sick vampire back to full health,” Giles said.

“Like, Drusilla?” Willow asked, from her spot at the table.


“What is this Drusilla?” Semual demanded, from his spot against the wall.

“Ah, she is Spikes lover, and has the ability to foresee events,” Giles supplied.

“Tzeetch has chosen her, then,” Semual murmured, to himself.

“Tzeetch? What is that?” Giles asked.

“Now is not the time, Giles,” Semual stated. Further conversation was halted by a figure smashing through the doors and running straight at the blond.

Semual reacted on pure instinct, he jumped from the wall he had been standing by, brought his Thunder hammer to bear, and inserted himself into the figures path. He snatched out with his free hand and lifted the figure into the air. He looked around for more threats and only saw that the blond was, at least, in a fighting stance, Giles was at the weapons cage, and Willow was behind the blond. Confirming their safety he turned back to the figure and saw it was a woman with dark hair and skin. He was about to snap her neck when he decided to send his force out and see if she was the last assassin. Semual was surprised when he found that she was another chosen by The Emperor. She had the same taint of Chaos woven into her as the blond.

“Giles, I thought that there was only one servant of The Emperor active at a time?” Semual asked, looking at the man. Hand still closed around the woman’s neck.

“Um, yes, that is true,” Giles responded, as he moved away from the weapons cage.

“Well, you are misinformed, this woman is like your blond charge. She has been chosen by The Emperor.”

“Are you saying she is a Slayer?”

“Yes, I am Kendra! De Vampire Slayer! And even if ya demon kill me, annoder will be called to take me place ” Kendra shouted, Semual narrowed his eyes at the daemon reference. Giles took off his glasses and began to polish them.

“What? No, way! I am The Slayer! Giles, tell her!” Buffy yelled from her position on the stairs to the books.

“Ah, yes, Semual, would you please let her down. And Kendra the man holding you is not a demon, he is…an ally,” Giles explained. Semual glanced at Giles then dropped the woman to the floor. She landed on her feet but sent a glare at the armored warriors back as he went to his spot by Giles’ office.

“I do not understand. A Slayer is supposed ta work in secret, and he does not appear to be human,” Kendra asked, still glaring at the imposing figure of Semual. Semual approved of her lack of fear towards him. Only the sturdiest in their duty and faith would not fear and Astartes.

“Ah, well, Buffy, requires some flexibility, and as for the blue figure, well, he is a…holy warrior sent here to fight the darkness. He has helped us on occasion,” Giles explained, stumbling slightly when trying to describe the demi-god that was Semual.

“I don’t see how this is possible, I mean, doesn’t one have to die for another to be called?” Willow asked, as the atmosphere calmed down. Giles’ eyes widened at the redheads statement.

“She did die! Buffy, you drowned, and, Willow, you brought her back!” Giles explained. Semual eyebrows rose at that, The Emperor must truly have a plan for her.

“She died?” Kendra asked, tearing her eyes from Semual to look at Giles.

“Just for a bit,” Buffy replied, softly from her position on the stairs.

“Why did you attack the blond,” Semual demanded, bringing the conversation to what he needed to know.

“My Watcher, Mr. Zabuto, said dat all da signs point to a dark power rising here. I came to stop dis from happening. I saw her kissing a vampire, so tought she was one,” she responded, posture going straight. This one had some discipline, Semual thought, then he realized what she said and fury consumed him.

“You besmirch The Emperor’s gifts and your own humanity by consorting with a daemon! I thought you could fall no lower! You forsake humanity and your duty! Men with nothing have given more to humanity than you!” Semual thundered, as he advanced on the cowering blond. Electricity was sparking and dancing around his hood, and the temperature seemed to lower.

“Buffy, would never do that!” Willow shouted out, drawing Semual’s deathly gaze at her. She then realized Angel and uttered, “Oh, except when you do, with Angel.”

“Angel is good, though. He was cursed and has his soul,” Buffy said, meekly. This brought Semual gaze back onto her, fully. All she could think about was the anger that radiated off the blue giant in front of her.

“Cursed! More Chaos sorcery, and this does not alarm you! The very word, curse, means evil! The soul is there with evil intent! I put up with you because I believe you to be chosen by His will. This daemon is lucky, if I did not require your aid he would be next on my list of those to be brought into The Emperors light. I will make it known now, though, that if I get any notion of it relapsing to evil its judgment will be carried out swiftly, with hammer and fire,” Semual declared, as he looked at everyone. He walked back to the wall and tried to calm his ire.

“He looked like a normal vampire when I…”Kendra began, only to be interrupted by Buffy.

“What you what?” Buffy growled, rising to her feet, her earlier fear forgotten.


“What did you do!” Buffy screamed, advancing on the dark slayer.

“My duty!” Kendra responded. Semual smiled, he liked the dark one.


“I was dreaming,” Drusilla mumbled, sleepily from her bed.

“Of what, love?” Spike asked, as he approached her.

“You were swimming in a river of blood while I danced in a maze.”

“I brought you something,” Spike said, as he brought out a tied, and beaten Angel from the stairwell.

“And there were worms in my baguette.”

“Your sire, my sweet. Now all we need is the full moon tonight and you will be fully restored,” Spike said, advancing towards Drusilla with Angel.

“Spike, can I have him? Until the change?” Drusilla asked, reaching out a hand to stroke Angel.

“Of course, love, just don’t kill him,” Spike answered, as he secured Angel to the bed. He would get some blood before the ritual.


After the blond forced the dark skinned woman, Kendra, to show her where her daemon lover was Semual retreated to a shadowed corner in the back of the Librarium. He had to meditate and calm himself. His hate was well placed, but he was unable to use it so he set it aside and let it fester. He kneeled on the floor and began a series of breathing exercises. Calm returned and he spread out his psychic senses. He watched the school, ignoring the pinprick warp rift that still confused him, looking for any signs of Chaos.

His search did not go well, these adolescents and their moods reminded him of being in a Thunderhawk as it evaded enemy fire, all over the place. The warp spawn that opened the rift picked a good place, the building was a lake of different emotions for the rift to feed off. He ‘saw’ two forms coming towards the Librarium, it was Giles and Kendra. Kendra was the polar opposite of the blond one; she radiated discipline, honour, and acceptance of the gift The Emperor bestowed her. She was a much better warrior.

He was pulled from his evaluation by the high amounts of fear and psychic screams that erupted in a room of the school. He heard shots ring out, and noticed Kendra exit the Librarium quickly. He cursed the last assassin, attacking in such a populated area was clever. He continued to watch the area, hoping to get a glimpse of the assassin. There was only one being in the general vicinity that did not emit large quantities of fear. He focused and tried to get an idea of the assassins plan. Her mind was wide open to his will. Bounty hunter was an apt term for her, she did not care who her target was, only the money and Chaos that followed. He hurried his search as she was making plans for escape. There, tonight was the night that the ritual would be done and in an abandoned place of worship. He brought his mind back to his body as he saw Giles and the others about to enter the Librarium.

He watched from afar as they bandaged the blond one and spoke of the encounter. Only one injured from half a dozen shots, The Walking Emperor protects. The conversation moved to Giles’ explanation of the ritual. It explained why the assassin had the thoughts of tonight and a church in her mind. The ritual would also kill the weakened daemons creator, this Angel. He cursed, he could not allow the daemon to die to make way for an even worse one. Emperor save him, he would have to protect this daemon, for now.

“I tore some information from the assassins mind before she escaped. The church will be abandoned, that should help in your search,” Semual stated from his position against the wall.

“Thank you, Semual. That information will be helpful. We have five hours to sundown. Willow, I want you to search for the abandoned churches in town, work quickly,” Giles directed from behind the counter.

“Don’t worry, Buffy, we will save Angel,” Willow promised, while she set up her laptop on the table.

“Angel? But out priority is to stop Drusilla!” Kendra injected, from her position at the counter.

“I agree, however, that means saving the other daemon,” Semual agreed from his position by the wall.

“Good. 'Cause I've had it. Spike is going down. You can attack me, you can send assassins after me, that's fine. But nobody messes with my boyfriend!” Buffy declared, as she went towards the weapons cage.

“I am not doing this to help your warp spawned boyfriend! I am doing this to prevent some daemon from gaining even more power. It is my duty to clean out the darkness with fire and hammer, and I will do that duty until my death for The Emperor,” Semual informed the blond. With that he turned his back to them and began his prayers, in preparation for battle.

When he had completed the rites and prayers for the battle that was to come he turned back to the others. The blond one came storming from the office with Kendra following closely. They made their way to the exit, determination was rolling of them.

“Where are you headed? We do not have the location for an attack,” Semual asked the two. They paused in their exit.

“Back to the bar where that guy told us Angel is resting. He might know where the ritual is taking place!” the blond one said. She then turned and made for the exit again.

“Do you not use your brain, child! And what if this man is the spring to their trap? What then?” Semual said from his corner.

“I will kill them and save Angel!”

“Your death does The Walking Emperor no good when your continued existence still has meaning! Only those that can give no more should give their life to The Emperor! I will not criticize your drive to overcome overwhelming odds, it is admirable. But, your lack of planning to do so will be the death of you and those you hold dear!”

“I will not sit around and plan when Angel could be dying!” She exclaimed. She turned her back and continued out the doors, Kendra following in her wake. Semual sighed and looked back to where the others worked around the table. Lessons taught in battle and bloodshed, they were the ones that stuck.

“Any progress?” Semual asked the assembled group.

“I’ve narrowed it down to five, another twenty minutes and we can head out,” Willow replied immediately, from her position behind the laptop.

“Good, Giles, your and her will support me with your long ranged weapons. My armour will protect me from the weak daemons, but it is always good to have support. Our main objective will be to prevent the ritual if it has not started, and stop it if it has. I will be the distraction, and if you see a chance to stop the ritual, break off support and take it. When we know the location I will be able to tell the numbers of daemons inside. Agreed?” Semual asked the Watcher.

“Um, yes, that sounds like a good plan. One question though, when we get there what if Buffy is already inside?” Giles responded, looking into the dark eyes of the Librarian.

“The plan does not change, it will just add more confusion.”

“I got it!” Willow shouted, from behind her laptop.

“Good, let us move out then. The Emperor protects!”

Abandoned Church

“Ruinous Powers. I name thee. Bringer of wars, poisoners, changer,” Spike chanted, as he walked the church’s aisle with a censer of burning incense.

“Ruinous Powers, wretched master of change, bring your black medicine,” he continued. He approached the alter where Drusilla and Angel were tied together and put down the censer. He traded it for elaborate cross that he held upside down.

“Come. Restore your most impious, murderous child,” he said, as he removed a dagger from the cross.

“From the blood of the sire she is risen. From the blood of the sire, she shall rise again!” he finished, as he stabbed the blade through Drusilla’s and Angel’s joined hands. A purple light covered the hands and then shot out, enveloping the church.

Sunnydale Streets

Semual paused in his advance to the church. The warp had begun to churn around it. The ritual must have started. He started off, again, at a rapid pace.

“The ritual has started, we must increase our pace!” he called out.

He heard two replies as he increased his strength and pushed himself more. He rounded the corner and the church came into view. He spread out his will to search the premises, but the increased warp activity blocked his sense. So, they would be going in blind. He informed his support and set off for a wall of the building. The best way to surprise the enemy was to show up where they did not think you could. He wished he had a teleport pack, that could surprise anyone.

He reached a wall that seemed to be part of the main building and looked behind him. Giles and the redhead were about 15 seconds behind, this could work well, add more confusion. He ignored any subtleties and ran through the wall. All activity inside stopped at his entrance.

“What the bloody hell is that!” exclaimed a blond daemon.

Semual ignored it and took in the battle. The blond was fighting the assassin, two daemons were getting up, Angel was tied to a female daemon with their hands connected by a dagger, and Kendra was fighting the blond daemon. The churning of the warp seemed to originate from the two daemons joined at the hands. He ran forward, his Thunder hammer held with both hands, to destroy the two daemons before they could reenter the fight.

“I am The Emperor’s wrath! Let the blood of the unclean act as an offering to the Lion’s shade!” he shouted as he reached the first daemon. His hammer struck the daemon in the chest. It CRACKED and sent the daemons upper half flying through the air, the powerfield splitting it in half. The crack of his hammer seemed to pull every being out of their stupor and the fighting started up again. He turned to face the second daemon, when an arrow burst out of its chest. He glanced to the side and saw Giles looking down the sight of his weapon, a look of cold determination on his face. An anguished cry filled the room and what he saw filled him with hatred.

The blond daemon held Kendra by the neck, his other hand had dark talons and was through Kendra’s chest. He sent a prayer to The Emperor to watch over her soul as the daemon pulled its talons free and licked the blood. The blood continued to flow from the talons, like a river. He saw the blond leave her battle with the assassin and engage the follower of Khorne.

He cursed, she would be no match for a daemon that Khorne had gifted. He searched around as he brought his storm bolter up, he would have to end this fast. He sent a round at the assassin as she approached the blonds open backside. His aim was true and the bolts impacted in the chest. The mass reactive rounds exploded a half-second later and showered the area with blood and gore. This accomplished his mission, the two blonds paused in their fight.

“Stop the ritual, then run! I will hold him off!” Semual shouted, as he fed his muscles with warp energy and charged the daemon.

He tackled the daemon to the ground and sent punches at its chest with his free hand. Flesh sizzled and burned and it roared in anger. It sent a series of blows at his chest and face. One hit the side of his head and knocked him off the daemon. He got to his feet and placed himself between the daemon and the others as they hauled Angel and Kendra’s body away.

The daemon charged him, much faster than anything he had seen here. He moved to the side, but the daemon still hit his shoulder and caused him to spin away slightly. Using the hit to his advantage he completed the spin and struck at its back. The daemon had traveled beyond his reach, and the swing missed. He readied himself and went on the offensive. He rushed the daemon and struck out with his fist. It hit the daemon as it turned to face him, and seared flesh from its visage. He continued with an underhand swing from his hammer. The Emperor was with him, his hit struck the daemon in the midsection and sent it flying into an organ. The fact that the daemon did not dissolve completely from the powerfield confirmed Semual’s beliefs that Khorne had gifted it.

He advanced towards the daemon, gathering warp fire in his free hand, set on finishing it before it could grow stronger. Before he could reach the target he felt something in the warp, and turned only to get hit by a warp bolt, and sent through a wall. His armour’s psychic wards flared white hot and protected him, as was there purpose. He got to his feet quickly and crossed back into the church. The daemon he had sent into the musical device was gone, as was the female. He sent out his psychic sense to search for them, but realized they had left the area. He cursed them, then set off for the Librarium.


The Librarium was quiet and filled with sadness when he entered. The blond one sat at the table starring at nothing. The redhead next to her with tears going down her cheeks. Giles seemed to be on the phone in his office. Kendra was on the floor with a cloth covering her body. He cursed these people, dead warriors should not be hidden from view, they should be seen so that their final glory could be observed.

“You should not be saddened by her death. Her death was honourable, trying to hold back the endless tide of Chaos. And know that no man that died in His service died in vain. The Emperor has given her the release from prison that life is, be happy that she is with Him,” Semual said. The blond was angered by his words, while the redhead hopeful. Perhaps he could spread the word of The Emperor in this time.

“How could you be so…” the blond started.

“Thank you, Semual, for the fine words. I just got off the phone with Kendra’s Watcher, telling him the mission was a success and about her death,” Giles interrupted the blond, before she could dig herself into a larger hole.

“Our mission was a success, however, this Spike and Drusilla are worrying,” Semual stated, ignoring what the blond would have said. He sighed, these people needed more knowledge on Chaos if they were to combat it effectively, he would have to give it and pray it did not corrupt them.

“What is worrying about them? I mean, yes, they are evil, but we will get them eventually,” Giles asked, as he took a seat on the other side of the blond and removed his glasses. Semual turned to face them with a look of hatred on his face.

“Because they seem to have caught the attention of The Ruinous Powers,” he snarled.

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