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The Forgotten One

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Summary: A scoobie lost, returns. Only problem is he does not remember anything of his previous life. All he remembers is war.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: All creative writes to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its characters and plot are the property of Joss Whedon. Warhammer 40,000 and all of the creative ideas associated with it belong to Games Workshop. I do not profit from this it is purely for creative purpose.

A/N: This is my first try at fanfiction and I am not an English major so please forgive any mistakes and just let me know so I can fix them. Any comments, ideas, or help are appreciated. I am also looking for a beta so if you are interested let me know! The next installment, I am hoping to have out this weekend. Now on with the show.

The Forgotten One

“Corsheth, take her!”

The energy shoots out and speeds towards Buffy. Thinking fast she kicks out at the pole holding the mirror in the classroom up. The energy smashes into the mirror and reflects, only not back to the caster like she thought it would. Instead it is sent straight towards the door leading to the hallway. The door that was empty a second ago, but now there stood the gangly body of one of her first friends here as he is enveloped with purple energy.

“XANDER!” Buffy screamed into the early morning. The only thing that heard was her stuffed animal Gordo. As she laid her head down to cry about the loss of a friend her mother, Joyce, entered the room.

“Oh, honey! I know you miss Xander but do you really think he would want you this distraught over his disappearance?” Joyce asked while holding her upset daughter.

With tears in her eyes Buffy responded, “No, I know he wouldn’t; I just can’t help it! I only knew him for a little while but he was one of the first friends I had here.”

“I’ll tell you what, how about tonight you and me just rent a bunch of movies and sit in front of the television and have a girls’ night?” Joyce asked, trying to help her distraught daughter.

“That sounds great, Mom, I think it’s just what I need. Well, I might as well get ready for school. Thanks, Mom, for everything.”

“That’s what I am here for, honey.”

With that Joyce left Buffy to get ready for school.


As Buffy and Willow walked into the little shop, filled with kids, they noticed that the owner must have a serious thing for Halloween. The shop was filled with costumes, from simple ghosts to elaborate knights and ninjas. There were barrels full of trinkets and other odds and ends to complete costumes. Buffy’s depression from her nightmare had not improved throughout the day, and she could not help but vent.

“Tonight was going to be movie night. Just me and my Mom and a bunch of junk food, I hate Snyder.”

“Really, what about the slayage scene?” Willow asked, intrigued. She did not notice the proprietor of the shop quirk his eyebrow from behind them.

“Tonight is, like, dead for them, they stay inside.”

“Oh! I wonder why they do that!” Willow responded, thinking of the books she could look at to find out.

“Who cares, all that matters is that the one night of the year I have off I now have to watch over sugar induced munchkins!” Buffy responded, highly annoyed.

“Well, at least this new shop opened and the costume selection looks great,” Willow commented, thinking it would cheer up Buffy.

“Yeah, how about we split up and look for our costumes.”


They split up; Willow went towards the simpler costumes, while Buffy went towards the more extravagant ones, hoping to find one that would get her boyfriend to be more interested with her. As she headed towards a glass case Willow came running back towards her with a plastic bag in her hands.

“What did you find Willow?” Buffy asked, looking towards her excited friend.

“I went with a classic, a ghost,” Willow responded, excitedly.

“Will, can I give you some advice?” Buffy inquired, softly.

“It’s not spooky enough, is it?” Willow said, looking down at the object in her hands.

“No, its just you are not getting the point behind Halloween… It’s come as you aren’t night! This is a chance for girls to get sexy with no repercussions. I mean, you are never going to get noticed if you are behind a sheet.”

“I don’t want to get noticed, not anymore,” Willow replied, suddenly depressed and with tears starting to form in her eyes. Buffy realized what upset her friend and brought her into a hug to comfort her.

“Hey, now Will, Xander wouldn’t want you to be sad, I only knew him for a short while and I know he would not want you to be upset.”

“I know. I just miss him is all. Anyways, what did you find?” she asked, trying to change the subject.

Buffy turned back towards the glass case she saw earlier and gasped at what was inside. There was a gown of red that resembled exactly what she saw in the Watcher Diaries that was worn in Angel’s time. As she reached towards the case a voice called out from behind her.

“Oh, let me,” he said, as he unlocked the case and brought the dress in front of Buffy.


“Amazing, yes I know. I do believe we have found the hidden princess,” Ethan cut off her response. He noticed the adoration in her eyes and decided to really create chaos this night by messing with The Slayer and her Watcher.

“Only there is no way I could afford this,” Buffy observed, feeling slightly depressed at that fact that she could never afford a dress like that.

“That is simply nonsense, I feel obligated to make you an offer you can’t refuse. After all, you are obviously meant for this dress.”

Buffy looked into the mirror and her resistance crumbled. This was exactly what Angel would admire and it did look amazing. She nodded and followed Ethan to the check out.


“Don’t worry. Everything’s Changing. Outside to inside. It makes her weak. The Change is coming. They will return he who has forgotten. Bliss will release him, the destroyer. Corruption shall set free the taciturn. And Blood will flow throughout the realm,” Drusilla foresees for her paramour Spike.

Ethan’s Backroom

What Ethan could not predict was that his bust of Janus would be broken. So, to continue with his ritual he had to acquire another statue of Janus, but this one was altered slightly with runes that writhed and twisted. So, unknowingly, he continued with his original idea.

“The world that denies thee, thou inhabit,” Ethan chanted, as he spread blood over his right eyelid.

“The peace that ignores thee…” Ethan continued, as he applied blood to his left eyelid.

“Chaos. I remain, as ever, thy faithful, degenerate son,” Ethan recited, as he prostrated himself before the bust of Janus.

What Ethan failed to notice was the slight warping of reality that began to emanate out of the statue.

Summers Home

Buffy eventually convinced Willow to forget the ghost costume and helped her design a costume that would show off what people did not see. Currently she was in the bathroom finishing up. Having already finished her own costume she threw herself on her bed and waited.

“Willow, what is taking you so long?” Buffy shouted, getting irritated at waiting.

“Promise you won’t laugh,” Willow said, through the door.

“I promise.”

Willow opened the door and comes out wearing a leather outfit that left little to the imagination. She stood in front of Buffy, wringing her hands, unsure of herself. All Buffy could do was smile.

“Willow, you dish! That is sure to turn some heads,” Buffy proclaimed, hoping Willow would not change her mind.

“I don’t know. There just isn’t anyone I want to see me like this. Well, not anymore,” Willow informed Buffy in a small voice while looking down.

“Hey, now no more morose talk, we are going out and going to make the best of the night. That is what he would have wanted,” Buffy consoled her distraught friend.

“I guess you’re right.”

“Good, now let’s go or we’re going to be late,” Buffy announced, as she went for the door. She did not notice Willow walking towards the bag that held her ghost costume.

“Okay, I am right behind you.”

Downstairs Buffy’s mother was waiting for her daughter. She could not help but feel bad about their plans being canceled by that principle. Buffy did not need this she needed some fun time. She always seemed so down since her friend disappeared. Her thoughts stopped as her daughter came down the stairs in a gorgeous floor length red gown. That costume shop really was something.

“Buffy, dear, you look amazing! Where is, Willow? I want a picture before you go out tonight,” Joyce asked, as her daughter reached the bottom of the stairs.

“She’s right behind me, wait till you see her, Mom, she looks great in her...sheet?” Buffy replied, as she looked up to see Willow come down with her ghost costume back on. ‘When is she going to move on’ she could not help but think to herself.

“Lovely costume, Willow,” Joyce told the meek young woman, as Buffy and Willow stood by each other for her picture.

“Thank you, Mrs. Summers.”

After the pictures the two students headed out the door towards school. Neither noticed the way that the air seemed to shift slightly throughout the town.


Ethan was on the floor in front of the bust of Janus. His focus was so high that he had failed to notice the walls beginning to twist in upon themselves or the slight purple that the statue seemed to be giving out. All he could do was prepare himself for the finale and the Chaos that would ensue. Smiling he started the final chant.

“Janus, evoco vestram animam. Exaudi meam causam. Carpe noctem pro consilio vestro. Veni, appare et nobis monstra quod est infinita potestas.”

As the chanting continued the twisting increased, whole walls seemed to disappear then reappear. Whispers began to originate in the shadowed corners and the glow increased.

“Persona se corpum et sanguium commutandum est. Vestra sancta pr¾sentia concrescet viscera. Janus! Sume noctem!”

As the spell completed, the glow darkened then exploded out of the bust. Everything the darkness touched seemed to flicker in and out of existence then just solidified. The writhing of the walls grew to enormous rates, and then stopped after the darkness went past. The whispering seemed to change to laughter, laughter that caused Ethan to shiver slightly as he looked upon the bust of Janus. The split face of his god had changed though, turning more avian and smiling. The smile was filled with malice and all Ethan could do was think ‘well this is new’ before the power of the spell sent him into the realm of Morpheus.

Sunnydale Streets

After they had picked up their kids from the high school the two had set out into the night. Everything was going well; the children were having fun and, surprisingly, they were too. They were at the last set of houses for the night; the program ending soon, when it all changed and chaos erupted.

Willow and her group were at the door while the old lady handed out candy. Suddenly, the wind picked up and a darkness seemed to touch everything. Willow’s breath caught in her throat and she felt faint. Just as darkness encroached on her vision she saw the children attack one another and the old lady. Her last action was a feebly called out, “No!”

Buffy’s only knowledge that something was happening was a sinking in her gut as she looked up to where her kids were at the door. The darkness rushed, hit the children and they began to attack everything around them. As she started to run the darkness overcame her and her last thought before unconsciousness was ‘it is supposed to be quiet tonight’.

As consciousness returned to Willow her first action was to check on the children. Getting up, she noticed that she was alone on the porch but could hear screams and shouts on the streets. Looking around she saw her body lying on the ground. She looked down at herself and realized she was in the original costume that Buffy had made for her. As she tried to pat herself her hand traveled through her body, and realization dawned on her face.

“I’m a ghost!” she exclaimed, to no one.

After seeing a green skinned monster attack a person running she remembered Buffy. She ran off into the street looking for her blond friend and hoping that she was okay. She finally spotted Buffy screaming at a car and cowering behind a tree. Fearing the worst she started towards her friend.

“Buffy! What do we do?” Willow asked, hoping that Buffy had not turned into her costume like everyone else.

“Buffy?” was her friends confused reply.

“Okay, what year is it?” Willow asked, with a sinking feeling in her gut.

“1775, I believe. I don’t understand, what’s going on and who are you?”

“I’m your friend, Willow. We have known each other for more than a year,” she responded, trying to figure out the best way to fix the situation.

“I don’t know what you are talking about! I would never associate with a harlot like you,” Buffy exclaimed, as she started to hyperventilate.

“Breath, breath, you are going to faint. Listen, it’s not safe out here, we need to get you to Giles. He will protect you,” Willow told Buffy, ignoring the harlot comment.

“A knight? Well it would be safer in ones presence. Alright, let’s go harlot,” Buffy said, while beginning to stand up.

“I am not a harlot! And do you know where to go?” Willow exclaimed, as she ran after Buffy.

“What else could you be dressed like that?”

“Ugh, never mind just follow me,” Willow declared, while she strode ahead of Buffy and lead her towards the high school.

Their journey to the school was interrupted by two shapes running in the opposite direction. One was dressed like a cat and screaming, the other was running on all fours growling. Willow left Buffy and ran over hoping to distract the monster so that it would stop its chase.

“Hey! Over here!” she yelled, to the thing. It stopped and charged Willow. Forgetting her corporeality she ducked as the creature jumped at her. It passed right through and hit a phone pole head first, knocking it unconscious. Willow got up and moved back over to Buffy, she paused as she heard someone yelling at her.

“Willow! What’s going on?” Cordelia shouted, while she approached Willow and a cowering Buffy.

“Your name is, Cordelia, you are not a cat, and we are friends…well, sort of,” Willow answered thinking she was transformed also.

“That’s nice. When did you go mental?” Cordelia replied, scathingly.

“You know us?” Willow asked, confused.

“Yes, unfortunately. What’s with all the questions?”

“A lot is going on.”

“No, duh. I was attacked by jo-jo the dog faced boy, then you come screaming at the thing and it jumps through you. And worst of all my costume is ruined and there is no way Partytown is gunna give me back my deposit. Not likely,” ranted Cordelia.

“Calm down, we are heading towards the school to get Giles’ help with what is going on,” Willow informed Cordelia as she began heading down the road, Buffy following in her wake. With nothing else to do Cordelia hurried after them.


Giles was finishing the filing that he had left when he heard something in the hallway. Looking up, he saw that no one was there; so he went back to his nice quiet work. After he put the last card into the filing cabinet Giles walked off towards his office where he kept his 12 year old brandy. With his work done, he was looking forward to sitting down with a book and his brandy. His thoughts were interrupted by the doors crashing open and someone shouting his name. With a sigh, Giles got up and entered the library. What he saw made him stop for a second. Willow was standing in a table, Buffy was raving about where the knight was, and Cordelia was just sitting there looking at her nails. He looked back at his brandy and sighed.

“Silence!” Giles bellowed, his command was obeyed and everyone turned to look at him.

“Okay, now would someone please tell me what is going on? And why Willow is walking through things?” his tone brooked no argument.

“Giles! Everyone turned into their costume! The town is in chaos, people are attacking each other, and Buffy thinks she is a Lady,” Willow rushed out, the ability to not breathe seemed to help her in that regard. Giles reached up, took off his glasses, and began polishing them.

“So, Buffy is an 18th century noblewoman, you are a…ghost I presume, and Cordelia is a cat?” Giles clarified, wondering if things were ever quiet on the Hellmouth. His musings were interrupted by Cordelia’s indignant reply.

“I am not a cat!”

“You didn’t change?”

“What are you, deaf? My lips are moving. Yes, I am not a cat”

“Partytown, you said you got your costume at Partytown!” Willow shouted, jumping up and down.

“Yes, but what is the importance?” Giles asked the excited girl, while moving towards the bookshelves.

“We got our costumes at the new place, Ethan’s,” Giles froze on the spot, arm outstretched towards a book.

“Ethan Rayne?” his voice was quiet, but filled with anger, you could tell by his shaking body.

“Um, I think so,” Willow replied eyes going wide and stepping back from the angry man.

“I will deal with this, lock the doors and stay put.”

“But, Giles.”

“STAY PUT!” his voice echoed around the empty room, his face a mask of hatred and anger. Everyone stepped back involuntarily as he stormed out of the room mumbling to himself.

“Wow,” came from the corner where Cordelia had retreated too, the others just nodded.


Ethan awoke to a sharp kick in his ribs. After gulping in some air, he looked at his surroundings. He was on the floor in his back room, before the bust of Janus. That stopped him short because the bust seemed to suck in the shadows making the thing seem malevolent. The once human face was different; it looked like a mix between a bird and a human. Its beak was filled with teeth and it was, somehow, grinning. It sent shivers down his body and he wondered, for a moment, if maybe something bad happened. That thought was interrupted by another kick to the chest. It was Rupert! Oh, what joy he was going to have making him wait, and work, for his answers.

“Ah, finally awake, Ethan. I should have known this was your doing, this stunt stinks of Ethan Rayne,” growled out Giles, his whole body shaking with suppressed anger.

“Yes, it does, doesn’t it, Ripper? I don’t wish to toot my own horn, but it is quite genius. The very embodiment of be careful what you wish for,” he answered from the ground, starting to rise to his feet.

“It’s brutal, sick, and harms the innocent,” Giles countered, while kicking out once again forcing Ethan to his back.

“Oh, yes, because we all know that you are the champion of the innocents and purveyor of good. HA, it’s quite the act you got going, Ripper,” Ethan contradicted, while grabbing his side in pain.

“I am not, Ripper!” Giles shouted, his anger starting to crumble his reason.

“Ah, yes, the Watcher: sniveling tweed wearing guardian of The Slayer and her kin. I don’t think so. I know who you are and what you are capable of. But they don’t, do they?” Ethan asked, as things started falling into place.

“Break the spell, Ethan. Then leave and never come back,” ordered Giles, his emotional control continuing to deteriorate.

“Hmm, what is in it for me?” Ethan replied, sweetly.

“You get to live,” Giles answered, advancing slowly towards Ethan.

“You are scaring me, Ripper,” was all that got out of Ethan before kicks started to fly and all he knew was pain.


Inside the library, Willow was pacing through tables and chairs, Cordelia was doing her nails, and Buffy was sitting at a table pouting. The silence was broken by something crashing in the back bookshelves, where the emergency exit was located. All three girls looked up as a head poked around a bookshelf.

“Finally, I’ve been looking for you guys all night; it’s a riot out there. Where is Buffy?” asked a tall, handsome, man dressed in dark clothes with pale features.

“Angel! Thank god you are here; everyone has turned into their costumes. Giles went to stop it. And Buffy is the one cowering away from you,” Willow shot out in rapid succession.

“Well, that explains a lot. But why is Buffy cowering?” he asked, as he approached Buffy to make sure she was alright. She shrank away from his presence.

“She thinks she is an 18th century noblewoman and has no memory of anything,” was the succinct answer.

“Angel! How are you doing?” Cordelia inserted herself into the conversation, and Angel’s personal space.

“Um, I’m fine,” he replied, uncomfortably. Further conversation was halted as a window was broken and noises could be heard outside.

“Quick, block the doors and windows! We just have to hold on till Giles stops the spell,” Willow ordered.

Soon the library was filled with the work of three people moving objects to blockade the doors. Their work was not fast enough, as the doors exploded inwards, and little monsters began entering the room. Angel, being the only one able to fight, moved in their direction and a brutal melee erupted.


Ethan was a mass of bruises; his arm was hanging at the wrong angle, and blood spilled from his mouth. Giles’ fists were cut, bruised in places, and his breathing was coming in large gasps. Still, Giles knew no more than when he had first entered and his patience was slipping.

“And you said you were a good person, all I see is Ripper,” Ethan croaked out between trying to breathe and get to his feet.

“Tell me how to stop the spell!” Giles roared, as another kick was sent down on Ethan’s back.

“You didn’t say pretty please.”


The first three monsters were dispatched quickly and easily by Angel’s brute strength, but then realizing the danger the monsters started ganging up against him. He was busy dodging, blocking, kicking, and punching that he could not spare a glance to check on Buffy. Another green thing went down to the fury of a roundhouse kick, but another just took its place. He was starting to tire when something jumped on his back and bit him. He went to his knees and they swarmed; punches to the face and chest caused him to go fully to the ground, and all he could do was think about failing Buffy.

The others were not doing much better. Willow’s inability to touch anything meant all she could do was try to distract them. It helped a little, but with there numbers it was a losing battle. She focused her attention towards Buffy, since she was completely helpless. Cordelia seemed to be holding them off with a broken chair leg. Buffy was just running away from them and trying to find a place to hide. A sudden scream broke her attention and she turned to see Cordelia go down to a swarm of blue things. A large and hairy thing grabbed Buffy, and pinned her in place. Just then, a sharp whistle caused all activity to stop. Standing in the doorway was a bleached blond man with a leather duster smoking a cigarette.


A brutal drop kick sent Ethan into the corner, blood painted the floor like a sick parody of Picasso, and all that could be heard was the pained breathing of Ethan and the deep breaths of Giles. In the center of it all, the malevolent bust of Janus seemed to pulse as it sucked in the shadows.

“Now, tell me how to stop the spell!” the quiet tone that Ripper used actually scared Ethan, so he decided to end his game, for now.

“Janus, break the bust,” Ethan said, while pointing to the statue.

Giles paused in front of the bust looking at it and the way it sucked in the darkness like a black hole would suck in light. He shivered involuntarily, at the things face. ‘This is not Janus’ he thought to himself, even as he picked it up preparing to smash it. He paused, though, noticing it did not feel like stone. It was almost oily and, yet, it was rough at the same time. It gave off heat and cold at the same time, making him shiver again. Pushing the thoughts of the creepy bust to the side, he threw it to the ground watching as it broke. What he was not expecting was the backlash of magic that exploded out of it. It sent him crashing into the wall as darkness rushed out of it and reality warped. At the center of it all reality was torn for a split second and spit out a form that crashed onto the floor. Giles missed this all having been knocked unconscious from his flight across the room.


The only movement in the library was the squirming of Buffy in the iron grip of Spike, master vampire. Angel was struggling against two giants, while several of the blue things held Cordelia in place. All Willow could do was watch as her friend was being man handled.

“Look at you. Shaking. Terrified. The lost little lamb,” Spike laughed, as Buffy continued to struggle.

He reached up with his second hand to snap her pretty little neck when, all of a sudden, darkness rushed into the room. It hit every transformed monster and person, and sent them to the floor. The wig that Spike was holding fell from the head of the blond that stood in front of him. He looked at it, bewildered, then his eyes went wide and he turned to the rising Slayer.

“Hi, honey. I’m home,” The Slayer announced.

She sent a flurry of blows at the stupefied master vampire. Spike was unable to put up a defense and took a series of hits to the face and gut. Buffy then grabbed a broken piece of chair and began swinging like a baseball player. A hit sent Spike doubling over, but before he could recover another hit was sent at his jaw. He was sent sailing through the air and out the door into the hall. She turned to survey the area and found Angel on his knees, Cordelia surrounded by crying kids, and Willow gone. She rushed over to Angel to check on him.

“Hey, how are you?” she asked, softly.

“I’m fine. You?” he answered, smiling up at her.

“I’m fine, thanks for asking. Hey, where is Willow?” Cordelia interrupted, not caring in the slightest.

“Probably back at her body,” Buffy sighed, and then bent down to help Angel to his feet, putting an arm around his waste for good measure. They smiled at each other as they walked out of the library.

Sunnydale Streets

Willow woke up with a gasp and ripped the sheet off of her. Deciding to go and make sure Giles was okay she started on her way to Ethan’s shop. The streets were deserted but the damage from the spell was easily seen. Cars turned over, small fires, broken windows, and even some people lying still. As she rounded the corner Ethan’s came into view. The windows were all blown out and the door was lying across the street. She approached cautiously. Upon entering, she noticed that all the racks were knocked over and costumes littered the ground.

“Giles?” she called out, quietly. No answer came so she went further into the room, occasionally calling out his name. When she reached the register she noticed another door, wide open, behind the counter. Approaching cautiously she called out for Giles once again. A soft groan answered her. Perking up she rushed into the room and then stopped abruptly. The room was not too big, in the center was a table, but the floor was coated with blood. By the table there was a figure face down with a dark green robe covering his frame, and against the wall Giles was crumpled and groaning. Willow rushed to his side.

“Giles. Giles! Are you okay, what happened?” Willow rushed out, with tears in her eyes.

“Mwuah. Willow? Is that you?” Giles mumbled.

“Yes, it’s me Giles, what happened?” Willow urged.

“Ethan cast a spell using Janus as a conduit. He was…resistant with telling me how to stop it. When I did there was a magical backlash that threw me across the room. Where is Ethan!” Giles responded, his response becoming more coherent until the end where it ended in a snarl.

“That’s him by the table,” Willow replied, while pointing to the figure. Giles took a look in the direction, his eyes widened.

“That’s not Ethan. It is much too bulky and he didn’t have a robe on.” Giles stated.

As he got to his feet, he approached the figure cautiously. When he was within range he started to feel slightly ill but ignored the feeling and continued on. He sent out a sharp kick and was surprised by the pain he felt, and the resounding THUD that echoed from where his foot connected. Glancing at Willow, he motioned for her to come forward and help him. They both tried to roll the figure over and were astounded by the weight of it. When they were finally able to roll him over they stepped back in shock.

The man, for he was obviously a man, was massive. Most of the mass, though, came from what he was wearing. Quite literally, it was a suit of armor. The differences were astounding though. This armor was painted a deep blue and extremely thick. The bulk came from the sheer size. The feet were fully enclosed and connected to the shin at where his ankle would be ensuring full mobility. The shin and thigh guards were solid metal but there were gaps that allowed for the user to keep mobility without affecting protection. The shins extended up to protect his knees. The knees had white skulls painted onto them, while the right thigh had parchment attached to it by a wax seal. The writing was archaic but somehow familiar, but Giles continued his study of the male telling himself he would research it later. Looking more closely, he noticed the same language engraved into the front left shin also. His crotch area was hidden behind a white loincloth with a massive sword stitched into it; point down with wings spreading from it. The loincloth was secured in place with a massive metal belt; the buckle had a gold twin headed eagle etched into it that seemed to be screaming. The chest piece seemed to be one large peace and fully hid the figures body. The center of the chest was taken up with, yet, another golden piece of art. This one, though, was of an open mouthed skull inside a large Roman numeral one with wings that stretched across the entire front. More parchment and seals were on the chest plate, Giles also noted the very faint etchings of strange designs in the chest. And when he looked upon them the wrongness in him increased. He also noticed that a book lay just above the Roman numeral one. It was connected to a chain that, he assumed, was a necklace. The book radiated forbidden knowledge just by looking at it. The cover was aged leather, had more seals with parchment adorned on it, and more of the strange language. The shoulders were massive, overlapping the chest and going all the way down to just above elbow. The shoulders where lined with gold and each had more wax seals and strange writings. The right shoulder guard had the same sword that was on the loincloth, while the left had an archaic cross with a skull set in the center that seemed to be made of stone. The armor on the hands and forearms was slightly slimmer, only so much that you could see the individual joints for each finger. The forearms had a two headed eagle in gold formed into them. The hands had five digits and over each knuckle there was a flat stud that came up about half an inch. Leaning over Giles noticed that on the top of each stud was a miniature of the eagle found on the figures belt and forearm. Standing straight, he looked back down and saw the individuals robe included a hood and was attached to the chest plate with two more skulls that seemed to act as buttons.

At the characters side Giles noticed his weapons and his jaw dropped open in amazement. First was the great golden hammer. It must have been three or four feet long and weigh a couple hundred pounds, but by the way coils and hoses went from the hammer up under the right shoulder guard it was meant for one handed use. It was two sided and the flat portion meant for impact must have been a foot square. On the side was, yet, another skull set into the gleaming gold, and the eagle on the other side. The whole thing was ridiculously large and screamed retribution. Giles started to feel anxious about the obvious religious dogma on this being but continued with his study. The other weapon was a very large, what seemed to be, automatic rifle. It had a snub nose and compact design, obviously for close quarter use. What worried him was the size of the barrel and magazine, it was about one inch around. What sort of foes would require bullets that size to kill? He shivered at the thought.

Finally, working his way back up past the golden emblems and parchment he studied the figures face. It actually looked familiar, the hair was dark brown with speckles of grey suggesting the man was in has 60’s! His face was square and chiseled, and also filled with scars, one of the main ones going from above his left eye down to his mouth. He slowly started to reach out for his face to open an eyelid. When he did he was met with a dark shade of brown, he was startled out of his observations by an anguish filled cry from Willow.

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