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Summary: Dean sneezes during a fairy banishing spell and takes in fairy dust. All is not good, especially for Sam since every time they try to get down and dirty, his brother poofs into a thumb sized fairy. Incest, slash, crackfic

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(Co-written with Fetish)

(The characters of supernatural do not belong to us, they belong to Kripke etc...)

Rating/Warnings: NC 17; Slash, incest/wincest, crack!fic, PWP

Dean was wracked with sneezes all the way to the car parked on the side of the street. Arms on top of the Impala, he looked at Sam. "Fucking fairy dust. Let's hope the banishing spell holds this time. Seriously don't want to deal with a town full of crazy horny people. But if they get out..." he pointed at his brother. "You get the guys this time." They'd known something was up the moment they'd arrived a couple days ago, taken a few steps from out of the car and then been hit by one proposition after another.

Sam's brows raised as he frowned across the roof at his brother, "Yeah, I'll keep that in mind." His brow slowly furrowed in concern as Dean continued to sneeze. "You sure you're alright, man? That," he licked his lips, shifting his weight as he glanced back the way they had come then looked at his brother. "They didn't do anything to you did they? I mean, you feel alright?"

Giving Sam a 'what the fuck' look, Dean took a step back and opened the door. "Let's get outta here, I don't wanna face grandma Mo'... not after she pinched my ass and offered gummy kisses." Knowing that would bug Sam, he sat down and started the car, a big wide grin on his face.

Sam frowned, making a disgusted face as he watched his brother yank open the car door and slide behind the wheel. He was kidding, right? Surely he had to be kidding... that was just... Sam gave a small shudder, huffing as he reached for his own door handle, pulling it open.

Sam knew Dean wouldn't take the threat of fairy dust seriously, but he had done a hell of a lot of research on it before they had come out here, so they would know what the hell they were up against. Just on the off chance the little devils got the better of them. He knew that the glittery, almost pretty shower of what looked like a small child's art project tool could actually be serious stuff, very serious. Sometimes, deadly. He folded his tall frame into the car and peered at his brother.

Seeing the wheels turning in Sam's mind, Dean gave him a warning look. "Don't you start me all over the place." It would have been more effective if he hadn't followed up with a sneeze.

Sam sighed, "Alright, yeah, let's just get outta here."

Leaning forward, Dean poked his finger at the button and music filled the car. Nodding, he put an arm over the steering wheel, and looked out the window, changing lanes and heading the hell out of town.

* * *

They were in bed, watching t.v., but Dean had lost interest and was now all over Sam, his mouth sliding over his brother's, trying to get him interesting in something other than 'the History Channel.' Pushing his tongue inside Sam's mouth, he drew him closer, running his hands over his brother's strong muscles, digging his fingers into his shoulder blades.

Sam wrapped his arms around his brother, moaning softly into the kiss as he held him close, running his hands over his back. The show had been holding his attention, but he could watch 'Volcanoes, the making of an Eruption', some other time. Right now, he was busy concentrating on their making eruptions of their own as his back arched, his boxer clad groin rubbing against his brother's.

"Mmm," he broke the kiss. "It's been too long," Dean muttered. They hadn't had sex in three long fucking days." He rubbed his thumb across Sam's lower lip, and brought his mouth down again, this time in a long heated kiss, full of promises of all the ways he'd have his brother, make up for lost time. So good, it was so good between them, he sometimes still couldn't believe it. Had to prove it to himself over and over.

Sam had still been slightly worried about Dean most of the night, even as they laid there watching television, But now, he wasn't anymore, he was fairly certain he had been overly worried about nothing. Yeah, Dean was fine, was Dean, his Dean. Sam moaned, fingertips digging into his brother's back, one hand rising to cup the back of Dean's head, digits tangling in the short soft strands as he moved his legs, wrapping them around each of Dean's, hooking them together as he started thrusting his hips upward against his brother. "Oh God... so good... so good..." Sam murmured softly between kisses before dipping his head to.... to nothing.

Sam raised his head, eyes wide as he looked around the room, "Dean!? Dean!?" he called out, gaze darting as he turned his head one way then the other. Rolling, Sam looked off one side of the bed, then he rolled back and looked off the other at the motel room's matted carpet, finding no Dean on either side, not that he really knew how he could have simply rolled off the bed, hooked and tangled together, the way they had been.

"Oh my fucking God, watch it! I really don't want to be 'ass pressed' to death!" Dean shouted at the top of his lungs, running to escape a boxer clad ass cheek. Before he could figure out what the hell was happening, he had to escape his brother!

Sam froze, eyes wide as he looked around the room, then slowly down at the bed, "Dean, where are...." his sentence died away as he found his answer. There on the mattress, the sheet nearly covering his entire body, no more than two inches tall, stood his brother.

Sam swallowed hard, "Dean?" he asked, head tilting slightly to the side, brows furrowed in disbelief.

"Sam?" Dean said in the same tone, looking up at that gigantic face, furious with him. "Can you be any more of a klutz? Seriously dude, you almost clipped my wings." Wings... he'd said wings? Dean turned around and practically chased his filmy wings as he tried to see them. "Wings... I have wings... Sam!"

Sam stifled the laugh that wanted to bubble out as he watched Dean chase his wings around in a circle, reminding Sam of a dog chasing his tail. "You know, maybe if you went the other way," he suggested, lifting a hand off the mattress spinning a single digit downward in a counter clockwise motion, "I think you almost had them." This time, the laugh did bubble out.

"What the fuck?! Sam..." he ran to the edge of the bed and looked down, it was very far to the ground. "What are you sitting there laughing for, get me to a doctor. Get me to a... mirror." He had to see how bad it was.

Sam sobered from laughing, slowly... and wiped the tears from his eyes as he cleared his throat. "Sorry, sorry, man." He took in a breath and bit his lip thoughtfully before shaking his head, "I don't think you want to see yourself in a mirror, dude really. Trust me. You look like Peter Pan and Tinker Bell had a baby and well, you're him." Sam snickered again, then held up a hand to tell that he was stopping, "You obviously got something from the fairy dust you inhaled. It'll probably go away soon," he tilted his head to the side as he looked at Dean. "I hope anyway. Not like you're very useful the size you are."

"Shut up, Sam," he growled, his blood rising to his temple at hearing how soft his attempted growl sounded. He put his hand behind his back and felt the soft wings, groaning. "What are you waiting for... hit the lap top."

Sam nodded and started to move, swinging his legs over the side of the bed, which of course, made the mattress cave in drastically toward him, then as he pulled to his feet, the box springs, sprung back up to their original shape.

Dean fucking rolled down the steep incline, and then was snapped back up and thrown several feet, his feet, up in the air, and came back down on his face with an "oomph." He looked up, incensed. "Jerk."

Sam looked back over his shoulder, frowning at the insult, "What did I do!?" Turning his attention away from 'mini-Dean', Sam went to the table and pulled his laptop out of it's case, booting it up. "Hey Dean, get me a soda, huh?" Sam asked, smirking, before his eyes slowly slid to look over at 'Dean Thumb'.

"Keep it up, Sam." Fuck, even his threats sounded limp. He looked down at the ground again, wondering if he should climb down the sheets. Dammit. Just as he thought about slipping off the side of the bed, his wings fluttered and he lifted off a little bit before dropping down on his ass."I think I'm having a nightmare," he declared.

Sam smiled as he looked down at the computer screen, his fingers starting to fly over the keyboard. "Just hang in there, I'll figure this out." Sam muttered, brow furrowed in concentration.

Thirty minutes later, Sam was no longer laughing or smiling as he looked at the computer screen, then stole a glance toward his miniature brother, then looked back at the computer screen. "Uh, Dean, I think maybe you should sit down for this.... or maybe I should sit down for it." He swallowed and licked his lips almost nervously.

"You wanna come get me?" he demanded. "Fucking wings... I want to go right and they..." He tried again fell flat on his back, arms outstretched and a frustrated sound coming out of him. Tilting his head, he saw Sam's face. "What? What is it?"

Sam bit his lip as he looked over at his brother, nodding. "I found what this is, aaand I found how to keep it from happening." He shrugged a shoulder, "temporarily, until we can find how to completely cure you." He cleared his throat, brows furrowed as he looked back at the computer screen. "You want the good or bad news first?"

Sitting up, Dean shrugged. "Bad... nah, just spit it out."

Sam sighed. "Well, we can stop it," he nodded and glanced over at his brother, then back at the laptop. "You just can't get horny," he looked back at Dean, "ever."

"What?!" This time, Dean hovered off the bed, then found himself shooting forward through the air and staring into Sam's eyes, Sam's... cross-eyed eyes, until he moved back a little. "Explain that."

Sam frowned at Dean, "Are you... flying?" he asked, blinking at his brother as tiny gossamer wings fluttered on his back. Shaking his head as if to clear it of the image, Sam looked down at the laptop. "Uh, yeah, well, says here that the reason you shrank is that we got you excited," he glanced up at Dean, "horny. The only way to keep you from shrinking is by not doing that. The bad news is, I dunno how long you're gonna stay that size. Hours, days, weeks, months..." he shrugged, "I dunno."

"Okay, for one thing.. there was no GOOD news in that. And for another, that is NOT a solution. How do I get rid of the problem?" He snapped his fingers. "Sam, concentrate."

Sam blinked as his gaze took in his his tiny brother. "Do you," he leaned forward slightly, "are you hard!? Now!?!?" Sam asked him, his gaze on the tiny bulge in Dean's tiny boxers.

"Gimme your finger and I'll show you," he groused. Like he could lose a hard-on just like that, on command. "How do we get permanently rid of it? Gotta be something..." He flew back a little, not really liking the way Sam's huge eye ball was still focused on his dick.

"I dunno how, I need to research more, or maybe ask Bobby if he knows," Sam told him, still staring at the tiny bulge. "Lemme see it." Sam demanded, lips curving into a small smirk. "Come on, lemme see."

Expelling his breath, Dean threatened to kill Sam if he called Bobby about this, but moved closer, landing on the desk. "Laugh now, Sam... just remember what effect those fairies had on the town people. Gimme your finger, and don't fucking poke me."

As soon as Sam pointed at him, Dean jumped onto his finger, straddling and balancing on it. "Shit... just got hornier." He leaned forward, hands flat in front of him on Sam's finger, pressing his hard cock down.

Sam gave a small giggle at the odd feeling of Dean straddling his finger, the hard buldge of his cock against it feeling like a small splinter pressing into his flesh. He bit his lip, "Well, uh, I really don't think I can help you out there, I mean, if I touch it, I might rip it off."

Dean looked up. "No, I think you're pretty much 'good for nothing', at your size," he bit out. He really should just fly off Sam's finger, but the pressure felt good. "Stop watching me," he said, still fucking against Sam's finger. "It makes me nervous."

Sam smiled, "Funny, you don't mind when I watch any other time." He quirked a brow, "Are you gonna cum on my finger, dude!? Maybe you two should get a room?"

"Don't be a bitch." What he really wanted to do was open up his pants... "You said get rid of the hard-on, I'm trying." Taking a few panting breaths, he squeezed himself over his shorts and raised his eyes, "you're still watching." Rebelliously pulling his shorts down, he started to fuck Sam's finger in earnest. He bent forward and licked the finger under him, then sucked a little bit of Sam's skin into his mouth. Still tasted like Sam, smelled like him, made him want to come...

Lifting his free hand Sam cupped it over his mouth as he watched his brother, laughter dancing in his hazel eyes. "Tickles."

"Not helping." Closing his eyes so he wouldn't see Sam clowning around, Dean concentrated on finding his release, thinking of how they'd been kissing on the bed, the way he would have pushed Sam down a few minutes later, how he'd have stripped him. "Oh God... fuck..." Screwing his eyes even more tightly shut, he started to make little sounds... sounds that even irritated himself. Groaning, determined, he imagined himself pushing into Sam, the way Sam felt squeezing around him. "Oh yeah... yeah...." and then he was spurting come all over Sam's finger, his hips slowing down until he lay flat, just breathing and allowing calmness to slowly settle over him.

Sam had been biting his cheek the entire time that he watched Dean hump his finger, so that he wouldn't laugh, but now that Dean was through, Sam couldn't hold back any longer. Laughter broke out of him, his head thrown back, face turning red with it, eyes filling with tears. "Dude," Sam panted breaths between fits of laughter, "that felt so freakin' weird!" Pulling his head up, Sam looked down at his finger and frowned slightly, small bubbles of laughter working out of him, even as he was frowning, "I feel so used..."

"Keep it up Sam, and you won't EVER be using my finger." He nodded, getting up and pulling his shorts back into place. He hopped off Sam's finger and onto the table, then looked down at himiself. "Okay, I'm ready to go back to normal." Course nothing was ever that simple for them, nothing.

Three hours later, Sam was sleeping on his back on the bed, and Dean landed on his chest. He was feeling a little cold, but the blankets threatened to cut off his air, and Sam and his big body were a menace too. Looking around, he decided to slip into the pocket at the front of Sam's shirt.

"Ahhh." It was perfect, like a little sleeping bag. If he weren't so mad about what happened to him, he'd be quite happy. Sam's heartbeats were almost as good a massage as magic fingers.

Sam sighed in his sleep, one hand moving to fall down onto his chest, landing in the middle of it, his head rolling on the pillow, before his body rolled along with it, turning onto his side. One hand slid along the empty space where Dean usually lay. "Mmm... Dean, c' mere," he mumbled in his sleep, "M' cold."

"Right here Sam," Dean rolled onto his stomach and looked up at Sam's face. "Sorry sweetheart, can't help you with that. Whoa..." he gripped the shirt tight, and now found himself hanging. "Sam? Sam.... get back on your back. Sam!"

Sam's lashes fluttered as he slowly opened his eyes, "Dean?" he grabbed for the blankets and pulled them up, head lifting off the pillow, "Dean!?" he called again, louder this time.

"Dude in your pocket, stop moving so much, I'm gonna get sick!" He took a couple breaths, "roll onto your back. Sam... in your pocket," he repeated, getting that Sam was still half asleep.

Sam looked down, "Huh?" only to find a tiny dangling Dean. "Oh," Sam sighed, half falling onto his back on the bed, looking sleepily up at the ceiling. "I thought I crushed you." Sam mumbled, raising a hand to run it down his face. Lifting his head off the pillow he looked down at his brother, now snugly settled in his t-shirt pocket. "Dude, this is never gonna work. What if I roll over and don't hear you and crush you, or what if I accidentally smack my hand down and squish you, or -"

"Just don't, how hard could that--" Dean's head jerked back and a white flash of blinding pain hit him between the eyes. Before he could complain, he felt Sam under him... all of Sam under him. Their faces... relatively the same size. He lifted his hand, it was wide enough to cover a quarter of the pillow. "I'm back! Sam, I'm back," he said excitedly, grinning down as his brother who looked like he was having some sort of trouble. "What's the problem?

Sam's eyes widened as Dean's body enlarged and cut off his airway, pressing hard down on his chest where he had been laying as a tiny Dean in his pocket, now a big Dean, was one hundred percent on top of him, with all his weight, before Sam had time to prepare for it. "You're...." Sam gasped out, "can't... breathe...."

"What? Oh." He rolled off his brother and slapped him lightly on the chest. "Sorry bout that. This really sucks ass. I mean, between the two of us, you're definitely more fairy material than me."

Sam sucked in breaths of air, nodding at Dean's apology but then turning his head and frowning hard at his bother, "Hey! What the hell s'at suppose to mean!?"

"You'd look better in wings," he shrugged. "We gotta find some way out of this, I mean I can't go around like that." Sitting up, he yawned. It was late and he was really tired. "You think something might'a gone wrong with the spell?" He turned to look at his brother.

Sam frowned as he shook his head. "I think you snorted fairy dust like I read on the laptop, and I think that until it works it's way out of you or we figure out a way to fix it, you're stuck. Just... don't get horny." he shrugged.

"Works its way out, how's it gonna do that? Anything I can do to speed it along? Drink a lot of beer, what?" At Sam's shrug, he nodded and then laid back down, stretching out. "Don't get horny, fine. Piece of cake. Here's your new set of rules, don't walk around naked, try not to give me that smile, maybe keep your hands to yourself and ah... cover your scent with something that would put me off.

Sam quirked a brow at his brother, "My scent?" he sat up in the bed, lifting an arm to smell himself, "I don't have a scent!"

Dean gave him a look, like he was going to explain that. "Just a little skunk juice, that's all I'm asking for." His mouth tugged into a smile, and he pushed his brother back down. "Get some sleep Sammy, we got a long drive tomorrow."

Sam huffed as he laid back down, his eyes still on Dean, brow furrowed. "I don't smell..." he grumbled, turning over onto his side and throwing an arm around his brother, one leg draping over one of Dean's as he pulled him closer.

"Smell good," Dean countered, sniffing him, then jerking his face away. Right... the goal was not to get horny. "Night Sammy." Closing his eyes, he hoped he wouldn't dream about mushrooms and rainbows...

* * *

Sam moaned softly, his hips thrusting his hard cock against his brother as his lips parted, breaths panting softly out, "Oh yeah... Dean..." Sam ground himself harder against Dean, his arm wrapped around him holding tighter, clinging. "Mmm... so good..."

"Too early," Dean muttered, before his mind caught up with the fact that Sam's arousal was grinding against his ass and sending all sorts of messages through his body. "Mmm," he smiled. "Nothing like morning wood." He loved it when Sam woke him for sex, when they were both still semi-asleep.

"S'been too long," Sam moaned, one hand running down Dean's chest as he bucked his hips, grinding against his brother. "Want you," Sam murmured sleepily, nuzzling his face into the crook of Dean's neck, pressing his lips against the warm skin there.

Dean pressed backwards, clenching his ass muscles and teasing Sam in the process and turning his head so Sam could kiss him properly. "Yeah, too long. Need you too... so bad." Sam's calloused palm moved under his shirt and Dean was tensing as his muscles quivered slightly. "Mmm, good."

Sam's mouth moved to capture his brother's, lips sliding against lips in an open mouthed kiss, tongue darting out to taste and slide along side Dean's, low moans working out of Sam. His hard cock pressed against the cleft of his brother's ass as he thrust his hips harder, grinding against him. "More," he panted out between warm sleepy kisses. Reaching out to pull Dean over onto his back by his shoulder, Sam's body moving to lay half on Dean's, pressing his aching cock against his brother's hip as he continued to kiss him.

"Fuck yeah..." Dean breathed, meeting Sam kiss for kiss, lifting his hip to give his brother more pressure... loving how Sam ground against him. He moved his hands up and down Sam's back, then under his tee, fingers splayed wide over warm skin and rippling muscles. He pulled Sam closer, loving his weight pressing down on him, wanting him increasingly badly. One of his hand strayed downwards, he pushed it under Sam's shorts and gripped his ass, kneading, stroking and cupping him, forcing him up harder against his own body in the process.

Sam's breaths came in through flared nostrils, and out panted out through parted lips between kisses as he arched against his brother, his hands running over his Dean, mapping him out, sliding under him, between Dean's body and the mattress, lifting his hips up to grind their cocks together harder. "Wanna feel you," Sam told him breathlessly, tugging at Dean's boxers in a frenzied rush of movement. "Off!" Sam nearly growled, catching Dean's bottom lips between his teeth before crushing their lips together once more.

Groaning in response to his brother's absolute need, Dean rolled him onto his back and curled his fingers around the waist band of Sam's shorts, pulling them down quickly and getting them off. Dropping back down over Sam, he kissed him thoroughly, tongue fucking him until they were both breathless, then moving his mouth down Sam's jaw, to his neck.

Sam smelled like soap and the outdoors, and it drove Dean nuts. His cock was so hard as he licked and sucked him, he knew if he didn't get off of his brother, the the sex would be over too fast. Moving quicker, he pushed Sam's tee up, kissed and sucked a bruise into his stomach, and crawled lower, to take Sam into his mouth.

Sam moaned and writhed under Dean, breaths panting out, hands reaching to touch Dean anywhere he could, as much as he could as his brother worked his way down his body. Sam's back nearly arched off the bed at the feel of his brother's hot mouth on his aching cock, a long low groan breaking from his throat, hands at Dean's head, digits tangled in the short soft strands. Slowly Sam's hands slid away, as his head rolled on the pillow, eyes closing, chest rising and falling with each panted breath. "So good... ohgod, so good..." And then... there was nothing... no pressure on the mattress from Dean's weight, no feel of his warm, wet mouth on his cock, nothing.

Sam bucked his hips as he whined, "Deeeean!" Opening his eyes, Sam looked down, to see... no one. Sam's eyes widened, "Dean!?"

"Argh... what the... Stop wiggling, I'm gonna fall off," Dean shouted, barely hanging on by gripping Sam's short hairs and sliding around on his cock. "Sam!" Goddamit, he was so hard and needy, and now... fuck.

Sam huffed, scoffing, his face screwed up into a near pissed off look as he slammed a fist down onto the mattress. "Well, do something!? You can't just leave me like this!"

"What do you want me to do, take your gargantuan dick in my mouth?" he shouted back, turning and walking along Sam's dick. His foot slipped, and he shouted as he landed on his ass, and saw it was a puddle of precum. "Eww, that's just wrong and gross."

On all fours, he moved forward, then reached Sam's crown. Dipping his head down, he started to lick, and stroked with his hands, pressing as hard as he could. He gave it everything he had, did it for Sam.

Sam was frowning down at the miniature Dean through his entire rant, huffing out a breath as his brother started to try to stimulate him. "Funny, you don't normally complain about my leaking dick." Sam grumbled as he closed his eyes, trying to concentrate on the much too tiny sensations. Opening his eyes with a huff, Sam shook his head, "What the hell are you doing? Are you licking me? It's not working! I'm sorry, but my orgasm is not going to be brought about by the lick of a kitten." Sam blinked, "actually that would probably work better than your tiny tongue," he shook his head, "but that's not the point! Try something else. Hump against it like you were my finger, do it hard."

"Stop being so fucking critical, alright? Trying here... and maybe if you were a normal size, you'd feel something," he groused right back. Spreading his legs, curling them around Sam's dick and unable to lock his ankles due to his girth, Dean started to fuck against his cock. He started to pant as his own cock got the pressure he needed, "oh yeah," he whispered, licking and tasting Sam, kissing him, moving faster and harder, pounding against him so that Sam would feel him too.

Sam pressed his lips together, nostrils flaring as his hips rose off the mattress in thrusts to match the movements that Dean was making on his cock. "Yeah... Mmm... like that..."

"Yeah? Okay then," a grin spreading over Dean's face, he kept it up, every muscle in his body straining with the effort of not only satisfying himself, but trying to move hard enough to allow Sam to feel him. His foot slipped some, he scrambled to get a better grip, and then started to groan as he chased his release. "So close Sam... I'm close..." he scooted forward, sliding his hand over Sam's crown, putting his whole hand in his slit.

Sam's body writhed, lips parting on a groan as he gripped the sheets in his fists, neck arching back. "Oh God... yeah, don't stop... don't stop... fuck!" His body tensed, teeth gritting together as his squeezed his eyes closed tight, heat pooling low in his stomach, balls drawing up, and then he was cumming, thick ropes of cum shooting from his cock, to splatter across his stomach as he cried out Dean's name.

"No... no no no.... noooooooo... Goddamit!" It was all Dean could do to hang onto Sam's cock, the way it was jerking and moving around, and getting more slippery by the moment. "Help... Sam.... ahhhhh..." It was like trying to control a frigging fire hose, and Dean lost. He found himself flung up and flying through the air backwards, his face and body slamming into a smooth cool surface, before he fell to the ground. No, to the table... he'd hit the tv propped ont topt. Eyeing his now satisfied brother, he muttered, "not funny."

Sam opened his eyes just slightly, looking over at Dean through lowered lids, a small smile slowly spreading across his face as he shook his head, "Wasn't laughin'." He stretched as he panted, trying to catch his breath, "you okay?"

"No, I'm not okay." Sitting up and running his hand over his face wet face, he kicked his feet out. "I am not okay. I wanna be me. Me Goddamit, not this... whatever."

Sam sighed, licking his lips, "Yeah, I know, I'm sorry." He tilted his head, "Did you cum? Cause if not, you should so you'll..." he let his sentence trail off as he looked away, running a hand through his hair. "We should get showers."

Dean didn't really answer, just looked down. "Have to wash my shorts too... or go around naked." He was wearing his tee and shorts, which meant he had no fairy sized pants. And his clothes were covered with Sam's cum. He didn't look up as he heard Sam get off the bed, but he did get a good look at his ass as he walked by, and had to quickly remind himself that getting horny was bad.

After a few more moments of self pity, he dove off the table, wings fluttering as he flew into the shower before Sam, and was shoved by the pressure of the stream of water so hard, he hit the side of the tub, cursing and holding his head. The steam of water changed directions and he was screaming and cursing as he just barely grabbed onto the edge of the drain to prevent from being washed into it. "Goddamn it... dammit Sammy... fuck!"

Sam pulled the shower curtain back, peering into the shower, first at the level he normally would have looked out of habit, before his gaze lowered to mini-Dean, about to be flushed down the drain. "Dude!" Sam exclaimed, eyes widening as he bent down, reaching for Dean. He tried to pick Dean up, but then he was afraid of crushing him, squishing him between his fingers or something. "Grab my hand and jump in." Sam told him, frowning at the situation and the impossibility of it all. This was seriously fucked up, even for them.

"Sam, help me up... Goddammit." The swearing didn't stop as he climbed and rolled into Sam's cupped palm, or as his brother lifted him up to face level. He was still cursing and hating his life, and spitting out water that was hitting his face too hard, one arm protectively held up.

Sam looked from his brother to the falling water and back, before stepping into the shower, using his back to shield Dean from the water's spray. "There, better? I'll just stand in the way of the water while you wash and then catch some and pour it on you to rinse you off." Sam told him, a small smile pulling at his lips. "You're just so... tiny," a snicker worked it's way out before Sam could bite his cheek to stop it.

Glaring at him, Dean just sat down. "Forget it. Just get me outta here." He'd had enough.

Sam shook his head, "No, now you need a bath, you'll start smelling if you don't." Sam reached for the soap, running a hand over the bar then bringing that hand over to Dean's tiny naked form to run a soapy finger over his brother's naked body, chest to stomach. "There, hows that?"

Dean tried knocking Sam's finger away, then looked up, expecting to see laughter in his brother's eyes.

Sam frowned at him. "I'm not hurting you am I? Hold still," Sam slid his finger lower as he bit his lip, eyes intent on Dean's face as he ran his finger over his brother's groin.

It was humiliating, but if Dean tried to soap himself, he was pretty sure he'd go over the side of Sam's hand and that wouldn't turn out good. After about thirty seconds of that, a new fire lit Dean's eyes. "Now you're just getting me horny all over again." Grumbling, wishing he could take Sam up on it, he rolled over onto his stomach, grabbing onto Sam's finger as he felt his brother's hand sliding over his back. "Watch the wings," he snapped.

Sam smirked, nodding. "Wonder what would happen if I licked them," he snickered, "I better not, you might stick to my tongue then we'd never find you." He cleared his throat and fought to get rid of his smile, frowning in concentration. "Sorry," he muttered as he finished soaping up his brother's tiny body.

"Yeah, right." He knew Sam was amused. If he was honest, if their situations were reversed, he'd probably tease mercilessly. He let out a breath. "Guess I'm done," he wiped the water off his face and looked up. What he really wanted to do was push Sam up against the wall and fuck him in the shower, and it irked him that the most Sam would feel was probably a mosquito landing on his shoulder or something.

"Here," Sam muttered, half turning as he held his soapy hand behind himself to rinse it then cupped water into it, bringing it back around to pour onto Dean... which was apparently the wrong thing to do as Dean's eyes widened a millisecond before he crouched down under the downpour of water that fell on him. Sam's eyes widened, "Dean!? You okay? Sorry! I forgot, I mean, I didn't think it was that much water."

He was coughing and sputtering, how the hell did Sam think that he was okay?! "Just fine" he mumbled, anxious to just get out. "Need a towel." By the time Sam put him on the counter, on top of a folded towel, he was near tears with frustration. "You'll have to blow dry my shorts," he reminded Sam, walking to the edge and pulling the corner of the heavy towel.

Sam's own shower had been a fast one, what with a grumpy teeny Dean bitching the entire time, now as he stood fastening a towel around his hips he frowned at his brother. "Put them on, I'll blow on you," he told him, brow quirked, frowning. "Look, I don't like you being my little fairy brother any more than you do, alright, but we just have to make do, so stop bitching at me about everything!" Sam reached for a washcloth, handing it to Dean, "Here. It's... more your size." He mumbled.

He didn't get it. Sam didn't get how irritating he was being. Barely acknowledging him, Dean used the washcloth and managed to dry up. But he refused to put on the wet shorts, so he just dove off the counter and flew into the bedroom. This maneuvering thing was getting easier, he realized, practicing a little, then landing in front of the open lap top. He'd started to jump from one key to the other, to type out a porn site, when he remembered that it wouldn't help his cause here. Sitting on the space bar, he watched Sam get dressed. "I'm not horny anymore, why aren't I getting big. It didn't take that long last night, did it?"

Sam glanced behind himself at his brother sitting on the laptop space bar, "You came last night, and..." he frowned, "Get off my space bar before you go big again and break it!" with a huff Sam turned his attention back to the duffel bag, "And last night you weren't staring at my naked ass." He pulled out a pair of boxers and jeans, "Don't deny it, I can feel teeny tiny holes burning into my ass cheeks."

Diving off the lap top, Dean flew straight at Sam's ass and bit it.

Sam jumped, eyes wide, "Ow!" Turning, boxers and jeans in hand he swatted at Dean, frowning hard. "Hey! That wasn't funny! You bit me! Jerk!"

"Bitch," Dean flew out of reach, then landed on the back of Sam's hand. "Did I draw blood? Maybe I'm a vampire fairy... they're the kind that get a little respect. Besides, you never used to complain when I bit you," he mocked. Now he was feeling a lot better. Smiling even.

Sam huffed, eyes narrowed, "That was when your bites didn't feel like a mosquito from hell!" he reached back with one hand to rub his ass cheek, "Dude, what the hell?"

Chuckling, Dean climbed up Sam's arm and then grabbed a couple strands of his hair and sat on his shoulder. "Wear something with a pocket up here." He had to think ahead. "And think of some way for me to get some java. Seriously could use some coffee." He looked up. "What's with the bitchface? It was only a little bite."

Sam's eyes slid to the side as he tried to look at his brother perched on his shoulder, "Yeah? Well, let me bite you. Then we'll be even," he huffed, "and I dunno that I like you sitting up there, what if you suddenly go big again? You'll throw my shoulder outta joint or somethin', I get beat up enough by evil shit, I don't need you doin' it too." he huffed, shaking his head as he bent slightly to slid his boxers and jeans on. "Coffee, yeah, I'll get you coffee, a whole cup full, you can go swimming in it."

"Now you're just being mean." He gripped tighter, but slid along Sam's collar bone. "Huh... never noticed how sexy your clavical is," he grinned. "Come on, I get points for using big words." He tried to tease Sam into a better mood, if only because Sam was the only one he could rely on until he got big again!

Sam huffed, though the corners of his mouth quirked upward at Dean's playful teasing. "My clavical," he shook his head, "dude, do you even know what that word means?"

"Kinda musical, isn't it?" He answered, grinning back.

The End

You have reached the end of "Gesundheit!". This story is complete.

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