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Xander: ODST

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Summary: YAHF. Kinda. Xander dressed as an ODST, with further reaching consequences than he could have imagined...

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Games > Sci-Fi > HaloTheHeartistFR1836,13012012,61715 Oct 0921 Oct 09No


A/N: Just got done with the game and this story popped into my head, more or less fully formed, almost instantly. So here it is.

Disclaimer: Neither Buffy and co, nor the Halo characters belong to me (although I have taken the liberty of naming the anonymous rookie from ODST for the sake of good narrative.) Buffy et al belongs to Joss the Boss and Halo and relevant characters belong to Bungie.


Halloween, Sunnydale, 1998

Mark Harris didn't know where he was. The last thing he remember was the carrier disappearing out of Earth's orbit and the air displacement knocking another falling pod into his own. Then blackness. And now this. He'd woken up in the middle of a tarmac road in what looked like a very very old town (but somehow it looked brand new) clutching his trusty silenced sub-machine gun and in his usual ODST standard issue armour. Except it was also brand new. He quickly scanned the street and saw people running in blind panic. No Covenant anywhere, but weird creatures running around, all different types. To him, they looked like trolls. All of a sudden, a girl ran up to him, dressed rather provocatively. But the scanners in his combat helmet were picking up nothing. What in the hell?

“Xander, quickly, something's really really really wrong-” the girl began.

“Hey lady, I don't know who in the hell you are, but you must be sorely mistaken,” Mark said. Except he didn't. Because his voice sounded all wrong, completely different from usual. He must have hit his head real hard.

“But you're...wait, you went as like, a space marine,'re a space marine I guess,” the girl said “, I'm Willow by the way.”

It was going to be one of those evenings.


Later that night...

Giles kicked Ethan again.

“The spell Ethan, how do you break it?!” he roared.

“The bust...smash the bust...” Ethan muttered.

Giles stomped across the room and picked up the bust of Janus that sat on a pedestal, before smashing it down on the floor.


A few minutes earlier...

The blonde vampire had taken flight, his henchman expertly picked apart by Mark's supremely accurate gunfire. ODST's were taught in training to identify and target the enemies' weak-points in order to tackle Covenant forces which were more well armoured and naturally tougher than humans. A single ODST could probably hold off 20 or so attackers, 10 to 15 if they were Covenant, by himself given reasonable circumstances. Never mind the stories he'd heard about the Master Chief. The sole surviving member of the Spartan project supposedly could take on entire Covenant attack waves by himself and barely break a sweat. Yeah right, he'd believe that as soon as he saw it. Fuck, mind on the job! He scanned the alley, both literally and with his combat helmet and saw no more hostiles. He turned to start towards Lady Elizabeth and help her up, just really getting used to being in someone else's body, when his head began to swim and he sank to the alley floor before passing out completely...


New Mombasa, 2552
6 hours after drop...

Mark shook his head as he came to, still inside his pod. What a fucking weird dream. Hitting the explosive bolts for the emergency release, he played though the somewhat foggy events in his head. It must have been a dream. The bolts went off as the door flew into the street below and Mark jumped from the pod, tucking and rolling on impact. He hit the ground and started to look around. The streets were deserted, stricken vehicles lay abandoned almost everywhere you looked. Suddenly, the eerie silence was broken by gunfire from around the corner. Ahead of him, he saw several Brutes and Grunts backing down the street towards him, firing at something around the corner. A plasma grenade flew from said corner and stuck a Brute in the centre, exploding and killing them all bar one Grunt. The grunt turned and fled, and as he neared Mark, abruptly went down with a gunshot to the back of the head. Behind the grunt, a man in regulation ODST gear walked up to him.

“Thank god I finally found you, it's been hell getting here,” said the man with a voice Mark sort of recognised But where....

“Who are you? And what do you mean found me?” Mark asked.

The trooper removed his combat helmet and Mark was greeted with an all too familiar face.

“We've never met properly,” the man said “, I'm Xander Harris. And you HAVE to come with me.”


A/N: The first full chapter should be on the way soon enough, just felt like putting this out there like a teaser ;) Reviews are lovely, thank you :)
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