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Second Chances

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Summary: HP/BtVS - Buffy’s world came crashing down when her true destiny was revealed by a green-eyed stranger… *evil bunny laugh*

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterWuWuBelleFR1523,141084,07616 Oct 0916 Oct 09No


Title: Second Chances
Genre: Depends on my muse…
Pairings: What? And ruin my fun?? :D
Timeline: AU 3 years after HP book 7 and BtVS S5 (“The Body”)
Plot: Buffy’s world came crashing down when her true destiny was revealed by a green-eyed stranger… (evil bunny laugh)
Disclaimer: All BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon. "Harry Potter" characters belong to J.K. Rowling.

Twenty years earlier…

Blue fire crackled and danced from the musty fireplace, casting a warm glow within the darkened interior. Shadows flitted over the walls, bearing the mark of life on an otherwise slumbering room.

Two black figures sat by the hearth, both staring at the flickering flames as if entranced. Silence reigned, like fingers of the evening mist curling round about them. The older one spoke quietly, thoughtfully, “She is safe, I gather?”

The younger one nodded curtly, “Yes. I made certain of it.”

“And does she remember about…”

“I have already made the necessary… precautions.” came the succint reply.

“I see.” A slight pause. “Nevertheless, we must still make sure she will remain protected in the event that you…” His voice faltered. “… rather, until such time when you shall be joining them, if you still wish to do so.”

“Headmaster, I do not think…” He blustered.

“The child. Is it well?”

“It is still too early to tell. Headmaster, “A knitted brow accompanied the query, “Do you think it wise to have allowed the woman a choice and settle in a… in such a place as…”

“Do not fret. She is a woman of strong stature, one who is most unlikely to succumb to your charms,” The older one’s eyes twinkled. “…or threats, for that matter. I believe she chose the best place for her to start anew. All we could do for now is fulfill our promise of protection. For her and for her unborn child.”

The other man nodded in resignation, taking the older man’s words as a reprimand.

“I shall visit them as soon as I can. Minerva suggested we bind the child’s powers as well, to prevent the trace from taking effect once it is born.”

The younger man’s head snapped up, “Do you mean to bind the powers… permanently?”

“No. Through collaboration with our friends from the Ministry, we were able to find a way to bind the powers temporarily…”

Relief mirrored in the younger man’s eyes.

“… until such time as the child’s sole link to the muggle world is compromised.”

“Are you saying…”

“I’m sorry. But that is the only way we can secure the welfare of both woman and child.” Deep sadness colored the older man’s voice.

“I see.” A slight trembling of the right hand bore the only evidence of the young man’s emotions.

Aged blue eyes connected with midnight black ones, sending a silent message of comfort and reassurance. “They will be safe. They will be protected. Trust in our powers. Trust also that you shall be reunited one day. Hope, I believe, is the fuel that fires our actions during dark times.”

The young man looked away, his face etched with frustration and regret, “I am left with no choice. If they stay with me, death will consume them. If they go into hiding, we might never see one another again. My foolishness has brought me misery far greater than I have imagined.”

His eyes sought the older man’s once more. “ I have done what needs to be done. There is nothing left for me to hold on to.” His black eyes flashed, almost dangerously, “:That makes for a formidable quality in a spy, don’t you think Headmaster?”

As the young man turned and walked swiftly out of the room, Albus Dumbledore’s blue eyes turned bleak once again. Pity and compassion marred their once-twinkling depths. He turned to his pet phoenix, who was gazing thoughtfully at the young man’s back.

Fawkes gave a slight squawk, bringing a slight smile to Albus’ lips. “I know, old friend. Life hasn’t been kind to him. We have yet to see how these new events will turn out. It is my fervent hope that everything will work out for the best.”

Fawkes gave a little sigh in response.
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