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Summary: Xander gets married

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
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Summary: Xander is getting married. PWP

AN: Unheard conversation – “**********”

Helena Katsaros left the police station and entered the waiting car.

“Headquarters,” was all she said to her driver and body guard, a Slayer named Georgina. Normally she would have driven herself around but the current alert status dictated she be accompanied by at least one Slayer anytime she left the compound.

She pulled out an international capable cell phone and placed a call.

Xander answered his phone after the first ring.






His face grew grim as he listened.

Ororo watched her husband with worry and trepidation.

“Thank you for the update, Helena,” he finally said. “I’ll pass the word on. While I agree it does not look like this was a direct attack against us, protocol calls for waiting the full 48 hours from initiating Yellow Alert before reducing the alert level if there is no definitive evidence to the contrary. And considering all three are still unaccounted for, it’s best to err on the side of caution.”


“Thank you,” he said. “Hope to hear from you soon with good news. Bye.”

He was silent for several moments before he turned to his wife and said, “It appears that only one of them was on the flight that exploded. She hasn’t been identified among the survivors or the dead so far but then not everyone has had their identity confirmed yet. Helena is going to contact the airline to confirm the other two were bumped to another flight. The authorities are keeping people bumped from the flight isolated till they can question them for any info they might have about the explosion but she hopes to at least get their location and send backup if they will be detained too much longer.”

“Who was on the flight?” asked an apprehensive Ororo, seeing the look on her husband’s face.

Nurse Haffa checked the readings on the Jane Doe patient and noted them on her chart. She then prepared to remove the sterile gauze wraps from the patient’s face and head so that the team from the authorities could take her picture, along with her fingerprints to help discover her identity. The hospital didn’t have a dental x-ray machine so a visual inspection of her teeth would also be conducted as part of the identification effort.

The team was scheduled to arrive at any time though there were quite a few patients from the plane that didn’t have any ID on them, and were in no condition to communicate by any means, that needed to be processed.

Nurse Haffa was a bit surprised that the patient’s face appeared to be less puffy from the first time she’d covered the first degree burns she’d suffered. It was still distorted but a photo taken now would be closer to her normal features than what it had been previously.

Once the ID team was done, she’d have to reapply the burn ointment and re-wrap her face and head to help promote healing and prevent further damage to her face.

She was encouraged to see that the blood flow to the limbs and head had improved since the Vasodilator had been administered, though it was still below normal.

Dr. Romanov was taking a small break. The pace had been hectic for the entire hospital as even if personnel weren’t dealing directly with crash victims, they still had to see to the needs of the existing patients. But now, all the casualties the hospital had received from the plane crash had finally been treated and stabilized. Some would have to be transferred to other hospitals that were better equipped to deal with their long term care but that was being handled by the administration staff in conjunction with the authorities who needed to keep track of the survivors, both for their investigation and for providing information to any relatives.

This meant that the medical staff could relax to some degree. And Dr. Romanov was definitely taking advantage of the lull by taking a small nap in her office. After having been called down into the chaos of the emergency room to deal with the pregnant Jane Doe, she had been drawn into helping out with other patients as well. All-in-all the experience just reminded her why she didn’t go into emergency medicine.

She’d been so busy with other patients, she hadn’t been able to look at the new x-rays taken of the Jane Doe, and barely had been able to acknowledge the updates provided by the nurse that indicated the Vasodilator seemed to be working as hoped.

It was early evening the day after the plane crash when she and Selene were finally freed to head off to a hotel where they could shower and change clothes, they hadn’t gotten their luggage back until just before they were let go. She let Selene deal with getting them a room while she stayed off to the side for privacy and finally got to make her phone call to the Olympus Team headquarters using her cell. Luckily the volume of phone traffic had returned to almost normal in the wake of the flood that had occurred after the crash so she was able to get through with no difficulty.


“This is Annabel Lee reporting in,” she said as calmly as possible, using her emergency code name that Watchers and Slayers had to use when being out of touch for more than 16 hours and unable to be identified in person. “I and Maria Mitchell are currently at the Ostraco Suites on Mykonos and are fine. Is there any news on Sarah Edmonds?”


Though she was unable to keep the worry off her face, she managed to keep her voice steady, “Please put me through to Madame Katsaros.”



“Madame, this is Annabel Lee. Will you be able to provide us with transportation from Mykonos to Athens?” she asked.


“Have them call us when they arrive and we’ll meet them for pick up,” she said. “If you get any news about Sarah Edmonds before then be sure to call us.”


“Thank you,” she said and hung up.

She returned to Selene just as she finished up getting their room keys. They walked to the elevator in silence.

Once the doors closed and the elevator began to rise, she said, “She hasn’t been identified as being among either the survivors or the . . . . dead. But there are still several of each who haven’t been ID’d yet. However, I’m sure I’d know if she were dead so I’m thinking positive thoughts.”

Selene squeezed her hand and replied, “So am I.”

“Air travel is still limited so Helena is sending a boat for us,” she said to Selene. “They’ll call when they arrive and we’ll go meet them at the docks.”

“Look,” said Selene. “You hit the shower first and I’ll order dinner along with several cartons of chocolate-chip mint ice cream.”

She nodded as the elevator doors opened onto their floor.

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