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Wedding Gift

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Summary: Xander gets married

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Wedding Night Surprise

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
Beta: None.
Summary: Xander is getting married. PWP

AN: Thoughts are between asterisks - *How boring.*


That night, in the Bridal Suite, Ororo reluctantly broke another of the endless kisses she and Xander had been giving each other. Partly to renew her oxygen supply and more importantly to talk with Xander.

“Husband,” she started because it gave her a thrill to refer to him as such. “Do you remember my mentioning to you about how I sometimes was called upon to give my blessings to a newly married couple during the time some of the tribes worshiped me as a goddess?”

“Very intuitive of them,” he replied as he nuzzled her neck, causing her state of arousal to go up another notch. “And a sentiment that I whole hardily agree with. You were made to be worshiped.”

“W . . . well, I’ve lo . . . located another young wo . . woman who the tribes con . . . consider a goddess,” she gasped out as he continued to thrill her with his lips and hands.

This caused him to stop his ministrations, for which she was both grateful and sad.

“Not to worry, she is not a goddess in the sense you might think,” she reassured him. “She is like me in that her gifts are viewed as being evidence of her divinity.”

“And you want to have her bless our marriage?” he asked.


“When do you want to do this?” he inquired with a slight frown as to her timing for bringing the subject up as he was already primed for moving their foreplay to another level.

“Now,” was her soft reply.

“Now!” he exclaimed in frustration and incredulity.

“It has to happen before we consummate our vows,” she patiently explained.

“Why couldn’t we do this before the reception or before we came up here?” he almost whined.

“It is a private affair and . . . . a bit intimate,” she replied with a sexy and humorous lilt to her voice.

While he was stunned by her words she continued, “Now if you don’t want to do this, I’ll understand but it would make me very happy if you agreed.”

“Wh . . . why didn’t you mention this before?”

“I wasn’t sure I could arrange for the goddess to be here,” she replied. “And I didn’t want to get your hopes up if I couldn’t.”

Intrigued at her phrasing, he asked, “Why would I get my hopes up?”

“I thought it was every man’s fantasy to make love to two women at the same time while the women engaged in lesbian love making themselves,” she purred mischievously.

Since they had never broken their embrace, she was able to detect his obviously positive reaction to her words.

“Let me get this straight,” he said slowly. “You want me to make love to you and another woman?”

“It’s the only way to receive the blessing,” she said. “And it’s not cheating because not only am I aware that you are making love to her, I will be there and participating as well. Plus as I’ve done the same for other young couples, it is an act that I am comfortable with. But if you are not then I will understand.”

The image of his wife involved with other lovers enraged him on one level but also aroused him on another. Since he knew those occasions occurred prior to his even meeting her, even though she had never given that much detail about what blessing a marriage had entailed before, his jealousy was short lived. His arousal was a different matter in that being a young virile male, the fantasy image of his now wife engaged in a ménage a trois, substituting himself as the only male, put a very silly, but contented grin on his face.

Seeing that she had him hooked, Ororo decided it was time to land him.

“The way this will work is that the goddess will lay atop me with our sex touching and doing some very passionate kissing and groping. You will be between our legs and enter her first then pull out and enter me thus anointing each of us with her essence. You are to switch back and forth like that even when you achieve climax so that you deposit your seed inside each of us. However, you must ensure that both she and I achieve at least one climax each before you reach yours. More would be better and for all three of us to reach climax at the same time would be perfect. We will both be trying to help you bring us off as well so hopefully it shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish our release prior to yours. Now, since she will be acting in her role as goddess, we must be blindfolded as it is bad luck to gaze upon a goddess while she is carrying out her divine duties. After all we do not want to have either of us enthralled by her perfect beauty to the point where we no longer desire each other. Her job is to bless our union to make it stronger, not to break us apart.”

“So let me get this straight,” he said. “You want me to consummate our marriage by making love to you and some woman I don’t know and have never met.”

“I never said you don’t know her,” she responded.

“I know her!” he nearly shouted.

“I didn’t say that either,” smirked at him.

“You know, being cryptic is a severe offense, punishable by a sound thrashing,” he said menacingly.

“We can discuss your kinky sex ideas after the blessing, provided you’re still up to it then,” she said impishly just before pulling him into another passionate kiss.

When they finally broke for air again, she asked while he was still in a haze of euphoria, “Do you want to accept the wedding present I’ve arranged for the both of us?”

Xander looked into his wife’s eyes and saw the love for him in them. He also saw the earnestness in her desire for him to participate in the blessing. So he knew this was not a joke or a tease on her part, though it sort of was a tease, just a serious one.

“You’re sure about this?”

“Yes, Husband. I’m sure,” she replied in total solemnity while holding his gaze with her own. “I truly desire this goddess to bless our union.”

“Sounds like you have reasons other than just the blessing . . . . Wife,” he said waggling his eyebrow.

“Wellllllllll, I did say the present was for both of us,” she admitted with a broad grin on her face after a few beats. “Though, I would never have approached her for a liaison if the opportunity of our marriage hadn’t provided an excuse.”

They stood quietly for a while as she waited for his answer.

Finally he broke the silence and said, “You’re not going to tell me who she is are you?”

“It was one of the stipulations she set down for doing the blessing,” she replied. “She is a bit disconcerted about her status as goddess and really doesn’t want anyone to know who already doesn’t. As it was, it took quite a bit of persuasion and several promises to get her to agree to do the blessing. Sorry.”

They continued to embrace in silence while he thought over the situation.

She had been right about the fantasy of having two women at once. Hell, it had been an almost nightly occurrence back when they fought The First and Buffy’s house was full of hot, nubile Potentials. Though he hadn’t always limited himself to just two at a time. Nor to just the Potentials.

*OK. I’m not totally adverse to the idea,* he mused. *Oro has had previous experience with it and apparently has a bit of lust on for this other goddess which means it isn’t some hag to satisfy a native ritual she feels obligated to observe. Plus from the way she is rubbing against me and pressing into me, she is even eager for me to agree to the sharing of this goddess. With my one big objection being not knowing who she is, it comes down to a matter of trusting Oro, which is a no brainer.*

“I accept your gift,” he said. “Though I do protest that you get to know who she is and I don’t.”

“Then I suggest you use that as incentive to ensure she truly enjoys her time with us such that she would be amenable to letting you know who she is and might even be enticed into provide additional blessings should we desire them,” she purred into his ear.

‘A . . . ad . . addi . . . additional bl . . . bles . . . blessings?” he stuttered out as his brain again flashed on him being the filling of a threesome sandwhich.

“Renewal of vows, significant anniversaries and birthdays, and . . . . . when we’re ready to add members to our family,” she replied smiling at her husband’s fluster as his imagination took off like a rocket.

“However,” she continued, interrupting his flights of fancy, “we need to prepare for this encounter before we can even consider another. Therefore, I will take a quick shower, and no, you may not join me.”

The last said just as he opened his mouth to speak and thus no words came out.

“Once I finish with my shower, you may take yours. I will place a blindfold on the vanity and you will don it prior to coming out of the bathroom. She will then guide you over to the bed where I will already be blindfolded and waiting. Once she and I have properly positioned ourselves, I will signal you to begin preparing us to receive Big Little Xander. Start with your fingers then your tongue but always remember to begin each round of foreplay by touching her first so you can receive her blessing and then transfer it to me. You determine how long the foreplay will last and will know when it is time to begin the final act of the blessing so just follow your instincts. Once the ritual reaches its culmination, we are to remain blindfolded until she departs. We are then free to continue consummating our marriage for the rest of the night, so be sure to conserve your energy as I intend for us to beat our previous record . . . significantly.”

“One other thing,” she continued even as she could tell his mind was going back to their marathon love making session. “As I mentioned earlier the blessing involves you depositing your seed inside both of us so no condoms. She is healthy and there is no danger of any STDs. She will handle her own birth control method as will I. Not that I plan on doing anything since as we previously discussed this night should be one of total commitment to each other. Should that result in my conceiving your child, then I would be very, very happy that our union was so blessed. Not that I would be disappointed if that doesn’t occur but it would add an extra reason to celebrate our anniversaries knowing that it would also commemorate the conception of our child.”

He kissed her fiercely for a very long time to take the edge off the arousal that had been building inside him. It left them both a bit dazed so he wasn’t sure if he succeeded or just added to it.

Fortunately/unfortunately Ororo managed to slip from his embrace and headed off to take her shower.

*What am I letting myself in for?* he mused once he could think clearly again.

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