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Wizards, Slayer and Past Lives, Oh My!

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Summary: After Merlin reads an ancient incantation things get a little crazy when a certain Slayer and her gang drop into Camelot.

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The Master Plan Revealed

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS or Merlin. All these wonderful characters belong to Joss Whedon and the BBC.
Rating: I'm going with FR13 for now but that may change as the story progresses.
Pairings: None at the moment
Summary: After Merlin reads an ancient incantation, things get a little crazy when a certain Slayer and her gang drop into Camelot.
Spoilers: After season 1 of Merlin and after season 7 of Buffy
A/N: So writers block has kept me pretty crippled for these past months but I’m sloooowly coming through the fog. Please be patient with me, I will reward you with love and cookies :-D Feedback is appreciated.

Buffy was silent as she was dragged into the house along with Merlin and Arthur. Shock had frozen her brain in a fuzzy state and it hadn’t taken long for the vampires to over-power the three of them. Arthur was being pulled along the floor by his legs, his eyes closed in unconsciousness as a nasty looking bruise began to colour his temple. Merlin followed after him, his eyes filled with worry and fear. Buffy came in behind and she was very aware of the Master’s presence at her back.

The occupants of the room they’d been spying on before turned to look as they entered. Giles and the King instantly sat up straighter at the sight of their loved ones.

“Buffy.” That one word spoke volumes, relief and love dripping from every syllable. Tears sprang to Buffy’s eyes as she stared at her watcher. He was looking at her like she was his saviour, as if just by being there she gave him hope. She didn’t feel very hopeful.

She was pushed to the edge of the room and chained to the wall like Arthur and Merlin were. Uther was calling his sons’ name and straining at his bonds to reach him but the sorcerer just kicked him back with a snarl. It was then that everyone noticed the Master had entered. Uther grimaced in disgust, the sorcerer simply frowned but Giles’ face was a picture of horror and disbelief.

“Why are they here?” The sorcerer broke the stunned silence as he faced the Master with his arms crossed, looking more and more like a petulant child. “You were supposed to kill them and be done with it. I only need Uther and the other to complete my spell. They are simply obstacles that should be disposed of... now!”

Buffy could see the Master bristle at the sorcerer’s words and she realised that there was no love lost between the two of them. However the vampire simply clenched his fists and slowly released the tension in his body. He nodded his head slightly to the sorcerer before moving over to join his crowd of fellow vampires, speaking low so no one could hear. Buffy knew that whatever they were saying wasn’t going to be good.

Suddenly she felt an elbow nudge her ribs. Turning her head slightly so she could still keep an eye on the rest of the room, she saw Merlin leaning towards her.

“So you know that monster... thing?” He whispered, trying not to draw attention.

“The Master. He’s a vampire but a real ugly-looking version. I’ve faced him before in my time. I don’t understand how he’s here though.”

“But if you’ve faced him before why are you so afraid? Surely it’ll be easy to just... do it again?”

Buffy watched as the sorcerer moved over to where his demon lackeys were crowding round the altar. He demanded they make a few minor alterations and she knew they were just finishing touches. If she was going to do anything she had to do it fast.

“He gives me the major jeebies for two reasons. One, after I beat him he was nothing but bones... which I ground into dust with a big hammer. You don’t exactly expect to see them walking around after that you know?”

Merlin nodded, conceding her point. “And the other reason?”

She stared at the Master for a moment, memories flashing before her eyes. Old pain flared in the side of her neck and she winced softly. “In 8 years he’s the only one who’s ever managed to kill me.”

Buffy felt Merlin’s eyes on her but she shook her head to clear her mind of the unpleasant thoughts that were threatening to drown her. She took a deep breath and figuratively stepped into leader mode.

“Merlin I need you to wake Arthur up. Do it as quietly as possible but make sure he’s up and compos metis ok?”

Merlin seemed to understand what she was trying to whisper and with a determined nod he turned to give the Prince a sharp kick in the ribs. He turned his head back to flash her a wide grin and winked before turning back to his chore. Certain that Arthur would be awake soon, if only to yell at Merlin, Buffy turned her full attention back to the rest of the room. The vampires crowded in the doorway of the room behind the Master who leaned casually against the doorframe. He didn’t fool the slayer though and she knew his sharp eyes were watching over as much in the room as hers were. She made sure he was focused on the sorcerer’s antics at his altar before she caught Giles’ eye.

“You ok?” She mouthed to him and received an affirmative nod in reply. He lifted his chin at her, repeating the question and she hesitated a moment before nodding. The pitiful look in his eyes told her that she wasn’t fooling him one bit, he’d been by her side for too long.

The truth was that Buffy felt like she was sixteen years old again. She’d been sentenced to die at the Master’s hand and there hadn’t been anything she could do about it. Even though she’d survived, thanks to Xander, he had killed her. It was his destiny to end her life as much as it was hers to kill him. Being around him again just reminded her of that little girl inside who screamed when she came face to face with the monsters in the closet and right now there wasn’t a damn thing she could do to shut the little bitch up.

Blowing out a shaky breath, Buffy rubbed her sweaty palms down the sides of her pants then clenched her fists, digging her nails into her palms. Glancing over to the sorcerer, she saw him leaving the altar with a smug smile plastered across his face as he approached Giles and the King. Her heart skipped a beat as he waved the Master forward.

“You understand the plan? I will call forth the powers of darkness and I will finally have my revenge on the Pendragon. I will do what no man has done before and I will bring down the mighty king and destroy what is most precious to him. I will...”

“Oh puh-lease! “ The slayers’ exclamation cut off his sanctimonious ranting, causing everyone to turn and stare at her, including Arthur who was now awake and rubbing his side. “Dude, if I had a dollar for every demon, sorcerer or bad guy who’s had his ass handed to him because he ‘called on the powers of darkness’ I could be Paris Hilton... minus the little dog and dumb catchphrases.”

There was a moment of silence as the members of the group who weren’t familiar with ‘celebrities’ in 2009 tried to figure out what the hell she’d just said. Obviously giving up, the sorcerers look of confusion changed to one of outrage.

“I deserve justice!” He turned to stab an accusing finger in Uther’s direction. “That man took everything from me! I was going to be the greatest sorcerer the world had ever seen when HE decided that he was going to make magic nothing more than a dirty word whispered in the courtyard. He butchered my friends and drove me to hiding in caves and forests like a common mongrel!”

Uther snorted. “An apt description for those who wield magic... nothing more than dirty, common mongrels.” Derision was evident in his voice and this scorn was too much for the sorcerer who stormed over to the king, striking him across the cheek. He bent down to scream in his face.

“WELL WHO’S THE MONGREL NOW? WHO’S THE ONE TIED UP AND BEATEN ON THE FLOOR?” He let loose a few more blows until Uther’s head slumped forward onto his chest as unconsciousness overtook him. The sorcerer stumbled back, fighting to catch his breath before bursting into hysterical laughter.

Merlin tried desperately to calm Arthur who was now yanking wildly at his chains, eager to get his hands on the man who would dare strike his father. Buffy spoke, a little tentatively as she was pretty sure the sorcerer had earned himself a one way ticket to the loony bin by now.

“So you’re angry, I get that. But why go through all this? You’ve proved you can get to Uther so why not just kill him. Why go after Arthur and Giles?”

The sorcerer looked at her, puzzled.

“Who said I’m after Prince Arthur?”

“Uh, well... I was told you wanted to end the Pendragon line. YOU said you wanted to end the Pendragon line and to do that you’d have to end Uther and Arthur... right?”

The sorcerer chuckled and shook his head.

“Silly little girl. I don’t want to end the Pendragon line... I want to end the Pendragon. You see, your precious father figure here is the reincarnation of Uther Pendragon.” He moved round beside Giles and grabbing a fistful of the other mans hair he yanked his head back sharply, causing Giles to hiss with pain and Buffy to let out a snarl. The sorcerer smirked and continued. “While they have different personalities, different mannerisms and such... inside they are the same soul. So even if I kill Uther now he will still live on in Rupert Giles. I could not allow his evil to continue to taint the world so I found a ritual that will destroy his soul... permanently.” The sorcerer paused for dramatic effect and was rewarded by the look of horror and outrage on the faces on his captured audience.

“However, Mr Giles was very well protected in his time by his beloved slayer. Now even I’m not stupid enough to face a slayer so I had to find someone who could.” He waved his hand in the Master’s direction, who was standing and watching with an air of boredom. “I was extremely lucky to find a being that needed me as much as I needed him.” Seeing Buffy’s frown, the sorcerer smiled. “Death agreed with my friend once, the second time was not to his liking. So I offered him a deal. I would bring him back if he helped me get what I wanted and in turn what he wanted... the chance to face you again, Slayer. However a vampire will do as its nature dictates and he would have killed me in an instance so I withheld the one thing he craved the most until his task was complete. His immortality.”

“Enough.” The Master stepped forward, anger and disdain evident in his eyes as he turned his ruby glare on the sorcerer. The other man immediately shrank back, the bravado he’d built up during his story dissipating in an instant when faced with the monster before him.

“Don’t you have a ritual to do?” The Master enquired, his pleasant tone fooling no one. The sorcerer nodded and scampered away to the altar. With one last look of venom at the Slayer, the Master left the room, followed by his vampire lackeys.

Merlin leaned over to Buffy, keeping his voice low as he watched the sorcerer making the final preparations.

“What do we do now?”

It was Arthur who answered him, speaking in the same hushed tones.

“I’d have thought that was rather obvious Merlin. We escape, save my father and Giles and kill everyone else here... painfully.” That last word had Buffy smiling while Merlin replied.

“In case you haven’t noticed, Your Highness, we are currently chained to a wall, surrounded by demons and vampires. That’s not even mentioning the sorcerer and his monster buddy.... and I don’t know what you’re smiling about, young lady!”

His indignant tone had Buffy struggling to silently control her laughter as she looked at his outraged expression.

“Merlin, we’re going to be fine, I promise.” She assured him quietly though he still wasn’t convinced.


“Because 3 reasons. 1, because we are experts at this kind of thing. Demons and vampires are old school compared to the things we’ve seen. 2, because Willow can take out that sorcerer with her eyes closed and both hands tied behind her back. And 3...” A dangerous look flashed in her eyes as a smirk played at her lips. “That sorcerer really liked the sound of his own voice but he did say one thing that was important. When he brought the Master back he took his immortality and without it... the old bastard’s vulnerable.”

So the trio began to plan their escape, their hopes buoyed by this new revelation as the Slayer inside Buffy roared her approval of the fight to come.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Wizards, Slayer and Past Lives, Oh My!" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Apr 11.

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