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Sleeping Most Likely

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Summary: Xander has an out of body experience, one that could get him killed. Cross with Stargtate SG-1, contains a unique pairing, but not a slash one.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonbucksavageFR1811,314031,65419 Oct 0919 Oct 09Yes
Disclaimer: I hold no ownership nor do I claim to have any ownership of Stargate SG-1 or BTVS, they belong to MGM et AL and Mutant Enemy et AL respectively. My work, which I do own, is a work based on, but not limited to their respective universes.

A/N: "word" denote spoken words, 'word' denotes thoughts

Sleeping Most Likely

The date: August 7th, 2009. The place: Cleveland Ohio, home to one Xander Harris and a multitude of slayers and potential slayers, also home to the Hellmouth, but well save that for another time, another tale.

Xander Harris, exhausted after yet another averted apocalypse, (um, did they ever find out what the plural of apocalypse is?), settled down on the couch to rest his weary soul. Buffy Summers, is visiting, though she might as well just live there, when she isn’t in England or Rome or wherever she is needed, that is. Well she is currently staring at a weary Xander, who is currently oblivious to gloomy glare. ‘He seems so down lately. I wonder what’s got him in a funk?’ she thinks. “You ok Xander?” she asks him.

“Yeah Buff, I’m just tired...I mean, it gets to you that the evil just keeps coming you know? But what else are we gonna do, run away, or fight? Maybe then again, to quote Arnie in Terminator 2, “I need a vacation”” he replies, to which she laughs softly. ‘That right there, that friendship, is worth all the pain in the world,’ he muses. “Gonna watch some TV, you wanna join me?” He asks.

“S’ok. I think I’m gonna head off to bed. Night Xander.” She says as she sashays off, her pant legs making soft swaying sounds as she walks off to her room.

“Night Buffy” he answered over his shoulder not really taking his eyes off of the TV screen, saying out loud to himself, “What to watch, what to watch? Hmmm, Wormhole X-Treme sounds good, I wonder why they always talk about canceling it, it’s actually pretty good, ” he says as he changes the channel. Time rolls by, the episode plays its little teleplay fantasy, and after the show, Xander is mighty tired, in fact he is so tired he can hardly keep his eyes open, let alone talk coherently, even to himself. “Me gonna sleep now” he mumbled half stumbling his way to his room and then literally fell into the bed and is sound asleep as soon as he hit the mattress. Tonight however is not fated to be an uninteresting night, as he will soon find out.

Seemingly out of nowhere Xander became convinced that he wasn’t himself, not wholly Xander anymore. Slowly opening his eye, no make that eyes, he took in his surroundings. ‘K that’s new’ he thought numbly as he became aware that his hands weren’t his hands, his face wasn’t his face, his clothes weren’t his clothes, his voice, and well you get the idea. Around him were several others; a blond, who was dressed in what he could only call leather-like pants and a cloth tunic of sorts, but carried a machine gun, as did the others around him, except for the tall, forehead tattooed black man, who just screamed ‘warrior’, he carried a huge mean looking staff thing. . ‘Military?’ Xander/Daniel thought inwardly, as the group ran away from some others who were them. It was only now that Xander noticed he was running as well, “Well this is interesting” he says out loud without realizing it.

“Interesting?! That’s all you can call this, interesting?! Running for our lives is interesting? Now that’s an understatement,” Cam Mitchell replied hurriedly as they ran, darting between trees, taking cover.

“We gotta get to the gate!” one of them, Sam, he heard one of them say her name earlier, said between pauses in her haggard breathing.

‘Gate? What gate’ Xander thinks as he follows them not knowing what to do otherwise, because he and bullets are unmixy things.

“Daniel, you dial the Earth when we get to the gate!” Cam Mitchell barks to Xander/Daniel. “What? Huh? Me…uh……what do you…Earth?!” He mutters but then Cam yelled his way.

“Get down Daniel!” to which Xander takes no chances and ducks, a hail of gunfire nearly missing them all. “Get moving!” Cam yells out.

‘What have I gotten myself into this time’ Xander slowly lets that thought unravel in his mind as they soldier on.

Now usually Xander could go with the flow, but this was nuts, gunfire, the military; neither were things that the Scoobies worked well with but, he thought, these guys weren’t that bad so far, they certainly had his back, or Daniel’s, however he was. He came to the conclusion to try to tell them the situation, that he wasn’t Daniel, he was Xander Harris, and let nature take it’s course, and try to get back to his body and return this Daniel guy to his, cause as well all know, Xander Harris has had some crappy luck and this time seemed to no different of an incident to him. But as would have it, fate kicked the proverbial sand in his face at every turn; every time he would speak a few words eluding to the fact that he wasn’t who they thought he was he’d be one-upped by bullets whizzing overhead, or the threat of impending death, which you'd think he'd be used to by now. Then they arrived at a clearing, with a large Stone ring with what could only be described as intricate engraving equally spaced around the outer track of it. In front of it, a pedestal, with ‘a keyboard’ Xander could only think of with corresponding carvings on it.

“Daniel, dial Earth now!” Cam ordered as they bunkered down to fend off the now approaching enemy, gunfire ringing out across the divide between the two parties. Xander didn’t know what to do: on the one hand he was in this Daniel’s body, and that person would know what to do, but as Xander trapped in Daniel’s body he did not. He didn’t get long to muse on this as the pedestal and ring just disappeared in a flash of light. “Um guys, we have a problem!” he yelled to his new companions.

“Just dial the damn….gate?!” Cam says, stunned as he turns to find the gate and DHD, gone.

And that’s when Xander wakes up or falls out of bed, as the case may be. “Now that was, not of the good.” He mutters as he takes a look at the clock, reading 3:32am. “I’m going back to sleep.”

Meanwhile in downtown Cleveland, Bill Lee had been working on one of those Ancient communication devices at a SGC off-site lab when it activated mysteriously. They could only surmise that it had connected with someone who had the gene, but who, and where were they? Hours passed and it finally shut down.

“Bill? It shut down.” one of the techs said.

Bill ran over to it to inspect it when he noticed his laptop, files were opened, some downloaded. “Um, ok, now that, is new. The device loaded info from my laptop into it. Wonder why that happened…uh oh. It loaded the copies of the briefings from the last SG-1 mission.” He said with a stern look on his face.

“You mean that thing with the Lucian Alliance where Mitchell called himself John Shaft, “to which the tech chuckled, that was comedy gold, too bad we can’t tell anyone outside of the SGC that, it’d get a barrel of laughs.

“Yeah, sure, whatever” Bill replied, rolling his eyes as he skimmed the logs on the device and the laptop. “The files were downloaded to someone’s mind, that how this thing works, it links minds or at least that’s what we have seen it do before.”

“Look at the time Bill, whoever it was, they’d likely have been asleep,” Says the tech, wishing it to be true, ‘though with SG-1’s reputation, anything is possible, he thought.’

“Yeah, a dream.” Bill grumbles at his luck. ‘still gotta tell the general about this in the morning’ he says to himself.

© Tom Stanley

The End

You have reached the end of "Sleeping Most Likely". This story is complete.

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