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Summary: Willow has to deal with being a mutant and ends up at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngters.

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disclaimer : BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon and X-Men belongs to Marvel.



Sunnydale - November 2000

It's 9 o'clock in the morning. First period is on : gym class. Students pair up for an auto-defense class. Cordelia is with Xander, Willow with Buffy (Larry didn't want to try it again with her). But those 4 friends were discussing about an other matter.

"Giles want us to join him in the library after class," Buffy said. "I talked to him this morning and he was quite disturbed. He was really freaky : totally un-Giles like."

"I wonder what disturbed him so much."

"I don't know, Xan," Buffy answered. "I guess it could be all those mutants that decided to let the world know of their presence. Giles told me he didn't like it."

"I don't know," Willow said. "I find them courageous to admit that they are different. People just freak out because they don't know anything about them."

"Will, they don't know anything about demons and stuff and I'm sure they would freak out if they ever find out about what goes bump in the night. Demons are from hell. But those mutants are humans and most of them are more dangerous than vampires."

Suddenly, Harmony bumped into the Slayer. "Watch out where you walk freak-girl."

Willow turned toward the snob to defend her friend. "I think it's you who walked in her."

"I wasn't talking to you geek!"

"Fashion victim!"

"Waste of place!"

"Bleached brain!"

"Totally undesirable nerd who was dumped by her boyfriend that found her useless and a complete waste of time." Harmony plastered a big smile on her face that told everyone she had win.

That was pure cruelty for Willow, especially when the remark came from that blond bimbo. But instead of hidding her emotions as usual, it started to boiled. As the snob walked away, Xander and Buffy understood something was wrong. Normally, the red head would have just ignore her and turn away, but something was different this time : Willow wasn't controlling herself. She walked steadily in the same direction Harmony took.

When she arrived just behind her back, the blond turned around and watched her with a look of distaste. "What do you want? To be insulted again, loser?"


Harmony screamed. The teacher looked at where the call was from. Willow was shaking in rage and fear and Harmony was crying in pain on the floor. When she came closer, she notice that the red head was looking fearfully at her hand. Coming closer to her, she saw claws. That's when Harmony looked up, her face bathered in blood because of the wounds.

Willow backed up until she reached the wall. She didn't know what happened. One moment she was advancing toward the blond girl in the intention to smack her good, the other minute, her nails were extending into claws.

Not hearing her friends call to her, she ran out of the gym, out of the school toward the Rosenberg's house. She should have stayed with Buffy and Xander and Giles and... well Cordelia. But they wouln'd have understand. She wasn't one of them anymore.

She was a mutant.
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