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Mummy's Coming Home

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Summary: The Monks screwed up and used the wrong DNA. It's probably best they didn't live long enough to realize their mistake. Bellatrix is coming home!

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Theme: Real Family(Past Donor)MistressAshleyFR1821,9330144,38820 Oct 0911 Jan 11Yes

Chapter Two

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Harry Potter and I make no profit from writing this fic.

AN: I'm not sure I'm happy with this chapter but I was browsing through the FFA's and found Buffy/Bellatrix Black. I can't exactly claim it since this uses Bellatrix Lestrange but I couldn't resist writing a little something for this fic as a nod to the FFA.

Bellatrix knew her Lord would probably think she abandoned him but that didn’t matter right now. It would with time, when she was back in cursing range–likely already under the Cruciatus and babbling every sin she committed but her daughter was the only thought on her mind as she strolled through this disgusting Muggle town. Darkness radiated from the ground, swirled through the air in near visible waves, and she reached out gently to twirl her hand through one of the tendrils. A shiver worked up her spine and fluttered her eyelashes. Why were Muggles the ones running this town? Why were they the ones in control of this captivating darkness? If they could harness this darkness, they could rule the world. Bella made a note to suggest it to her Lord when she made it back to England.

She twirled her wand through the air and focused her mind on the tugging at her magic; she focused on her daughter who was out there with these dirty, disgusting Muggles. What might these filth be doing with her daughter right this second? Bella followed the direction the wand pointed, humming as she walked.

It took another three spells before she stopped in front of a … quaint, little house. It was sickeningly common and Bella really didn’t want to enter this house but her little girl was in there just waiting for her mummy. She just couldn’t disappoint her little girl, now could she?

The door was blown off its hinges with a loud bang and Bella stepped over the splintered pieces. There was the sound of running feet from the stairs, and Bella turned towards them expecting a fight. But there was only a young girl that had her hair color but the straightness of the Lestrange family. The eyes made Bella wonder where they had come from, green as they were, but they held a hidden darkness that was kindred with her own. Her little girl, was her last thought before she was sent stumbling under the weight of a body.

Bellatrix clawed at the arm around her shoulders, shrieking as she collapsed. The body, a blonde woman, rolled off of her and Bella was quick to pull herself to her feet. Aww, her mind cooed at the blonde‘s fighting stance, the little dove thought Bella was going to fight her with fists like a common Muggle.

“Crucio,” Bella purred out. This was likely the woman holding her daughter prisoner and she let that thought flow out her wand. The anger upped the spell and the woman was screaming, nails clawing at the wooden floor beneath her bowing body. Bella panted at the sight of blood pooling under her fingernails, at the pitch the woman’s screams managed to reach, and way the body pulled itself into a backbreaking arch.

Bella blinked in shock as the woman collapsed, panting for breath before she dragged herself painfully to her feet. Bella hadn’t canceled the spell; this shouldn’t be possible. How was she standing? How had she managed to break the Cruciatus?

The woman’s eyes slid off Bella and back towards the stairs where her daughter was still standing. “Run, Dawn, find Willow.”

It didn’t matter if this filth had broken out of her spell, all that mattered was that she was still trying to keep her from her daughter. Bellatix’s eyes narrowed as her wand snapped out, “Confringo!” The spell sent the blonde tumbling backwards, blasted off her feet. Still, that spell should have broken at least one bone if not collapsed the entire chest cavity. The blonde didn’t have a hint of Wizarding power about her but she was more than Muggle.

Bella was quick to send out another curse, an Entrail-Expelling Curse, but the blonde seemed to be learning. She avoided the spell and Bella frantically sent out every spell she could think of. She wasn’t sure what the blonde was or what she thought she could do if she got close but there was no way Bella wanted to find out. It was best to keep her at a distance; at a distance, Bella had the upper hand.

Bella knew she could just kill the woman, one good Avada Kedavra and the fight would end, but she wanted this woman to suffer for trying to keep her daughter from her. The spell that came to mind was perfect, likely to kill the woman but at least it would be a slow death. “Sectumsempra!” Cuts sliced across the blonde’s body, bloodless holes that let her know they were deep before the blood filled them, spilling over as the blonde collapsed. Blood pooled around her form, distracting Bellatrix for a moment before a gasp snapped her head to the side. She expected to see this Willow her daughter had been sent to fetch but it was a pleasant surprise to find the girl still on the stairs where Bella had last seen her. Her green eyes were transfixed by the ever spreading pool of blood and Bella smirked–like mother, like daughter it seemed.

Bellatrix moved forward cautiously, there was no telling what these people had told this girl about her. She held out her hand, palm up, as she stared into those green, green eyes. There was a moment of indecision as those eyes skittered off her face to the gasping, dying woman behind her before they were back and a warm hand was fitting into her own hand. The magic inside Bella rejoiced at this feeling of completeness.

“Willow will be home soon,” the girl said softly.

Bella glanced behind her. “She’ll be dead soon,” she said just as softly, tugging the girl out the front door and down the street towards the edge of town.

As the ‘Leaving Sunnydale’ sign came into view, Dawn got up the courage to speak. “I’m Dawn. Who are you?”

Bellatrix grinned, which came out as more of a frightening grimace, as she answered, “You can just call me Mummy!” She pulled Dawn close and activated the illegal portkey to take them both home.

End Chapter Two

Bella isn't as crazy as the last chapter; she's had a bit of time to drag the shattered bits of her mind into some order, though she does seem to have gotten it into her head that Buffy and the Scoobs kidnapped Dawn ... even though the 'motherhood magic' just came into existence.

And yes, I did leave Buffy almost dead with Willow on her way. I don't know if I'll save her or not. Let's hope we don't have to wait another year to find out.

The End

You have reached the end of "Mummy's Coming Home". This story is complete.

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