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Reflective Surfaces

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Summary: Simon stares into the mirror and sees something puzzling

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Firefly > Faith-CenteredthegenuineimitationFR1364,0951136,08620 Oct 0931 Jan 10No

In Which the Ship is Redecorated

Reflective Surfaces

Chapter Six: In Which the Ship is Redecorated

Disclaimer: I don't own Firefly or Buffy

When Simon woke up the next morning to find a very anatomically correct drawing on his ceiling, he was not ashamed to admit he let out a cry of surprise. His entire room looked like a graffiti bomb had gone off.

"Simon," River poked her head in.


River floated into the room and glanced up at the ceiling.

"She's a good artist isn't she?"

Simon flushed an instant red.

"River don't look at that!" he said ushering her out of his room.

"It's a penis, Simon, I've seen one before...It's good to see you're admitting she exists," River deadpanned.

"I'm not admitting anything..." Simon started stubbornly before pausing and blanching, "Wait what do you mean you've seen one before?"

River giggled and ran away.


"What's all the shouting and commotion about?" asked Mal stalking towards Simon disapprovingly.

"Uh nothing Captain," Simon winced waiting for Mal to demand to know why the words 'You can't ignore me forever Simon Tam!' were written in garish purple bubble letters across the wall beside them.

Apparently the Captain couldn't see them. Great.

"Uh huh," he said sceptically, but thankfully he let it go, "We've got work lined up on Boros in about two weeks, looks like it might get ugly, you got everything you need in the med bay?" Mal asked.

"We could use some stronger antibiotics and antivirals just in case but I don't think the need is dire," Simon said absently as he watched the words 'Simon is a douche bag!' scrawl themselves out as if by an invisible hand a little ways down the hall.

"If it's not crucial we can't afford it," Mal said firmly.

Simon jolted himself back to reality.

"Alright just don't catch any epidemics level viruses or genetically engineered super bacterial infections," shrugged Simon.

"We'll try not to," said Mal stalking away.

And that was apparently the end of that discussion. Simon shook his head as he returned to his room to get dressed pointedly ignoring the drawing on the ceiling. After a long mental debate with himself he finally turned to his mirror and said with grit teeth,

"Alright, you win, what do you want?" to the blank surface.

It took a minute but the brunette appeared putting a cap on a lime green marker with a self-satisfied smirk on her face.

"Told ya,"

"Fine, fine you win I'll concede your existence now take the graffiti off,"

"Why don't you like my artwork?" she chuckled, "I thought I did a pretty good job with the proportions..."

"Okay! I don't want to know how you know...that..." Simon started blushing as he waved his hand in the general direction of the ceiling, "I want to know what you want with me?"

"Be in the cargo bay tonight at midnight, it's time we started your training or you'll be way behind when he gets there," she said suddenly serious.

"What training!" Simon snapped severely annoyed by all the cryptic hints.

"Your training as a watcher," she answered.

"What's a watcher?"

"Tonight, midnight, be there and I might answer your questions, consider the wait punishment for ignoring me," she said before disappearing with a flippant wave.

Simon clutched the edges of his sink in a white-knuckled grip and bit down on his tongue. Yelling at an empty mirror wasn't going to make much difference he reminded himself. Taking a deep breath he walked down the hall and down the stair to his sanctuary in the med bay ignoring the brightly colored tags and rude messages peppering the hall.

He stopped short, sighed, and flopped down on the waiting area couch burying his face in a throw pillow to keep from cursing aloud.

"You okay Simon?" asked Kaylee hesitantly a minute later.

"Fine," he said into the pillow.

"Okay...hey I could use some help in the engine room, if you wanted to..." she suggested.

Simon rolled over and gave Kaylee a genuine smile. She was so sweet.

"Anything to get out of this room," Simon agreed.

Once they'd left River poked her head in curiously and giggled at what she saw.

"What's so funny moon-brain?" asked Jayne poking his head into the room as he passed by on his way to the cargo bay.

River just continued giggling and skipped away in the opposite direction.

"Moon-brain's gettin' crazier every day, ain't nothing funny bout an empty room," Jayne muttered to himself, leaving the med bay, and the plethora of lime green hearts with the words 'Simon + Jayne' that covered the walls, behind.

Author's Note: Just something silly. Please Review.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Reflective Surfaces" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Jan 10.

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