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Unforeseen Consequences

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Summary: When Kathryn reunites with her past in New York, unforeseen consequences occur.

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Movies > Cruel IntentionsGylzgurlFR15711,7474249,46221 Oct 099 Mar 10No

Suprises, Pt1

DISCLAIMER: I don't own 'em. Buffy is Joss' baby and 20th Fox owns CI.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: So sorry about the wait. I lost all my files and had to start over from scratch. But I'm back; just not sure how quick and regular updates will be what with work, school, and all. But I will try to update faster in the future. Also, I suck at fight scenes so please bear with me. With that said and out of the way, please read, enjoy, and as always please review!


Amid the chaos going on around her Buffy once again began to make her way to the back exit of the warehouse. However, this time Buffy never made it to the door.

"You lying, backstabbing, cheating whore! What's the matter? Is it too much for you to take so you have to run away, again?" Annette yelled at her back, causing her to turn back around. "You've got some nerve showing your face in this state again after all the shit you pulled. Trying to ruin my life before wasn't enough for you was it? You just had to come back and finish the job! Well, I've got news for you because I never want to see your face anywhere near my husband ever again, do you hear me?"

The entire room was silent, breaths being held as everyone waited for the Kathryn shaped blow up they were sure was going to happen... but never came. Instead, Buffy just calmly walked over and stopped a few feet from Annette, not once rising to the bait like everyone expected. Gone was the spoiled bitch of her youth and in its place was a predator with cold, calculating eyes. Now everyone held their breath for an entirely different reason, even Annette.

"You may have known who I was but you don't know the first thing about who I am so don't assume that you do," Buffy calmly stated, her voice never raising. "My life here, like my actions, are my own and no one, including you, can tell me how to live it. I have apologized relentlessly in the past for all that happened when we were still kids and I'm through making excuses. If you still won't accept my apology then that's not my fault. But you cannot, and will not, force me to stop seeing the only family I have here. And if you have nothing new to say then I don't want to hear anything. We'll never be friends, you hate my guts, I got the message. But I refuse to stay here and take anymore of your shit. I've changed. You obviously have not."

With nothing more to say Buffy changed her course of action and went to grab her coat. On her way to the front door she turned to Sebastian, seeing him reaching for his keys.

"I've got it," she told him. "You should stay with your 'wife' anyways. Besides, I really need to kill something."

Buffy left the warehouse and this time no one stopped her. Quite frankly, everyone was a bit too scared to try, especially after seeing the cold predatory look in her eyes. Humans should not have eyes like that. The look in those eyes bothered Ronald the most, reminding him of caged tigers in zoos. Not the large open space zoos, but ones that still used caging.

Those eyes brought back memories of stories he heard growing up. Stories of unearthly, hellish things that nightmares were made of. But no... Those were just stories. Right?

"Um...” Cecile spoke up, looking extremely worried. "Did Kathryn just say she needed to kill something?"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Swish... click... swish, swish... click!

Buffy was having the time of her life. She hadn't had a sword fight this good since Angelus opened Acathla back when she was 17. Even though her kill count was considerably up for the night, 13 and counting, this was the first real fight of the night and man did it get her juices pumping!

'And what did that mean anyways?' Buffy pondered. 'It's not as if juice actually pumps. It more like drips and sometimes squishes.'

Swish... click... duck, jump... click...

'And, urgh! This demon stinks!' Buffy groaned, trying to breathe out of her mouth. 'I never knew Chiargo demons smelled so bad. But at least this one was making with the Yuma Sumac impression like the one Spike- oh, God, Spike! I miss him so much...'

Those few thoughts of Spike were enough to distract Buffy for a split second and give the Chiargo demon the upper hand, thrusting his sword into her abdomen and causing Buffy to gasp in pain as the metal cut through. She dropped her own sword in the process.

Taking advantage of the situation the Chiargo demon tossed the blond slayer into a nearby tree before going in with the killing blow. With his sword raised the demon brought it down in a sickening blow only to embed itself in... the tree?

Wait a minute, where the hell did the slayer go, the demon wondered, prying his still bloodied sword from the tree. But before he had the chance to turn to find his prey his head fell to his feet, revealing one very pissed off slayer and her new toy.

Once the demon had been dispatched the pain finally caught up with Buffy and she silently berated herself for loosing herself in a fight, even if it was due to thoughts of the late bleached wonder. With one hand on her new sword Buffy gripped her stomach with the other, trying to stop the blood flow. She couldn't die out here; there was no telling what would happen to her body if she did. She pissed off the demon population enough tonight and right now she needed to get someplace safe before one of them found her in her weakened state.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, at the Valmont household, things were much calmer... sort of. Cecile listened while Sebastian tried to talk Annette down on her I hate Kathryn triad while Ronald threw in his two cents worth. Apparently there had been bondage of some kind. Even though it was of the non sexual meaning it still bothered Cecile quite a bit. But not nearly as much as the situation seemed to bother Annette.

"Listen," Sebastian said, holding his wife's hands in his own, "I know how much you don't like Buffy and I completely understand, I do, but she's not the same person you knew before. She's changed. I was worse than she ever was and you gave me a second chance. I'm not asking you to befriend her and share every waking moment together and I'm not even going to try and force you to. But will you at least try to get along with her, for my sake? That's all I'm asking."

"Fine," Annette sighed, pointing her finger at her husband. "But I still don't like or trust her and if something happens I reserve the right to say I told you so. And if she even so much as thinks about starting any of her shit again then the deal is off. Got it?"

Sebastian smiled just as the doorbell rang followed by a soft thud. But instead of answering the door he just kissed his wife and said thank you. Ronald however decided he was too hungry to wait for the two love birds to finish making up before he could eat.

"That must be the Chinese we ordered," Ronald said, walking to the door with Sebastian's wallet in hand. "I'll get it."

Without looking up Ronald opened the door, pulling out plenty of cash from his friends' wallet.

"How much do we owe you?" Ronald asked, finally looking up and right into the dishelved face of one Buffy Summers, new friend and former Upper East Side Bitch.

Buffy tried a small smile before collapsing in the doorway, blood dripping into a pile on the floor. Ronald reached for the small blond to bring her inside, yelling out for Sebastian.

"Sebastian! It's Buffy. There's blood everywhere. Call 911!"


The End?

You have reached the end of "Unforeseen Consequences" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Mar 10.

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