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Possibilities Alternate and Infinite

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Summary: A series of plot bunnies/one-shots, unrelated points of contact for Stargate/Buffy crossovers.

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Stargate > General > General: SG-1SapphirequillFR1395,41702015,39321 Oct 0931 Dec 11Yes


Possibilities Alternate and Infinite

More procrastination plot bunnies/one-shots, a series of unrelated points of contact for Stargate/Buffy crossovers.

Characters and their respective 'verses are not the property of me.

In this installment, references to SG-1 S4 "The Curse" (which you'll probably have to have seen it to understand the punch line); it's set post BtVS S7 (but no spoilers).

Originally posted: 31 Dec 11


"Oh, Goddess."

"What?" Buffy asked. Too loudly, Willow thought and sent a warning nod towards the couch area where Dawn was sitting, staring blankly at the screen, while Xander tried to keep her distracted with running commentary.

Dawn's Ph.D. studies were fully funded, allowing her to rent a spacious one bedroom apartment, but with three out-of-town guests, space was limited. Especially when you didn't want to share your conversation with everyone.

Buffy pulled her chair next to Willow's and repeated her question at a much lower volume.

"Remember when we heard about—" she dropped her voice to a nearly soundless whisper, "Dr. Jordan's cause of death?" The unexpected demise of Dawn's thesis supervisor was the reason for the Scoobies' visit, and Willow continued before Buffy spoke aloud the 'Duh' she was clearly thinking. "And we joked about the Sunnydale similarities?"

Buffy nodded, suddenly serious and focused as only a Hellmouthy threat could make her.

"There's been another incident."

"What kind of incident?" Buffy asked with Dawn's voice, and Willow looked over to see Dawn twisted to lean over the back of the couch while Xander watched in concern.

"The curator of the museum has been killed." She read from the online paper on the laptop in front of her, "She was fatally injured when bricks unexpectedly dislodged from the wall and struck her in the back of the head." Willow turned the laptop so Buffy could see the screen; the font of the article was too small for Buffy to read from where she sat, but the headline would be legible: "Curse of the Mummy Strikes Again!"

"Damn. I was sure Giles said 'Cleveland,' not 'Chicago.' I'll go take a look."

"I'm going, too."


"Buffy, it's my school, my professor, my life. I'm going."

"But it's Tuesday."

Dawn had been forced to concede the point, and two hours later Buffy was reporting her findings. "The site was cordoned off, but there was nothing obviously demony. I'll return after hours and see if I can find anything. It's definitely suspicious. Apparently an artifact and all of Dr. Jordan's emails are missing -- I overheard two people talking in the museum."

"Probably his research team— one guy, one girl?"

Buffy nodded. "Blond woman, brunette hottie."

"That's… disturbing." Dawn gaped incredulously. "You think Raynor's hot?"

"In a book-geek sort of way," Buffy replied defensively.

AN: The mistaken identity is, of course, intentional (at least on my part : ) ).

Happy New Year!

The End

You have reached the end of "Possibilities Alternate and Infinite". This story is complete.

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