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Starting Over

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Summary: A new, 'old' CSI returns and sparks flare and burn bright...

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CSI > CSI MiamiDennSedaiFR2135,778232,33421 Oct 0923 Oct 09Yes

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Chapter One

Warning: graphic guy on guy sex, mild dom/sub play, some small amounts of profanity, first time *smirks* Yep one of the boys is a virgin

Disclaimer. CSI: Miami and company are owned by CBS, Jerry Bruckheimer, etc. I don't own them, or else they'd get to play a lot, lot more.

Author's Notes: Many thanks to the kindly Katrina aka Ryan Wolfe of Sylum Clan for the beta reading. Any errors or screw ups are solely mine. Yep, I do plan an eventual sequel to this one, but no idea when, as I've got a number of other fics waiting and dues that are past due as well. *sighs*


Taking a sip of his beer, Jesse eye Horatio carefully. "So you want to tell
me what's been going on? Not that I'm trying to pry, but it's rather obvious
that there are some issues going on H."

Taking a sip of his own beer, Horatio stared out at the ocean as the sun was
setting in the distance. "It's been a few rough years. Not all of us have
handled things ideally. There's been stress and other underlying issues."

Jesse just raised an eyebrow at that mimicing one of H's favorite gestures.

"There were issues with someone unofficially 'observing and reporting'
things back to the feds. Most of that happened after Speed's death and with
Ryan being the newest CSI... well there were issues all around. Ryan and
Eric had more issues than almost anyone else. Eventually they managed to
work out an understanding of sorts and some mutual respect."

Jesse let out a small snort at that. "Uh huh, let me see if I can
reconstruct what was going on. Speed died, you more than anyone else were
torn apart. Callliegh and Eric were also devestated and along comes this
brand new CSI trainee. I'm sure there were issues on his end as well. He's
new to the field, so there was the classic hazing of the rookie, he made
rookie mistakes, etc. Probably Eric had even more issues than anyone else,
and with someone spying from within the department..."

"Your right Jesse, he did make some rookie mistakes. Including talking to
Erica Sykes," Horatio admitted reluctantly. "He also nearly lost his sight,
because he got called in to re-examine a sight of Eric's that wasn't fully
cleared. Shot with a nail gun and the nail went into his tear duct."

Jesse winced at that, not saying a word since he knew how much it hurt H to
admit something like that.

"So what now Jesse," Horatio asked at last as the silence stretched on for
several minutes.

"Now, we all deal with what's next H. If rumors are to be relied on, it
sounds like Eric may be leaving, for good. As for Ryan, I'd say he needs a
real mentor, one who doesn't have the issues that others have had..."

"And us?"

Jesse took a long swig of his beer and considered that question.

"We're friends Horatio... we were something more in the past, but it's the
past. I'm not sure if I'm up for trying to revisit it. What we had was good,
but now..."

Horatio closed his eyes at that and let out a pained sigh. "I suppose your
right, what we had in the past was good. But it was the past. It might work
or it might not. And with Stetler still on my ass about what he thinks he

"What did happen H? You simply said that he was dead and then just closed
yourself off. Every time I tried to talk to you it was like hitting a stone

"Ray was apparently undercover for Narcotics. But so deep undercover that no
one 'officially' knew about it. Rick decided that since he was 'dirty' than
I had to be as well. Since then things have gone from bad to worse."

"Uh huh, and finding out you had a niece, and all the rest didn't help
either, I suppose. Not to mention Yelina's temper at times."

Horatio laughed at that. "Yeah well, she and Ray were quite the match. Still
the past will always haunt us, I suppose."

Chapter One

"So Ryan, up for grabbing some beers after shift's over," Jesse asked the
younger man with a smile.

"Sure, I'm on call for late shift tomorrow, so not a problem. You?"

"I'm scheduled for mid shift, so it's not an issue for me either," Jesse
said still smiling. "Grab me before you head out all right?"

"Sure, thanks for the invitation man," Ryan said with a smile of his own.


"So where did you have in mind," Ryan asked as they headed out to the
parking garage.

"Well, if you have no objections, I was going to say my place, we can order
a pizza and I've got some good beer stocked and chilling in the fridge..."
Jesse offered trailing off hesitantly, knowing it wasn't a certainty, but
hoping to get Ryan's ready agreement to the first step of his plan.

"I suppose that's not too bad of an idea," Ryan offered hesitantly. "Sure,
why not."

"Cool, just follow me. It's not that far from the station, I managed to get
a good deal on a condo which is nice enough."


"So a toast to friendship," Jesse said with a grin as he sat back on the
couch facing Ryan and mentally assessing the younger mans mood and state of

"Sure, why not," Ryan said with a grin, just a tiny bit drunk and in a
mellow mood. "To friendship."

"So Ryan, I'm assuming you've heard the news?"

"Yep, it's a shame. I mean Eric managed to come through it all and was found
clear of the charges and now he leaves. That's going to really taint his

"I think between this happening, the various injuries over the years, he
just reached his limit. I can certainly understand it, but it's still a
shame like you said."

"So if you don't mind me asking Jesse, what brings you back to Miami?"

"Personal...sorry Ryan it's just complicated. Old debts and all that,
sometimes you just have to deal with the past even when you wish it wasn't

"Not an issue, we all have our private lifes, and some things just are
better off kept to those who are nearest and dearest to us," Ryan offered
simply. "Although I do have to admit I heard the absolutely most unusual bit
of rumor or gossip floating about. I'm fairly sure Horatio will be stomping
down on it when he hears about it though."

Jesse just raised an eyebrow at that, which made Ryan laugh.

"All right then, so what is this bit of gossip that's floating about now?"

"Well, I don't know where it got started and I personally don't care one bit
either way, but the rumor is that Horatio and you were more than friends in
the past and possibly once more."

Jesse just snorted at that. "Cute, yes we were friends in the past and
worked together quite a lot, and yes we are still friends. As for anything
more than that, I don't, generally speaking, get involved in a relationship,
beyond friendship, with co-workers, and I refuse to date someone in a
supervisory postion over me. I've seen some really nasty messes in the past
when that's happened so I'd rather avoid such a problem from the get go."

Ryan slowly nodded agreement with that. "I can understand that very well. If
there's a bad break up, then one person being a supervisor and the other
under their authority....yeah really bad idea. I do have to wonder about the
rest of it, since you didn't deny it."

"And what does H, always tell us to do? Follow the evidence trail Ryan, form
a hypothesis and test it out."

"Hmmmm rumors usually have a shred of truth to them, but not always. I've
asked one of the people about the rumor and neither received confirmation or
denial of the past aspects of it. So that leaves me the daunting challenge
of asking H, not a good idea I'd have to say, or finding an alternative way
to test out my hypothesis."

Jesse just smiled at that and raised his beer bottle in salute.

"So there are two relatively direct ways to test out that hypothesis," Ryan
said pausing to take another swig of beer. "Either ask the person out on a
date, or take a riskier approach and do some direct type of action."

Jesse nodded slowly at that. "Either approach has it's benefits and it's
risks. You'd have to decide which way offered the greatest possible rewards.
As well as consider the possible negative outcomes of both approaches."

Ryan nodded slowly at that. "Yeah, there's much to be said for taking the
less risky approach, but the greater risk approach, offers the chances of a
greater reward."

"That is very true, about almost anything in life," Jesse said with a hint
of a smirk, before licking his lips.

"Of course, if I don't miss my guess, there could always be something far
less obvious going on already, and that would confirm that the riskier
approach could be welcome...." Ryan said trailing off before setting down
his beer.

Jesse's smirk grew ever so slightly, as he realized Ryan had caught on at
last. "Or you could always walk away and wonder...."

Ryan chose that moment to lean in closer and gently let his lips brush over
Jesse's with the most hesitant of touches.

Leaning in to the kiss, Jesse let his own lips part ever so slightly under
Ryan's as his tongue darted out in reply.His fingers reaching up to tangle
in the younger man's hair.

Finally Jesse pulled back reluctantly, watching a stunned Ryan try to
process what had happened.

"I guess that answers my question," Ryan said at last as he carefully
watched Jesse for a clue or hint.

Jesse let out a soft husky chuckle at that. "Maybe, but it leaves me with a
few questions of my own. The most pressing of which is, are you sure about

Ryan took a breath and slowly let it out as he considered the question,
finally he nodded his assent.

"Then the next question is top or bottom Ryan?"


Jesse raised an eyebrow in shock at that. "Are you a top or a bottom, or do
you like both?"

"I think I'm missing something here," Ryan said slowly, a puzzled expression
upon his face.

"Ok," Jesse said, slowly drawing the word out. "Have you ever done anything
with a guy before?"

Blushing, Ryan managed to stammer out a not really response.

Licking his lips slowly Jesse considered the implications of that answer.
"So you haven't given or gotten a blow job, or did anal sex with another guy

Blushing an even more brilliant shade of red, Ryan was reduced to just
nodding his head.

"So your saying your a virgin as far as guy on guy sex goes Ryan," Jesse
asked just to be sure. At Ryan's nod, he let out a low whistle of his own.
"Well, well, well... that opens up a world of possibilities Ryan. You sure
you want to go there? I do have a fair amount of self control, but it's
going to be hard to pull back if you panic at the last minute. Not that I
won't stop...."

"Yeah...I've....I've always been curious, even if I didn't act on it."
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