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Deceiver of fools

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Summary: Hiatus due to writer breaking linux: Punished for almost ending the world Willow gets tied up with the White Council. Pairing likely Willow / Dresden.

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Literature > Dresden Files, ThePenNameUnknownFR181020,08335212,11222 Oct 0927 Nov 09No

Chapter One

Note: I do not own or claim to own any content or character's borrowed from Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel or The Dresden Files. Both belong to their respective owners.

Set sometime after Season 7 with some elements from the Season 8 graphic novel (so spoilers if you are reading them). For the Dresden Files set sometime after Turn Coat.

The petite red head took a small breath to steady her nerves. The last time she had been before these people they had dumped a sack on her head and threatened to chop it off. These were seriously scary and more than slightly misguided black and white thinkers here... who were convinced she was a bad egg.

A very bad egg.
A rotten bad egg. That was stinking up the entire world just by existing. No pressure.

For a moment she considered letting a little bit of power crackle through her fingers just for show... but then again she'd seen how trigger happy these guys were. Probably would try to kill her just for a few flashy lights.

And then of course they leave her waiting. Abduct her. Drag her out here and then leave her waiting in the parking lot. Though at least this time she didn't have a bag stuck over her head. Seriously black and white thinking.

Not like her time was important anyways. Not like she could have been saving the world or anything. Or that they could have been putting countless of slayer lives at jeopardy. Or that you know there was a demon on the rampage. Or even that her first night off in two months was worth keeping to herself. Oh no the high and mighty stuffy shirts of the so called holier than thou White Council wanted her to wait around for them.

Seriously help save the world and this is the thanks a girl gets.

Of course that wasn't the problem with them. It was the whole trying to end the world thing, and the flaying thing. They weren't pleased about the flaying thing. She didn't even want to know their reaction if they found out about the mind wiping thing.

But just because she tried to end the world once did not mean she was going to do it again!

How many cookies can one person make?

And oh no they would never ever believe that someone could learn from their mistakes and move on. Maybe stop flaying people. Decide that they liked the world as it was ... you know... existing.

It wasn't like she actually went through with the world ending. She took it back in the end.

But not hat wasn't enough. Nothing was enough and they probably wouldn't be happy until they had her head in a nice and tidy little bag. Well touch bananas for them.

Those stuffy old farts better not be holding their breath because this witch had already demonstrated that she was much harder than the average bear to decapitate.
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