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The Dawn Is Coming

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Summary: Dawn goes to Hogwarts as the new Defense ageanst the dark arts teacher. She is also looking for 4 new Slayers. If you dont like Hermione bashing then i suggest you dont read this.

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Chapter 25

Disclaimer: I don't own

A/N: I know its been awhile but i got my grove back.

Chapter 25

"So you really met another Slayer?" Mya asked while throwing a punch.

"Yeah she was really cool Dawn said she was one of the girls that was down in the hellmouth when it closed." Ginny said blocking Mya's throw.

"That sounds wicked, how are you doing without Conner being here i didn't even know you two had gotten close." Mya said while hitting Ginny dead on.

"It's weird I knew while he was here that we had a connection, we trained together and talked every chance we got he told me all about him growing up in another dimension and about having to accept Angel as his dad and I told him about growing up being the only girl in a family of guys. He was really hesitant about being here the whole not trusting magic thing but I think he is pretty much over it now." Ginny said.

"So now you can feel his pain?" Mya asked

"Yeah its weird I didn't mean for it to happen i just didn't want him to go away without knowing how i felt." Ginny said sitting down against the wall. "Wheres Dawn?"

"Writing to Luna and Hannah's parents hope they take it better then mine I'm pretty much disowned." Mya said with a frown.

"Hey now you heard what Dawn said about now you have a choice and you can stay with her or your parents and your brother is on your side with its surprising at least to me and now you have this whole new big family to help take care of you." Ginny said hugging her Slayer sister.

"I know it all just seems to good to be true, It's like a trade get all these super powers and a new family but we have to help take down the most feared wizard in the universe." Mya said.

"Not true Willow is the most powerful witch there is and we have her and Dumbledore plus Buffy and an Army of Slayers at our back, Dawn said this is going to be the easiest thing they faced yet, said said Buffy laughed when they told her the situation." Ginny said with a smile.

"Yeah but we have feared him our entire lives and now it seems like we can win as i said to good to be true."

"Yeah Giles said we are a double treat Slayer and Witch You-Know-Who isn't gonna know what hit him." Ginny said.

"Yeah but doesn't Potter have to kill him, hows he gonna do that he has no training what so ever hes just a 7th years not even done school yet."

"Well we just have to get You-Know-Who weak enough so that Harry can finish him off." Ginny said.

There conversation came to an end when Luna and Hannah walked in.

"Your late." Ginny said.

"Yeah I had to dodge Justin." Hannah said.

"I had to find my wand the boys hid it from me again." Luna said.

"I really wish I could beat the snot outta them for you." Ginny said.

"Yeah but Dawn told us we are not to harm humans not matter how big a wanker they are unless its life or death and then we are only to injure not to kill." Luna said.

"Yeah well we will just have to show those guys that you have all these sisters having your back and they should back off and that may be away to handle Justin as well." Ginny said helping Mya up and getting ready to go back to sparing as the other girls warmed up.

"You know I never would have imagined that a Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Slytherin would be able to be in the same room together and get along let alone be able to call the other sister." Hannah said with a smile.

"Yeah the sorting hat would be so proud of us." Luna said warming up

"Mr Malfoy a word." Dawn said.

"Sure." Draco said with a shrug walking away from his friends.

Blaise gave Dawn a knowing smile at Dawn. They walked into Dawn's office and Dawn sat behind her desk and Draco sat across from her.

"Mr. Malfoy do you remember that day in class before Christmas break when I had you sing?" She asked.

"Yes and?"

"Well the person who read you was an em-path demon and he shared some interesting information with me it seems Draco that you are stuck between a rock and a hard place." Dawn said.

"You have no idea what you are talking about how could you know what I'm going through." Draco said.

"Draco I know very well first hand about destiny and not having control over it. Having choices made for you that you have no control over." Dawn said. "I can set up a sit down for you and Angel he knows a lot more about redemption then I do an I think you two have more in common then you think." Dawn said.

"Set up the meeting but I'm not making any promises." Draco said standing up.

"3 hours Mr. Malfoy my office." Dawn said walking him to the door with a smile.

"As I said no promises." Draco said walking out.

A/N: I know short but I'm gonna try for longer in the next one.,

The End?

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