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Forgetting the Unforgettable

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Summary: A little tag on Best of Both Worlds that explains why Picard stopped drinking his tea and went to the window.

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Next GenerationjohnsmithFR71449011,25222 Oct 0922 Oct 09Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Author's Note: A little idea that struck me about why Picard froze for a moment like he heard something that fits in with what was added later in First Contact with the Borg Queen.


“Make it so,” Jean Luc Picard, once more captain of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, tells his first officer William T Riker. He had just given him the go ahead to take the Enterprise to Station McKinley where it will be repaired after its battles with the Borg. After its rescue of him from the Borg Collective where he was swept away and replaced by Locutus and as Locutus had overseen the annihilation of 39 Starfleet vessels.

He briefly observes Will leave his Ready Room before he reaches for his tea. He always found tea soothing and he was in need of a lot of soothing. He had not long come out of surgery where Beverly managed to remove all the cybernetic implants that the Borg had added to him. She had informed him that the nanoprobes the Borg used in the assimilation process would wash out of his body in a few days. He could hardly wait until he was purged clean of the all they had violated him with. With Beverley's care the physical scars would vanish but the mental ones...he was having nightmares every night. He could close his eyes and remember being Locutus aboard the Borg vessel. Remember overseeing the battle at Wolf 359.

It was going to take some time before he got over this if ever. All he can do is try and forget. He raises the cup to his lips.

“Locutus,” a deeply seductive feminine voice speaks in his mind. He pauses and then puts his cup down. He stands up and goes to the window in his Ready Room and looks out. That voice. He knows that voice somehow but from where. The harder he tries to remember the more it seems to slip from his grasp. It generates the strangest feelings of longing and revulsion at the same time and fear. Fear that seems to reach right down into his soul but they all fade as quickly as the memory of the voice.

He stares out at the Earth below. He doesn't come home often enough. He had forgotten how beautiful it was or maybe he simply appreciates it more since they came so close to losing it. Now what was he thinking about again?

Funny. He can't remember. It was probably something to do with the Borg. His gaze turns out to the stars. After all they are still out there and he has no doubt they will try again but he'll be ready for them next time and next time he will make them pay for what they did to him. He turns and goes and sits back down and the voice faintly echoes in his mind once more.


The End

You have reached the end of "Forgetting the Unforgettable". This story is complete.

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