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Little Blackberry Girl

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Summary: When Buffy dies for the third and final time Dawn is given a chance to live.

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Lord of the Rings > Dawn-CenteredthegenuineimitationFR1832,9630113,57023 Oct 0929 Oct 09No

Death of a Legend

Chapter One: Death of a Legend

Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and Lord of the Rings to the Tolkien Enterprise.

Dawn Summers was sleeping on her sister’s bed. Dressed in her favorite pajamas and clutching the well worn and much loved Mr. Gordo to her chest. Buffy didn’t mind this intrusion, couldn’t mind in fact seeing as she was once again dead and intended to remain that way this time.

A man moved out of the shadow of the doorway a sympathetic smile on his over-dramatic face. He carried a tray and set it down beside the exhausted young woman smoothing a lock of long brown hair out of her eyes. Dawn stirred slightly in her sleep but did not wake. She had after all had an exhausting few weeks.

It all started with the normal apocalypse season Dawn was in England working as a Linguistic Expert for Giles at the England Headquarters while she finished up her degree at Oxford and her field watcher training. That was being over-seen by Xander, who had just finished visiting what had to be every Slayer in Africa last year. The message that Buffy sent to her in Rome was half-translated into Latin from an obscure demonic dialect with the notes on how the thing was translated in Turkish. Buffy of course couldn’t make heads or tails of it so she sent her apprentice Natalia to the Council and to Dawn who had been eager for the challenge at the time. It turns out the thing was a message, an outright declaration of war from the God of the demon’s dimension because of the influx of Slayers. That raised a fair amount of alarm and everybody was on high alert. Angel managed to get a lawyer from Wolfram and Hart down there to negotiate with the God and he even contacted some messengers of the PTB but it was too late. Buffy’s small squadron beat back the demons and kept them from overrunning Rome and opening it’s small mystical convergence center (not a Hellmouth but still dangerous and capable of eventually growing into one). Buffy died along with most of her people in the backlash of the portal’s abrupt destruction.

Faith went in with a clean-up crew to flush out the remaining demons, and Angel put the finishing touches on a non-combat treaty with the God in question. The clean-up crew brought what was left of the Slayer Squadron back to England for burial. Buffy’s funeral had been today, and everybody had been there all the Slayers she’d trained, the original Scoobies, the Angel Investigations crew, Anne from L.A., Hank Summers and his very pregnant wife/secretary and even her first Slaying partner and old boyfriend Pike had shown up. The ceremony had been beautiful and the Slayer’s remains were cremated and blessed and thrown to the wind. She would never be resurrected, she would finally know peace.

Now Dawn was alone again. She had everything she’d built in England of course but Buffy had been her reason for staying in the Slaying business and she was feeling as lost and sad as she had felt the first time Buffy had died for longer than a minute.
She’d cried herself to sleep in her sister’s bed in England, clutching Mr. Gordo.
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