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Summary: Halloween changes Xander in a way that leaves him not quite human. crossover with Battlestar Galactica. Will not have slash in this story but might have some in future ones. There will be some spoilers for Battlestar Galactica

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Worm Theory and Plans


Ch 6: Worm theory and plans

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Buffy or BSG.

AN: I really thought this story was dead but what can i say. My muse wasn't finished with it yet. Sorry for the long break. Hope you enjoy it.

Xander was busy staring into the mirror trying to find the supposed pimple when he heard Leoben yell out a warning. He quickly turned around but was not fast enough. He felt a pain in his jaw and was thrown across the room. It took a moment for him to gather his senses. When he looked up he saw that Leoben was fighting the salesman that he had just thrown out. Leoben seemed to be holding his own but wasn’t gaining any ground either. Xander quickly stood up and rushed to join the battle. He caught the man off guard and backhanded him. Xander watched as the force of his hit sent the man flying over the couch where he crashed into the table. They watched in shock as the man burst into worms.

“What the hell is that?” Xander shouted in shock.

“I believe you were right to be worried for your friend.” Leoben said as he watched the worms scatter across the room. Xander finally tore his eyes away from the worms to stare at Leoben.

“You think the guy was sent to kill Buffy?”

“He did ask for the lady of the house. I think it was extremely lucky that Ms. Summers wasn’t here after all.” Leoben said. Xander shook his head in agreement before starting to walk towards the front door.

“Let’s get out of here. I think it’s pretty obvious Buffy hasn’t been here. Wait can you here that?” Xander said as he looked around.

“Yeah it’s this weird sound. It’s kind of slimy. Where’s it coming from.” Leoben asked as he started to look around. Xander continued to look around but couldn’t see anything. Finally he growled in frustration as he threw his head back. When Xander opened his eyes he could feel them widen at the sight in front of him.

“Holy shit! They’re on the ceiling.” Xander said. As soon as he said that the worms started to fall from the ceiling. Xander let out a yelp as he ran out of the house closely followed by Leoben. Xander could feel them wiggling all over him. Oh my god they were getting into his shirt.

“Get them off!” Xander shouted as he desperately tried to push them off.

“Hold still.” Leoben yelled as he pointed the hose at Xander. Before Xander could say anything he was hit by a spray of water. He gasped under the cold water but quickly used the water to get the last worms off him. Xander stood up straight but Leoben was still hitting him with the water.

“Leoben enough they’re all off.” Xander shouted. It took a few seconds but Leoben finally turned off the water. Xander threw him a dirty look and only got a smirk in return.

“What can I say? I couldn’t help myself.” Leoben said. Xander sighed as he looked down at his soaking clothes. He completely missed the appraising look Leoben was giving him.

“Let’s go back to the warehouse. I need a change of clothes.” Xander said as he started walking back to the car.

This was amazing. The book she had found was a book on magical theory. It went further into the origin of magic than she had ever seen in any of the other books she had ever read. Willow was fairly sure that Ms. Calendar had spent years, if not most of her life working on these theories. She argued that magic was a direct result of the Hellmouths opening on earth. She argued that the Hellmouths allowed the first generation of demons through and alternate dimensional creatures that were now called god.

She argued that the continued existence of magic depended on the Hellmouths remaining open. She theorized that if all of the Hellmouths were closed that magic would fade away from earth.

Willow was fascinated about this. She had never heard anything like this and she couldn’t wait to talk to Ms. Calendar. Even though she went into great detail about what would happen if all the Hellmouths closed. She had been extremely vague on the details of what proof she had based her theory on.

Willow looked up and instantly felt guilty for reading Calendar’s journal when everyone else was worrying about Buffy. She looked around and saw that Giles was talking to someone on the phone and Cordelia was pacing the library. Willow didn’t know when Cordelia had become an honorary member of the group but she seemed to be called in whenever there was a monster of the week. Even though Willow still hated her she had to admit she was pretty loyal to the group.

“That was Xander he said that Buffy wasn’t at her house. He said that he did run into a demon that turned into worms. He was able to escape though.” Giles said as he walked into the main area of the library.

“The loser actually faced a demon and survived. I’m actually kind of impressed.” Cordelia said before scowling, “God kill me now. I just complemented the dweeb.”

“Is Xander coming?” Willow asked.

“No he said that he had to go home and change. Apparently something happened to what he was wearing. He didn’t go into much detail. He said he would join us when he could.” Giles said before sitting down to look through a book.

“What do we do now?”

“We research this demon while we wait for Buffy to show up.” Giles said.

“Ok follow the light with your eyes.” Xander said as he flashed the light in front of D’anna’s eyes. He had no idea what had happened but they had gotten back to find that Three had been activated. She had been disoriented when they had found her and had only just started talking.

“Well everything seems to be working alright.” Xander said as he put away the last of the medical equipment. He looked around at the makeshift medical lab he had made. He had been so concentrated on getting resurrection up that he had been neglecting everything. He had to talk to his shadow partner and see what he could do about medical equipment.

“How are you?” Xander asked.

“I’m alright. I think I was just in shock from waking up that way.” D’anna said.

“I’m so sorry you woke up that way. You weren’t supposed to be activated so early. Something went wrong with the resurrection tub.” Xander said as he ran his hand through her shoulder length hair.

“Was there something wrong in the programming? What about the other tubs?” Three asked looking up into his eyes.

“Leoben is looking through the tubs programming to make sure that it wasn’t some kind of malfunction. When he is done with that he is going to go through the rest of the tubs and make sure no one else wakes up before schedule. Four could survive if he were to wake up right now. Five might be able to also but there is no way Six and Eight could be able to.” Xander said.

“What about Seven?” D’anna asked.

“What?” Xander asked.

“You didn’t say anything about number Seven.” D’anna said.

“There isn’t any number Seven.” Xander said as he walked out of the room. He could hear D’anna following him.

“That doesn’t make any sense. Why is there a number Eight if there isn’t a number Seven?” D’anna asked as she followed him into
the Resurrection chamber.

“I didn’t have anything to do with Daniels creation. I wouldn’t know where to begin in trying to recreate him.” Xander said as he walked over to the tubs.

“If you can’t recreate him why don’t you create someone new?” D’anna asked as she followed him over to where Leoben was.

“She has a point Xander. There should be a number Seven.” Leoben said as he closed a panel on the side of the tub.

“You guys might be right. I’ll talk to my contacts about getting the material to create another number, while I’m doing that Leoben finish going over the tubs. D’anna can you go over the programming of the main Resurrection hub and if there’s nothing there maybe you can go over the Centurion that was there when you were activated.” Xander said.

“Sure” Leoben said before walking over to the next tub.

“Sure, I’ll get right to it.” D’anna said as she walked over to the column and pushed against a bump to reveal a panel. Xander watched them working for a few minutes before walking out of the room. If he was serious about making a number Seven he would have to make a few phone calls.

“Dr. Mitchell I’m assigning two interns to you.” Mr. Graystone told him. John looked up from the test he was running on the metal from the gun. He had at least five more tests to run on the gun and after that he had rented out a MRI machine to see if he could trace the silicate pathways that ran through it.

“What do you mean I have interns? I’m the head scientist of the biomedical division I don’t have time for interns. Give them over to some of the idiots down at genetics.” John said as he went to look at another test he had running. It had another three hours to go
but everything seemed to be working right.

“John I know you’re busy but these two are some of the most talented people I have seen. I believe they will be important to this company.” Adrian said.

“Fine what college are they from?” John said finally turning to look at his boss.

“They’re from Sunnydale high.” Adrian said.

“You’re wasting my time with high school students.” John said in shock.

“Don’t judge them too fast. Here read this.” Adrian said handing over a paper. John looked down at the paper. After reading it for a few minutes he started to get more and more excited. This was genius it went into the possibility of combining technological and medical techniques to increase natural skills in a normal person. What made it even more important was the fact that it was all theoretically possible. They were still years away from being anywhere close to pulling it off but it was definitely possible.

“This is amazing. I guess I can work with them.” John said as he put the paper aside to go over later.

“Alright when they do start working I’m going to give you problems to give both of them. There just logic problems but it should get them both to start thinking out of the box. You’ll give it to them and when they are done you’ll return them to me.” Adrian said.

“Whatever just let me get back to work.” John said as he went back to the test. Adrian smiled at him before walking out of the room.

John scowled at the doorway Adrian just left. Adrian must think he’s an idiot. What kind of company used high school students for interns? That paper was made by a genius but they were still children. These problems were also a way for the company to get them working on problems they didn’t want to tell them or John what it was about. He was still scowling at the entrance when he felt his cell phone vibrate. John took it out and looked at the screen and couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey I was just reading a paper you wrote.” John said as he answered the phone.

“Really was it riveting?”

“It was fascinating. So are you really going to come work for me?” John asked as he continued to watch the entrance.

“Yeah it seems like it.”

“Hah, so you’re going to have to follow my orders now.” John said with a smile.

“Don’t sound too happy. I’m still paying you twice as much as those idiots are.”

“Was this just a pleasure call or did you actually need something?” John asked.

“Actually I need you to get a hold of all the nucleic acids and everything else I asked for last month.”

“Why was the batch I sent you bad?” John asked.

“No I just underestimated the amount I would need. I’ll pay you the same amount as I did last time.”

“Alright I should have it to you in a few days. I’m assuming you want me to speed the shipment.” John asked as he started to write down notes.

“Of course, also while you’re at it can you start looking for medical equipment? I’m thinking of building a medical lab. I should be getting a doctor under my employment in a few weeks and I would love for them to have a place to work.”

“I’ll start looking around. I know a few people and I should be able to get you a great deal. Do you still want to use Willy as a middle man?” John asked as he cast a nervous look towards the entrance.

“Yeah I still think it’s a good idea. We don’t want Graystone to start being suspicious of you.”

“So how’s this doctor? Is she pretty?” John asked.

“I’m pretty sure he’s not your type, but if you’re looking for a date a beautiful young lady just started working for me.”

“Really you’ll have to introduce me sometime.” John said as he looked at the test. It still had two hours and forty five minutes left.

“Sure I’ll talk to her and set a date. Call me when the orders arrive.”

“Of course, talk to you later Xander.” John said.

“Talk to you later.” Xander said before the call disconnected.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Resurrection" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Sep 11.

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