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Summary: Halloween changes Xander in a way that leaves him not quite human. crossover with Battlestar Galactica. Will not have slash in this story but might have some in future ones. There will be some spoilers for Battlestar Galactica

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First Cylon


Chapter One: First Cylon

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Battlestar Galactica or anything associated with it. The only thing I own is the plot and any original characters I might create in the process.

AN: okay all i really did to the chapter was go through it and change my cussing errors, basically i changed fragging to fraking. if anyone knows if there is two or one k in fraking and fraked tell me and i'll fix it

Something was wrong. His head felt like there was a marching band was going through it. Xander slowly sat up in his bed and opened his eyes. Everything was blurry and his room looked like an even bigger war zone. Besides the chaos everything looked like it was in the right place. There was the TV that he had salvaged from his uncle even though the last time he had seen it there wasn’t a huge crack in the screen. There was his broken down dresser that was barely standing up on its three legs and a pile of books for the fourth. Xander continued his list as he slowly let his eyes close.

There was his pile of dirty laundry….the mirror hanging over the dresser…the man standing in the doorway of his bathroom. Xander’s shot out of bed and instantly regretted it. His head was now pounding with vengeance. Slowly Xander opened his eyes only to find that his room was empty with no man to be found anywhere. Xander groaned and rubbed his soar head. Looking over at the clock on his bedside table he found that he was already running late for classes.

Xander went into his bathroom and took his shower in a daze letting the hot water pound the soreness out of his body. He stood in front of the mirror and slowly lifted his hand to wipe off the condensation. Xander looked up and stared into his pale blue eyes.

“Guys you’ve got to hide Spikes right behind me” the red headed ghost yelled at them as she approached the group. Sam let the beaten pirate that he had been holding up by the throat fall to the ground. Sam decided to take up the rear since he was the only one with a gun. The annoying woman in the cat suit followed the ghost and was soon followed by lady useless and the guy he had dubbed Lee in his head.

Sam helped Lee and cat woman barricade the door easily picking up objects three times his body weight. Once they were done the group quickly dissolved into chaos with lady useless and ghost girl panicking and cat woman adding fuel to the flames with her sarcastic comments. Sam decided to ignore them all together and pointed his gun towards the door that was shaking under the onslaught of the monsters outside.

Sam stood there with images of the resistance back on Caprica running through his head. He didn’t know how the hell he got here or why they were getting chased by monsters but he wasn’t going to let anyone get hurt on his watch. Sam was drawn out of his thoughts by the sound of the monsters finally broke through the barrier. Sam smiled thinking this was just like old times as he let off his first shot.

Xander blinked in confusion as he kept looking into his blue eyes. Wait blue eyes…his eyes were brown. Xander continued to stare at himself in the mirror hoping they would change back to their normal color. After a few minutes he sighed and decided to deal with it later. He turned on the faucet and wet his face hoping that it would help him start thinking straight. When he lifted his head he jumped almost a mile when he saw a man in the mirror standing behind him. Xander quickly turned around to find that no one was there.

Xander ran a hand over his face before saying “Pull yourself together here Xander it’s all in your head.”

By the time he had gotten ready and gotten to school he had already missed the first half of the day and only had two classes left. He had walked into his biology class feeling slightly better after spending the whole time on the way to school convincing himself that nothing was wrong with him. He walked over to his desk shaking his head at Buffy and Willow when they gave him concerned looks. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with them today. To tell the truth he wasn’t in the Fraking mood to deal with anyone today.

Xander slowly let the monotonous sound of his teachers voice lull him into a meditative daze. His eyes slowly ran over the other students and came to a stop on Larry. He had a black eye and a bruise on his jaw right in front of his right ear,he also had a bruise that was disturbingly in the shape of a hand on his throat.

Sam was not in a good mood. Not only was he searching for lady useless who had run off at the first sight of danger into you guessed it more danger. He had to do the searching with a guy that reminded him so much of Lee that it was disturbing. He even came with his own stick up the butt, how fun. Then there was the incessant blabbering of the cat woman in his ear. She reminded him to much of all the girls that used to hound him before the Cylons had attacked. Those girls that were so worried about their clothes and hair that they forgot the most important part was the part that remained hollow between their ears.

At least the annoying ghost girl had left, he might have been dressed like a soldier but that didn’t mean he was going to follow the orders of some loud mouth frakin kid who had never seen action in her life. As far as he was concerned if it looked like a bad guy and acted like a bad guy it was getting a bullet.

Sam finally started to pay attention when he noticed that the cat woman had finally shut up. It took him a moment to figure out why they had stopped the Lee wannabe said he heard something. Sam focused for a second and quickly heard it, the screaming of a woman that sounded a hell of a lot like lady useless. Sam sighed and ran towards the noise.

He was the first one to make it there to find what looked like a dirty pirate was taking advantage of Useless. Sam quickly ran forward and backhanded the man across the jaw sending him flying a few feet. Sam ignored the crying woman knowing that Lee and the Cat would take care of her.

Sam made it over to the fallen man as he had just started to get up. Sam quickly threw a punch into the man’s eye feeling a morbid satisfaction when it made a crunching sound. Before the man could fall Sam put his hand around the man’s throat and lifted him up. Sam was holding the man a few inches off the ground by his throat when he heard the shrill voice of the Ghost.

Xander blinked and saw that Larry was looking at him with what looked like fear in his eyes. Xander was about to say something when the bell saying the class was over rang. Before Xander had even gotten up Larry had already shot out of the classroom. Xander slowly walked out of class and was soon joined by Willow and Buffy

“Hey where were you this morning?” Buffy asked.

“Yeah you missed history there was a pop quiz.” Willow added.

“Yeah my alarm clock was broken. My room looked like a warzone. What happened last night?” Xander asked.

“You don’t remember? Last night you told us you did.” Buffy said as they continued to walk towards the library.

“I don’t know I keep on getting these blurry flashes but not really.” Xander said as they walk into the library.

“Well you were pretty out of it.” Buffy said as she sat down at the table. Willow joined her before saying “Well basically we were turned into our costumes.”

“Huh, so basically another night on the hellmouth.” Xander said as he sat down.

Giles walked out of his office once again with his head buried in a book. He looked up when he notice that his three wards were there.

“Good you’re all here. I wanted to ask you if there were any side effects from the spell last night.” Giles said as he put down the book.

“Well, I can speak French and I can manage a fifteenth century household all by myself.” Buffy said with a sense of accomplishment that was way more than what these abilities actually deserved in Xander’s mind.

“I kept on touching walls for the first few hours to make sure that I wouldn’t fall through them but I’ve stopped now.” Willow said with a bashful smile as she noticed that she was touching the table as if making sure she was still solid.

Giles turned an expectant look towards Xander. Xander looked over to the girls and saw them giving him a similar look. Xander shrugged and said “Don’t look at me I barely remember the night.”

“That’s odd almost everyone I’ve come across remembers the night of course they think it was a bad nightmare but they almost always remember it.” Giles said.

“Well, I have to get to gym class or the coach will have me running laps the whole time.” Xander said as he stood up and walked out of the library.

Xander ran down the empty hallways knowing that he was already late and was most likely doomed to a fate of running repetitively in circles. Xander scowled when he tried to open the locker room door. The coach never locked the door; this had to be the work of that hobgoblin of a principle. Xander scowled and yelled “You’ve gotta be frakin kidding me.”

Xander grabbed the door knob and in a last desperate attempt decided to give it another try. As he turned the knob he heard a cracking sound. Xander quickly let go of the door knob and watched as it slowly opened.

Sam smiled as the door opened after he had used his Cylon strength to open the door. He had followed the bossy ghost here who had conveniently forgotten that the rest of them couldn’t walk through doors. He walked into the house quickly followed by Useless who then proceeded to hang off of him.

He ignored the ghost as she proceeded to panic. His attention was drawn to a mirror that was hanging off the wall close to him. He walked over and was shocked to see that it wasn’t him in the mirror. The face staring back at him looked pretty similar having his blue eyes and brown hair but had a different facial structure and was a good five years younger than him.

Sam was about to ask about this when there was a smashing sound coming from the front door. Sam ran over to find an ugly red monster had gotten through the broken door. Sam shot the demon in the knees and watched as it fell to the floor completely ignoring the ghost shrieking about how he wasn’t supposed to shoot them.

Sam walked over to the whimpering monster and punched it in the face. It fell to the floor where it stopped moving. The ghost was about to start lecturing him when they were interrupted by a scream. Sam sighed and ran into the night and found a girl dressed like a cat being chased after by some furry thing. Sam proceeded to shoot the legs of the monster and watched as the woman ran towards him.

Xander shook his head and walked into the empty locker. Xander had been right the coach had forced him to spend the whole period running laps. The class had passed uneventfully except for a moment Xander had thought he had seen the man that was in his room on the bleachers.

Xander fell on to his bed glad that the day was finally over, he closed his eyes and tried to piece together the memories that had come to him throughout the day. He had bought a costume from Ethan’s it looked like some kind of soldier from the future. It turned out that he was a soldier that had been born on Caprica and had grown into a famous pyramid player. Then the Cylons had attacked and he had spent the next six months using guerrilla tactics trying to survive and damage the frakin toasters as much as he could.

He had then been saved by his future wife and brought to Galactica. Soon after the fleet had found a planet to live on that was once again taken over by the Cylons. Sam had then gone back to his guerrilla tactics for the resistance. After all of that and getting back with the fleet he had discovered he was a Cylon.

Wait a second Holy Crap he had gone as a Cylon. The Door knob breaking...the bruises all over Larry, Cylons were known to be stronger than humans. Xander sat up and said “Crap I’m a frakin Cylon.”

“Please don’t get so over dramatic it’s not that bad.” A voice to Xander’s left said. Xander turned and almost fell off his bed in shock. There in front of him was Sam T. Anders.
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