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Diverted destiny of four souls

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Summary: This is a tale of five not-so-ordinary girls and how, with a single unforeseen and unwelcome death of a five year old girl, their fates change forever.

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid belongs/was directed by John G. Avildsen and written by Robert Mark Kamen. In short I own nothing.

Diary of India Cohen the Vampire Slayer

June 29, 1992

Dear diary,

My name is India Cohen and I just celebrated my 14th birthday. This diary was a present from my mom…well, my step-mom.

I suppose that I should write something about myself—don’t know, I never had a diary before, and I’m not gonna ask my little sister (step-sister) how to do it. The little brat could just prank me—not that I wouldn’t deserve it since I did hide her skating boots in the washing machine.

Anyways, Daddy—his name is Marcus—is a captain of one of the biggest ships in the seventh fleet. He and my step-mom were married on 15th November 1987. I still remember the wedding, it was fun to dress up and I was glad that I’m getting my best friend as a sister.

Daddy has been divorced from my birth mom since I was three. Some people are just not meant for marriage and Sujana—my birth mother he met at some ball in India, I think—I haven’t seen her in years, in person that is. She’s a pretty famous actress in India.

My Dad and Step-Mom met when we were at the ZOO in LA at the Panda Bear’s cage. My little brother, Ryan, was born 3 years after that. He is definitely the baby of the family, we all spoil him but thankfully he’s not snotty about it.

(Oh, my new mom’s name is Joyce. Her previous husband Hank died in a car crash.)

My little brother usually sleeps in Buffy’s room. Apparently he can’t sleep alone. Buffy, my little sister who, BTW gave me one of the bestest gifts ever, got yelled at later when Mom thought I couldn’t hear; but I’m glad I can keep Munchkin (I always wanted a dog). Buffy said that she was the smallest in the store and nobody wanted her. Well, I think that there is nothing wrong with Munchkin the Samoyed.

Anyway, Joyce is an antique dealer and currently we all, Dad, Joyce, Buffy, Ryan, my grandparents and I, are living in Green Bay, but all five of us could move at any time, really. We’ve done so a lot in the past, and because of that Buffy, Ryan and I haven’t made many friends, just playmates and schoolmates. We have some pen pals but, after a while, even that is cooling down. I suppose that old saying I heard somewhere: ‘out of sight out of mind’ doesn’t refer only to love, it goes for friendship too.

May 10, 1993 - Los Angeles

Ryan is copycatting Buffy and bought a dog for himself. Mom just hit the roof. Munchkin treats the puppy like, well, her puppy. It’s funny seeing a big fluffy white dog playing with a scrawny brown pup (with floppy bat-like ears and long tail).

And they turned Mom’s dinner into a war zone, but I don’t think she really noticed it since, well, Daddy got in a accident. He was in hospital for months and now is undergoing rehab—he can’t walk. I’m just glad he is still with us, we all are.

June 29, 1993 - Los Angeles

Something weird happened today. I went outside to walk Max (Ryan’s dog) and Munchkin and there was this amazingly cute guy standing across the street. He had raven black hair and large, big green eyes; not hazel-green mottled with brown and grey like Buffy’s.

Anyway, he was really cute, and he was leaning on the wall and smoking a cigarette. And when he saw me, he looked kinda startled and said, “India?”

He even pronounced it correctly. Unlike my little brat of a sister who called me Indy—and she was only doing it to annoy me but I annoyed her back by calling her little Annie Bee.

Oh and I know you’ll read this, you brat. And I do not appreciate being called nosy, big sister. I needed to know what all the secrecy was about…but seriously, cheerleading?

Anyway, brownie points for the cute guy. I racked my brains trying to remember if I knew him, or if my family did.

So I say, “Yeah?”

And he is all, “I’m your Watcher.”

I was freaked out, cuz what does that mean, that he’s my stalker or something? So wanting to get what he’s on about and being cool about it I said, “Really, how ‘bout that?”

And he looked at me like I should know what he means by, “It’s happened”.

At the time I was all like, ‘Huh? What happened and why did the cute guy looked so proud of whatever it was?’

Then he said, and I knew it was better not to say something perverted otherwise I’d have to use some of Mr. Miyagi’s moves (apparently he’s a friend of Daddy’s), to send the guy packing.

“You’ve been called, you’re the Chosen One.”

Laughing it off I said, “What, am I like Neo now? I think I’ll take the blue pill, thank you.”

He put a hand on my shoulder and that was where I drew the line. I gave him a quick jab to the face and then kicked his legs out from under him. He landed on his butt and when he looked up again he was greeted with the snarling of two overprotective guard dogs.

And then I demanded answers, and boy did I get them. Vampires exist! And so do many other things…I’m starting to wonder if Buffy’s strange lady with the mirror was something other than human.

And the cute guy…

He is a Watcher and I was called a Slayer. It’s supposed to be this sacred destiny/ duty thing to slay vampires. I’m the Chosen One—until some vamp gets a lucky shot and kills me and my death screws over another girl’s life.

Blue pill indeed.

April 2, 1994 - San Francisco

I think I love him. But he doesn’t show any interest in me.

And there are 4 reasons why that may be:

One, it’s against the rules

Buffy thinks if that is his reason for staying away he is biggest dope on Earth—and yes, my family knows of my calling a bunch of vamps attacked them and then yours truly tossed Daddy a stake and mummy a cross. They went all grr until Buffy fried them. I mean literally, a vamp grabs her, she puts out a palm and a pinkish light-force emerges smoking the vamp. Kit is still looking into it. He found a reference to Miko powers but hell if I know what that means.

Two, he is not interested. Pity, since he’s really cute.

Three, he is interested, but shy or scared of dad, since he was glared at the other day.

Four, he is gay...not much I can do if he is.

April 11, 1996

He loves me! He finally said it…yay!!

Dad’s gonna kill him…

But he loves me and that’s all that matters!


To be continued.

The Shikon no Tama (The Jewel of Four Souls): is a fictional mystical jewel in the anime and manga series InuYasha. It is called the Jewel of Four Souls because it has 4 different souls with 4 different names: Aramitama (Courage), Nigimitama (Friendship), Kushimitama (Wisdom) and Sakimitama (Love). The jewel can make a person very powerful.

Mrs. Higurashi: is a mother of Kagome Higurashi, one of central characters in the Manga/ Anime InuYasha.

India Cohen: a fictional character featured in the BTVS tie-in novels. She was the Slayer that preceded Buffy Summers. Parent’s names were never given so I gave them.

Amaterasu-ōmikami: in Japanese myth she was the sun goddess and one of the principal Shinto deities of the Kami (Gods). Her name, Amaterasu, literally means, "that which illuminates Heaven".

Kami: are the central objects of worship for the Shinto faith. The nature of what can be called a Kami is very broad and encompasses many different concepts and phenomena.

Shōgi: is a General’s chess, also known as Japanese chess. It is a two-player board game.

Miko: (literally "shaman woman") is a Japanese term used to describe a female who is a spirit medium for the Kami’s (spirits gods). English has diverse translation equivalents for Japanese the term Miko. While "shrine maiden" is frequently used, other equivalents are “female shaman", "spirit medium", "prophet", "priestess", "witch", or "sorceress".
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