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Diverted destiny of four souls

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Summary: This is a tale of five not-so-ordinary girls and how, with a single unforeseen and unwelcome death of a five year old girl, their fates change forever.

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Chapter 3:

Disclaimer: No character here belongs to me. And some of the text is taken from the BtVS episode The Harvest.

Approaching Chaos

If there was something that frustrated Watchers and martyr souled vampires had in common it was how hilarious it was when they realized that they were trying to corner the wrong girl. The look on the Watchers face was priceless when he found out my whole family knew about Indy being the chosen one.

Of course the glasses polishing didn’t stop there for Giles, nope, we gained friends in-the-know. Then the other shoe dropped and Sunnydale gained another batch of vampires, according to Cordelia, who befriended India, since apparently they have a lot in common, something which Indy needed even though I’m jealous that some girl who wasn’t me managed to snap my sister out of her depression. But I am glad that Indy is better now.
As for me, well, I got grounded for mouthing off to a librarian. Not that I told my parents why I did it, and I am not entirely sure how they found out either, but I am reserving the why only if the Librarian/Watcher doesn’t go through with that test. If he does, well, than I am so telling daddy about happy dear18th Slayer birthday.

Ooh and I just got a new friend with a special power. Her name is Marcie Ross and she’s invisible (she hates Queen C though). Along with Theresa (who doesn’t know what goes bump in the night…yet) I have two friends now. India made some other friends too: there is Angel, who really needs to stop with the stalking thing, it was annoying when he was doing to me and its double annoying now when he is stalking India, and there is Owen and Lance, who are in the know after that incident in the ZOO, and of course there is Cordelia.

By the way, I have this new power, apparently I can purify possessed people. The downside is that it kind of sizzles the host too, so…there are couple of people in the hospital now. But hey! At least they did not get to eat principal Flutie.

I have no idea how much they remember, so I am kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop there too. Not to mention that one of the hyena boys, X something, has a red-headed vamp after him. She is smart and managed to avoid a bout with India and myself. I suppose someone should be on guard duty for that boy, and knowing my luck it will probably be me.

I foresee a lot of headaches in the future.

- Extract from Buffy Anne Summers-Cohen’s diary

Night, January 22, 1997 Sunnydale high

Watcher Rupert Giles was sitting in his office leafing through books while drinking a cup of tea, its calming influence a balm to his worry-frayed mind. After all, it’s not every day that a Watcher gets threatened by a little girl, and he didn’t mean the Slayer. Oh no, it was her sister and her threats were particularly creative. It made him nervous about the whole thing.

On the other hand he managed to establish a nice working relationship with his Slayer. She was a quiet girl, who listened and obeyed well. He hoped she wouldn’t be influenced too much by her little sister. As for the young people that were apparently in the know, well he always needed an extra pair of hands in the library. Hopefully keeping them busy with research would keep them safe.

Contemplating his options he turned the leaf only to start at the words written in ancient Greek. “Ho korias phanaytie toutay...tay nuktee. The Master shall rise...The Master shall rise, and the Slayer..." he trailed off.

“Oh my god.”

He reads further, his brows furrowed in concentration and tea completely forgotten.

The Watcher then stood abruptly, going over to the bookshelf to pull out another volume. He opened its leather bound pages and began to read, looking for comparisons between passages.

When he absently reached for his now cold tea everything in the small book-cluttered room began to shake violently, books fell from their places as the earthquake rocked the school’s foundations.

Underground, the shaking was accompanied by deep rubble.

Sunnydale Hospital

Buffy was walking away from her very unpleasant second encounter with the formerly hyena possessed boy. To be fair, the boy Xander, was fairly uncomfortable about it too; hence him trying to pretend that he didn’t remember anything.

But he did give himself away, because apparently both his childhood friends were turned into the leech brigade and he was frightened of them. Poor guy. His friends were itching for his blood.

India and Buffy’s group have now grown one member. Buffy wonders if there is some sort of karma at work. After all, just when her family moved in, people her age, who lived here all their lives, were beginning to realize that boogey men under the bed were very much real.

Funny that. And when the flashback of the furiously flustered Watcher polishing his glasses with a vengeance sprang to mind, Buffy grinned. Oh it was so totally worth it.

The sooner the Watcher was housebroken the sooner he becomes a human being, or rather, looks at his charge as another human being: a teenage girl with too much on her plate.

Just as she was about to return with Twinkies, the boys needed their bribes after all, the rumbling started.

Now that, Buffy thought, was definitely not of the good.

Sunnydale Park

A beige car with its windows fogged was parked a small distance away from India who was fighting three vamps. When the vampires gained the upper hand by throwing the Slayer to the ground, the headlights hit the vampires, dazing them. India propped herself up as the vampires blinked stupidly, the car was approaching at high speed.

India rolled in to a backwards somersault and came up standing, ready to fight. The car rammed the two vampires, rolling them to the ground and then driving over them in reverse, leaving India one opponent who growled at her and charged. India smirked and pulled a stake from her jacket, showing it to the charging vampire, which only infuriated it further. He launched himself at her.

She hit him in the head with a crescent kick, followed by a high front snap, which stunned him for a second. This was all she needed to plunge the stake in to his un-beating heart. Not even watching when he turned to dust, she jumped over to the vampires-turned-road-kill and staked them too.

The car door opened and the Queen of Sunnydale high stepped out in a designer dress with high heel stilettos.

India smiled at the approaching brunette. “Three in one night, less than five minutes. Giles would be so proud.”

Cordelia inspected the path for any mud holes; after all it would not do to get her shoes soiled.

“Yes Miss Goody shoes, now that your conscious is clear we can go to the Bronze.”

“By the way Cordelia, that was some nice driving. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. And just for the record, if there are any damages to my car I am demanding payment from the librarian.”


“I had a little talk with your sister and she says that since Watchers are not paying the Slayer they should at least pay for any damages that happen during work.”

India opened her mouth when the ground started to shake.

“Oh great it’s an earthquake,” Cordelia muttered, glaring at the trees which had doused her with water.


When the earthquake shook the ground people panicked.

One boy grabbed on to a pale beautiful redhead girl. On the outside the redhead girl looked scared, mentally though she smirked at his fear.

Like one measly earthquake would frighten her.

As if.

She covertly smiles when the boy grabs her and guides her away. “Let’s get ourselves under the stairs” he says, thinking chicks dig this sort of thing. They get under the stairs and the redhead grabs onto the step, quickly withdrawing her hand to avoid her fingers being stepped on.

Then she turns to the warm body next to her. It’s time to wrap this up, she thought. After all she and Jessie had a date with her darling Xander lined up in the hospital.

A quick meal and she’ll be ready to go.

Underground Cave-directly beneath the Sunnydale High Library

The leader of the Aurelius Heinrich Joseph line was a very old vampire.

As of the present he stood with his hands stretched above him. He was quite the impressive sight: a tall man clad in black leather radiating power.

Attending vampires shifted uneasily, while the vampire buy, Colin, looked at the Master with curiosity.

“Yes! YES! SHAKE, Earth!” he yelled as the tremors from below shook the earth around him, toppling things from their places on tables and other surfaces.

“This is the sign! We are in the final days! My time has come! Glory! GLORY!”

After the tremors stopped the master turned to the child vampire.

“What do you think? 5.1?”


Mornings in the Sunnydale Library were always joyful, Buffy decided as the doors swung closed behind her and Xander.

They were back from the hospital where they had gotten a visit from two vampires that nearly caused the boy to be turned. Luckily Xander had more brains than she gave him credit for.

Ok, that was uncalled for, she thought, annoyed at herself. But she was almost raped by him. Granted, he was possessed and she did get to fry him a bit but still, his attempt, conscious or not, would stay in her memory forever.

Meanwhile Giles emerged from his office, looking rumpled. He obviously hadn’t gotten enough sleep. Looking around he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Xander standing behind the Slayer’s little sister.

Buffy just shrugged and ushered the boy in to a chair behind a stack of books.

“India’s not here yet.”

“No, Miss Summers, who is…”

“This is Xander Harris, his two childhood friends became vampires and they are targeting him. So since he is already involved, he wants to help. Hence why I brought him here.”

“Hey G-Man.”

And again the glasses came off, much to Buffy’s amusement.

“Miss Summers.”

“It’s Buffy, Giles, and since I am not letting India work alone you might as well accept that I am here to stay, and so are the others. They are perfectly capable of sticking the pointy end of a stick into a vampire’s heart.”

“Or running dead boys over with a car,” came a voice from the door. The three occupants turned to see Queen C and The Slayer enter the library, closely followed by a glaring Marcie, a timid Lance and an overconfident Owen.

“Hey Cordy,” greeted Buffy, grinning. Cordelia glared at her while Marcie smirked, anything that displeased The Bitch was good in her book.

“Don’t call me Cordy! It’s C.O.R.D.E.L.I.A.”

“But Cordy is much more fun!” quipped Buffy to the irritated brunette.

“And thanks for watching my sister’s back on patrol.”

“You welcome,” came the reluctant replay. Despite appearances the two were fast becoming friends. Of course, that was after Buffy point blank told Cordelia that she was not after the title of Prom Queen, Head Cheerleader, etc.

Then Cordelia’s eyes fell on newest member of the group. “And I am feeling my social standard dropping even lower, what’s dweeb boy doing here?”

“Morning Giles,” greeted India to her Watcher. This made Buffy a little uncomfortable since she didn’t greet the Watcher but, then again, he didn’t greet her either. Looking around India noticed a crack running through the library.

“Looks like the quake caused some structural damage. Are we safe here?” she asked, turning to her Watcher.

India looked puzzled as she gazed around the room. The new boy was ogling Cordelia while Cordelia made cutting remarks. Amusingly, he gave back as good as he got. Others were examining the damage done by the quake and Buffy was watching Giles like a hawk. Inwardly, India sighed at Buffy’s over protectiveness.

“Do I have something on my face?” she asked her Watcher.

“No, and yes we are perfectly safe here.”

“By day,” interjects Buffy.

“I noticed an interesting little detail above the school entrance ‘formatia trans sicere educatoru’. Now if my spotty Latin is correct that means that seekers of knowledge may enter. Its an invitation, a welcoming mat.”

“That is not all, while on patrol we encountered 3 vampires. Looks like they are upping their numbers,” India noted as Cordelia handed Giles a slip of paper.

“What’s this?”

“Damage bill caused by slaying.”

“Be that as it may, Cordelia, it is not your duty to…”

“And the car needs new paint.”

Giles sighed. She wasn’t even listening.

“I’ll see what I can do,” he said as he walked over to the bookshelf.

Buffy regarded the tired man for a second. “How are you doing there Giles?” He turned, looking at the other teen in surprise. That was the first time the Slayer’s…no…Buffy was concerned regarding him.

Ignoring the incredulous looks from the man she continued. “You get much sleep?”

“I’ve been working.”

“Anything we can help with?” she asked, then flinched, “…after classes. We have biology now.”

And with that the teens cleared the library leaving the librarian with his books, his prophecies, and his glum thoughts.

Buffy was sitting by the fountain, contemplating the latest development in the drama that was her personal life. Xander Harris had asked her out, which she refused, and he hadn’t handled the rejection well.

Which lead Buffy to the conclusion that:


But she’d be dammed if she felt guilty for that. And she hadn’t had that hyena incident in mind either when he asked.

Her seething came to a halt when tiny hard pellets started to hit the ground around her. Standing up she quickly retreated under a nearby archway, and just in time as the real shower started.

Other students ran for the cover of the archway, all of them watching as the hail came down.

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