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Diverted destiny of four souls

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Summary: This is a tale of five not-so-ordinary girls and how, with a single unforeseen and unwelcome death of a five year old girl, their fates change forever.

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Chapter 4

A.N. Warning: this chapter is depressing, dark thoughts and character death!!!

And I would LOVE to have more reviews (with constructive criticism ... or without) since this is the first of my fanfic that goes in slightly darker aspect of would be good to know I can write in this way as well and not just comedy side like in The Gift)

And now...on with it...

Blood Over Mouth of Hell

Outside Sunnydale high

India was shivering despite the warm night, ever since she heard from Giles and Angel about the prophecy…she just couldn’t get warm.

Hearing that she was about to die was chilling, but it’s not like she didn’t expect to follow after Kit. She just didn’t think it’d be so soon. A stray thought fluttered trough her mind, jolting trough her swirling misty mindset like ray of murky light; Do the people with terminal diseases feel like this? Hoping that despite the illness ravaging their cells, getting nearer to oblivion with every breath, every step bridging them closer to the death’s doors. Do they hope that everything will be okay at the end? Does part of them wish to flee, only for a moment…?

She knows she does. In fact, her first reaction was just that, and then the anger came and then… acceptance. If she doesn’t go, the Master vampire will walk under the starry sky and pale moon again and the streets of Sunnydale, while mostly peaceful on nights, will overflow with blood of its citizens. Maybe even the blood of her father and mother, of Buffy and Ryan, her friends, kids that she passed at school, but haven’t talked to yet, teens that she’ll never had a chance to befriend now… all those opportunities lost.

Morbid, sadly yes, very much, but even knowing all that, part of her, the part that was a human girl in her teens, wanted to live, to laugh with her friends, to have family dinners, to goof off with her younger siblings, to go to the beach, to the cinema, to eat cakes and ice cream, drink coffee, maybe fall in love again…

Sadly those things, she’ll never have now.


Teardrops slowly escaped from her closed eyes. Then, her senses picked up, stumbling forward like children learning to walk.

She opened her now dried eyes, seeing a little boy approaching. She saw the picture of this child, in the wallet of his dead mother. His name was Collin, when he was breathing and smiling in the picture, a picture of childish innocence, on the meadow bathed in sunlight.

Never again.

So that strong vampire Giles mistook for the Anointed One, was a decoy. This child... no, this is no child. No child has eyes so cold and so evil, and in all her short life she never saw such evil covered in such fake innocence. A big wolf with sharp bloody teeth wrapped in soft curly sheep wool. Never was an old cliché so accurate.

The small vampire stopped by the dark-haired girl, who watched him silently. He put out his small pale hand as if he wanted a reassurance, his eyes welling up with tears.

“Help me,” he whimpers pitifully. India’s eyes harden, and then she lets out a sigh, holding in a scream of rage and a whimper of fear all at the same time.

She touches her crossbow, that is strapped by her hip - always amazing, authorities ignoring the various weaponry in this sunny town - seeking comfort. Her only comfort in this night was in the firm wood surface.

“I know what you are; there is no need to pretend.” She watched as the tears disappeared and the evil that resided in this tiny body stopped hiding; stopped to trying to lull it’s prey into a false sense of security.

It is truly frightening. A vampire with a face of the child beckoned with his hand, but India took a step back.

“Lead the way, vampire.”


Rovello Drive, Sunnydale

Marcus was pacing the living room while his wife sat behind the table, her head in her hands, while Ryan was sitting on the floor, scratching Munchkin - who was expecting her first litter courtesy of Max - while glancing worriedly at his parents.

He knew what freaked them out so badly, even when they tried to hide it; blood running out from the faucet would freak out anyone.

And neither Buffy nor India had called, and it was getting dark outside.

All three of them jumped when telephone ringing split the silence like lightning.

Angel sat in his dark apartment, brooding about the prophecy that will come to tonight; indeed The Slayer is probably already… his heavy thoughts were interrupted by a rapping on the door.

“I’m coming,” he said after a while, when ignoring the knocks didn’t make the insistent noise go away, but when he opened the door, he wished he hadn’t. He really didn’t want to face the slayer’s little sister,. He didn’t want to tell her that her sister would die, that it was written.

The little sister just smiled at him, but it wasn’t nice smile. It was sharp and edgy like shattered glass. That was his only warning and then a small hand closed on his shirt and yanked him out of apartment.

“You’re coming with us,” she stated, like it was written in stone, unyielding.


“No buts. We need a guide.”

“There is nothing you can do.”

“You would think that. But guess what? You’d be totally wrong,” she replied while still dragging him to the street where he was greeted with the sight of people standing by a Jeep that was parked under the lamppost. “Unless you wanna say that to a father with a shotgun and five teens armed to their teeth with long pointy sticks, holy water balloons and crossbows. I didn’t think so. Lead on.”


Marcie was telling the others while they were driving to the entrance of the caves what she had found. With the maps they studied and their guide they were as ready as they could be. They boldly went into the dark embrace of the Sunnydale tunnels below the city high school.


Meanwhile, a Watcher turned librarian was holding an ice pack, nursing his bruised face and bloody nose, full of ice provided by Miss Jenny Calendar who had come just in time to see the confrontation between the frustrated English librarian and the angry father and worried mother of the current Slayer. That confrontation had ended with unconsciousness and later a painful awakening for Rupert Giles thanks to of Marcus' right hook.


The cave was lit by torches, and despite being a cave underground, in the severs, it could have been really nice if it weren’t populated by vampires and held the Master in its deeps and if said Master were not on the verge of an escape that only she could stop it.

“Welcome,” a voice echoed through the cavern, jolting India into motion.

She fired her first arrow from her automatic reload crossbow at the direction the voice, not the echo that it had created. Sometimes a slayer’s heightened senses were a blessing.

But her sense of targeting was off when a tall, black, leather-clad, ugly vampire stepped to the torch light, the arrow embedded in his shoulder.

“That wasn’t nice.”

“Hiding in the dark is even less nice.”


Marci’s group reached the intersection in the tunnel and stopped. “From here on out, it all depends on your guidance Angel," said Marcus, looking at the map, “So, Angel in front, while Marcie and Owen take the rear guard.”

Angel looked at both directions and nodded when he got his bearings, moving past Xander, to get at the front.

“It’s this way,” he said as he heard a small yelp from the boy he has passed. Angel turned back. “What?”

Xander stopped. “You were looking at my neck” he accused., causing an eye roll from both Cordelia and Buffy who were directly behind him, while Marcus scowled at the delay.

“What?” Angel repeated..

“You were checking out my neck! I saw that!” Xander voice rose an octave, making both girls reach out at the same time and smack him at the back of the head. “Ow!” Xander yelped and glared at the irate females behind him.

“Angel wasn’t checking you out, you dweep,” Cordelia snorted.

“We’re losing time, with your clowning around! Angel,” Buffy looked at the vampire in front, who nodded and started walking ahead.

“Yeah, you just keep the distance, pal,” Xander mumbled.

Marcus stepped forward. “Boy, if you’ll be a hindrance, you’ll be left behind. I am clear?” he asked coldly.

He would not allow this boy, who had volunteered to help save one of his daughters, to sabotage the rescue because of his own petty foolishness.

“Yes sir.”


Rupert Giles managed to make his head stop spinning and was forcefully whiping his glasses due to the information he managed to uncover in the volumes with the help of Miss Calendar and Mrs. Summers-Cohen who returned shortly after.

“The way it is,” the librarian stated to his two companions, “The vampires have been gathering, they know he is coming. They will be his army.”

“I am not writing my husband, daughters and their friends just yet, Mr. Giles.” I’m not sure what you meant by this.

“Beg you pardon?”

“Where do you think the others went?”

“Bloody hell, what does he expect to do?! If the slayer dies, they’ll be defenseless. How could you allow them to-?”

“Giles,” Miss Calendar interrupted the spluttering Watcher and indirectly saved the poor man from another physical abuse, “Do you think they’ll gather at the Hellmouth?”

Joyce glared at the Watcher. ”Last time that vampire tried to make trouble was at that Harvest thing. Buffy said it then and India said that a bunch of vampires were attempting to get him fresh blood.”

Jenny looked at the other woman in surprise. She never imagined that a Slayer would be such a petite, cute girl with dark eyes and hair, but that the whole family was actively helping her… that was truly remarkable.

“Did your daughters ever mention where that went down, Mrs. Summers-Cohen?”

“Joyce, please. And it was The Bronze.”

“The prom!” Giles suddenly acclaimed. “There is a dance at The Bronze that the faculty is supposed to supervise. Principal Flutie and Vice Principal Snyder are already there. We have to warn them.”

Giles reached for his tweed jacket as Jenny said, “Stop. No, we’ll go. You have to concentrate on demon killing if the worst happens and the Hellmouth opens. Joyce, my car is in the lot, we’re better off driving to the bronze.”

“We should go now,” Joyce said in agreement.

Giles picked up a volume dealing with the demon that was supposed to make an appearance today and called after departing women.

“Stay close together and for goodness sake, be extremely careful!”


“You are not going to kill me with that thing,” the Master said arrogantly, dodging arrows and darting behind India as the last round of her crossbow was finished.

India smiled and swung around, cutting a wide scar across the ancient vampire’s face with the long dagger that she had been hiding in her jacket sleeve.

“Don’t be so sure.”

“You still don’t understand your part in all this, do you? You are not the hunter. You are the lamb.”

“Well, this lamb has managed to scratch you pretty badly, huh, you over-grown bat?!”


Jenny and Joyce slid into the car and, strapping their seat-belts on, they looked up and out onto the field to see a hoard of vampires approaching.

“Why are they coming here?” asked Jenny.

“I guess we missed something. We need to get back to the school library.”

“Library! Great!”

Jenny started the car the car, burning rubber and makes a fast U-turn on the luckily empty parking lot. She floored it toward school building and crashed through the doors, through the hallways and came to a screeching halt outside the library door.

Inside the library, Giles looked up from his book after hearing the screech of tires.

“What the…?”

Jenny and Joyce came running through the double doors and without pausing, started to pile tables in front of them.

“What’s happening?”

“Guess!” shouted Jenny, as a vampire punched the small round window in one of the doors and grabbed at them. Joyce quickly hit the grabbing hand with a wooden cross and the vampire retreated with an angry growl. Giles began to shove bookcases towards the doors.

“Why are they coming here?!” he shouted, while pulling the copy machine to block the shuddering door.

Joyce was slashing at the hands of the vampires foolish enough to still attempt to grasp at them with a battle axe she got from the backroom.

“Why don’t you ask them?” came an annoyed shout from Jenny, who was dragging another bookcase to block the door. When she turned around for a weapon, she spotted something moving from the back of the library.

“Oh, uh, Giles, there is a problem!”

Giles turned to see a green tentacle worming its way trough the cracks in the floor.

“What?! Oh dear. It’s here!”


India gasped for breath. The fruit-punch mouthed vampire had her by the neck. She swung her arms upwards and slammed her fists under his chin, finally free. She quickly scrambled for the chair leg that broke during their fight, but Master held his hand out towards her and she froze, caught by ancient, hypnotic powers.

“You tried. It was noble of you. You heard the prophecy that I was to break free and you came to stop me. But prophecies are tricky creatures. They don’t tell you everything. You see, you are the one that sets me free. If you hadn’t come I could not go. Think about that.”

India’s body was frozen still but her mind was not compromised. She felt and heard everything; the damp of the caves, the warmth and light provided by the torches, the gleeful voice of a vampire that was about to kill her.

The Master waited a moment longer to let the girl have some time to think. To let her realize what consequences her death will have for the world above. Then he bent down with a small smile and bit the base of her neck. He gulped down the crimson liquid that was pumping through the terrified girl’s veins and let her go.

“Oh god, the power!” he exclaimed while India fell to her knees, the combination of blood loss and intense fear causing her to faint right into the water.

The vampire paid the girl no heed as her life drained away in that puddle of water. He stepped at the edge of his confines and pushed against the field. He forced his hand through, and his confines broke in a burst of light. He was finally free to walk the world again, slaughter whoever he wish and no longer wait for his minions to bring him a tribute. He would finally join his favorite child, Darla, who was leading the remaining vampire forces at the top of the Hellmouth.

He started up to leave his lair and join his forces at the top of Hellmouth when he was sent flying back by the forceful round of a shotgun. He stood up with a growl, two arrows flying past. One flies through his leg and he bellows at the mortals that dare delay his victory. He lept at the young male and female holding empty crossbows, only for another light-haired young man to jump forward and plunge his ten-inch wooden stake into his chest. Luckily, the wood just missed his heart.

When he reached with both hands to crush the offending humans, he felt two hands on his person, turning his head. He saw another girl, the one who was holding him. As he watched, her hands tightened on his clothing and a light erupted forward, engulfing him in white flames and burning him until he was black ashes.

And a girl whispering, “Loser,” under her breath was the last thing he heard.

Xander shivered. He remembered that leaping fire well, only Buffy had used it on him and it was hyena that was burned out. Still, that had been scary. And kinda cool. In fact, all Summers woman were cool. Maybe he should ask India for the date, next, he thought.

Suddenly, through the silence a cough was heard, and then another. Xander turned and saw Cordelia and Buffy’s father helping to steady a still coughing, but very alive, albeit wet, India Cohen. She was breathing deep breaths and her dad was holding her, and then she felt another set of hands supporting her.

“Cordelia,” she whispered hoarsely, coughing again.

The dark-haired girl smiled. “Don’t do this again. You have no idea how humid these corridors are.”

“Indy!” Another pair of hands went around her. “I’m so glad you’re okay!”

“Buffy... The Master?”

“Oh, the leather-clad vamp. He got fried. But he was the only vampire here.”

“Then the others are already… We need to go to school, now!” India started to get up before Angel stepped forward.

“Hey, easy, take it slow. You’re still weak.”

India stopped and tilted her head in slight confusion. Weak? She hadn’t welt weak at all.

“No, I... I feel strong. I feel different.”

Maybe dying will do that to you, she thought, distractedly, or perhaps she wasn’t a slayer anymore. When one dies, the next rises.

To be continued….

Next: demon eggs, hallow eve and new slayers appear.
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