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Diverted destiny of four souls

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Summary: This is a tale of five not-so-ordinary girls and how, with a single unforeseen and unwelcome death of a five year old girl, their fates change forever.

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Chapter 5

IMPORTANT AN: This was originally one big chapter, but for health reasons was divided. So explanations or/and translations are pending.

There is some foreshadowing about line of the Slayer....cookies for those who find and figure out the riddle....

Disclaimer for this and a couple of chapters ahead:
The following scenes from listed episodes of the TV show ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ do not belong to me. Episodes are listed in the way I used them, not at the order they were aired: School Hard, Bad Eggs, Halloween, What’s My Line Part 1 & 2 from Season 2 of BtVS and episodes from Season 3; Faith, Hope and Trick and Dead Man’s Party.

Wasn’t It Supposed To Be ONE?

Extract from Buffy Anne Summers-Cohen’s diary

Two days ago India had died. And it was prophesied. How crazy is that? It was pure luck that I overheard Angel tell Giles and India. I was surprised that he didn’t hear my heartbeat with his heightened vampire senses. I was hiding a bookshelf away from him. How didn’t he detect me? But then again, he and Giles thought I was the slayer for days. Now that is still giggle worthy. Even my sister was amused.

Indy was by the library doors I guess she couldn’t possibly hear an additional heart beat. So I called dad and managed to round up a couple of people - not everyone was voluntary, just ask Angel; it was like pulling teeth to get his to cooperate. Luckily Xander Harris knew where he lived and I am still unclear how a guy who has so much disgust and hatred for vampires knows where one lives?

Then again… I really don’t care; Indy is with us so he deserves a little slack. Both of them do. Especially now, when apparently one of the older vampires - ironically just the one who sired Angel - managed to escape from us when we stormed the school grounds. I hoped Principal Flutie wouldn’t be too upset by the property damages in the morning. The front doors were reduced to splinters and there are broken windows in the library doors and that crack where that tentacle demon wiggled out of … wherever...

And I hoped the vice principal would be so irked by it that he would stop harassing students, but that is just wishful thinking on my part. Snyder is a troll. Or a demon… well, probably just a miserable little man who enjoys tormenting anything that is of teenage persuasion.

Unless you are a jock.

Or a cheerleader.

Or rich.

There is however one thing that bothers me. Something I haven’t mentioned to anyone, mostly because I have no idea how to put it into words.

But I’ll try to write it down here in my diary... when India died while I was still with the others, I kind of felt it. But that’s not the weird part. I felt this searching, silvery aura and when it came at me it split, divided, like water on a rock. Its difficult to explain the feeling, let alone understand what it was.

In addition to that I heard an echo of words that sounded like gibberish… it sounded kind of like this; Amatsukazeyo tokinohasae, kono omoiwa izayoini. Aanatano sorawo tobu, sonokunashimi kurushimi wo, kuraitsukusu oni demokamawanai.

I have no idea what it means. It’s miracle that I was able to remember and write it down. But I know it was male voice… at least, I think so.


Sunnydale High, Vice Principal H. Snyder’s office

The vice principle was sitting, papers neatly stack and everything in order on his desk, while he watched three delinquents sit across from him.

“Principal Flutie tells you students, “Think as your educators as your pals”, but I say, think of me as judge, jury and executioner.”

He looked at the troublemakers one at the time; Shelia Burns looked bored. The class slacker, Alexander LaVelle Harris, at least apprehensive. Good, good. And Lance Milestone was looking out of the window.

“Can one of you tell me, who among you is the most troublesome student in this school?” Without waiting for an answer, he continued. “It’s a contest between the three of you. One of you attacked the principal, the other vandalized the school newspaper and she stabbed a horticulture teacher with a trowel. You troublemakers seem to be tied in class-cutting and fight-starting events. It’s really quite exciting.”

Sheila looked up. “What does the winner get?”

“Expelled,” Snyder replied, “At least, if it was up to me. But since the principal wants to waste the time with you failures, you get another chance at redeeming yourselves. Thursday is parent-teacher night. You parents, if you have any, will meet your teachers, assuming you have any left. You will be put in charge of the event. You have three days to prepare the refreshments, make the banners and transform the school lounge in to a habitable place for adults. Are we clear?”

Xander nodded fervently. “Clear as a whistle, so I could whistle. How about you?” He turned to Sheila who just looked back, bored. He nodded and looked at Lance who was still looking through the window. “Yup, we are really clear.”

Snyder smiled like troll. “Good, because you mess up this time and your parents will be coming to clean out your lockers.”

The students exited the office and headed for cafeteria. India was sitting with Cordelia, Buffy, Theresa and Marcie at the table, trying to eat, when an argument between Lance and Xander caught their attention.

“Well,” Xander started, “Shelia can work at banners and figure out the refreshments-”

“Wait, who made you the boss?!” Lance shouted while Sheila just shrugged it off.

“Yeah, sure, whatever,” she sighed and then walked off to the service buffet while Xander slumped down at the table with the group of girls, earning a smile full of sympathy from Theresa while Buffy pushed her plate of chocolate cake toward him.

“So, dweeb boy,” started Cordelia, her amusement growing when Harris glared in her direction, but before he could give as well as he was currently getting, Cordelia continued, “Vice Principal Snyder roped you and the other losers into organizing the parent-teacher night, huh? I guess I’ll help out.”

Xander was stumped. Queen Bitch of Sunnydale High, actually offering to help, albeit while insulting him? That was a sure sign of the apocalypse, he thought, glancing at other girls faces to see if he was the only one who had dreamed that Queen C offered him help. Buffy just shrugged at his look while Marcie just looked resigned, but considering Marcie’s intense hatred for the head cheerleader, any other expression would be too much to ask. Its not like the girl glared at Cordelia all the time. Mostly she just ignored that Queen C existed.

“So, Xander,” India drawled, “Who else was supposed to work on this?” She sighed at his shrug. “Probably no one, huh? Well, I suppose that does it. We’ll all help.”

“Why?” Xander blurted, not able to stop the question and sheer generosity of these people he hardly knew. Their foray into the belly of the vampire-infested Sunnydale sewers couldn’t made them friends, could it?

“Because, Harris, parent-teacher night is important for students as well as parents, so I’d like to have a nice and dignified soirée, even if I have to drag you lame-os through everything,” said Cordelia.

Xander seethed at the haughty air she possessed, but bristled and bit back a retort. He knew he couldn’t pull off the event all by himself and looking to his fellow ‘volunteers’ would be stupid. And contrary to popular belief, while he was admittedly a slacker, he was not stupid.


When night fell on the town, in the many warehouses that frequented Sunnydale, a child vampire was flanked on the right by a beautiful blond vampire at his right and a slip of a pixie-ish redhead to the left.

“The master is dead,” stated a vampire standing before the trio, “Someone has to take his place. As long as Slayer lives, whomever we choose to lead will be sharing his grave.”

Darla raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow. Their so-called discussion of election just showed how young and thick in the head they were. Willow looked bored. Darla smirked. Interesting things tended to happen when Willow’s boredom reached its peak.

“Then let the soul who kills her wear his mantle,” another vampire piped up, making the redhead quickly flick a needle and hit the vampire right in the eye. The vampire howled in pain and the redhead laughed delightfully and stepped up to the vampire, who was holding his palm up to the bleeding socket.

“You bitch,” he snarled and charged at the girl, who was watching and welcoming his attack with a well placed kick that sent him flying. She walked through the crowd of still but growling vampires. She knelt down and grabbed him by the back of his cropped hair.

“Then that’s what you shall do,” stated the child vampire, “You will do it this weekend, the night of St. Vigeous, when vampires’ powers are at its peak...”

The vampire smiled. “Yes, I shall. I can do it. I’ll kill her and it will be greatest event since crucifixion. And I should know... I was there, after all.”

A bleach blond vampire appeared just behind him, making Darla smile even wider.

“You were there?” he laughed in a British accent. The vampire whirled around to face the newcomer.

“Oh, please,” the bleach blonde continued, “If every bloody vampire who said they were at the crucifixion was actually there, it would’ve been like bloody Woodstock. There, I have been. Fed off a flower person and spent the next couple hours watching my hand move.”

“I oughta rip your throat out,” growled the vampire, his eyes bloody and swollen shut. The newcomer paid him no head and walked forward to stand before Darla.

“Hello, Spike,” she smiled, “Welcome back to the fold.”

“All grace, as always, Darla,” said Spike, before turning to the boy, “And you’re that anointed guy. I read about you.”

Spike shivered, sensing someone approaching behind him. He dropped his human guise with a growl and turned to face a figure dressed in white.

“Drusilla,” he said softly, “You shouldn’t be walking about. You’re weak.”

Drusilla had a pale, heart-shaped face, like that of a porcelain doll, with doe eyes and straight black hair, a smile stretched across her rosy lips.

“I came to see grandmum. And look at all these people. Are these nice people?”

“We’re getting along,” Spike shrugged and took her arm, pulling her closer to the small crowd.

“Hello, grandmum,” the raven-haired vampire simpered at Darla, who gave a displeased hiss. Drusilla looked to Willow and nodded, “Aunty Red,” to which the redhead looked surprised. Drusilla’s eyes fell on the child vampire. “This one has power,” she said, “I could feel it from outside.”

Spike sighed. “Yeah, he’s big noise in these parts. Anointed and all that.”

Drusilla dropped Spike’s hand and knelt down so she was face to face with Collin.

“Do you like daisies?” she asked innocently, “I plant them, but they always die...” she trailed off, closed her eyes and began to sway. “Everything I put in the ground withers and dies. Spike? I’m cold.”

Spike shrugged off his leather jacket and put it over Drusilla’s shoulders as she stood.

“I’ve got you,” he murmured into her hair.

Drusilla smiled. “I’m a princess.”

“Yes you are.” He turned to the fuming, one-eyed vampire, “So, how about that slayer you were yapping on about? She tough?”

Darla smirked. “So you are moving in.”

“Dru needs her family. So what about the slayer?”

Drusilla bowed her head and clutched her temples. “I can see her. The slayer. One, two and three. She’s in the dark, prowling. She smells salt. She is hunting. She is asking Malice. Kill her. Kill her for me, Spike.”

“It’s done, baby.”


Rovello Drive, Summers-Cohen residence

India sat at the dining room table as Buffy braided her hair from behind, Joyce walking in with Ryan at her side.

“Are you two almost ready? Or are your friends picking you up?” asked Joyce.

“Dad left for work already?” asked India.

Joyce nodded. “Yes, he has. The mail came with a notice for parent teacher night.”

“Good,” Buffy said distractedly, looping India’s hair and trying to make her braid more elegant, “All done.”

“We’ll be helping Xander make banners and Cordelia is in charge of the food... she knows people,” said India.

“That’s nice that all of you are helping your friend. Maybe you should invite your schoolmates to dinner sometime, or at least for your birthday party, India.”

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that. I’ll be eighteen in a couple weeks. We should start to plan the party. I know it’ll be a big deal for grandma and grandpa.”


Sunnydale High

Marcie and Buffy sat on the floor, painting letters on a paper banner.

“Poor Xander. Not only is he the only one to show up, but he has to listen to Nazi Queen on How To Host a Successful Soiree 101.”

Buffy’s lip curled up in amusement. “Nazi Queen?”

“If it quacks like a duck...” Marcie trailed off, “Hey, Theresa. Did you get more red paper for the banners?” she asked the girl carrying rolls of colorful paper.

“Yes, it’s in the pile... somewhere. Is Sheila not here yet? I thought I saw her coming down the hallway.”

“She’s isn’t here yet. I hope she shows up soon. If Snyder finds out, nothing will stop him from expelling her. Not even Principal Flutie.” Marcie frowned. While she didn’t know Sheila that well, Snyder expelling anyone didn’t sit well with her. Mostly, she just didn’t want to give the troll the satisfaction.

India walked through the doors to the lounge carrying paint, brushes and a stepladder.

“Hey, guys,” she called to the group, making Xander and Cordelia walk towards the others, “Did you hear about Mr. Whitmore’s new project? Something about eggs. We’re supposed to do it in pairs.”

“No, I haven’t,” said Cordelia, narrowing her eyes at Xander, “I guess I should find a partner. Not that it’ll be as hard for me as it will for some people.”

“You know, Cordelia, with that smudged make-up, you look like a drowned raccoon, so you’re partner will probably be-”

Cordelia marched off. She was fully intending to look her best and smudged make-up was simply unacceptable.

“You do know that pairs will probably be assigned by the teacher, right?” Marcie asked Xander.

“Yeah,” Xander sighed with a small smile, “Mr. Whitmore always does that. I just wanted some time to rest from her and insulting her make-up is just about the only way I can get rid of her.”

India chuckled and Marcie laughed. “I know what you mean. Cordelia is my friend but she can really get on your nerves... Kind of like Buffy here.”


“Who was it that wanted to make a cake from scratch and was completely terrified while doing it?”

“You ate almost all of it!”

“I never said it wasn’t good.”

Giles and Jenny Calendar walked into the lounge. “Ah,” said Giles, looking over the working students, “Miss... Carpenter? Would you be so kind and run along to the library. I seem to have forgotten my glasses on the table.”

“Yes, Mr. Giles,” Theresa nodded obediently and ran off, leaving the adults with the other teens.

“So, G-Man,” started Xander, “What’s the what?”

Giles frowned sternly at the boy, making Ms. Calendar smile.

“Nothing much. Just that... there is nothing in the chronicles about an extraneous lunar cycle.”

“Rupert, you have to read something that was published after 1066,” smirked Ms. Calendar, and removed a slip of paper from inside her jacket, “The Order never accurately calculated the Mesopotamian calendar. So according to my calcultions, this Saturday is the night of St. Vigeous.”

Giles turned to the teenagers. “St. Vigeous led a crusade of vampires,” he explained, “And together they swept through Edessa and most of Greece, leaving a plethora of bodies in their wake. Recently, vampires have a traditional night of St. Vigeous on the fourth of October, according to Jen- Ms. Calendar. I would like all of you to be extremely careful and watchful of your surroundings. Carry stakes and holy water. And no-one is to patrol alone.”

Xander set down his paint brush. “So, this means we have to help. I am so there. I’m become a professional at stake-whittling. When I whittle I can whistle a merry tune... or tell jokes about vampires.”

“And we can help research,” Marcie piped up, getting nods from Buffy, Cordelia and India.

Giles gave a quick nod. “Yes, your help is appreciated, but until you receive more training you are to stay away if battle breaks out. After all, none of you are the slay-” Giles caught a glimpse of Vice Principal Snyder walk through the open door of the lounge, “...yes. Slaves. You are all slaves to that contraption called the television.”

“Yes,” Jenny nodded, hooking her arm around his.

Giles clucked his tongue. “Young people nowadays. Shall we, Ms. Calendar?”

Giles and Jenny cleared out of the room as Snyder approached.

To be continued...

Special thank you to beta readers who worked on this chapter.
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