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Diverted destiny of four souls

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Summary: This is a tale of five not-so-ordinary girls and how, with a single unforeseen and unwelcome death of a five year old girl, their fates change forever.

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Diverted Destiny of Four Souls

Disclaimer: Characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Joss Whedon.

India Cohen, Christopher Bothwell and India’s father (name was never given so I gave him one) are from the Buffy novel written by Nancy Holder – The Book of Fours.

I’m not earning any money either, only amusement, frustration and a couple WTF moments I had when I started this.

InuYasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi.

More detailed disclaimers for characters from other fandoms that will pop up will be given later on. For the moment this will suffice.

Spoilers: Essentially this is an AU of sorts since Buffy will never be called as The Slayer (it is still a Buffy-centric story). There will be spoilers from BtVS, AtS, the Book of Fours by Nancy Holder, and the Inuyasha Anime and Manga.

Summary: Fate is a fickle-thing, as five not-so-ordinary girls are about to discover.

Special thanks to my Betas: Mmooch and Failisse


Compensation: Two Souls Become One

Tokyo, Japan - 10th of April, 1985

Spike was having fun. He loved it when he was taken on a chase, especially if the ‘happy meal on legs’ was a spunky one. Normally he’d leave little kids alone unless he was really hungry, but his Dark Goddess wanted something small before they left Tokyo for good. He honestly didn’t get why most vampires and demons avoided Japan like the plague. But Dru didn’t like it here so they were going to leave as soon as he caught the kid he had been chasing for the last twenty minutes.

“Bloody hell,” he muttered when he saw the little raven-haired, blue-eyed girl disappear through the laundry shaft.

“Oh well, plenty of those where this one came from.” He muttered and then turned away, whistling a happy tune as he strolled toward the daycare inside the business complex.

Two uniformed policemen stood in the hospital hallway talking to a distraught, heavily impregnated woman. They were gathered in front of a room where a small pale girl was lying inside on a bed hooked up to a heart monitor.

“Thank you for your time Higurashi-san,” stated the policemen; bowing to her they left the hallway. Mrs. Higurashi-san turned and entered the room behind her, approaching the bed where her daughter lay.

Sitting down, she reached and tucked a raven strand of hair behind her daughter’s ear, away from her pale cheeks. Silent tears fell as memories of her daughter’s five years filtered through her mind, knowing that they would be all she’d ever have. Her prognosis was every mother’s nightmare, her child suffered severe trauma to the head and internal bleeding that doctors were too late to stop. They said she wouldn’t last the night.

Leaning forward she let her tears drop on to the girl’s pale cheeks.

“Kagome, sweetie, I’m so sorry.”

The woman’s sobs echoed throughout the room and into the halls, the only sound nearby save for the beeping of the life support machines.

A couple hours later the monitor flat-lined, and the girl’s pale face was covered with a white sheet.

Right at this moment, on a higher plane, Amaterasu-ōmikami the Japanese Sun Goddess was not amused. In fact, she was positively livid. Not only was a deal between the Kami, the PTB, and the Senior Partners of Dark broken because of a silly game of Shōgi between the latter two, making them clumsy in their concentration on keeping their leeches away from the lands under the Kami’s protection, but now they had insulted the Kami by their offer of compensation for the girl that those said leeches killed.
They offered a girl, whose soul they wanted to use as a host to the spirit of the Key. Well now, she’d just have to teach them her displeasure over their disregard of lower beings. And she’d make sure that Kami’s influence would reach far beyond the agreed borders.

“Show me the child,” she commanded.

A female being with violet pupil-less eyes and long, green hair stepped forward and raised her arms. Soon a light shined between her palms and an ornate gold mirror appeared. Pink and blue lights swirled on the surface and the image of a coughing, light-haired girl in a hospital bed appeared.

“Well then, this is the poor child whose soul the PTB wanted to use to host the spirit of the Key? Their pawn would protect the child’s body because it houses a soul she would feel connected to.”

Looking at the violet eyes above the rim of the mirror she asks,
“Was it done?”

“Yes, My Lady. The Miko’s whole soul – along with Shikon no Tama – are safely stored inside this mirror and are ready for transfer in to this body.”

“No, not this child,” stated Amaterasu, a small smile playing on her beautiful face. Reaching out, she touched the mirror’s surface, making the view widen to include the curtains around the young girl’s hospital bed. And there, slowly pushing away at the curtains was another girl, one with dark blond hair and hazel eyes.

“This one, now go.”


Los Angeles, America

A girl was sneaking through the empty hallways of the LA Memorial Hospital, careful not to be seen by any nurse or doctor or worse, her mom. Carefully, she peeled back the curtains around her cousin’s hospital bed.


The girl in the bed woke and looked around. Spotting the other girl by the window she smiled, “Buffy, you came. I was so…”

She was cut off by her own terrified scream.

Shocked by her sudden terror, Buffy tried to move closer. “What’s wrong? Celia! I don’t know what to do.”

But Celia kept screaming at the top of her lungs, pushing away at some unseen attacker. Buffy ran down the hallway calling for help, all the way hearing her cousin’s terrified screams.

As she ran through the bright empty hallways Buffy realized that nobody was coming. Turning a corner she let out a surprised grunt as her body collided with something. The blow so hard that she was thrown backwards onto her butt. Raising her eyes to look up she saw an oddly dressed green-haired woman.

“Please, help my cousin…” but Buffy’s words were cut short by a large mirror the strange woman held up. It started to glow and then lights leapt towards her.

Buffy screamed.

Shikon no Tama (The Jewel of Four Souls): is a fictional mystical jewel in the anime and manga series InuYasha. It is called the Jewel of Four Souls because it has 4 different souls with 4 different names: Aramitama (Courage), Nigimitama (Friendship), Kushimitama (Wisdom) and Sakimitama (Love). The jewel can make a person very powerful.

Higurashi-san: is a mother of Kagome Higurashi, one of central characters in the Manga/ Anime InuYasha.

- san is Japanise honorific, like Miss. Mrs. Mr.

India Cohen: a fictional character featured in the BTVS tie-in novels. She was the Slayer that preceded Buffy Summers. Parent’s names were never given so I gave them.

Amaterasu-ōmikami: in Japanese myth she was the sun goddess and one of the principal Shinto deities of the Kami (Gods). Her name, Amaterasu, literally means, "that which illuminates Heaven".

Kami: are the central objects of worship for the Shinto faith. The nature of what can be called a Kami is very broad and encompasses many different concepts and phenomena.

Shōgi: is a General’s chess, also known as Japanese chess. It is a two-player board game.

Miko: (literally "shaman woman") is a Japanese term used to describe a female who is a spirit medium for the Kami’s (spirits gods). English has diverse translation equivalents for Japanese the term Miko. While "shrine maiden" is frequently used, other equivalents are “female shaman", "spirit medium", "prophet", "priestess", "witch", or "sorceress".
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