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Buffy in Twilight, Fanart

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Fan Art

Summary: Inspired by the story Bloodcoated Kisses by Doctorsgirl, I'm making a series of pictures set in the Twilight Universe and featuring Buffy.

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Twilight > Fanart(Past Donor)zoevFR137403076,04026 Oct 095 Apr 10No

Newborn Buffy & Carlisle

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or pictures used.



After reading Bloodcoated Kisses by Doctorsgirl (first chapter currently up) I was inspired to make some Buffy/Twilight fanart, which I’ve been considering doing for a while now.

The first two chapters are Buffy/Carlisle since that is the pairing of the story but I intend to make similar pictures featuring all the Cullens.

This chapter features Buffy as a Newborn Vampire (bright red eyes). The next chapter is with Vegetarian eye colour, since it does take a while for the red to change to amber.

Thank you for any feedback.

By zoev
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