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The Secret Life of Allan Rothwood

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Summary: A weird little ficlet that wouldn't leave me alone... can you guess who has been keeping secrets? And yes, I know it doesn't make sense.

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Highlander > Giles-CenteredAlecStarFR131648031,35124 Oct 0324 Oct 03Yes
Disclaimer: As you know this characters and concepts don't belong to me, I'm just borrowing them for a while and I make no profit from these stories (though they do help me get through sleepless nights).

Title: The Secret Life of Allan Rothwood

Author: Alec Star


And now to the story.


The Secret Life of Allan Rothwood

by Alec Star

I sit in my condo, alone, with a half empty --or was it half full-- bottle and an old photo remembering the man I used to be. It's been five years today since Mark died and I've built a new life for myself but it's been hard.

After I was released from the hospital I was angry and confused and I took all that rage and focused it toward martial arts, learning to fight. I didn't want to be trapped again, unable to protect the one I loved... not the most productive approach considering that the one I so desperately wanted to keep safe had already died to save my life. Then came the news of her death and her funeral. I just wanted to forget but I attended anyway. I owed her that much. It was there that Allan Rothwood finally died and I became someone else.

It was a strange set of events that brought me here, I'm the first one to admit it. I was still paranoid at her funeral, afraid of men lurking in the shadows so when I saw the man standing there unsure of his welcome and leaning on a cane I couldn't help but confront him. In spite of the lies I told the children that was my first contact with the watcher organization but I didn't know it at the time. It was through him that I learned of all the things that hide in the shadows and I used the fortune that my son believed could save his life to learn as much as I could about them... I became obsessed with fighting the darkness. That's why when I finally joined the watchers I applied to the slayer's division... I just couldn't see myself lurking in the shadows.

I believed I was destined to spend my life researching. That would have been the natural thing for me to do. With only one slayer active at any given time and my age when I first joined I knew I would never be assigned a potential, but then the powers threw a curve ball and the organization was confronted with an untrained active slayer. I was not ready to introduce her to her destiny so Merrick got the first call. He was a good man and he gave his life for her. She survived and the council never forgave her for that, so they appointed me, expecting me to fail, hoping that my inexperience would get her killed. They wanted her to die so that a new, properly trained slayer would be called. It didn't work and we are still here after more than a year, still fighting.

I've grown to love her, and her friends. After Mark I never dreamed I'd ever have another family and yet here I am, five years later... and the strangest thing is that now I can finally understand why my son died. I can understand why Bellian did what he did. If one of my girls were ever to be hurt like Lori was I would do the same thing.


AN: I know this doesn't sit well with canon as far as Buffy goes, there's no way to squeeze 'Ripper' and Ethan into this one among a number of other things, sorry about that. This was just a little exercise to see whether or not I could combine Rupert Giles and Allan Rothwood. In case anyone is wondering what on Earth is this bit of weirdness about, here you have an explanation:

In the episode "Nowhere to Run" (Highlander, season 1) Anthony Stewart Head plays "Allan Rothwood" a diplomat whose son rapes an immortal's stepdaughter (with the foreseeable consequences). As a reference the man with the cane is Joe Dawson and the funeral in question is Tessa's.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Secret Life of Allan Rothwood". This story is complete.

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