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Phone home

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Angels and slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Third in the series after Help You and Blondes.

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Supernatural > Faith-CenteredShulikFR151723031,30229 Oct 0929 Oct 09Yes
Buffy and Faith belong to Whedon
Kripke owns the rest.

“ Hey B, so guess who I met on patrol the other night?” Faith flopped on her motel bed, stretching out her body in a catlike fashion.

Her friend looked over from where she was brushing out her hair while watching the Powerpuff Girls, her secret stress reliever that only Faith and Dawn knew about. It spoke to her inner child *and* her notions of feminism.

“Enlighten me,” she grinned and tossed her brush onto the bed.

“Lucifer…” Faith ‘whoooed’ for effect and then cackled loudly.

“Get this, the devil looks like a country fair reject. Plus he tried to turn into Dick, something about joining that side… I was too busy trying to touch him, ya know the whole First Evil thing and whatnot, so when he got all huffy and tried to slap my hands away- I just *knew* it had to be the new player in the game.” Faith chuckled remembering fondly the look of outrage on the devil’s face as she tried to grope, *cough, cough*- ascertain by touch if he was the First or not. The devil was definitely corporeal she realized when he slapped her hand away and huffed in offended indignation at her words of “Geez, can’t blame a girl for being careful. All sorts of bad guys around.” The devil looked strangely offended at her cavalier tone in his presence. She couldn’t wait to see if he’d pop a blood vessel when introduced to Buffy and her endless quipping.

Speaking of Buffy,

“So is he like scary dangerous? Weird? Psycho?” she sounded excited at the possibility of facing somebody truly badass again.

Faith shook her head and Buffy pouted.

“Awww, hell B, don’t do the sad face. I dunno, maybe we can ask him whether he has any cool powers like mind control or some shit like that. You never know, he’s probably really good at hiding his bad-guy evilness.” Buffy perked up at the possibility of the devil having any cool powers and Faith smiled at making her friend happy.
Based off her initial meeting with him though, all she’d really seen was his ability to take on dead people’s faces, his ability to manipulate elements and his super nifty plaid shirt. Hopefully he was a little scarier that he first came off as, if he presented a challenge to Buffy then she wouldn’t try to kill Faith for suggesting that he was truly a ten on the ol’ Scooby Apocalypse Scale- first developed after Angelus and perfected with the craziness that was Glory.

Faith jumped off the bed and headed towards the shower, tossing a quick grin over her shoulder.
She stopped as a pertinent thought came to her,
“Yo, how come the Winchesters with their damn angel that they promised me haven’t shown up lately?”

Buffy grinned widely at the thought of the still embarrassed angel who refused to look anywhere near Faith with her constant leering in his direction and her ever present cleavage that she didn’t hesitate to blatantly display to the world.

The dark slayer had a scowl on her face as she whipped out a cellphone from her skintight leathers, and just *where exactly did she hide it?* Buffy was amused to see that Faith had programmed Castiel’s cellphone into her speed dial.
Her slayer hearing picked up his hesitant ‘Hello?’ as he picked up the phone. Apparently still trying to get used to modern techonology, Castiel treated his phone as a necessary evil. Useful in certain situations but not to be trusted under any circumstances.

“Hey, I had a meet and greet with out boy today. Be a doll and pop in, we ain’t in this shit for shits and giggles remember? It’s *your* apocalypse we’re dealing with…” Faith managed to sound both threatening and come-hithery. She hung up her phone and tossed it to the bed along with her tank top.

“Hey B, tell the boys to wait until I get out of the shower for the details. Don’t want them missing anything interesting…” she drawled out with a wicked smirk and Buffy knew that she’d walk out covered with one of those itsy bitsy towels just to make a bigger impression on the guys. She giggled with anticipation and settled in for the wait.

The End

You have reached the end of "Phone home". This story is complete.

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