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Let’s Hear it for the Monsters… NOT!

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Let's Hear It For the Monsters...NOT!". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy Summers gets called to St. Louis. High & Mighty Anita Blake gets in the way. Someone gets their ass kicked. Clue: It’s not Buffy. (Nominated for COA Best Anita Blake X-Over!)

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Anita Blake > General > Action(Recent Donor)LunaFR181654,238822559,28430 Oct 0924 Feb 10Yes

Decapitation, Evisceration, & Castration- Oh My!

Author Notes:

With so many characters (and with people reading who may not be familiar with all the books) here is a quick ID key of who is present to lessen confusion:
Vampires: Spike, JC, Asher, Requiem, Wicked and Truth, Byron, London
Wolves: Richard, Shang-Da, Jamil, Sylvie, Jason, several others
Leopards: Micah, Nathaniel, Caleb, Elizabeth, Noah
Hyenas: Narcissus and underlings (Remus, Dionysus, Ixion, and Bacchus)
Tigers: Crispin & Domino
Lions: Haven and several others
Rats: Rafael, Claudia, others acting as bodyguards

And with so many characters interacting I am including ‘~*~*~’ to separate the scenes just for organizational purposes.

As always, major props to Greywizard for being a bodacious beta (I do enjoy alliteration;) In addition, thanks to him for giving me the idea to use a certain season 1 episode 6 plot point for the Xan-Man.

As you can tell from the title, there WILL be some good 'ol fashioned Character Death.

This chappie is for: PATM and Valkyrie; who I know were disappointed with my lack of violence earlier. All this violence is for you- as well as everyone else. Hope you’re happy with how the Redemption/Agonizing Death vote went! ;)


The room exploded with activity. Richard shouted for his wolves to fight as they leaped towards the Scoobies and tossed them their weapons.

“Thanks Mr. Grabby,” Buffy said to Shang-Da, even as she gave him a minor glare. She still wasn’t pleased with being searched- even if it *had* all been part of the plan.

Shang-Da just smirked. Feeling up attractive women and fighting? And being ordered to do so? Sometimes his position as Hati was pretty awesome.

“Nice to have you on board, Richard,” Buffy grinned as she side kicked London against the wall.

“Good to be here. Hey- Are they going to be okay over there?” he asked as he motioned towards the chanting Willow, Dawn, Giles, and Tammy. On each of their sides stood Dolph and Larry with ready guns. As he spoke, Richard ducked a punch from Micah and partially shifted his hands. He grunted with satisfaction as he raked a claw over Micah’s pretty boy face.

“Oh yeah, Willow’s got a protective spell around all six of ‘em," Buffy reassured him. "Larry and Dolph are back-up just in case.” Buffy slid out a small sword from underneath the back of her shirt that Shang-Da purposely avoided. She winced as the blade slid through London’s neck.

‘Ugh,’ she thought as the vampire‘s blood splattered across her top. ‘Blood is *so* hard to get out.’


Xander pulled out two side arms that he had hidden beneath his jacket and began blasting silver bullets into anything nasty that moved. Over the last five years, Xander had studied many different fighting arts, but he wasn’t dumb enough to think hand-to-hand was the best way for his soft superpower-less body to go. He glanced at the Rat King Rafael who was leading his people out the side door.

“Hey! Rat King!” Xander shouted. “Don’t leave just yet, the party is starting to get good!”

Rafael’s back stiffened and he turned to Xander. Suddenly, he found himself battling against the man’s will so he could lead his people out of this madhouse to safety.

“Rafael?” Claudia whispered urgently. She, too, had felt the power in the one-eyed man’s voice.

“What do you want of me?” Rafael asked. “Are you using your power to keep me here?” he demanded in an angry tone.

Xander blinked in confusion. “Power? No. I don’t think so, anyway. I’m not a were, you know that. But you should stay and fight. We could use some more help. And trust me, you‘ll be happy afterwards that you decided to join us.” A lion leaped towards Xander and he almost nonchalantly fired several rounds into its head without flinching. The animal fell and Xander looked back to the Rat King.

“So?” he asked expectantly.

Rafael briefly considered the man’s request. To be fair, he was not one hundred percent sure he could even deny the other man's request. Nonetheless, it would undeniably be smart for his people to fight on the winning side.

“Yes, I agree.” He turned to his rats. “We will fight against Jean-Claude’s people. Kill if you must.” Gleams of excitement shone in the eyes of the various ex-mercenaries and thugs who made up his rodere and they quickly jumped into the fray.

Faith wasn’t surprised in the least to see two vampire brothers approaching her.

“You two again?” she cried out in feigned exasperation. “I know y’all are hot for me but the only kind of penetration that’s going to happen here is my sword in your heart.”

Truth winked at his brother. “Do you think that was metaphorical? I daresay this woman has been a heart breaker in her day.” The two slowly flanked her.

Snorting, Faith rolled her eyes. "Gotta say, that was extremely lame. If anything, I’m more of the ‘rip your dead heart out and cut off your head’ kinda gal. I’m old-fashioned like that.”

“Old-fashioned? Shouldn’t you be making us dinner in that case?” asked a smirking Wicked.

“Right. And I bet I know what- or rather who- you would want for dinner,” she said drolly.

“She’s quite bright, brother. She‘s very intelligent.”

“Indeed, Wicked. I bet she would taste as sweet as she sounds. Such a charming mouth on a beautiful lady.”

“Yeah, I’m a regular member of Mensa. Can we just fight now?” she asked annoyed.

“Oh yes,” said Truth with a wide smile. He and Wicked were certainly looking forward to testing out their skills against the slayer.

Together, they murmured the spells of preparation to take on the dark magic of the triumvirate. Standing in a circle, they held hands to maintain their power and then Willow began reciting the spell she'd created while Giles, Dawn, and Tammy all lent their energy.

“Gaia hear our plea.
Once a triumvirate was created.
Vampire. Necromancer. Wolf.
Unnatural together these three,
Granting power that shouldn’t be.
A link was formed,
Humanity was mourned.
Closer became the bind,
Enough to withstand time.

Gaia hear our plea.
Take the offered blood,
Of Vampire, Necromancer, Wolf.
Sever their ties,
Separate their lives.
To each their own,
Never more may they become.
Now it will end,
And may Your Will never bend.”

As the spell ended, they felt the power surge through them and explode outside the circle. Willow collapsed and Giles grabbed her around the waist.

“Willow? Are you okay?” he demanded worriedly.

“Woo-boy. Nothing like primal power shootin’ through ya,” she said in a dazed voice. “It’s gonna be a while to get workin’ on Spike’s spell, though.”


“Going somewhere, Jean-Claude? Anita?” Richard growled, his body partially transformed by the change. The two hesitated in the doorway of the side exit to turn around and glare at him.

Buffy finished eviscerating Caleb and flicked the blood off her sword across Anita’s fuming expression.

“Yeah,” she added with a small grin as she stepped beside Richard. “I was hoping we could have some girl time, Anita. I’m just dying to get some fashion tips from you. Where do you do your shopping? Forever I-Sleep-With-21-Men?”

Anita whirled her Hi-Power Browning out and evaluated Buffy’s halter top and jeans. “Like you’re one to talk,” she snorted.

Buffy ‘tsked’ her. “Hey, there’s a difference, Super-Ho. I’m sassy, *you’re* just trashy.”

Anita went to pull the trigger when suddenly all three of the triumvirate members fell to the ground, shaking uncontrollably. They writhed and moaned as they felt their link being severed and that extra punch of power leave their metaphysical artillery.


Andrew tucked a spare dagger into his pants and waved his sword menacingly into the air.

“Ye shall all pay for capturing me, filthy swine!” he announced, a bit theatrically it must be admitted. Surprisingly, none of the bad guys seemed to be paying attention to him, as they were, too, caught up in the skirmishes against the slayers, wolves, and rats.

“Well, that’s a bummer,” Andrew muttered as he idly kicked somebody’s torn appendage out of his way.

“Lonely, little boy?” called out a soft, menacing voice.

Taken by surprise, Andrew pivoted to see the Oba of the Hyenas staring at him with a hungry look. He recognized Narcissus from the files and winced.

“Uh, nope. I, uh, don’t get lonely easy," he began babbling an answer as he tried to figure out how he could get out of this particular predicament. "Growing up, ya know, I didn’t have a lot of friends because my mom said if I hung out with the other kids on the street I would get chicken pox or do drugs. Not to mention my older brother was never really interested in hanging out with me. But it all worked out because I read a lot, ya know, and learned a lot about the Millennium Falcon and spent my time trying to figure out how many Midi-chlorians I had.”

Narcissus smiled evilly as he yanked Andrew’s arm and pulled him into a darkened corner. He took a deep breath as he pinned Andrew‘s arms against the wall; the sword clattering to the ground.

“Ah, the smell of blood- It makes my beast want to come out and play," he declared. "And it makes me think of other things I like to play.

"Do you like to play games, Andrew?” He asked ominously as his eyes glowed, and Andrew saw that that his beast now lay very close to the surface.

Gulping, Andrew began to stammer out a response. “W-Well, um, y-yeah," he nodded nervously. "I really like Dungeons and Dragons a lot. Uh, do you?”

Letting out a barking laugh, Narcissus’ finger trailed down Andrew’s cheek, making the youth shiver with repressed fright. “I certainly enjoy playing in dungeons- they’re full of darkness and chains, quite fun all around. As for dragons…Well,” he smirked. “My dragon would like to come out and play. Tell me, are you a bottom? I’m in need of a new bottom. Asher doesn’t play with me as much anymore, now that he has Anita.”


Narcissus threw Andrew to the floor and the Watcher yelped. One hand pinned Andrew’s left wrist while the other quickly unbuttoned Narcissus’ pants.

“Hush, little one, it will be over quickly,” he murmured. “I’ve just been smelling your sweetness all night; you’re like a ripened berry on the vine that’s begging to be tasted.”

Andrew’s eyes widened in alarm. This was *not* what he had been expecting at all. As the Oba revealed his half-naked form, Andrew remembered his spare dagger. Yanking it out of his pocket, he promptly hacked off Narcissus’ ‘thingy’ (as Andrew called it). Howling, Narcissus rolled over, clutching at his bloody crotch.

“That’ll teach you!” shouted Andrew, feeling suddenly braver. “What is it with you St. Louis people and your stories of rape- metaphysical or otherwise?”

Andrew shook his head, gathered his courage and plunged the dagger into the Hyena’s heart.

The werehyenas began to howl in response and immediately rushed over towards Andrew.

“Remus!” shouted one. “How should we kill the murderer of our leader? Should we rip him apart piece by piece or save time by ripping his head off and eating his remains?”

“I think, Dionysus, that we should eat him alive. His screams will be music to our ears,” said another as they all glared threateningly at Andrew.

Before anyone could add to the ‘101 ways to kill Andrew’ discussion, Xander jumped in, shoving his way through the group, wielding his two guns.

“None of you will touch him,” he snarled as he gestured with his pistols to ward them away . “I’ve about had it up to here with all this killing my friends talk.”

“Aw, Xander, wow. You really consider us friends? I never knew,” said Andrew with a wide smile as Xander just rolled his eyes.

All four of the werehyenas - Remus, Dionysus, Ixion, and Bacchus- whimpered and dropped to their knees before him.

“You say you are not a were but you smell like home, like hyena,” Remus softly stated.

“Oh. Heh. Well, I was possessed by a primal hyena spirit back when I was living on the Hellmouth. Course, that was fixed… Or so I thought. Huh,” Xander murmured, mostly to himself.

Ixion crawled towards Xander and rubbed against his work boot. “Master,” he whispered. Soon, the other three hyenas began rubbing against Xander as well, still in their human form. Xander looked down and was once again reminded why his life was so strange. Even stranger, he reflected to himself, was the fact that having four grown men rubbing against him calling him master was not the weirdest thing to ever happen to him.

‘May as well use this random power for a purpose,’ he thought.

“Alright, alright,” Xander said. “Stand up,” he ordered and all four shot up. “That’s right. I *am* your Master. As such, you will no longer be fighting for Jean-Claude. Instead you must fight for us- the Slayers, the wolves, and the rats. Got that?”

All four men nodded vigorously; anxious to please their new leader.

“Okay, get going boys!” Xander shouted. Golly, he sure did enjoy being called Master. Almost made up for being Dracula’s Bug Boy.


Buffy eyed the triumvirate members nervously.

They all seemed to be passed out from the spell, and she was tempted to stake Jean-Claude and be done with it, but she was never one to perform a kill when the other creature couldn’t fight back. Truthfully because it took all the fun out of it.

Surveying the rest of the room, she saw Spike crouched on the floor against the back wall, rocking back and forth.

“Spike?” she asked. “Have you started to go all First Evil again on us?”

“No,” he growled. “Anita told me very clearly to help her and Jean-Claude in this fight and it’s taking everything I've got to just sit still and not kill one of your soddin’ friends,” he said before he closed his eyes and recommenced his rocking.

“Oh-kay then,” Buffy said as she turned around to see the three begin to rise. She rushed to help Richard up. “You feel okay?”

He stumbled and straightened himself. “A bit weak, but other than that- great! Damn!” Taking a deep breath, he exhaled slowly as he smiled at Buffy. “Your friend did it! I feel free! No more of Anita’s anger, no more vampire in my mind- I’m my own person.”

Jean-Claude choked back a laugh. “You will never be happy with yourself, Richard. Now, you just won’t have Anita or I to blame anymore.”

Richard growled and leaped at Jean-Claude, clawing his face in the process. Buffy noticed that his bodyguards, Shang-Da and Jamil, quickly jumped in to help their Ulfric beating the arrogant vampire to the floor.

“Well, now. Isn’t this nice,” she said scornfully as Anita rose. “Now we get a little girl time.”

“What? You wanna paint each other’s nails?" Anita sneered. "I bet I know your favorite color. Red- Blood red.” Anita raised her gun towards Buffy, but the slayer quickly somersaulted to Anita’s side and kicked the gun across the room.

“Honestly, Anita. Who do you think you are with your little guns? Blade? Ya know, it's not very sportsmanlike to try to kill your opponent while being yards away.” She held up her slender sword. “This is much better.”

Anita grinned and yanked her long knife from a special sheath she wore against her back. “Fine. You want a swordfight, you got one. Interesting observation- Mine’s bigger.”

Buffy smiled wryly. “Ah- so this is the infamous Anita charm I’ve heard about. You really just can’t take being around other strong women, can you?”

“Fuck you, bitch.” Anita slashed down but Buffy easily parried the blow.

“Giles always told me that people who have to resort to foul language simply don’t have enough intelligence or imagination to come up with a quippy response,” Buffy said in a condescending and snarky tone. Then she forced the brunette to fly backwards with a rib-crushing kick.


“Willow? How are you feeling?” asked a concerned Dawn.

“Be-Better,” she answered shakily. “Just need a couple more minutes.”

“No problem! I’ll just keep myself busy,” she said cheerfully as she stepped past the protective shield.

“Oh dammit,” Giles muttered, not feeling good enough to try to grab her and pull her back inside the wards.

As soon as she was free of the protective circle, the wereleopard Jean-Claude had called Elizabeth jumped at her. Thanking Gaia for her quick reflexes, Dawn ducked and held her hands out defensively.

“Little slut. I don’t know how that man tricked me into letting you go, but I’ll make up for it now,” Elizabeth snarled at her.

“Yeah, whatever,” Dawn said with a roll of her eyes. “I’ve read about you. You sold your own people out to several local baddies- the old Lupa and that Chimera pan-were dude. You’re definitely more of the five dollar hooker persuasion than I am, selling yourself to the highest bidder.”

Elizabeth growled and leaped towards Dawn again. Invoking one of the Gods of Wind, Dawn whispered, “Boreus, aid me,” and the curly-haired wereleopard was instantly engulfed in an icy cyclone that spun around the floor. “Oh Great North Wind, oh Devouring One! Claim this traitorous woman for your own! This sacrifice I give unto ye!” Dawn shouted, her fear and anger fueling her emotional invocation.

Elizabeth began screaming as the wind whipped around her with increasing speed. Cracks formed on her lips, her clothes were torn off, and a layer of frost covered her from head to toe. The furious wind tore at her hair, bit by bit, until with a great yank, the power of Boreus ripped her scalp off. With a terrified shriek, Elizabeth tried to press down the tender flaps of skin hanging from her skull but the wind forced her arms back against her sides. Her face looked liked she was speeding down on a rollercoaster as the wind rippled past her. Then the wind found the space under her skin, through her eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Within a minute, the old god named the Devouring One ripped off her skin and consumed it.

The wind calmed and Elizabeth’s flayed body dropped lifelessly onto the floor.

Dawn bowed and thanked the god. She knew that Boreus had a temper, but da-amn!


Panting, Faith wiped sweat off her brow with one hand while aiming her sword at the blond vampire on her right.

“Alright, I’ll admit it, you boys are good,” she offered belligerently. “But I’m getting a little bored with this sparring. I feel like neither of you are trying very hard tonight. You’ve barely even scratched me! Geez, even our baby slayers can hit harder than you!”

Truth pushed his dark hair out of his face as he gingerly got up. Faith certainly knew how to pack a punch. “While it would undoubtedly bring us great honor to kill a vampire slayer in battle, especially a revered one as yourself, that is not our intention tonight.”

“What?” Her eyes narrowed as she gave him a cynical look. “So you’re fighting me, but you’re not planning on killing me? And the million dollar question is ‘Why?’” She demanded as she dropped back into a defensive stance in order to stay protected on both sides from the vamps.

Wicked smirked as he gave his brother a ‘look’. “That does sound rather mad, doesn’t it? Quite frankly, we wanted to test your skills. You see, it's been a very long time since we’ve sparred with a slayer-”

“-Roughly one-hundred and fifty years; ever since Charlotte was killed by our Master,” interjected Truth.

“Yes, that is a long time. Obviously, we could not pass up this opportunity,” added Wicked.

“Whoa. Hold up. This is your idea of fun?” asked an indignant Faith.

“Of course,” said Truth with a grin. “Isn’t it yours?”

Faith flashed them a mischievous grin. “Well -- Yeah. My life revolves around the Three F’s. Food, Fighting, and-”

“Fucking?” asked Wicked with a twinkle in his eye. “By all means, Faith, let us end the fighting portion of your life and proceed onto the next stage.”

She bit her lip to hold back a laugh. “Sure. You down for some Taco Bell Fourth Meal?”

The brothers laughed. “I was thinking of something more along the lines of dessert, Slayer,” said Wicked.

“Wait, hold up,” she said with a raised hand. “Are you two trying to play me? Don’t you work for Jean-Claude? Shouldn’t you be trying to kill me and my friends?” Faith eyed them warily, ready for the next attack.

They shrugged nonchalantly. “We do not wish to bring about the deaths of Jean-Claude or Anita. Indeed, we are warriors, but we will also not participate in anything connected to the malicious Vampire Council. Death to them all, we say.” Truth gave Faith a severe look. “By our honor and on the grave of our deceased common link, Charlotte the Vampire Slayer, we swear not to harm you or your comrades.”

Faith studied the two closely. Strangely enough, she believed them.

“All right, I accept your oath. And with that in mind, I’m going to find things to kill.”

She then walked past them and jumped into another fight. Sparring was all good and fun but it lacked the blood and guts that really made her feel accomplished.



Buffy swayed away from Anita's blow and landed a fist against the other woman’s nose. Blood began dripping down and she shrieked. “Spike! Get here now!”

“Aw, what’s the matter? Can’t fight your battles on your own? Come on, Anita, let’s just keep it between us girls,” Buffy cajoled. Anita caught her descending fist and, surprisingly, connected with an uppercut to Buffy’s solar plexus.

“Spike, I order you to kill Buffy.”

“Aw, c’mon now, you simpering siren!” he protested.

“Kill her,” Anita demanded and forced her necromancer energy into the order.

Buffy sighed and turned towards Spike. “So here’s the part where you do the zombie thing and attack me?” she asked.

“That’s right,” he said between gritted teeth. “I must try to kill you. All right, then. Buffy, your hair looks like an ad for a women’s mental institution.”

“What?” she exclaimed in a surprised tone while she reflexively patted down her locks.

“That’s right. And your make-up looks like you just came back from a Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato sleepover,” he cracked with a grin.

“Spike- What the hell have they done to you here?” asked an annoyed, though slightly amused, Buffy.

“And Buffy, what kind of name is that? You sound like one of those old ladies from the Westminister Dog Show. Or worse- you sound like one of the show dogs.”

“What the hell, Spike?” asked a shrill Anita. “I told you to kill her!”

“Yeah, what of it?” he asked in a cocky tone. “Ya told me to kill her but you didn’t specify 'how.' I’m killing the girl by embarrassing her to death.”

“Dammit! Spike I want you to-” But Anita never finished that sentence, because Buffy’s punch knocked out several of her teeth.

Spike grinned and began whistling a jaunty tune as he headed into the next room. He figured it would be best if he got out of earshot of the tart- at least until Willow fixed him up good and proper.

Then he’d be happy to have a little chat with the chippy.


Faith saw the petite Geri get thrown to the ground by the slim and scarred Asher. Sylvie hissed at the impact and she clenched her claws.

Which Faith thought was a super cool trick, by the way- to partially transform. She saw Oz do it once when they teamed up against a Nepalese mountain demon, but it still didn’t lessen her excitement at seeing Sylvie’s moves.

“Yo! Two-Face! Shouldn’t you jump back into a Batman cartoon?” Faith taunted.

Asher turned a murderous glare in her direction and attacked her. The master vamp was so fast, she didn’t have a chance to raise her weapon. Instead, the impact made it fly out of her hand.

“How dare you make light of my existence, you pugnacious tramp!” Asher punched her in the jaw as he shouted.

“Pugnacious? Did you just call me a dog?” Faith snarled angrily as she head-butted him. “And those aren’t even cute- they’re damn ugly!” She curled up her legs and flipped Asher over and away from her.

Jumping up, she tried to make her way towards Sylvie when she tripped over something. “Nasty,” she grumbled as she kicked some random entrails off her shoe. “Was the evisceration your doing?”

“I got the black and white spotted one and your friend Xander got the other. Both of those tigers were asking for it. They thought they were all big, tough men and all,” Sylvie grumbled.

“Don’t they always,” laughed Faith as she stood up.

“Got her now!” shouted one of the vampires as his arms encircled her chest like a jungle snake.

Requiem laughed and walked towards Faith. “Good job, Byron. Time to give this tart her due. This will be revenge for your acts towards Anita and Jean-Claude,” he announced as he began to recite a poem:

“But anon the great San Philip, she bethought herself and went,
Having that within her womb that had left her ill content;
And the rest they came aboard us, and they fought us hand to hand,
For a dozen times they came with their pikes and musqueteers,
And a dozen times we shook ’em off as a dog that shakes his ears
When he leaps from the water to the land.”

“I’m sorry,” said Faith in a sweet tone. “Are you going to bore me to death? 'Cause speaking poetry all the time- majorly lame.”

“Why you ill-mannered whore!” cried an outraged Requiem as he punched Faith across the face.

Faith lifted her legs and kicked the vamp ten feet backwards.

“Wow, he sure knows how to sweet talk a gal,” she gasped as Byron immediately tightened his hold. “Yo, dude, let go!” Faith struggled but she was stuck in his bear hug, and black dots began to spot her vision and she felt the strength exiting her body. As she tried to gulp in one more breath, Byron dropped her suddenly.

Pushing herself to sit up, her body was wracked with coughs as her lungs got used to that fun breathing thing again. Byron fell next to her, grunting in pain; she could now see a long sword was embedded in his stomach.

Faith looked up with a grin, expecting to see Sylvie, but instead, Truth matched her smile. He leaned forward, putting his weight on the sword so that Byron was pinned to the floor. Behind him stood Wicked with a furious Requiem clutched in his arms.

“Uh- Thanks?” she said doubtfully.

Truth shrugged. “Two against one are not very fair odds, fair lady. And it is not very honorable to fight your enemy while your friend pins their arms.”

“No,” said Wicked with a snort. “That is more of the- how do they say it? Schoolyard bullying type of fight. Cowardly, either way."

Faith stood up shakily. She guessed from the pain that at least a couple of ribs were broken.

“Appreciate it, fellas," she nodded her thanks. "Of course, two against one are my type of odds. Y’all can sit back, relax, and watch mama work now. I can handle these puffy-shirted bastards.” She grinned as she picked her sword back up.

“You hate puffy shirts?” Truth said in a hurt tone. “I used to love those type of shirts.”

Wicked rolled his eyes.

“Hence the reason why I introduced you to Armani,” he declared loudly. Both of them released their charges and walked backwards away from the fight.

“Honestly brother, if I didn’t dress you who knows what awful outfits you would come up with.”



FINALLY, THE VIOLENCE HAS COMMENCED! I hope you are pleased, dear readers, for the is far more of it to come. Mwaahahaha! ;)

Lemme know what you think!

Death Toll:
Most of the people killed thus far are minor characters that no one bothered to vote for. However, Narcissus got 12 Death votes and 3 Redeem votes. I hope you thought his death was fitting : ) Caleb was close with 3 Death votes v. 2 Redeem.

Damian (staked)-- Faith
Valentina (ratted and squashed) -- Dawn
Nathaniel’s creepy hair -- Spike
London (Decapitated) -- Buffy
Caleb (evisceration) -- Buffy
Elizabeth (Killed by the North Wind God through flaying) - Dawn
Narcissus (Castrated, Stabbed in the heart) -- Andrew
Crispin (Eviscerated) -- Xander
Domino (Eviscerated)-- Sylvie

Boreus: Greek God of the North Wind
Requiem’s Poem: ‘The Revenge - A Ballad of the Fleet‘- by Lord Tenneyson

Sorry CousinMary! I know you loved him, but Narci just creeped me out too much and took too much pleasure in torturing people… But his homies get to live!
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