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Let’s Hear it for the Monsters… NOT!

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Let's Hear It For the Monsters...NOT!". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy Summers gets called to St. Louis. High & Mighty Anita Blake gets in the way. Someone gets their ass kicked. Clue: It’s not Buffy. (Nominated for COA Best Anita Blake X-Over!)

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Slaying?! More Like *Laying* Vampires…

Author Notes: A Few Preliminaries…

Many thanks to Greywizard for being my Beta! He’s been extremely helpful with word choices and grammar.

This chapter is dedicated to: SpinelessPunster and Xeelia for their excellent suggestions!
…Sorry KyrissDraconis… You definitely did not get your request ;)

Warning: Character Death! Yay!


The two vampires known as Wicked and Truth were dragging the invisible Dawn to her intended cell.

Indeed, they were literally dragging her.

“Let me go!” she screeched and kicked with her feet. They each held one arm and although their grip was vise-like, Dawn had no intention of letting this be an easy process. She managed to hit each vampire’s legs and Dawn felt a great sense of satisfaction for a moment before the pain rocketed up her legs.

One of the two ‘tsked’ her. “Really, young invisible witch, do you really think you can overpower us?” he chided her.

“Clearly you are a frail human and would be no match for us, even if we did let you go,” the other admonished.

“Well then, let me go and we’ll find out. And since you think so highly of yourselves, you both can give me a thirty minute start,” she spat out. Both of the brothers laughed heartily.

“An interesting challenge,” the first said in an interested voice.

“But it is without a doubt we would find you,” said the second. From most other supes, Dawn would have thought his statement to be boastful… Instead, it sounded more factual. She had a feeling these two were not ones to mess with.

“After all, we are excellent trackers.”

“Besides,” the second one continued. “Our orders were to take you to the cell with the other prisoner.”

Dawn remembered Jean-Claude mentioning that. “Who is it?”

The first one, the one on her right, looked her in the eye. Or rather, he tried to look her in the eye, gazing in the general vicinity of where he thought her eyes should be. Dawn was pleased that he could not lock her gaze. Score one for witchcraft!

“Interestingly enough," he told her, "you happen to be the second intruder we have found on our premises tonight.”

“Really?” she said in a disbelieving voice. “Who’s the other?”

Hearing the little tidbit of information, Dawn was suddenly worried about the status of the other Scoobies.

They shrugged. “We were not there. The one that was captured has not been interrogated - yet. I doubt anyone desires to talk to him; already, he has burned off the ears of others with his incessant ramblings, and he's been here less than two hours, from what I can gather.”

“Here we are,” said the second with a wicked grin. “Enjoy your stay, witch.”

Dawn was flung through the door and she landed roughly in a ten by fifteen foot cell. Turning swiftly, she tried to see if there was a way to sneak past the vampires but they had quickly shut the thick metal door behind her. One bare bulb lit the interior of the room and a two low benches made up the seating accommodations. On one bench was Andrew, who was sitting cross-legged and chanting to himself.

“Andrew!” she exclaimed with happiness. It wasn’t that she was happy he had been captured, but she was extremely happy to not be alone in this dreary, damp room.

His head jolted up and he eyed the room warily. “I am traveling on a mighty path of meditation and you shall get nothing from me, vam-pires!” he proclaimed somewhat affectedly.

She snorted. “Cool it, Andy, it’s just me.” Remembering her invisibility she added, “Dawn.”

“Dawn?” Andrew jumped up. “No, Dawn is in England. Aha! There is a foul plot afoot! I assure you, minions of evil, you cannot trick me!” His words were brave but his tone was definitely nervous. His eyes darted all over the room with unease.

“Andrew,” she said in an exasperated tone. “Listen, we don’t have much time. I jumped on the plane secretly to find Spike. I *did* find him, per my goal, but so did Kool and the Gang out there.”

He seemed to mull that over. “If you’re Dawn, why are you invisible?” he asked accusingly.

Dawn walked over to him and hit him upside the head, not real hard, but not very soft either. “Ow!” he said as he rubbed his head.

“Dammit Andrew! I *am* Dawn," she told him, her annoyance clearly evident in her voice. "Remember, witch training and all that? This was my secret disguise.”

He nodded sagely. “Ah, yes. Few could sound so frustrated with me. Indeed, you are Dawn Summers.”

Dawn wished her invisibility had worn off so he could see her rolling her eyes. “Yeah, yeah. Okay, we have a short amount of time before Jean-Claude sends some vamp named Valentina to watch us. We have to get outta here.”

“Where’s Spike?”

She sighed, a mixture of resignation and frustration. “Back there. I have no idea what the hell he was doing… He knows we’re here but he didn’t do anything.”

“Oh,” said Andrew in a sad tone. “Well that is not good. Neither is Valentina coming, if she’s the one I’ve heard of.”


“Um, she’s kinda like the Kirsten Dunst vampire in 'Interview With A Vampire’, forever a child, plus she’s really crazy. Like, crazy-crazy.”

Dawn sank onto the other bench in defeat. “Great,” she sighed again. She was about to say something else when the door banged open again.

“Knock, knock,” called a sweet voice. A young girl who looked like she was five, or perhaps eight, when she died, sashayed into the room.

“Aren’t you precious?” she giggled as she ran a hand over Andrew’s cheek. He stiffened reflexively and his eyes were fearful as he looked at their latest captor as she cocked her head and turned to look in Dawn’s direction.

“How odd,” she said with a bemused expression. “I see one human but I hear two hearts beating.” She clapped her hands eagerly. “Ooh, I do love a riddle. Let’s see.” Valentina began walking towards Dawn slowly. “This second heart beats speedily, almost as if it is calling to me.

"Perhaps this second heart would like me to drain it dry and lick it clean?”

“Leave us alone,” Dawn said in a strong voice as Valentina stopped directly in front of her.

“Oh, it speaks. The second heart speaks," the little blonde psycho-vamp declared with a wide smile. "What do you want, little heart? To be left alone? But where is the fun in that?”

Dawn thought this Valentina chick seemed a lot like she was Drusilla’s Mini-Me. Been there, done that, no thanks.

“The fun in it for you is to be left alive,” Dawn warned viciously.

“Yes, we have powerful friends. They will come for us. If you leave now and let us go, we will order them to spare you,” added Andrew.

Valentina’s eyes shone with a wicked gleam. “Jean-Claude said to take good care of you both - Which means he wants you alive - But then, I think our opinions on ‘good care’ may vary greatly.” Her smile extended until Dawn could see both fangs hang out, ready.

Her mind began racing with a spell, any spell, to get them out of this. ‘Stupid, Dawn!‘ she berated herself. She should have hurried up and done this before Valentina had gotten here instead of arguing with stupid Andrew. ‘Let’s see… What would work on a vampire?’ she wondered to herself as her thoughts flew through her mind.

No time left to think. Valentina had flung herself at Andrew’s neck and begun sucking greedily.

Dawn said the first thing that came to her mind. ‘An oldie but a goodie. Thank you, Amy!’

“Goddess Hecate,” she intoned. “Work Thy will. Before me, let the Unclean thing crawl!”

Valentina’s head lifted from Andrew’s bleeding neck to stare curiously at Dawn when suddenly, ‘poof!’ The child vampire popped into a rat that fell from Andrew’s shoulder.

“Ew! Kill it! Kill it!” cried Andrew. “Ew, don’t let it touch me!”

Dawn shrieked at the rat tried to bite her toe and she slammed her other foot on the rat’s head. There was a distinctive sound of broken bone and Dawn made extra sure to smoosh the gross rat parts, just to ensure Valentina the Vampire Rat would not be resurrected.

Wincing, she wiped her foot on the bench. With a raised eyebrow, she said to Andrew, “Dude. You hunt vampires and demons, but you scream at a rat?”

Andrew crossed his arms defensively. “Ever since I saw the cartoon version of the Nutcracker, I have had a morbid fear of rats.”

Okay, Dawn could get that. From what she remembered, those things had been way creepy.

“All righty, let’s get out of here!” she agreed. She studied the door and began trying to pry it open with her fingers. Her shoulders slumped after a couple minutes of fruitless effort. “Damn, this is hard. I’m not sure how we can open this.”

“Can’t you just go all ‘alohamora’ on it?”

Her face wrinkled in annoyance. “Andrew, do I look like I attend Hogwarts? Jeez, you always think just because beginning witches can do it on TV that I can.”

“Come on Dawn, are you saying there’s not any kind of spell you cold use to open the door, at all?” He sounded frustrated.

She searched her memory.


Damn, she hated it when Andrew was right.

Whispering a few words in Latin. Dawn beamed when the door opened. The halls were still empty, likely due to the big shindig going on.

Now… If only Dawn could figure out how to make it through this labyrinth…


It was just another night for Anita Blake. Vampire political party, try to be smiley as she attempted to portray a ‘good’ Human Servant, and nervously fingered the gun that was hidden underneath her dress. Everything was cool.

Or so she thought.

Suddenly the link between her and Damian opened.

Through his eyes she saw a brunette girl -Damian's mind called her a slayer- as she slammed down a silver stake into his chest. Clutching her own chest, she screamed in pain. His pain was her pain, and the stake HURT!

Dimly, she recognized that Nathaniel was feeling the same way.

Their triumvirate was broken….

And it was killing them.

Once before, she had almost experienced the same thing with Jean-Claude and Richard. But this was worse. It literally felt as if her chest was on fire. Damian’s demise was threatening to drag her down to hell with him.

She had no idea how much time had passed. The pain threatened to submerge her mind into the dark waters of unconsciousness.

But Anita Blake was a fighter. She wasn’t going to go down without a fight. And she had an idea on how to fight. Instinctively, her mind told her the solution to her salvation.

She stretched out metaphysically to touch another vampire who was tied to her. Swiftly, she grabbed him and her magic, or whatever it was that made up her special abilities, did the rest.

As the process finished, she smiled. The pain was gone.

Indeed, Damian was a tragic loss because she had felt responsible for him, and so the pain of his loss was present. But the emptiness he left in the triumvirate was replaced by a new vampire.

Someone stronger.

A Master Vampire in his own right.

And his power felt delicious.

Delicious enough that Anita mumbled to whoever held her now to bring the members of her second triumvirate to her bedroom. This experience had left one of her other powers craving to be sated.

To fully form their bond, her ardeur wanted those two men here.

And she would have them.


Buffy leaned back in Richard’s passenger seat as her mind calculated all the information she had received from him. He had told her about Spike and the hold Anita had on him - how Spike had some pyro power that made Jean-Claude want to keep him, and that no one had any idea if it was even possible to beak the tie between human and vampire servant.

“So I guess there goes our plan of walking in and calmly asking for Spike to be handed over,” she said with a sigh. Why do things always have to be so complicated?

Richard snorted. “Yeah. You might have a better chance now that the Mother of All Vampires is dead.”

Buffy was glad that Richard couldn’t see her right eye twitch at that bit of news.

“How so?”

“Marmee Noir, the one whom all vampires supposedly descend from, has been snoozing in Europe for maybe a thousand years. But since Anita’s grown in power, Marmee Noir has been slowly waking up and wanting Anita for her own," he explained. "That’s part of the reason why Anita initially was happy to have Spike around; he would provide excellent defense. But it’s not a problem anymore, everyone knows that the Mother was killed in an explosion a couple months ago. Someone managed to not only infiltrate her lair, but they set off a *very* powerful bomb that pretty much incinerated everything inside it. There weren't even ashes left, according to the investigators who examined the blast site.

"Hence,” he shrugged, “Anita doesn’t necessarily *need* all of Spike’s firepower. But if I know Jean-Claude, he wouldn’t give up power like that.

"That is,” he added, “if you could even untie Spike without killing him.”

Buffy waved her hand. “Let me worry about that. Where's there’s a Will, there’s a way. My witchy friend can do anything.” She gave him a pointed look. “*Anything*”

Richard ran a hand through his hair in frustration. “Listen, this is a big deal. I - My pack - I need to think about this, maybe talk to a couple others.”

Buffy felt for the guy, she really did. Obviously this was a hard decision for him. She laid a hand on his shoulder reassuringly.

“From what we’ve talked about in the last couple hours, there’s some bad stuff going on in this town, Richard," she said. "It’s up to you whether you want to be a part of that or not. Regardless of your decision, thank you for the information you’ve given me.”

Nodding, he gave her a soft look. “"I'm thinking maybe I should be thanking you. Your words have given me a lot to think about. I’ve heard my some of my top pack members, Sylvie and Shang-Da especially, say those things- But to hear it from an outsider?” He shook his head sadly. “Makes me question a lot.”

Her heart began feeling weighted with a familiar emotion- guilt. Richard definitely had the ability to do sad puppy face. Or would that be sad wolfy face?

Almost simultaneously, both of their phones went off. Richard stepped out of the call to answer the phone while Buffy glanced at her text from Faith.

\\ Fight @ Club. Andrew captured. Will knocked out but ok. I killed a bad vamp-NOT my fault! Meet at hotel asap. //

Buffy fought the urge to throw her phone out the window. That was supposed to be a reconnaissance mission! No interaction with baddies! And now Andrew was captured! Great, just great. Well, at least Willow got knocked out this time instead of Giles. He was getting older and the poor man did not need to get hit in the head anymore, that was for sure!

Richard slid fluidly into the car with a grim look.

“There was a fight at the strip club. Know anything about that?” Anger was brewing behind his eyes.

Holding her hands up innocently, she answered. “I just found out. I swear, that shouldn’t have happened. But I have it on good authority that there was a bad vampire there and he deserved it. My people didn’t go in there to start trouble. Worst of all, one of them is captured now.”

“Dammit, Buffy!” He hit the steering wheel with both fists. “Your guys’ presence here is stirring stuff up just like I feared. Now Damian is dead and I need to get to Anita. Jean-Claude is the only reason both he and I are still alive since he closed our links.” Off her confused look, he explained. “Damian was in a triumvirate with Anita and Nathaniel and I am in a separate triumvirate with Anita and Jean-Claude. If one member dies, then the others die with them. So Anita and her leopard are possibly dying right now and I’m only okay because Jean-Claude is strong enough to deal with it for the moment."

“I guess sorry is pretty inadequate…” Buffy trailed off.

“Just, just get out. I need to leave.” He stared straight out the windshield and avoided looking at her.

“Of course.”

Buffy got out of the car and headed for her own as Richard peeled out of the parking lot.


Dawn was disappointed to notice that her invisibility was wearing off. Not that it mattered, because she was creeping through the halls with Andrew. With him being totally visible boy, it didn’t really matter if she wasn’t.

“Ooh!’ Andrew whispered. “Do you hear that?”

“Hear what?” They had been sneaking around for a while and hiding out in random rooms when they heard someone coming. Dawn was completely ready for everyone to stop making noise and just go to bed so they could get the hell out of here. Sadly, since it was a winter night there was still a lot of night time left.

“I think I heard Spike! Down this hall!”

Dawn was sorely tempted to just keep going. After all, she had come to rescue *him* and what does he do, but let her get captured! The nerve of it all! Oh no, Dawn was not happy with her Uncle Spike right now. She figured her eyes must have showcased that because Andrew began pouting.

“Dawn, he’s down there. We need to get him and fulfill the mission. Besides, I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for him letting you be taken off to be interrogated by a vicious child vampire.”

She bit her lip. “Damn straight there better be,” she muttered before reluctantly nodding her agreement.

Following him down the hallway, she was startled to see two brawny male guards at a door. Their presence screamed something supernatural and they easily spotted Dawn and Andrew.

“Who are you?” asked the one with a scraggly goatee.

Dawn pushed Andrew forward to start talking in order to distract him. She didn’t listen to what he said but instead focused on her spell – the same one she'd used before. After all, why mess with what you know works, right?

“Goddess Hecate, work Thy will. Before me, let the Unclean thing crawl!”

With another fun ‘poof!’ the guards were rats. Dawn smiled with happiness at her successful witch-i-ness. Oh yeah, look at her. Turning people into rats, but not herself.


Andrew leaned in to listen through the door and his face wrinkled in confusion. “Ah… I don’t hear Spike talking anymore.”

Dawn leaned in and heard distinctive moaning sounds. “Ah, that’s because no one *is* talking. Dammit.” She stood back and looked at Andrew. “Well? What now, Brilliant Plan Man?”

“Well, we know Spike is in there. And is obviously having fun in there. But there is still the matter of rescuing him. And us possibly needing his help to get out of here. So, we should go in. You first.”

“Uh-uh. I don’t want to see Spike sexing it up with someone. You go,” she whispered urgently. Farther down the hallway, around the corner, Dawn could hear people talking.

“Yikes. Okay, we both go. On the count of three. One… Two… Three.”


Spike tried to fight the waves of pleasure that the ardeur brought with it. Anita lay naked in the orgy-sized bed as she licked Nathaniel’s neck. Fighting the ardeur was very difficult. Of course, he had never really tried before. But this time, he knew his ‘Lil Bit was locked up with that crazy bitch Valentina and he had to go rescue her.

It had been difficult enough to pretend not to know her instead of rescuing her earlier, but Spike wasn’t stupid. Him against all those vampires, especially when Anita could control him?

No, it had been wiser to wait.

“Spike,” Anita whispered as she began to gently suck on his earlobe. “You seem so far away. Join us.”

Ah, damn. That felt good. “I-I,” he stuttered.

“I understand. The power of the triumvirate can be a bit much in the beginning. Don’t worry.” Anita grasped the back of his neck to give him a deep kiss. “In time, it will feel normal, good even.”

“Mmm… Good.” As the ardeur began taking over, Spike could no longer keep up his fight. She was in his grasp.

And for the moment, it felt good.


“Holy shit,” Dawn whispered as she and Andrew stared in shock.

There, on a bed that could hold twenty people, writhed Anita Blake, some guy with *really* long hair, and Spike.

No… It certainly didn’t look like Spike was being held against his will.


Andrew rushed to the bed. “Spike, Spike! What are you doing? We need to go!”

Mentally shaking herself, Dawn followed him. Spike drew himself from Anita’s- er- breast to look at her.

“Dawn? Andrew?” he said slowly, staring at them like he was on drugs or something.

“Friends of yours?” Anita asked Spike. She eyed them skeptically but Dawn could see an insatiable hunger in her dark eyes.

“What beautiful friends,” commented the man with long hair.

Dawn was pretty much flabbergasted. She wondered what Miss Manners would advise on something like this.

‘Dear Miss Manners: I recently walked in on a threesome with my friend and two strangers. What is the correct way to make introductions and proper protocol in this type of situation? Is it bad manners to not have brought a gift, or at least some condoms?’

Then suddenly, Dawn wasn’t thinking idle thoughts anymore.

A wave of heat hit her and Dawn felt it tug on her lower body to produce a deep sense of desire that begged to be sated. She moaned softly and felt herself draw closer to the bed. Spike and Anita were busy but the long-haired man smiled gently and took her face in his hands.

“I’m Nathaniel,” he said softly. Nathaniel had the loveliest violet eyes and a lithe body that begged for Dawn’s touch.

“Dawn,” she answered, not entirely focused on what was happening.

Then Nathaniel laid a searing kiss on her mouth and Dawn felt as if she would collapse. . Never before had she felt anything like this. The great sense of desire made her quiver and moan. Gathering her up in his arms, Nathaniel leaned back against the headboard with Dawn straddling him as they continued kissing.

A part of her knew this was strange. After all, they had just met. But everything else screamed that this was okay, that it was right. She caressed his smooth skin, from his shoulder blades to his lower back, just above his bikini briefs. Nathaniel’s hands flitted underneath her shirt until he teasingly began to raise it.

But he paused in this advancement at the sound of a roaring battle cry.


Spike felt blissful as the power of the ardeur swam over him. Anita was on top of him as she trailed kisses down his chest. But something at the back of his head still nagged him… What was it?

His head turned to the side and he saw Nathaniel with a girl straddling him. As she turned for Nathaniel to take off her shirt, he saw her face.


So caught up, he had barely noticed her arrival earlier. The damn ardeur was like a drug and its effect was the strongest type of drug to affect a vampire.

But here was Dawn, -- his Nibblet.,

And she was being taken advantage of by this long-haired poof that Spike didn’t bloody like to begin with!!

Spike roared ferociously as he tossed Anita to the floor and flung himself at Nathaniel.

“Don’t touch her,” he growled, his fury overriding and cancelling the effects of the ardeur.

“What?” asked the dazed wereleopard an instant before Spike’s fist connected with his mouth. His mouth that dared to touch Dawn. It was one thing for him to be affected by Anita’s magic, another thing entirely for an innocent one like his Nibblet.

Nathaniel snarled and swiped at him. Spike grabbed the knife that Anita had begun keeping underneath a pillow to slash at his face. Nathaniel twisted his neck so Spike missed his face but caught his hair.

A maniacal smile grew on his face as he thought about the bloke’s sodding girly hair. Spike drew the knife all the way through until it cut all of it off, right above the shoulders.

“My hair!” Nathaniel cried.

“Spike! What are you doing?” Spike heard Anita scream. Then he also heard the sound of a kick connecting and figured Nibblet was getting into some rowdiness as well.

Therefore, Spike allowed himself to focus on Nathaniel. The boy got in a lucky punch but Spike grabbed his hair, twisted it around his fist, and began strangling him with it. Nathaniel gasped and struggled, his legs comically kicking out.


Once Spike had grabbed Nathaniel, Dawn had sat back on the bed in shock. It felt like she was quickly sobering up and the effects of whatever had created Porn-O Dawnie were wearing off.

Anita Blake stood up from the floor with a surprised look as Dawn glared at her.

“You,” she spat. “What kind of magic are you pulling to turn people into a porn star?”

“It is the ardeur. She is like a succubus,” said Andrew in a shaky voice. Dawn peeked over at him and then looked away quickly.

When she got home, she was going to drink a *lot* of alcohol. A LOT. Because erasing naked Andrew from her visual memory was a top priority- right after leaving this hell hole and rescuing Spike.

Dawn slid to the edge of the bed and stood up.

“Who the hell do you think you are to keep Spike prisoner here?” she said scornfully.

“And just who the hell are you?" Anita demanded with a sneer. "Like I have to answer to you.”

Ok, that was it. This bitch was going DOWN!!!

“Yeah, Jenna Jameson, you do,” Dawn responded as she drew on all of her knowledge from training with Buffy and the others to deliver a powerful punch that cracked Anita’s cheekbone.

Anita stilled and glowered at Dawn through strands of curly black hair that covered her face. “So you wanna play in the big leagues, do ya?”

Dawn barely saw it coming, but Anita delivered a swift uppercut and side-punch that rocketed her backwards.

“Please, you call that a punch?" Dawn sneered back at the skanky Spike-stealing bitch. "I’ve been slaying vampires for years. You punch like grandma.”

Dawn dodged another punch but a kick connected with her chest. Dammit, she wished she had slayer powers. Sure, Dawn could use magic. But she felt in her heart that the woman in front of her was responsible for Spike being here and Dawn *really* wanted to physically show her appreciation.

Anita laughed. “You think you’re special? *I’m* the one that has been slaying vampires for years.”

Dawn couldn’t help but snicker as she thought about the files Andrew had dug up on her.

“Slaying? More like *laying* vampires for years!” she quipped and took that opportunity to bitch slap Anita Blake right across her mouth.

The petite woman staggered backwards. Her eyes grew big as she shouted, “Spike! What are you doing?”

Dawn took advantage of her distraction as another opportunity to deliver a front kick that had Anita grunt as she fell. Anita’s leg lashed out in response and Dawn fell to the floor as well.

“Spike! You will stop hurting Nathaniel right this instant! And grab this girl while I grab my gun! That is a direct order!”

She scoffed. “Yeah right, like Spike is gonna be your bitch. Whatever, lady. Obviously you do *not* know William the Bloody.”

Anita gave her a cold smile. “That’s what you think.”

Dawn jolted as she felt Spike’s arms wrap around her. “Damn,” she sighed dejectedly.

Wong again – this whole situation was getting to be a real pain in the ass!


My personal favorite parts in this chapter included Spike slashing off Nathaniel’s creepy girl hair, Dawn giving Anita the smack down, and Valentina being smooshed! … Yours?

-Good guesses on Giles’ mystery man! You’ll have to wait a bit longer to see who it is!
-Dawn and Andrew are captured- Again!- and me thinks there’ll be some good ‘ol fashioned Q and A time with Anita and JC (Let me know if you have suggestions on how you’d like that to go ;)
-A NEW Triumvirate? Oh heaven help Spike! Or will it be Nathaniel and Anita who’ll be needing the help?
-HMM… Why would Buffy be nervous about Richard telling her about the big explosion?
-And what do you think Richard will end up doing? …

Thanks for reading everyone!

SpinelessPunster- gave the idea for the rat spell- thanks!
Xeelia- You gave me the idea of knocking off Valentina! Muchas gracias!
KyrissDraconis- Sorry, but the hair HAD to go!

*In reference to Valentina’s age of 5 or 8... That is a poke at Laurell K. Hamilton’s poor writing skills and/or inability to have a good proofer. In her first appearance Cerulean Sins) she is said to be 8 and in Danse Macabre she is said to be 5.

* For some reason in fanfic people like to have Dawn and Nathaniel be related… So I found my scene extra amusing ;)

* The Nutcracker cartoon with the creepy rats, as said by Andrew and Dawn, comes from (I’m almost positive this is the one I saw as a kid that scared the bejesus out of me):
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