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Sanguine Lineage

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Summary: What will Team Seven do when one of their adversaries is granted with power from an ancient source. xover with elements from the movie Dracula.

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Television > Magnificent Seven, The
BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Dark
SparrowFR15310,561021,69530 Oct 0931 Oct 09Yes

Sanguine Lineage [3/3]

Title: Sanguine Lineage [3/3]
Series: Halloween Fic
Author: Sparrow
Fandom: Magnificent Seven: ATF and Dracula
Characters: Team Seven, Ella Gaines
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Magnificent Seven or Dracula in any way, shape or form. Any original characters, I do own.
Spoilers: Basic understanding of the Magnificent Seven ATF universe created by MOG and Dracula by Bram Stoker.
Author’s Note: I would like to thank strangevisitor7 for the wonderful beta, tygermama, winks7985, egorstandish and jennytork for the wonderful words and encouragement, otherwise I never would’ve gotten this fic finished in time to send it off to the beta and then post it. lol I hope everyone who reads this fic, enjoys!
Summary: What will Team Seven do when one of their adversaries is granted with power from an ancient source.

A Few Days Later

Chris was beyond frustrated and angry.

Ezra the stubborn fool had gone out on his own to get supplies and disappeared as well. Chris had no illusions that the southerner had probably been turned into a groom of this current Dracula.

And the stupid freaking dreams of him and Ella together had increased. Not to mention there were more reports of more homeless people disappearing.

Chris could only hope that JD, Vin and Ezra hadn’t killed any of them. When they were cured, they wouldn’t forgive themselves if they had killed innocents.

If they got cured...

Chris shook his head. He couldn’t afford to think like that...even if everything Josiah could find said the brides usually died with Dracula.


They would find them, kill this Dracula, cure his missing agents and everything would be right with his world.

They were still holed up at the Ranch, Chris had asked for a few more days from Travis to chase down a couple of extra leads and Buck was still weak.

Nathan surmised there was some sort of venom mixing in Buck’s blood, keeping him that way. Maybe a way for a vampire’s prey to be kept weak and pliable to give blood.

They couldn’t know for sure.

Buck was in the living room, wrapped in a couple of blankets and a stack of Dracula lore in front of him.

Chris understood the need to do something other than just lie on your back and he hoped Buck found something.

Grabbing his own stack of Dracula lore, Chris settled into the armchair opposite of Buck and started reading.

‘There are rumour’s of the Vampire who sired his own pack, if you kill the sire, those transformed by his blood will revert back to human.’

“Aren’t you tired of this drivel?” Ella asked Chris as she perched on his armrest.

Chris sighed. “I just want them back.”

“I know, love, I know,” Ella cooed in his ear and brushed her hand against his cheek.

He looked up into her dark chocolate eyes and she leaned over. Her lips captured his and he returned the kiss eagerly.

‘Back in black!’

Chris jolted up from his chair, his sheets of paper spilling everywhere as he grabbed his cell phone off the coffee table.

Damnit, JD! I wish you would stop playing around with my ring tone!!

Buck had a knowing smirk on his lips, as if he suspected that Chris had been having an erotic dream, but the subject of that dream would surprise him.

“Lara…” He squeaked and then cleared his throat. “Larabee.”


“Travis?” Chris asked confused, noting the weary tone. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s Mary,” Travis sighed. “I don’t know what happened, she attacked Billy and tried to kill him.”

“WHAT?” Chris yelled.

“She’s currently at the hospital under going tests,” Travis explained. “Billy is okay, just a little shaken up.”

“Good, good,” Chris nodded.

“The thing is, she keeps muttering your name,” Travis said. “Even sedated. I’m at a loss of what to do. I know you’re looking up leads and everything, but I was hoping you could stop by the hospital and see if she responds to you or something.”

“Yeah, I can do that, Travis,” Chris replied. “I hope she’s okay.”

“Me too, Chris, me too,” Travis agreed and hung up the phone.

Hitting the end button on his cell, Chris set it down and sank into the chair behind him.

“What’s wrong pard?” Buck asked.

“It’s Mary; she went nuts and attacked Billy!” Chris exclaimed.

“Is Billy okay?”

“Yeah, a little shaken up, but fine,” Chris sighed. “Thing is, she keeps muttering my name and the Director wants me to go over and see if she’ll respond to me.”

“Hell,” Buck breathed. “Go tonight before visiting hours are over and I say bring Josiah. He’s been staring at this shit for the past few days, he’ll need the break.”

“Agreed,” Chris said while nodding his head.


Later That Evening

Josiah and Chris walked the hallways of the Denver General Hospital, heading to Room 208 of the Psychiatric Wing.

“I still think I should be back at the Ranch,” Josiah grumbled. “I can do more good there!”

“Josiah!” Chris spat out. “You’ve been reading almost non-stop for the past few days, you need the break.” He placed a hand on Josiah’s shoulder and lightly squeezed. “C’mon.”

They entered the room to see Mary on the bed, twisting and turning in the sheets, restrained. Her hair was tied back, but most of the strands had already escaped elastic band. Eyes squeezed shut, she was moaning and they could make out her muttering “Larabee”.

“Oh, Mary,” Chris breathed.

“This reminds me of something,” Josiah said thoughtfully.

Walking over to the bed, Chris gently grabbed Mary’s hand and gently squeezed.

Her blue eyes opened looking wild and half crazy.

“Chris!” She exclaimed happily and tried to struggle out of the restraints. She frowned at them thoughtfully. “I seem to be a little tied up here.”

“That’s because the Doctor’s are worried you’ll hurt yourself, Mary,” Chris explained gently.

“Why would I?” Mary asked confused. “I’m not dangerous.”

“You tried to hurt Billy,” Chris said.

“Oh that, no I wasn’t,” Mary said. “I was trying to make him apart of me, like he was before when I carried him for nine months. Mistress promised me little lives and that bastard of a father-in-law stopped me!”

Chris’s eyes went wide. “Mistress?”

“Yes, the Mistress, she’s taught me so much,” Mary grinned brightly. “Little lives power your life force; all I was trying to do was make Billy part of my life force, like before!”

“Mary…” Chris breathed.

Josiah watched the scene with concern.

“Chris, Chris!” Mary said suddenly. “Chris!”

“I’m here, Mary,” Chris said as he knelt closer. “What do you need?”

“The homeless people…connected to the vampire…Loli…” Mary managed to get out as she panted harshly, a moment of clarity in her blue eyes. “Ella Gaines is the vampire!” She arched suddenly against the restraints and started to scream.

“Mary!” Chris cried out.

Josiah surged forward as he grabbed Chris away from the screaming woman.

The nurses hurried into the room, followed by a couple of doctor’s who started yelling medical jargon that went over the two’s heads. They were hustled out of the room and into the hallway.

Soon, they heard nothing but silence as the team of nurses and doctor’s slipped out. One of them headed over to Chris.

“I’m sorry to say, but Mrs. Travis slipped into a coma,” The Doctor said.

“What?” Josiah asked.

“I’m at a loss at how it happened,” The Doctor sighed. “We’ll be doing further testing and contact any relatives she has.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” Josiah said as he shook the man’s hand and got them out of the hospital.

Josiah took the keys and guided a stunned Chris into the passenger seat.

Ella Gaines! Ella fucking Gaines! Chris thought furiously as he felt the truck rumble and move. She’s done all of this to get to me! She took JD, Vin and Ezra because of me!

“All I wanted was to provide you with a new family, Chris,” Ella cooed.

He stiffed as she settled on his lap and started to play with his hair.

“JD’s mother left him at too young an age, Vin’s mother left him all too soon even though she didn’t want to go and Ezra’s mother, well she hardly qualifies as a mother, now does she?” Ella asked him. “After I bring you across, you can bring the others across and we’ll be one big family.” She grinned at him.

“No way in hell you bitch!” Chris snarled at her.

She smirked at him and brushed his hair with her fingers and caught his eyes in hers. “But you are mine, Chris. You’ve been mine for a very long time; you just don’t fully realize it yet.”

Chris glared at her.

“Be one with me, Chris,” Ella purred as she leaned down and gently nipped his lips with hers. “You’ve already been mine in the dreams, how is it different in reality?”


She leaned over and sank her fangs in his neck, eagerly drinking his blood.

Sighing in bliss as pleasure coursed through his body from the bite, Chris wondered how he could’ve ever denied her.


But Chris Larabee’s internal struggles were ignored as Ella disengaged her fangs from his neck and made a cut above her breast. Grabbing Chris’s face, she pushed it into her chest and let him drink deeply from the blood that flowed freely.


Ella shrieked in terror as a cross was pressed into her cheek and she disappeared from inside the truck in a swirl of mist.

“’Siah,” Chris croaked out.

“Easy, Chris, I gotcha,” Josiah rumbled.

Chris’s mouth was covered in blood and the side of his neck had two neat holes. “Wha...what’s going on?”

“Ella Gaines happened,” Josiah explained.

Looking out of the side of the window, Chris noted they had stopped. Blinking slowly, he barely heard Josiah get out of the trunk and open the passenger door. He sagged against the seatbelt.

A clicking noise reached his ears, but he couldn’t concentrate on anything.

He tumbled out of the seat and into Josiah’s waiting arms.

“Something’s wrong with me,” Chris mumbled out, into Josiah’s shirt.

“You drank her blood, Chris,” Josiah explained.

“Didn’t want to,” Chris breathed out.

“Sorry about this, Chris,” Josiah said and he punched Chris in the stomach.

Eyes bugging out, Chris fell to his knees and started throwing up some of the blood onto the ground.

“That’s it, get it out,” Josiah stated as he held his friend.

Chris continued to throw up the remainder of the blood. He finally looked up at Josiah. “Didn’t want…to…drink the…blood.” He repeated.

“I know, Chris, I know,” Josiah said as he rubbed the blonde’s man back.

After a couple of minutes, Chris Larabee sagged into Josiah’s arms, unconscious.


Moaning, Chris opened his eyes.

“Easy Ol’Dog,” Buck’s voice whispered at him.

“Buck?” Chris whispered back. “What happened?”

“Ella attacked you, drained your blood and fed you some of hers,” Buck explained.

“What?” Chris asked as he suddenly sat up.

“Easy pard,” Buck tried to reassure his friend. “Josiah made you throw up most of the blood.”

“Most, but not all,” Chris stated as he managed to get out of bed and stagger towards the bathroom.

Staring at his reflection in the mirror, he noticed he was a little pale and lifting up his lip, his teeth were starting to become slightly pointed. “Hell!”

Chris…come to me!

Whipping his head around, hazel-green eyes wide. “Leave me alone, Ella!” He snarled at empty air.

“There’s no one there, Chris,” Buck said, leaning heavily against the doorframe of the bathroom.

“She’s in my head, Buck,” Chris whispered. “She’s trying to make me hers.”

“I won’t let it happen, Chris,” Buck said fiercely.

Chris nodded at him as he leaned against the sink of the bathroom.

“Josiah told us what happened with Mary,” Buck said. “We going to Loli tonight?”

“Yep, we’re not letting her keep JD, Vin and Ezra any longer,” Chris breathed out.

“Or you,” Buck said as he walked over slowly and squeezed Chris’s shoulder lightly.

Nodding to his friend, Chris breathed out heavily.

Come to me, Chris.

Go away, Ella! Chris thought fiercely. Go away!


Later That Evening

Chris, Nathan, Josiah and Buck were in front of the punk-Goth club Loli. The black structure loomed ominously as fog rolled in and nipped at their feet.

They were all armed with their standard weapons and stakes and crosses, prepared to defend themselves from whatever Ella threw at them.

“Yeah, like this isn’t a mite spooky,” Buck commented and then started to cough.

Nathan rubbed Buck’s back as the man finished coughing.

“Let’s go,” Chris ordered and the group walked into the club.

Inside the building, it was darkened with only low level lighting the floor. Walking onto the dance space, they glanced around.

“Feels weird without all the people here,” Nathan commented.

“This way we only have to worry about us,” Chris said

A high-pitched cackling laughter echoed all around them.

“Look at ‘em.”

“Like lambs to the slaughter.”

“Can’t wait to taste their blood!”

They looked all around them. The voices of their echoed friends all around them, twisted by the vampiric DNA that now ran through their veins.

“JD, how about you show yourself?” Buck called out. “We only want to talk.”

“LIAR!” Vin’s voice called out instead.

“You wish our Mistress’s demise,” came Ezra’s voice.

“How about you three show yourselves and we talk it out?” Chris asked.

“As you wish our former esteemed leader,” Ezra’s voice laughed.

“Here we are!”

Chris, Buck, Josiah and Nathan turned around and looked up to see JD, Ezra and Vin hovering in mid-air.

They were all wearing leather pants with black boots. Eyeliner adorned their eyes with fingerless gloves on their hands. JD had his red mesh hoodie on, Vin had a short sleeved red holey t-shirt with some sort of white shirt on underneath and a black leather vest. His hair was fluffed up and in some sort of 80’s style. Ezra had a red-lined black leather coat and no shirt on.

Their skin was so pale and the group on the ground could make out fangs in their mouths.

They slowly floated down and settled on the floor.

“Hey Buck, how about we finish what we stared before, huh?” JD asked his friend. “It’ll be you and me again! But living forever wouldn’t you like that?”

Buck’s eyes took on a glazed look and he hunched over a little and started to walk forward.

“That’s it Buck, you and me,” JD crooned.

“Don’t listen to his words, Buck!” Josiah roared and grabbed the moustached man. He smacked him across the face and Buck came too.

Turning around, Buck glared at JD. “Damn it, JD! Don’t you use your mojo on me!”

JD cackled.

Quirking an eyebrow, Vin suddenly vanished and appeared behind Chris. “Time to go see the Mistress, cowboy!”

Chris snarled, the blood he had ingested involuntarily from Ella, already worming its way into his conscious mind.

They vanished in a blur.

“Where is Vin taking him?” Nathan demand.

“To our Mistress,” Ezra grinned. “Didn’t you hear, Nathan? They have much to discuss.”

“And until they’re done, we get to play,” JD grinned.

The two vampires of Team Seven leapt forward and towards Josiah, Buck and Nathan.


“Damn it, Vin! Let me go!” Chris yelled as he struggled in Vin’s strong grip. Vin had pulled Chris’s arms back and threaded his own arm under and over Chris’s arms, like he was dragging a drowning swimmer back to the beach. Vin’s enhanced Vampire strength made it impossible to break free.

“Not yet, cowboy,” Vin purred in Chris’s ear. “Mistress wants a word with ya.”

“This isn’t you, Vin!” Chris tried to reason with his friend.

“How do you know this really isn’t me, cowboy?” Vin asked. “Maybe I’m just finally able to show myself fully!”

“Because I know you Vin Tanner,” Chris said assured.

“You only think you knew me,” Vin hissed at the blond man as he threw him into the back office.

Falling forward, Chris landed on his hands and knees.

“Your consort as you requested, Mistress,” Vin called out to the room. “I'll go back to the others.”

“Do that my pet,” Ella said as she walked forward to Chris. “Chris and I have much to discuss.”

Bowing out of the room, Vin went to go help the others.

Ella smiled as she grabbed a hold of Chris’s shirt and pulled him up.

“Now that we’re alone lover, I can re-start the process that Josiah temporarily halted,” Ella said as she circled around him.

“Your blood did enough,” Chris hissed out, feeling his teeth sharpened into fangs at his anger.

She used her hand to push his face from side to side, inspecting the teeth. “But not enough I’m afraid, you’re only half. I need you as a full vampire.”

“Half, huh?” Chris asked aloud and then suddenly tackled Ella.

“Oof!” Ella exclaimed in surprise as she was tackled suddenly.

Straddling the woman, Chris started to let loose a volley of punches.

Kicking him off of her, Ella rolled forwards and turned around into a crouch. Letting loose a low growl, she lunged forward and swiped at him with her elongated fingernails.

Snarling, Chris dodged the nails and grabbed his gun from behind his back and opened fire. He knew the bullets would do no damage, but he hoped it would be enough to piss her off or at least slow her down.

Letting the bullets hit her, Ella backhanded Chris into a wooden door.

The blond went flying as he broke the wooden door and landed in the closet, filled with cleaning supplies. Groaning, Chris was glad he was half-vampire, otherwise it probably would’ve hurt much, much worse. Pushing himself up, his hand curled around the makeshift stake in his coat. Kicking the remains of the door open, Chris stalked forward, faking more serious injuries as his hand held onto the stake hidden under his coat

“Chris, why must fight?” Ella asked. “We’ve been fighting for so long now. Why can’t we just be together? Is it because I had Sarah and Adam killed?”

Chris stepped out and his jaw clenched.

“I didn’t mean for them to die,” Ella pleaded. “I even told Sarah she could leave alive if she left me you and Adam.” She sighed. “So really, it’s Sarah’s fault. She killed herself and Adam.”

Unconsciously, Chris growled under his breath.

“Why would you want that kind of woman?” Ella asked. “All she did was caused you misery! She didn’t care about you like I do, Chris.”

“You’re right, Ella,” Chris said.

“And another thing – excuse me?” Ella asked stunned.

“I said you’re right,” Chris said again. “After what you just told me, how could I have married someone so selfish?”

“I must be dreaming,” Ella murmured. “But it’s such a nice dream.”

Chris grabbed Ella’s hand. “You’re not dreaming, Ella. I’ve decided I want to be with you.”

Ella squealed with delight and grabbed Chris and plundered his mouth with a kiss. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear those words!”

“Oh, I have an idea,” Chris whispered in her ear.

Smiling, she lowered her lips to his neck. “Now, this will be like the last time, full of pleasure.”

Nodding, Chris winced as Ella’s fangs pierced his neck once again and he felt pleasure along his body. He did not allow her actions to distract him as he removed the stake from its hiding place and plunged it into her back from behind

Ella’s eyes went wide and she stumbled away from Chris.

Blood dribbled out of her lips and she looked at Chris with a betrayed look to her eyes. “Why?”

“Because you killed my wife and child and made my life miserable,” Chris explained. “I hope you burn in hell you bitch.”

Blood dripped from her eyes, ears, nose and mouth; raising her head to the sky she let loose an unearthly scream. There was a popping sound and her body exploded into dust.

Groaning, Chris fell to his knees and started to cough up blood.

After a few minutes, he got to his feet and toed the dust. Satisfied with the fact that Ella was dead, Chris felt his teeth and sighed in relief when they felt rounded and no longer pointed.

She was dead and he was free!

JD! Vin! Ezra! Chris thought. Please let them be okay!

He hurried out of the back office and back onto the dance floor to see the others crowded around, JD, Vin and Ezra who were on their knees coughing up blood.

Their pale complexions were turning back to normal and Chris bet their fangs were back to being human teeth.

Sighing in relief, Chris was glad the nightmare was over as he slowly wandered over to the group. With his half-vampire abilities gone, he could feel the extent of his injuries along his back.

Buck was leaning against Josiah, the sickly complexion he had been sporting the past few days had faded back into a healthy tan.

“Everyone in one piece?” Chris asked as Nathan rushed over to check his injuries out.

“She’s gone?” Buck asked as he straightened up.

Chris nodded.

“Good,” Buck nodded.


“Hey kiddo,” Buck smiled gently at the younger agent as he helped JD up.

“Oh, God,” JD’s eyes went wide. “I am so sorry!”

“It’s okay, JD, it’s okay,” Buck gently murmured as he pulled JD into a hug.

“You three remember everything?” Nathan asked as he continued his exam on Chris.

“Unfortunately,” Ezra breathed as he and Vin leaned against one another.

Vin kept running his tongue over his teeth, trying to reassure himself that the fangs were really gone.

Holding JD at an arm’s length, Buck really looked over JD. "She has you wearing leather pants, JD!" Buck lightly joked, trying to make light of the experience his three friends just lived through. JD weakly grinned back. "They're aerodynamic, Buck."

"Not to mention mighty comfy," Vin commented as he ran his hands over his own set of leather pants.

“Plus, we chose our own outfits, gentlemen,” Ezra commented as he picked off some invisible lint from his leather jacket.

“I say you should get your money back,” Nathan commented, finished going over Chris. “We’re going to need the hospital here.”

“Should make sure whatever blood you three ingested didn’t harm your systems,” Josiah pointed out.

JD shook his head no. “Any blood we drank was immediately sanitized by our saliva. Some sort of anti-bodies in it, from what I remember.”

“Still better to be careful than sorry,” Chris said. “Let’s go.”

“We can also see if Mary is back to normal when we get there,” Buck said.

“Everything I’ve read suggests she should be,” Josiah stated.

Nodding in agreement, the weary group of Team Seven exited the club.

Entering the van, JD, Vin and Ezra immediately fell asleep in the backseat as Josiah drove them away from Loli and to the hospital.

Leaving behind the nightmare of the past month.


The End

You have reached the end of "Sanguine Lineage". This story is complete.

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