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Sanguine Lineage

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Summary: What will Team Seven do when one of their adversaries is granted with power from an ancient source. xover with elements from the movie Dracula.

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Television > Magnificent Seven, The
BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Dark
SparrowFR15310,561021,69530 Oct 0931 Oct 09Yes

Sanguine Lineage [1/3]

Title: Sanguine Lineage [1/3]
Series: Halloween Fic
Author: Sparrow
Fandom: Magnificent Seven: ATF and Dracula
Characters: Team Seven, Ella Gaines
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: I do not own Magnificent Seven or Dracula in any way, shape or form. Any original characters, I do own.
Spoilers: Basic understanding of the Magnificent Seven ATF universe created by MOG and Dracula by Bram Stoker.
Author’s Note: I would like to thank strangevisitor7 for the wonderful beta, tygermama, winks7985, egorstandish and jennytork for the wonderful words and encouragement, otherwise I never would’ve gotten this fic finished in time to send it off to the beta and then post it. lol I hope everyone who reads this fic, enjoys!
Summary: What will Team Seven do when one of their adversaries is granted with power from an ancient source.

Ella Gaines checked her gear one more time; black hair tucked away under a black cap, black cat suit showed off her womanly curves and her rappelling gear was tightened and double-checked.

She was ready.

Gun running wasn’t paying these days, so she had to seek alternative means to make her living. It was a good thing she had kept her thieving skills in top notch shape.

The client had paid her half to fetch a pair of antique combs that were rumoured to belong to the ‘Brides of Vlad the Impaler’ or ‘Count Dracula’ if you believed such nonsense.

It was said the combs were very sharp and had been used in the bloodletting rituals of the count and his Brides when they would drink a victim's blood.

But that was only if you believed Vlad the Impaler was an actual vampire called Count Dracula.

Pulling out her small hand held computer, Ella made quick work of the motion detector’s and alarms. Smirking, she pocked it into a small bag, threw her rope down the opening in the roof and slowly worked her way down to the floor of the museum.

She landed lightly on her feet and glanced around. Bringing down her night-vision goggles and pulling out her mini-computer, she had the floor plans of the museum already memorized and had been casing the place for the past two weeks. But it paid to be careful as she set up a program to let her know if any alarms were raised accidently. Not that she would trip any alarms.

Ella made it to the glass case in no time. Pulling out a glass cutter from her bag; she placed a circular suction cup onto the glass and traced around it with the glass cutter. Tongue between her teeth, she pulled and the glass was removed easily.

The combs were made out of gold and pearl encrusted. Slipping in a gloved hand, she removed the combs one at a time.

Smiling at her triumph, she went to thread the combs into her hair when a blinking light caught her attention on her mini-computer she had placed on the floor.

Shit! I somehow tripped the silent alarm! Ella thought furiously. Cursing under her breath, Ella jabbed the combs into her hair, scratching her scalp as she did so. Ignoring the slight pain, she ran for her rope.

She scaled it quickly and rappelled down the side of the building and got into her black vehicle. Hearing the whoop-whoop of a police car, Ella kept the lights off and watched as the police car rolled by. Sighing in relief, she pulled out of the alleyway and took off into the night.

Ella Gaines didn’t feel relief until she was safely tucked away in her hotel room of choice.

Pulling the combs out of her hair, she set them gently on the nearby desk and pulled off her gear.

After a shower and changed into a pair of soft flannel pyjama’s later on, Ella grabbed the combs off of the desk and sat on the edge of the king sized bed. She studied the combs underneath the light

The handles were gold and pearl encrusted and the teeth of the combs were a reflective dark maroon colour. Almost the colour of dried blood.

Frowning at that thought, Ella touched the teeth with her finger and jerked it back at the sudden sharpness pricking her finger. Sticking her finger into her mouth to suck the blood, she placed the combs back onto the desk and got ready for bed.

Her night was anything but restful.

It was plagued with nightmares of blood and a dark-haired man with red eyes and sharp teeth, whispering words in her ear of power and how he could help her attain what she wanted. Visions of Chris Larabee filled her mind as he spoke and she agreed readily.

Ella Gaines whimpered in her sleep as her body writhed and twisted underneath the sheets as she was changed, never to be human again.


One Year Later

Chris clutched the sheets of his bed as he twisted and writhed underneath his comforter. Dreams of fire and black hair filled his mind as he tried to run into the burning building to rescue his family.

Arms held him tight and he glanced backwards to see Buck holding him back. He glanced to his other side and saw it was Ella holding him back too.

But that was wrong! Ella wasn’t there that night!

“Adam’s gone,” Buck whispered hoarsely, tears running from his eyes.

“Our son is gone,” Ella whispered as she clung to Chris.

Wrongwrongwrongwrong! his mind screamed. But Chris’s body didn’t respond to those words, instead his arms wrapped around Ella and they clung together.

“I couldn’t save him, love,” Chris whispered at Ella. Wrong!

“We couldn’t save him, husband,” Ella said as tears ran down her eyes.

Planting a kiss on Ella’s head, they and Buck watched the house burn down. Wrong!


His will finally broke him free of the nightmare. Gasping, Chris sat up suddenly as sweat clung to his body. One hand was pressing the palm of his hand into his head and the other was clutching the sheets.

Panting harshly, Chris s wondered why the hell he was dreaming of that Ella Gaines was his wife.

He glanced at the clock. Six am. It was almost time to get up and since there was no going back to sleep after the hell of a night mare.

Sighing, Chris climbed out of bed and prepared for the day


Locking the door of the Ranch behind him, he glanced around the front yard to see the morning mist flowing across the land and through the trees that surrounded his property. It gave him a sudden chill and he hurried to his truck. Starting the vehicle, he turned the heat on right away and then the radio on in his truck.

“Local police are still baffled by the sudden disappearance of the homeless. Within the past two months more than ten people have disappeared from the streets. Police are urging for any witnesses to come forward if they have any information. In other news, the Denver City Zoo is still missing the newly adopted wolf pack, missing for nearly two weeks now; police believe that they are living in the nearby woods. They are cautioning campers to be aware and take precautions and park rangers are being extra vigilant...”

Tuning out the report Chris finished the drive to the ATF building on auto pilot. Coffee cup in hand, he took the elevators up to the seventh floor of the building and walked into the office.

JD was already there, in early and clacking away at his keyboard at a frantic pace.

Glancing up from his typing, JD gave a bright smile and a “Hi, Chris” before returning to his work.

Chuckling, Chris returned his own “Hi, JD” and entered his office. Cluttered with various paperwork, knickknacks and photos, Chris sighed as he got an early start to work.

He was nearly three hours into making a major dent of his work when he heard some sort of commotion in the bullpen. Growling under his breath, he got up and stalked towards the door of his office. Yanking it open he saw the rest of Team Seven crowded around JD’s computer.

“Ladies?” Chris asked aloud.

“Uh, sorry, Chris,” JD said. “But I was cruising the news websites and they found one of those missing homeless people, a young girl with all of her blood missing. And she has two little holes in her neck.”

“Press is dubbing it ‘The Dracula Killings’,” Buck commented.

“Great, just what the city needs,” Chris muttered.

“But only one victim has turn up,” Nathan mentioned.

“One victim from the group of missing homeless people,” Josiah said as he straightened up. “It doesn’t bode well for the future, brothers.”

“Well, hopefully the others'll turn up okay,” Vin said as he stretched and headed over to his desk.

“You should know better than to believe hope will protect those people, Mr. Tanner,” Ezra stated.

“Who pissed in your gourmet coffee, Ez?” Buck asked.

“I’m merely trying to keep to a realistic view of the situation, Buck,” Ezra said. “I too hope that the rest turn up alive, but I fear that may not be the case.”

“All right, break it up,” Chris said heatedly. “Let’s get back to work, ladies, these cases won’t be solved with us worrying about the local police’s casework.”

Mutterings of “Yes Chris” echoed the office and they got back to work.


JD watched as the other’s left the office and sighed. He still had a pile of paperwork to get through before he could join them.

Hours later JD looked up to realize he'd lost track of time and it was dark outside.

Tossing his things together into his backpack, he pulled out his cell and dialled a series of numbers as he ran down the stairs.

At the sound of the beep for the answering machine, JD spoke into his phone. “Hey Buck! JD here, running a bit later than I expected, but I’m just leaving now and should be home soon. Later!” Clicking the device close, JD exited the ATF building and headed towards his motorcycle.

He never felt a thing as something solid connected with his head and he fell to the ground. JD’s body jerked as it was hauled up and into the night.

Blood spatters were left on the concrete of the parking lot, along with his backpack.


Moaning, JD winced as the pain in his head made it self known. Struggling to sit up, JD found that he was chained to a bed with manacles on his wrists and ankles.

Panting, he tested the strength of the metal and cursed out in frustration when there was no sort of give. JD calmed himself and looked around his environment trying to determine where he was.

The room was done up in colours of red and black and the windows had heavy curtains. The bed he was chained too was comfy enough, four post corner wood frame bed with silk black sheets and downy comforter.

“Hello?” JD called out. “Is anyone there?”

No one answered.

But he suddenly felt very tired. Eyes closing, he drifted back to sleep.

JD never even noticed the mist enter the room and settle on his body.

His body twisted in the sheets and the mist as a nightmare filled his sleeping thoughts.

He was chasing somebody through the darkness; He knew he had to catch them. JD put on a burst of speed and tackled the person in front of him

Hissing in delight, he flipped the body so he could see the face.

It was Buck!

“JD! Don’t do this! What’s wrong with you?” Buck pleaded.

“Nothing is wrong,” JD smiled and let his fangs slide out. “Everything is fine!” He shot forward and buried his teeth into Buck’s neck and drained every last bit of blood out of his friend’s body.

Buck Wilmington shuddered and died


Giggling, JD lifted his head from where he had been lapping at the wound, lips still stained with blood as he looked at the woman beside him.

Kneeling down, in her low cut dress, she drew a nail across the top of her breast and the blood flowed free. Grabbing a fistful of JD’s hair, she pushed his face into the blood.

JD wrapped his hands around the woman and lapped at the blood. Like a newborn sucking the milk from his mother’s teat.

Buck’s body disappeared as JD continued his ministrations and didn’t even see the darkness melt away and the bedroom reappear once more.

“Enough, John,” The woman’s voice said.

Mewling in disappointment, JD tried to bury his face further into the flesh to lap at more of the life-giving nourishment. When she pushed him away JD blinked a couple of times as he fell back against the pillows.

“What? What’s going on?” JD licked his lips of the liquid there. It tasted sweet and like copper pennies at the same time.

“Hello, John,” The woman purred. She was straddling his lap. Rocking her body against his, she leaned fully against him. “Soon, you’ll be mine and we shall wreak such havoc.”

“Lady, who the hell are you? JD demanded. He tried to buck her body off his, but didn’t get far with his wrists and ankles still chained to the bed.

“Oh my pretty, pretty pet, didn’t my Chris ever mention me?” The woman purred in his ear and then started to lick at his neck.

JD tried to squirm away but her grip tightened and he felt like he couldn’t breathe.

“My name is Ella Gaines,” She said lifting her head to smile at JD. “And I’m the woman who killed Sarah and Adam Larabee. That bitch stole what was mine. That child should’ve been mine," She licked at JD’s neck again. “But now everything is all right now that you’re here. You’ll help me take my Chris back.” She giggled again. “He’s my Mina.”

JD felt his breath leave his lungs.

Ella Gaines.

The woman who made Chris’s life hell.

And now she had him and planned to do something to him that would make him turn on his friends.

“No way in hell you bitch,” JD snarled out.

“Who said you had any choice?” Ella smirked.

His neck was throbbing causing him to wince “What did you do to me?”

“Made you better, faster, stronger and smarter,” Ella said as she idly traced patterns on his shirt with a nail. “Part of a better race.”

“You’re crazy,” JD muttered.

Ella backhanded him snapping his head to the side. “Never call me crazy,” Ella snarled out and then plundered JD’s lips with her own.

JD felt like gagging.

As she pulled away all traces of her previous anger gone. “Oh, I am so sorry my pet, but you really shouldn’t make me angry.” She massaged his cheek with her hand. “But soon, everything will be well and that nasty word will never leave your lips again.”

“The others will find me,” JD said confidently.

“I want them to find you,” She grinned and then JD could see the fangs on her teeth. “But not for a while yet, I still need you trained.”

JD felt a shiver run through his body and then a sudden lethargy.

“I don’t feel so good,” JD mumbled as his eyes started to close.

“It’s all right, pet, it’s all right,” Ella cooed and wrapped her body around JD’s. “It’s just the change, everything shall make sense soon.” She started to pet his hair. “I’m here and I shall make everything all right.”

Undoing the manacles that had JD chained to the bed, she pulled his tired body close and started to rock, humming a mindless tune.

~Hush little baby, don’t say a word,
Mama’s going to buy you a mocking bird...~

JD barely heard or felt her as he slid into unconsciousness. He didn’t feel his heart stop.

He didn’t feel anything.

John Daniel Dunne died in that room.


2 Weeks Later

The atmosphere of Team Seven’s office was subdued.

JD Dunne was still missing and no amount of searching had turn up anything. It was like he had disappeared into thin air.

Their contacts had turned up nothing and even the criminal element seemed to have gone to ground in an attempt to escape the frantic searching’s Team Seven.

“Yes yes, and you’ll tell me if you have heard even a smidge of information?” Ezra asked of the person on the other end of the line. “Good.” He put the phone down onto the handle.

“Anything, Ez?” Buck asked. Dark circles were prominent under Buck’s eyes, like he hadn’t slept in a long time.

“Nothing Buck, but my contact informed me as soon as he hears even the slightest bit of information he shall contact me.”

Nodding, Buck moved away from Ezra’s desk and sat down in his own chair. He stared at the desk across from him, the chair empty and the desk still piled with reminders of its missing occupant.

Josiah and Vin were going over the video from the parking lot, once again. The video feed showed JD talking into his cell and then skipped ahead to show his backpack in an empty lot.

The actual abduction was missing.

Nathan was looking over the blood spatter reports and Chris was in his office with Mary Travis.

“What’s so important, Mary?” Chris asked. His mood was up and down these days, more down, and he was just as likely to bite her head off as be happy about the impromptu vist

“I was on my way out after meeting with Orin when I got a phone call from one of my informants,” Mary said, eyes boring at Chris’s body. “He said he saw JD at the Goth-punk club, Loli last night.”


Mary nearly took a step back as Chris’s face was suddenly in front of her.

“JD was spotted at Loli last night and he’s been there partying for the past few nights,” Mary repeated. “Now, I’m not sure what he’s doing there, but, it stands to reason he’ll be there tonight.”

It felt like everything was crashing in at once on Chris, but this news, was the first bit of good news they had in two weeks.

Reaching over his desk, he grabbed Mary in a hug. “Mary – thank you!”

Smiling as she returned the hug, Mary watched as Chris ran out of his office to deliver the good news to the rest of Team Seven.

Hearing the good cheer from outside of Chris’s office, Mary’s hand shot out and grabbed the fly that was circling her head.

“Little lives,” She giggled. “Little lives.” And Mary licked her hand clean to consume the insect.


Later that evening

“You’re sure what Mary told you is correct?” Vin asked Chris.

Chris nodded his head. “Very sure, she called her contact and let me speak to him to confirm it.”

Ezra frowned. “That’s not’s like Mrs. Travis to give up an informant so easily.”

“Who cares,” Buck said. Excitement on his face. “We’re going to get JD back tonight.”

“The question is, what is he doing in a club like this and why hasn’t he come home?” Josiah asked.

“Maybe he was forced to stay away or he's being watched?” Buck stated angrily. “Let’s go get ‘im!”

“Just remember, he might not come willingly if he’s not himself,” Nathan said as he double-checked his medical bag.

“We understand, Mr. Jackson,” Ezra agreed. “Although I hope it doesn’t come to that.”

“Me either,” Chris finished. “Let’s go.”

Team Seven walked into the club Loli flashing their badges at the bouncers and were admitted without delay.

The pounding of music filled their ears as they entered the club. Making sure everyone had their cell phones ready; they split up into groups of two and started through the club.

Buck was talking to the bartender when he felt his phone vibrate against his chest. Pulling it out of the pocket, Vin picked up the line of questioning while Buck looked at his phone.

JD picking up f’s during evenings. F’s come back bit dizzy but fine.

Frowning at those lines, Buck wondered what JD was doing. That wasn’t how his friend normally acted.

Another set of texting came through.

Club ppl say JD looks different than photo being passed around. More like club ppl.

Buck texted a thanks back to Ezra and Josiah about the heads up.

“Buck.” Vin was suddenly beside Buck. “Bartender said JD was just here and he took a female to the back alleyway.”

Eyes widened as Buck ran through the crowd and headed to the back of the club. Swearing softly, Vin quickly texted the others and alerted them of the new predicament.

Where are you, JD? Buck thought furiously as he exited the club into the darkened alley

A giggling noise echoed around him.

“Easy, JD, easy,” a girl’s voice giggled.

“Just trying to make you feel comfortable, baby,” JD’s voice said in the dark.


A female moan had Buck sprinting forward and turning a corner.

A lamplight highlighted two people.

A female wearing a short skirt and a male who was necking her.

“JD!” Buck cried out.

The two paused and the male removed himself from the female. He turned his head and eyed Buck.

“Julie, I think it’s time for you to go,” JD said.

Julie pouted. “But JD...”

“NOW!” He roared.

Julie ran off in fright back into the club. Buck ignored her as she ran past him, his eyes still trained on JD. A very different JD.

He looked pale, and was wearing black leather pants with black boots. A red mesh hoodie and no shirt. Fingerless black gloves and leather wrist straps were on his hands. Black eyeliner gave his eyes a mesmerizing quality. There was wildness in his eyes as he lifted his finger to wipe away the red liquid that tricked down his chin and placed it in his mouth. The most startling difference was the hair had been cut shorter and slicked back.

JD grinned around his finger as he licked it clean. “Hiya Buck!”

“Hey JD, where have you been?” Buck asked. He normally would’ve run up to the young man and hugged him silly while chastising him worrying the team, but something was wrong.

“What? No hug?” JD grinned playfully as he threw his arms out in mockery. “I feel very disappointed here, Buck.”

“You didn’t answer my question, JD.” Slowly Buck moved closer.

JD giggled a little and sniffed the air. “Mmm, I’ve been around.” He tilted his head. “You smell sooooo good, Buck.”

Buck let out a breath he didn’t even realize he was holding. Something was definitely wrong with JD. His body was too still and his skin too pale. And the wildness he noticed earlier unsettled Buck, like he was the prey in front of a predator. It was all wrong. It was JD, and yet the man in front of him wasn't.

“Something’s obviously happened to you, JD,” Buck started. “Now, how about you come with me and we try and fix whatever this is, okay?”

“Fix it?” JD asked confused. “Fix what exactly? There’s nothing wrong with me, Buck.” He swayed a little from side to side. “Everything is feeling good; it’s the best rush you’ve, ever felt in your entire life!”


JD smiled at Buck. “It’s okay Buck, everything is okay.” He took a step forward. “I can show you if you want. Wouldn’t you like that? To be with me?”

Buck found himself listening to the words and for some reason, they started to make sense. JD was his friend, his younger brother. Why wouldn’t he want to go with JD?

“Come to me, Buck. Be one with me,” JD said soothingly.

Moving forward, Buck soon found himself in front of JD. Grabbing Buck’s hand, JD tugged the arm down and Buck leaned over.

Smirking, JD let his fangs extend and licked Buck’s neck. Leaning in, JD’s pointed incisor’s gently bit into Buck’s neck.

Buck’s eyes widened and then he sighed out in pleasure. It was a rush!

JD drank Buck’s blood and let the liquid slide down his throat. He didn’t have enough time to fully enjoy the blood as he heard the rest of Team Seven approach the alleyway. Sighing in disappointment, JD disengaged his fangs from Buck’s neck and the older man gave a little disappointed cry and tried to lean in closer.

“Ahh-ahhh, Buck, I think you’ve had enough,” JD giggled.

“Want more,” Buck pleaded.

“Later,” JD promised and looked around Buck to see Team Seven. “Hey fellas!”

“JD!” They cried out together.

“Catch,” JD grinned as he grabbed a hold of Buck’s shirt and tossed the moustached man at Nathan.

Nathan barely had time to say anything as he caught Buck and the two went down in a tangle of limbs.

“What the hell?” Chris muttered as he un-holstered his gun and trained it on JD.

“That won’t work on me, Chris,” JD said as he licked his lips and grinned.

Josiah could make out the fangs in JD’s mouth and muttered a quick prayer.

Cackling, JD seemed to disappear into thin air.

“What the hell is going on here?” Chris yelled as he looked around. The others had drawn their weapons and covered Nathan as he checked Buck over.

“Our youngest brother… I believe …has been made into a vampire,” Josiah said.

“What?” Ezra asked in disbelief as he trained his weapon into the alleyway. “There are no such things as Vampires, Josiah. You must be mistaken.”

“Then how do you explain JD?” Josiah asked.

“That wasn’t JD,” Vin said. “It was a mockery of him.”

“Whatever it was, it did something to Buck,” Chris said and then glanced over his shoulder. “Nathan, report.”

“Buck was two holes on the side of his neck, he's unconscious and it looks like he lost some blood,” Nathan explained as he finished his examination. “His eyes are also dilated like he inhibed some sort of drug.”

“Perfect,” Chris growled out.

They took another glance around the alleyway and re-holstered their weapons, satisfied whatever it was, was gone for now.

“We should keep our vigil up,” Josiah said. “JD will be back again.”

“How do you know its JD, huh?” Vin suddenly asked. “You know something about what’s going on?”

“Rumours and stories from myths and legends,” Josiah rumbled. “Nothing concrete. But the fact is, JD had fangs in his mouth, he appeared and acted like a creature of myth.”

“He was very pale as well,” Ezra suddenly spoke up. “As if he hadn’t been in sunlight for a long time.”

“And there was blood on his mouth,” Chris said. “He licked it off with his tongue and he enjoyed it.”

“Shit,” Vin breathed. “This is really happening...”

“He drank Buck's blood,” Nathan said horrified and then looked at Josiah. “Is Buck going to turn into a vampire?”

“I have no idea,” Josiah admitted.

“The question we should be asking is who turned JD and why?” Ezra said.

“That is a really brilliant question to ask, but unfortunately, no answers for you tonight!”

Vin yelped as JD materialized behind him and clamped his fangs down on the sharpshooter’s neck. The others barely had time to un-holster their weapons as Vin struggled in JD’s grip and the two suddenly took to the sky.

“DAMNIT!!!” Chris cried out frustrated and kicked over a garbage can.

“No!” Josiah whispered.

“Josiah, you help Nathan with Buck,” Chris ordered. “We’re going to head for my ranch, patch Buck up and work on a plan to see what can be done. Ezra, go on point.”

Nodding, Ezra trained his gun to the sky and kept a watchful eye out as they made their way out of the back alleyway of the Loli club to the ATF van they rented out for the night.

Nathan got to work on patching Buck up as Chris drove the van into the night.

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