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Family - Re-Edited

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Summary: What happens when a wish demon comes into your life? Xander and Harry are about to find out

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Chapter One

By danu40k

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


What happens when a wish demon comes into your life? Xander and Harry are about to find out
Crossover: Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A man, dressed in his best outfit, was sitting on his bed, beer in hand.
The man was just over six foot tall and weighed around two hundred pounds with most of that going into muscle.
He had brown hair and deep brown eyes that shone brightly when he laughed.
But today was not the day to laugh. He was mourning the life lost when Dawn, his Dawn Patrol, his sister, died to make the world safer.
She had jumped off the scaffolding in order to close the portal to Hell that was opening while he and the gang killed off Glory.
Spike was inconsolable. While Dawn may have been Xander’s sister, she was also one of the few friends Spike had since the whole Initiative fiasco. While Spike could no longer go out on a rampage against the humans, he could go against the demons.
Xander almost pitied the demons. Almost.

He drank from his beer bottle.

Buffy was having a hard time of it now that she had time to mourn her mother properly. Giles was doing everything he could for his Slayer, but even he was grieving the loss of Joyce.

Willow wasn’t much better, though Tara was making a slow comeback however, which was good.

He took another drink from the bottle. Anya was gone as well. One of Glory’s minions had gotten her in the back.

Xander fell back on his bed. He knew he had to get up in the morning to go to work, but he wondered why.

He wanted…No needed the love of another. And cried out in his pain.

And was answered.

A light touch to his head let him know someone was in the room with him. He opened his eyes and saw Anya’s friend, Hallie.
He got up. Hallie slowly traced his hair on the right side and then slowly moved the finger down to his jaw in a loving gesture.
“You are needed. There is a child in need of a friend…A father…Someone who loves him, for who he is, not the symbol he stands for.”
He looked at her wondering what she meant. If he was the father figure and friend she was talking about. Of course he was, why else would she, the Justice Demon over Lost Childhoods, come to him of all people.
“Why me?” He asked in wonder.
“You are the best for the job. He has been terribly abused. Not just from his relatives, but from the ones he trusted and looked up to. Those who should have kept him safe. He needs someone who is strong enough to stand up to them allowing him to be the weak one for once. Allowing him the privilege of breaking down and crying over what he has lost. Allowing him to grow up a good man. He is at a crossroads right now, his pain is great. And if events stay their course, he will eventually lose everything and become worse than the monster they fear. He will lash out and destroy all that destroyed him.” She touched his forehead so that he could see what she was seeing, and what she had seen.
He got up and went to the bathroom, taking his beer bottle with him. He poured the beer down the drain and then packed his travel case. He came back into the bedroom and started to pack a bag. Hallie watched, and waited.
“I will send your belongings to the Manor.” She told him as he finished packing.
“Manor?” He turned around and asked.
“Potter Manor. It will be the safest place for him right now. Soon I will send others to you. Ones who would have been the loss that would have changed his life for the worse. One who was in Hell on Earth, and one who is lost in his own grief. You will need to be strong for all of them.” She told him. Knowing that in his strength, he would find the love he so craved. She was doing this, both for the child, and for Xander. She was doing this in memory of Anya. This would protect the one Anya had loved.
He turned and finished his packing. After which he turned back to her and told her he was ready.

It took only a second, and Xander was gone.


End Chapter 1
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