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I Know the Pieces Fit

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Summary: FFA Response - Connor/Josua (Dark Angel) Non Romantic Pairing. Connor finally finds somewhere he belongs.

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Television > Dark Angel > Connor - CenteredWhimsicalityFR1373,3900131,8952 Nov 0921 Nov 09No

Old Faces

A/N: I'm back! My muse was struggling with the migraine that kept me away from work, and light, and noise, for three days but my head seems back to normal now so here's a new part! Also the character who appears below does not necessarily mean its going to be a romantic pairing, could go either way, and we probably won't see any other BTVS characters since I'm mostly setting this in the Dark Angel verse.

She wandered into their camp one day, effortlessly dodging the barrier patrol and breaking into the meeting he was at with Max and Alec and the rest of the unofficial transgenic leaders, dropping her duffle bag onto the floor in front of him before perching on his lap as if she sat there every day. Everyone stared in shocked silence until the soldiers she had evaded came rushing in with reddened angry faces. Then there was yelling and weapon waving and eventually he made himself heard through the tumult. “She’s with me, she’s safe.”

There were still grumbles and Mole shot them both a dirty look before herding the X6’s back out to guard duty. Alec gave the girl a lascivious leer and him a wink until Max smacked the back of his head, only gracing Connor with a warning glance before taking control and redirecting everyone’s attention to the latest supply run.

It warmed something inside of him that she trusted him and his judgment enough to discuss confidential items in front a complete stranger on the basis of his word alone. So he wrapped his arms loosely around Dawn’s waist and concentrated on the meeting, he had earned that trust and he would continue to do so, especially if he was adding another mouth to feed.

Once the mission had been laid out and he knew his part to play he dragged the willowy brunette out of the warehouse and through the twisty streets until they reached the only partially destroyed building he stayed in with Joshua.

Joshua was working in the nursery they’d set up to deal with the surprising burst of transgenic children and so the structure was quiet and strangely lonely without his cheerful shuffling presence.

As soon as they were inside and had the illusion of privacy, although transgenic senses meant you were never really alone, he crossed his arms and stared her down, doing his best to ignore her tempting pout and sparkling blue eyes.

Finally she sighed and let the perky façade fade away, her shoulders slumping and exhaustion replacing the twinkle in her gaze. “I couldn’t do it anymore Connor. I couldn’t watch her pretend that it was ok, that it didn’t matter that she’d never get to go back, that she was ok with being here every day. I couldn’t watch her pretend this wasn’t hell and watch them be fooled by her fake smiles and witty banter. I had to get away.”

He relaxed and pulled her in for a hug, her head barely below his chin despite his growth spurt a few years before. He got it and he was just glad she had someone to go to who would understand. He was her family in a weird strange way that made perfect sense, the kind of sense his new family would understand, and he was perfectly willing to be her refuge.

She tilted her face up, chin resting on his chest so that she could see his eyes, and gave him an all too knowing smile. “Besides, I don’t fit anywhere either.”

Connor just held her tighter, glad that she was here even though he had a feeling the relative peace he had found was about to be disturbed. As super powered relatives of Champions with unnatural life spans they needed to stick together, even if she could still read him like a book.

The End?

You have reached the end of "I Know the Pieces Fit" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Nov 09.

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