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Bad Feeling

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Summary: Jack's niece comes to visit.

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Television > EurekaKrysstiniaFR741,05601310,9562 Nov 0920 Nov 09Yes

Bad Feeling

Buffy and Eureka belong to their respective owners. I'm just playing in their sandbox.

Zoe Carter sighed. It wasn’t everyday that you had to move your stuff around your house to make room for something that your dad wouldn’t tell you about.

“Is there something wrong, Zoe?” SARAH asked.

“Yeah, Dad told me to clean up, and he refused to tell me why,” Zoe muttered, throwing her shoes into a corner of her bedroom.

“Don’t feel too bad. It’s a surprise,” SARAH told Zoe in a cheerful voice.

“Dad’s surprises never turn out well,” Zoe shot back, as she stomped through to the laundry room and put in a load.

“You’ve never thought so in the past,” Jack said walking into the house. “SARAH, door.”

“What’s wrong, Zoe? Not happy to see me?” a voice asked. Zoe came out to greet her dad and stopped at the sound of the voice.

“Buffy?” she asked.

“Yep! Dad agreed to let me come here instead of staying with him in LA. I’ve missed you since we both left,” Buffy rushed and gave Zoe a hug. “So, what’s there to do around here?”

As Jack watched his daughter and niece walk into the depths of the house, he got a feeling that letting the two of them get together for a month was a very bad idea.
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