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Fire Within!

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Summary: An assassin is hired to murder Xander. Warning: Character Death.

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Television > Matt HoustonJonathansicariFR1875,3850479,2483 Nov 0911 Nov 09Yes

Chapter Seven

*Disclaimer: Buffy and company, Andre/Allen Garvey, neither belong to me, both remain the property of their owners.*

Andre walked down River street, performing a surveillance detection route following his morning run. The wolf was growling in his back brain, raising his alertness level even higher than normal. Catching sight of Faith's reflection in the window of the Irish pub he was passing, a slight smile quirked his face. He didn't know how they had tracked him down but he always had some surprises ready. The Boy Scout motto served more than the Boy Scouts. As he continued down the waterfront, he spotted Buffy and Willow as they accelerated to catch up to him. Turning right into a small alley, he broke into a run.

"He's rabbiting! C'mon B." Faith's pantherish stride accelerated to a sprint as her prey seemed to flee, Buffy matching her pace a half stride behind. Both girls produced daggers from under their jackets as they raced around the corner. The first .45 caliber 125 grain Winchester Silvertip caught Faith directly in the solar plexus, tearing through her heart and spine before exiting her back, the second bullet of the double tap hit her a little higher and to the left, perforating her left breast, before hitting her lung and shattering her shoulder blade. Faith dropped like a stone.

Buffy leapt forward, her inside crescent kick disarming Andre. As her foot retracted, the pressure tore the rest of the way through the severed Achilles tendon from the contact with the black bladed Sykes-Fairbain dagger she hadn't seen in Andre's offhand in a position similar to the flashlight supported firing stance. As she fell, Andre finished spinning from the force of her kick and lunged forward, the blade of the knife sliding between her ribs as he stabbed down in an icepick grip. Withdrawing the blade, he prepared to finalize the kill when he suddenly flew ten feet down the alley into a steel dumpster. Held against it, he watched the red head known as Willow and her older compatriot enter the alley way, her hand flexing as she somehow held him off the ground.

"Willow..." Giles voice held a warning note.

"Call for back up and medical services, Giles. I know what I have to do." Staring at Allen Garvey, her mind's eye returned to the rush she experienced when she rent Warren Mears' skin from his body in a flexing of power. Then she remembered Tara, her sweet lover, staring at her in dismay when she discovered Willow's rearrangement of her memories, Xander as he declared his love for her in the temple of Proserpina, Kennedy as she faced Willow down while threatened with Warren's gun.

Giles rushed through the necessities with Miller, informing him that Faith and Buffy were down and needed medical assistance, even though he could tell that Faith was dead, and Willow and he needed back up.

"Allen Garvey, you are under arrest for violation of your parole and seven counts of first degree murder. You have the right to remain silent. Please exercise it. Drop the knife or I'll crush your wrist bones."

As the knife tinkled on the pavement, Willow looked at where Giles was on the phone. "Can you put him in restraints, Giles?"

Giles took a deep breath. "Of course, Willow. It will be my pleasure."

[In memory of those fallen in service!
13th Chemical Company, Baumhoulder, FRG
"Sometimes the Dragon Wins!"
91st Chemical Company NBC Reconnaissance Platoon, Ft. Stewart, GA

Somethings you never forget. ]

The End

You have reached the end of "Fire Within!". This story is complete.

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